The records of civil registration in England & Wales commenced on 1 July 1837, and relate to the birth, marriage and death of a Person. In Scotland records began in 1855 and in Ireland in 1864 (n.b. Irish non-Catholic marriages were recorded from 1845).

With this shift from Parish to state in the handling of records something changed that began to remove the inherent rights afforded to the live birth record. Instead of issuing a copy of the live birth record back to your parents, the state split the title and created a mimic or Legal Title to which it is the Beneficiary and sent back a certificate relating to the Legal Title, the state therefore being the owner. In a slow move to remove your rights they have presented the birth certificate, through education and misinformation, to be the only title to which you are to be recognised by the state, as such you are liable for its failings matched not against Law, but against the rules of commerce.

In this realm you are judged on how well you sit with Mammon, the financier.


The Trust was established by the grant of a royal charter on 24 May 1282,

and the sole trustee is the City of London Corporation. The trustee is the legal but not beneficial owner of the trust property—it may only be used for the legitimate purposes for which the fund was created.

Bridge House Estates and its grantmaking arm (the City Bridge Trust) are run by a committee of the City of London Corporation called the Bridge House Estates Board, the chairmanship of which is held by a Common Councilman on a three-year rotation. As of May 2021 the current Chair is Giles Shilson.

Statutes sent out by the corporate beast are clearly anti-life when viewed from the perspective of NGO programs the empire controls, statues determining the benefits and privileges ordained by the corporate state to force euthanasia, abortion, vaccination, C02 limitation, population control, delegation of water rights, expansion of wars, removal of the social system, and the forced indoctrination of the corporate curriculum in how to be a good victim, and lay blame in order the corporate state becomes arbitrator in all your affairs, this is the real reason education has been incorporated, and what we once called schools today call themselves Academies.

“The victim stance is a powerful one. The victim is always morally right, neither responsible nor accountable and forever entitled to sympathy.”
Dr Ofer Zur

The madness and insensitivity of this anti-realm speaks for itself, this page offers a focused study of the realm that is ‘anti-everything’ that interferes in the monopoly of power and the control by the few.

1666 Charles 2nd lost at sea trust creation : As PDF

What we are dealing with, The Edgar File


The Destruction of Nation

The United Kingdom Civil State

Legal wrongs are either civil or criminal :

Civil law is primarily concerned with the rights and duties of individual citizens amongst themselves.

Criminal law defines the duties which a ‘person‘ owes to society.


Inner City Temple Bar
Dominion Governments Under The Crown
Colonial Courts Of Admiralty Act 1890
UK High Court Judges Bible For Implementing The Noahide In Courts
The Rules Of The Game For Judicial Office, Judges And Magistrates
Magistrates Court Act 1980
Three Jurisdictions of Court
International Admiralty UPU
Universal Postal Union
Jurisdiction Maritime (Commercial) Law
Blacks Definitions Of [Legal] Law
Legal Definitions Of Interest
Trade V Commerce

Understand the Authority Based on Fear

Claiming Jurisdiction When Dealing With the Police

How To Understand Law V Policy

Statutory Rules

Demanding reason for mask exemption is discrimination. Equality Act 2010

Arrest Rules.
The Governments Statutory Instruments under the Public Health Act are not Offences.

Section 3 of the Criminal Law Act 1967 provides all citizens with the provision to use reasonable force when servicing the law.

Police Act 1996 – In the case of a Police Officer acting contrary to the lawful execution of his/her duty, there are Legal protections for you to resist arrest

Section 24a of PACE Act 1984 – unreasonable violence by Police brings up the prospect of citizen’s arrest powers where it states, a person can legally arrest anyone who is in the act of an indictable offence or whom the person has reasonable grounds to suspect is committing an indictable offence.
For example : GBH wounding – causing blood to flow where a police officer has wounded a member of the public and a person of reasonable firmness would find fearful, is just cause for a citizens arrest. You must believe that at the time of the arrest it is not practicable for a Police Officer to perform the arrest.

Thus if a Police Officer is committing an indictable offence, as in making an unlawful arrest, you have the power as a citizen servicing the law, you have the power of arrest and thereby compelling other Police Officers to act with you.

Section 25 of the PACE Act 1984 provides for a scenario where a Constable has reasonable grounds for suspecting that any offence which is not an arrest able offence has been committed or attempted, or is being committed or attempted, he/she may arrest that Person, if it appears to him/her that the service of a summons is impractical or inappropriate and one or more of the arrest conditions have been satisfied.

The keywords here are Off-fence legalese, Offence.

The Governments Statutory Instruments under the Public Health Act are not Offences. They are thus not enforceable under any form of law, be that contract or common laws.


Immigration is a means to keep up the fraudulent Legal Title derived from the Birth Certificate to usurp the Credit Account evidenced in the Live Birth Record. A shift from Land and the Canon (Vatican) to the offshore and Sea, Admiralty and Maritime jurisdiction, Holy See.

Destroying the common law

Bentham when speaking of Judge-made law, called it “Dog Law.” He described it thus :

“Do you know…how they make it?” Just as a Man makes laws for his dog. When your dog does anything you want to break him of, you wait until he does it, and then beat him for it. This is the way you make laws for your dog, and in this way the judges make law for you and me. Nevertheless, you are all supposed to know the law, and likewise you are all supposed to know the Bible.”


1933 Bankruptcy Declarations And The Debt Slave, What You Need To Know
Understanding how bankruptcy declared by incorporated governments, entrapped you and your progeny into the hands of the slave traders. All monies collected globally through taxation is sent to the central banking system and onto London. The Bank of England takes 40% with 60% going on to the Vatican Bank, which has always been in the hands of the House Medici, passed to the House Fugger and onto Rothschild and the Bank for International Settlements.

Lancashire Constabulary, A Puppet Of Israel’s NICE LTD
Anti-RealmNICE LTD, a company out of Israel taking over Lancashire Constabulary, law enforcement and the court process, amongst many other technological misdeeds. In order they can move this new system in place, without the hapless seeing the hex, we gain insight into why Lancashire Constabulary is no longer a Constabulary, it is a crown enforcer operating for the Stakeholder Community.

Lancashire Partnership Against Crime, An Arm Of The PCC
Anti-RealmThe Lancashire Partnership Against Crime Limited, is an organisation coming out of the body corporate and built its web amongst your community.

What Is The Crown Temple?
Anti-RealmThe English monarch is not the Crown, the office of monarch is the head of state and exists in the fiction. The Crown is the bankers and attorneys who are the priestcraft or wizards that administer the will of the Templar Crown which is commanded by the hidden bloodlines, or what we can call the Big Houses of old money. The heads of the Solomon Templars made base in Switzerland in 1291 from which European micro states were born as the system spread.

When A Government Becomes A Corporation, What You Need To Know
There no longer exists any form of representative government under the framework that is the United Nations Charter. Today what presents itself as your council or government, or more correctly, the men and women working within the same, defraud you by pretending they are still representing you after you gave them your vote. What we call government today is in fact an incorporated entity, that means that because they are corporations, they can no longer represent you a living man/woman, due to the fact the council/government has changed Jurisdiction, they have shifted from a realm of laws to a realm of commercial legislation they call the Legal System.

In Profile : Selective Licensing Of Private Landlords


Fear Authority, a look into the capacity limitation attempt against private landlords by local Councils through a burden of forced licensing. January 30 2012, a Hyndburn resident who was astonished to find the council looking to take absolute control of private enterprise in a demand that landlords pay £775 per property to become subject to a raft of statutory regulation, with penalties ranging from handover of the management of your portfolio, to insidious fines and health and safety costs forced upon you under a contract they are attempting to enforce under fear authority.

Rome controls the new order : UNIDROIT the legal deception
Anti-RealmWhat binds the new world order? The will of Rome is seen in UNIDROIT the Legal framework being forced upon the world through a big deception. The ever expanding world government ties itself together through UNIDROIT, it is this that is cause of wars of invasion today, they are forcing this Legal system upon the world. The age old adage of follow the money might require a tweak. Follow the Legal framework that traps all into the dictatorship of Rome..

Who owns your Soul? Welcome to Cestui Que Vic Trusts
Emblem_of_the_Holy_See_usual.svg 2AD 325 – Constantine in the spurious written donation to Pope Sylvester, today proven to be an invention, is basically presenting a case that St Peter as the Apostle of Jesus, and the one to whom Jesus gave the earthly kingdom, is reason enough for Rome to continue to Claim taxes for Christ. Hence was born the Corporation of the Apostle Peter.
AD 530 Justinian, a Byzantine elect become Pope. He changes the Canon Law to incorporate the secret society symbolism, or Hieroglyph. From this is born the fictitious Legal entity.
AD 1302 – Pope Boniface VIII, created the first Express Trust, called Unum Sanctum.
AD 1455 – a Testamentary Trust is created under Pope Nicolas V, called Romanus Pontifix. This Trust had conveyed into it all the rights of the first Claim of Right the Holy See made upon your soul.
AD 1481 – a third Claim of Right and second Trust is created under Pope Sixtus IV, called Aeterni Regis, Regis of course meaning Crown and Aeterni meaning eternal, the Eternal Crown this is the Third Crown making up the Unholy Trinity. This Crown removes your personal property rights.
AD 1531 – a third Trust was created called Convocation and relates to Baptism and thus your soul. This relates directly to the Commonwealth or as making up the common-wealth owned by the Holy See from the ownership of the souls of the masses.

Understanding The Jurisdictions Of Court
The three Jurisdictions of the Court are as follows :
Ecclesiastical courts
Admiralty (military) courts
Maritime (commercial) courts
It is essential you understand how you keep out of each respective Jurisdiction, this is determined by your response. As a caution you must fully understand the entirety of what you are doing or you will fail as the hearing moves forward. You need to remain outside of each Jurisdiction the Judge invokes, to defeat the action against you, you must establish that you are outside all three of these potential jurisdictions.

Jurisdiction Maritime (Commercial) Law


Innocent until proven guilty or guilty until proven innocent? That ladies and gentlemen is the question for the 21 century. The Birth Certificate is a Certificate of incorporation (Inclusion) into a fiction and ties you, the flash and blood Man/Woman (man with a womb) to the Corporate government, with the addition of a Surname (Cognomen debtor of Rome). In this manner they bind your flesh and blood Christian name (Noman) which is the Creditor to Rome, to an entity they claim ownership of be definition of the fact, they created the split title and therefore they own it (Beneficiary).

The Legal Person What is its Nature?
legal person 2 To understand how the banking dynasties have enslaved mankind to its will since the formation of the central banking system and the fiat currency that creates debt, we need to study the ‘Trust’ formed when you register your children with the corporation controlling your country. Through this Legal Person (Trust) and your ignorance of it, Indentured Servitude, Serfdom and Slavery are your only futures as the anti-life system pulls the world under its yoke.

Lancashire County Council Is Owned By The Blues And Twos Credit Union Ltd
Anti-RealmBlues & Twos Credit Union owns Lancashire County Council it is registered at companies house, and for the pun… its number is 666. My investigations into Lancashire County Council (LCC) started over 6 weeks ago when I first discovered them listed on Dunn and Bradstreet’s’ website. It is listed there as a company and all of the schools in the county are listed as they’re ‘trading names’. I was interested to know more about the corporate status of LCC.

In Profile : NEC’s Connect Platform, The Future Of Law Enforcement
Anti-RealmCreating the Gladiator theatre in your community, not policing the realm usurps the realm. If the orders are treason, your duty is to not follow? In November 2018 the entire British raft of Police Constabularies, I say that loosely as it becomes clear by the day, they are corporate entities serving the corporate network…did take up the American Intelligence IT platform they call Connect.

In Profile : ES Parking Enforcement Ltd
ES parking Enforcement Ltd
ES Parking Enforcement Ltd is a company worth taking note of, it plans to rob you of your money by Trespass followed by threat and demand. As for the council…. they love the idea

Judiciary Moving To Cancel Out Self Representation?
Anti-RealmHaving studied the law for over 13 years one thing is clear to my good self, for ‘Acting’ in the capacity of ‘Judge’, a Man is financially compensated in Fees. To ‘Act’ in the capacity of ‘Prosecutor’, again receives a payable Fee, both are members of the Law Society and pay their Dues to the society, therefore both are subject to the rules of the Law Society, and if they are Freemasons, then a dual set of rules are being applied against you without such being clearly offered to you with the invitation or summons offer to contract with the Admiralty Courts.

Corporate Sentencing Council Moves To Secure Religious Authority In Online Debates
Anti-RealmThe Sentencing Council for England and Wales which of course is really Tavistock, has drafted changes to public order offences, including anyone perceived as targeting online a “protected characteristic” including “race; sex; disability; age; sexual orientation; religion or belief; pregnancy and maternity; and gender reassignment.”

In Profile : Why British Freemasonry Changed Allowing the Mafia Monarchy to Reign Over Us
British Mafia MonarchyIn our twenty years plus hard research and experience in hunting down global history through the interconnections of the secret societies, the place in which global power resides, it was clear early on that there is so much intrigue, murder, treason and all things debauchery at the heights of power as the norm, that nothing but a serious shift at the foundation level of current authority that reigns supreme today, would in any way change the path to destruction the banking elites are dragging us. They are the foundation upon which the speculative pyramid has risen to the detriment of all moral civility and basic ground roots communities that have been built upon for centuries. 

Was An Un-Legislated And Unlawful Coronation Oath Offered In 1953?
Insight, how the rules of England are being subverted by the incumbent sat on the throne of Great Britain as a front for high end banking. A series of legal restrictions on the religious beliefs which can be held by the spouse of the monarch were introduced following the Glorious Revolution in 1688. The monarch must join in communion with the Church of England, must declare him or herself to be a Protestant, and must swear to maintain the established churches in England and Wales.

What Will Britain Be Under Charles III?
Anti-RealmCharles Philip Arthur George Windsor is to become King Charles III, but just who controls this man and his family and what do they represent?The Windsor Estate, has £4b in Urban properties (Urban Splash is a front for Prince Charles gaining contracts of a £billion of your money a time). It owns Regent Street in its entirety, and half of St James in the West End, Ascot Race Course, Fishing Rights, Woodland, Oyster and Mussel fishing Rights in Scotland, Mining Rights, part of the Bluewater Retail Park in Kent, and retail parks also in, Nottingham, Oxford, Exeter, Newcastle, Harlow. Leeds, Milton Keynes, Hemel Hempstead, Exeter Harlow, Leeds, Merseyside, Portsmouth, Edinburgh, Slough, Swansea, Warwick, Jersey, Maidstone and Cheltenham.

In Profile : Second Balfour Declaration, corporate Judiciary moves to takeover ‘Nations’ under yoke of the European Council 
Balfour Declaration 1926The Balfour Declaration was approved at the Imperial Conference of 1926. Named after the conference chair, Lord Balfour, it stated formally what was already in practice — that the Dominions of the British Empire were autonomous and equal in stature with each other and with England. A new association was created that was called the British Commonwealth of Nations. ..The members of the Commonwealth were “in no way subordinate one to another in any aspect of their domestic or external affairs, though united in a common allegiance to the Crown.”

Oath of the Privy Council, a mafia oath to protect illegitimacy, war, cartels and extortion
Privy Council Oath is a Mafia Oath 2So let us say that the British realm was taken over by a sinister Sun cult, a cult that controls all religious institutions, all secret societies in the early 19th Century. That the same cult did gain full control over the Bank of England in 1815 leading to full control over the then Royal House leading to the breeding of an illegitimate and flat lie royal dynasty that would take over all European and global monarchies through the empire formed out of the East India conglomerates, yet centred upon the British realm to feign some sort of legitimacy and of course, to lay nations as scapegoats as the responsible perpetrators for the wars and colonialism that was in reality, actions carried out by the banking cabal.

Council Tax is Unlawful and Illegal if Collected as a Levy on Your Home
Council-Tax-Bill 2hereditament means property which is or may become liable to a rate, being a unit of such property which is, or would fall to be, shown as a separate item in the valuation list; profits basis, in relation to the valuation of a hereditament, means the ascertainment of the value of that hereditament by reference to the accounts, receipts or profits of an undertaking carried on therein.

The Constitution Unit Undermining Sovereignty
Constitution UnitThe Constitution Unit has been poking around in the affairs of the British realm since 1995, at least that is openly so. Operating in sync with the equally sinister corporate body, The Institute for Government, together are moving to destroy the foundation of Great Britain to the point it can never be returned. Out of the 38 Council members 12 are Privy Councillors, 21 are with the House of Lords, 5 are fellows of the Royal Society for the Arts, but perhaps the most worrying aspect to this bunch of rogues is the extent to which Zionism perpetuates itself throughout the whole mindset.

Blair Atholl : UK’s Only Legal Private Army
blair athollSo many questions are thrown up by the idea of a Legal private army. We have to consider the fact giant corporations such as Serco, Interserve, G4s, and Capita are moving to a position of authority within Great Britain, with the appearance that the network operating this takeover is Freemasonry. For such a reality the corporations must be acting under a royal charter of some description, was it not so then the highest office in these lands would forbid this.

cps 2

Rules of the Crown Prosecution Service

case law removal PIP 2

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In Profile : The Committee of 300, the Olympians
committee-300-secret-societies 2The Olympians are the Military Industrial Complex operating under British Admiralty Law Membership of the UN must be made universal. The British Crown is the control point (Inner City of London) Developing nations must be assisted. (Meaning assisted to destruct). Committee of 300 is found in the vast number of powerful institutions The Mossad is able to pick agents among local Jews, The Mossad also has the advantage of having access to the records of all US law enforcement agencies and US intelligence services (ONI) ELINT services the Mossad at no cost to Israel. There is no entity the Committee cannot reach and control
People perish for lack of knowledge