Pandemic’s pseudoscience born through the hands of Jeffrey Epstein

Pandemic's pseudoscience born through the hands of Jeffrey Epstein







29 August 2020

List of 25 scientists all of whom have been affiliated with or funded by Jeffrey Epstein, and who also promote, implement and are the beneficiaries of the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences.

Anne Harrington – science historian, history of psychiatry, neuroscience, cognitive science
Ben Goertzel – mathematics, artificial intelligence researcher
Charles Lieber Nanotechnology
Daniel Dennett – philosopher, writer, cognitive scientist
Danny Hillis – inventor, entrepreneur, scientist
Eric Lander – mathematician, geneticist
George Church – geneticist, molecular engineer, chemist
Howard Gardner – developmental psychologist
Jaron Lanier – computer scientist
Joi Ito – head of MIT Media Lab, resigned over ties to Epstein
Joscha Bach – cognitive scientist
Kip Thorne – theoretical physicist
Larry Summers – economist
Lawrence Krauss – theoretical physicist and cosmologist
Lisa Randall – theoretical physicist and cosmologist
Martin Nowak – mathematical biologist
Nathan Myhrvold – applied mathematics
Nicholas Negroponte – architect, founder MIT Media Lab and ‘One Laptop per Child’
Noam Chomsky – linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian
Oliver Sachs – neurologist, naturalist, historian of science, and author
Richard Dawkins – ethnologist, evolutionary biologist
Robert L Trivers – evolutionary biologist and sociobiologist
Roger Schank – cognitive psychologist
Stephen Kosslyn – psychologist, neuroscientist, ‘expert on the science of learning’
Steven Pinker – cognitive psychologist, linguist

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Pandemic's pseudoscience born through the hands of Jeffrey Epstein

Scientists who have no links whatsoever with Jeffrey Epstein, say this :

Silver bullet 76
Online petitions have been launched in several countries to end curfews and other encroachments on basic rights. At the same time, critical video contributions, even by doctors, are increasingly being deleted. In Berlin, a registered event on fundamental rights, at which the German constitution was distributed, was terminated by the police. ch/
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Dr John Ioannidis: Much of the published research does not reach good scientific standards
Prof Wittkowski: ‘it’s a struggle to get heard’.
Kohnlein ‘I have seen Italian doctors online, where I have compelling suspicions something isn’t right with what they say.’ ioning-the-coronavirus-panic/?fbclid=IwAR3Qn2lpyvVKCEF_C7mZ9aFRvVNLmZQ Z0NpDPBZ-WqSaRyE41HLA-FTn1LE


Pandemic's pseudoscience born through the hands of Jeffrey Epstein

Press Statement by Dr Vandana Shiva, 7 September 2020Research Foundation for Science Technology and Ecology
New GMOs which are gene edited are being rushed to the market on the claim that they are “natural” on the grounds that the editing of genes cannot be tested.

A new paper published today[1], 7 September, has obliterated that claim, using a highly sensitive and highly accurate quantitative test for the first commercialised gene edited crop: SU Canola.

This is the first open source detection test for a gene-edited GM crop.

New gene edited GMOs are being introduced to cover up the failure of old GMOs – the failure of Bt cotton to control pests and the failure of Roundup Ready crops to control weeds. Instead, industrial agriculture is now faced with the unmanageable problem of superpests and superweeds. They are also aimed at creating a new narrative for genetic engineering while maintaining the genetic determinism and genetic reductionism paradigm on which genetic engineering is based. They extend the illusion of mechanistic determinism in the attempt to “engineer” complex, living, self organised systems. They are also an attempt to bypass GMO regulation.

Bill Gates is funding new GMO technologies, including gene editing and gene drives and has made investments in Editas, a company that controls patents on the new GMO technologies. Along with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projets Agency), he is promoting the use of gene drives for deliberate extinction of species.

In the Foreign Affairs issue of May/June 2018 an article “Gene Editing for Good: How CRISPR Could Transform Global Development”, Bill Gates argues that massive investments are necessary to support gene editing for “accelerating research that could help end extreme poverty by enabling millions of farmers in the developing world to grow crops and raise livestock that are more productive, more nutritious, and hardier”[2].

Similar Claims were made about the old GMOs. The failure of Bt Cotton is now recognised by the scientific community.

The European Court of Justice on 25th July 2018 had ruled that CRISPR is a gene modification technology and needs to be regulated like all GMOs.…

[1] Chhalliyil, P.; Ilves, H.; Kazakov, S.A.; Howard, S.J.; Johnston, B.H.; Fagan, J. A Real-Time Quantitative PCR Method Specific for Detection and Quantification of the First Commercialized Genome-Edited Plant. Foods 2020, 9, 1245.

[2] Wray, Adam . “How To Prepare Your Company For The Internet Of Things.” Forbes Technology Council Editors. Last modified February 14, 2017.

Dali Lama at MIT


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