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The rise of a new power in the west

A new power rising in the West, is it Russia or the Orthodox Church? Fact, over 200 million Russian Christians have been murdered from 1917 until 1989, is the Orthodoxy Christian or Zion? In a book written by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn called  200 Years Together, he presents a 200 year window in which he shows the real power held by the Jews during that time in Russia. 

Definition of the terms, License, Subject, Citizen and Esquire

When studying any historic charter pay special attention to the meanings of the following terms, License, Subject, Citizen and Esquire. The canon laws formed Western society and therefore such a huge institution has always been a battleground for control of the Vatican organisation as a whole, rather than an agenda to destroy her. Today and at least since the late 1950s we have witnessed the takeover of the Vatican Organisation by a doctrine that would fly in the face of tradition but is very in tune with the Zionist leaning Russian Orthodox Church.

In Profile : the difference between the Shia of Iran and Sunni of Arabia in Islamic terms

Shia Muslims also feel animosity towards some of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, based on their positions and actions during the early years of discord about leadership in the community. Companions such as Abu Bakr the warlord and Umar ibn Al Khattab the warlord, titles by which definition show they are perceived to belong to the House of War. When it comes to the former it is also because of the fact Mohamed consummated his marriage to Aisha, the daughter of Abu Bakr when she was only nine years old. This comes from those who have narrated traditions about the Prophet’s life and spiritual practice.