Epstein, Martin Nowak, Eric Lander, MIT and a very sinister genome project tied to the Covid test

Epstein, Martin Nowak, Eric Lander, MIT and a very sinister genome project tied to the Covid test









11 August 2020

The tale begins with a strange creature called Eric Lander and an equally strange character called Martin A. Nowak, currently on paid leave because of his ties to Epstein, each of them strange enough to have the king of strange as their friend, Jeffrey Epstein. The story deepens our last paper on this subject matter of ‘Epstein, MIT,  A.I., the Covid app and lots and lots of cash’, and expands the overall context of a two sided scientific establishment at war to serve you scientific data. One group has the media light and the other does not.

From the academic arena the divide shows itself as between Berkeley on one side representing academia born of the nation and the Broad Institute representing the Zionist networks behind Jeffrey Epstein. Is it a coincidence that those in favour of the pandemic all tie in one way or another to the Epstein blackmail, be they celebrities, politicians or the entire global media, as it is the case that those with the correct and proper data come out of the institutions the taxpayer set up and have their voice quashed by the former?

From those statistics alone there has to be something the Zionist’s want that they aim to achieve through the faked up and completely false calling down of global pandemic. Could that want be the ability to genetically alter the entire global population, now and into the future, as they all become consenting patients in the wonderful world of Covid – 19?  let us explore…

We will begin with a quote from those aware of the odd fellow that is Eric Lander head of the Broad Institute back in  2016 :

“There is something mesmerising about an evil genius at the height of their craft, and Eric Lander is an evil genius at the height of his craft’.”

“Lander’s recent essay in Cell entitled “The Heroes of CRISPR” is his masterwork, at once so evil and yet so brilliant that I find it hard not to stand in awe even as I picture him cackling loudly in his Kendall Square lair, giant laser weapon behind him poised to destroy Berkeley if we don’t hand over our patents.”

“On the flip side, the Broad’s claim to the patent is under dispute, and is the subject a legal battle that could turn into one of the biggest and most important in biotechnology.”history.”

Epstein, Martin Nowak, Eric Lander, MIT and a very sinister genome project tied to the Covid test






CRISPR, short for ‘clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats’, is an anti-viral immune system found in archaea and bacteria, that until a few years ago, was a well kept secret outside the small group of scientists, mostly microbiologists, who had been studying it since its discovery a quarter century ago. Interest in CRISPR spiked in 2012 when a paper from colleagues of mine at Berkeley and their collaborators in Europe described a simple way to repurpose components of the CRISPR system of the bacterium Streptococcus pyogenes to cut DNA in an easily programmable manner.

Such capability had been long sought by biologists, as targeted DNA cleavage is the first step in gene editing — the ability to replace one piece of DNA in an organism’s genome with DNA engineered in the lab.

For the past decade, researchers, including Zhang, have been using proteins — zinc finger nucleases and TALENs – engineered to cut DNA in specific places to carry out genome editing in a variety of different systems. CRISPR demonstrated that its components could be used as a programmable nuclease. CRISPR having carried a lot of work on systems at the molecular level became essential to the Genome project in the application of its methods to the human cell.

Martin Jinek’s work was carried out in the lab of Berkeley’s Jennifer Doudna, and in close collaboration with Emmanuelle Charpentier, now at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Berlin, while Le Cong and Fei Ann Ran worked under the auspices of the Broad’s Feng Zhang, with Zhang and Broad currently holding the important patents.

The world was shocked in Nov. 25, 2018 by the revelation that Martin Jiankui had used
clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (‘CRISPR’) to edit embryos—two
of which had, sometime in October, become living babies. This article is an effort to provide
some deep context for the He Jiankui affair and to begin analysing it. It focuses on He’s
experiment, without delving into the broader ethical issues around ‘human germline genome
editing’ in the abstract. It begins by carefully defining ‘human germline genome editing’. It
then describes the little we know about the experiment before providing background on
CRISPR, the pre-He ethical and legal status of human germline genome editing, and on He
himself. The fourth, and longest, section provides a detailed narrative of the revelation of the
He experiment and its fallout. The fifth section critiques the experiment, which I believe
merits unequivocal condemnation on several grounds. The last section suggests some
important immediate reactions, by ‘Science’ and by China.

Although different people put different levels of moral value on ex vivo human
embryos, what is important in this article is that He’s experiment was on an embryo that was
intended to create a human.

CRISPR-edited embryos should not be used. Not for the moment, that is :

The real shocker in this scientific fairytale is the ability to inflict the future with the madness of today, for that we need to understand the term; ‘germ line’ and more importantly what it does… In short : germ line editing creates changes that a person’s descendants can inherit, as opposed to changes that could not be passed on to future generations. Did you get that, with your DNA they can insert serious genetic changes and ultimately change the human genome as a reset, not unlike the days of Atlantis.

Broad Institute ready to test 1000 persons a day by mid March 2020 – 

Countries will have to do it to end their lockdowns safely – 

How to build and deploy testing systems at unprecedented scale – 

Biohacking Humans with DNA, Nanotechnology, IoT and 5G – 
Could it be that the “vaccines” they want to push on us, using the corona pandemic as a pretext, are connected to some kind of a deranged transhumanistic scenario? Apparently, Jeffrey Epstein had a maniacal goal to seed the entire human race with his DNA. If I read between the lines correctly, the fulfilment of this “deed” would take injecting his genetic code into the DNA of every human.

The Coronavirus exists although not in the format it is presented. Covid -19 is either a dud or a complete fake up.

Point of note – the ever encroaching demand that you get tested for the fantasy virus plaguing the media and corporate entities is an example of an unquestionable and menacingly enforced collection of your DNA. As important as the aforementioned science is itself, equally worrisome comes in the fact, the collectors of this data are free of all state regulation by definition of the collectors being private corporations. In the UK the corporations hide behind the almighty title NHS and in Manchester, the testing centres are now being handed over to G4S :

Question raised – is the Covid scam, in part, the means to procuring the DNA off the global population by terrorised consent to serve this insidious human genome project to be administered by the private realm? I would state a clear yes.

In essence what we are finding is a direct link between the ‘Covid-19 is real’ brigade who insist that the world must dance… and there those who cite real tried and tested medical, chemical and biological science who have shut down the disco. The battle line is a clear cut case as to which body of data the hapless public will receive.

Battle-line  Data
Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences placed Mathematics and Biology professor Martin A. Nowak on paid administrative leave Friday after a review into Harvard’s ties to Jeffrey E. Epstein found extensive and previously unreported contact between the professor and the convicted sex offender.

The Crimson reported in 2006 that Epstein donated $6.5 million to the program in 2003.

PED also provided Epstein with an office and keycode access to it’s building, which he maintained even after he vacated his visiting fellowship. Epstein also attended one of Nowak’s undergraduate math classes.
Even though Epstein did not donate to PED or Harvard after 2007, he played an “indirect but significant role” in facilitating a grant from the John Templeton Foundation to PED in 2015.

A University report found Epstein attempted to use Harvard and the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, which Nowak directs, as a tool to rehabilitate his image following his 2008 conviction for solicitation of minors for prostitution. Epstein likely made more than 40 visits to PED’s offices at One Brattle Square between 2010 and 2018, according to the report, which also states that Nowak approved the posting of flattering and false descriptions of Epstein’s philanthropy and support of Harvard on the PED website.

Nowak also continued to facilitate meetings between Epstein and leading academics at Harvard and MIT. Pictures from one meeting in 2012, on an archived version of one of Epstein’s foundation websites, show him at Nowak’s office with a group including mathematician and geneticist Eric Lander, director of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and David Gergen of the Harvard Kennedy School, a CNN political analyst and former adviser to presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Clinton.

Genome-sequencing pioneer Eric Lander, one of the most powerful men in American science, did not embezzle funds from the institute he leads, sexually harass anyone, plagiarise, or fabricate data. But he became the target of venomous online attacks last week because of an essay he wrote on the history of CRISPR, the revolutionary genome-editing technology pioneered partly by his colleagues at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Mass.

To be sure, Lander gave his foes some openings. He and the journal Cell, which published his essay last week, failed to disclose Lander’s potential conflict of interest when it comes to CRISPR. The essay, other scientists said, got several key facts wrong, and Lander later added what he called clarifications. Stirring the greatest anger, critics charged that rather than writing an objective history he downplayed the role of two key CRISPR scientists who happen to be women.

Those missteps triggered a bitter online war, including the Twitter hashtag #landergate. Biologist Michael Eisen of the University of California, Berkeley, deemed his essay “science propaganda at its most repellent” and called for its retraction, while anonymous scientists on the post-publication review site PubPeer ripped into Lander’s motives and character. The attacks spread well beyond science, with the feminist website Jezebel.com charging that “one man tried to write women out of CRISPR.”

Nowak on paid administrative leave – 

Models is a pun, mathematical/engineering models and the other beautiful models you rape.
Beautiful models

We get new theorems, such as the isothermal theorem, which tells us what kind of graph can alter the power of natural selection. The chapter fizzes with breathtaking brio. Is the work relevant to anything? Who knows? Who cares? It’s a riot.

Donor Power

Questions raised :

What influence do the donors have over the research?
Epstein got an email address off Ministry of Finance in Israel, was there money
from Israel involved and do Israel have an interest in influencing research at MIT?
What is this creepy ‘shape grammar’ which is being researched at the MIT Architecture Department?What exactly is the application of shape grammars?

“Having worked long and hard on the life and work of Friedrich Froebel, we intended to refresh ourselves by revisiting educational controversies of the early twentieth century as recorded in Child Life, the organ of the Froebel Society from 1931-1939. The eye catching title of an article from 1933 drew us into the world of British froebelians and there, as we read on, we became aware of a process of transformation whereby Froebel’s quintessentially German idealist philosophy became British empiricist froebelian theory Froebel inspired the educational innovators of Third Reich, according to Dr Blochmann, a prominent teacher trainer in the early thirties. Writing in the 1933 edition of the English journal Child Life she claimed that his ideal of womanhood was about to be realised : the National Socialist Movement had repudiated what it called the intellectual woman, declaring itself in favour of the warm-hearted mother, practical in word and deed. In The Froebelian Outlook in Germany she spelt her message loud and clear to her British readers.”
Quoted from a  paper by Peter Jackson and Sang-Wook Lee.[1]

Froebel as a platform able to infringe upon the minds of a child, can be seen as the root system upon which the 4th generation industrial revolution is based.

Joi Ito, the director of the M.I.T. Media Lab., has now resigned in relation to the Jeffrey
Epstein scandal.

The M.I.T. Media Lab is part of the Department of Architecture.

The MIT Media Lab is a research laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, growing out of MIT’s Architecture Machine Group in the School of

The Department of Architecture at MIT researches ‘Froebel Gifts’ :

‘Applications in Architectural Design and Education and Practice’ :
Report on Shape Computation, by Terry Knight, Department of Architecture, School
of Architecture and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Interestingly, the earliest applications of shape grammars were in an area and for a
purpose quickly dropped and not taken up again for a number of years. (p.3)

Froebel article at lifeinthemix : https://thebridgelifeinthemix.info/history/froebel/
‘The Froebel Education Method and the Third Reich,
Programming Our Children : Architects of the Human Mind’

Jeffrey Epstein links to Israel Ministry of Finance and Hovevei Zion :

The Media Lab at MIT, worrying : consulted him about the use of the funds…..

[1] In Profile : The Froebel Education Method And The Third Reich

Wuhan and Harvard
Epstein gave exorbitant amounts of money, at least $9 million (pledged $30 million) to researchers funded by DoD, DARPA, IARPA, and NIH at Harvard University with the expertise and technology to genetically engineer and improve bacteria and viruses.
One of Harvard’s most prominent scientists who received $18 million from DoD and NIH was arrested and charged for operating a secret lab in Wuhan China just hours ago – This researcher was given over $1.5 million dollars to do so, in secret, by Chinese institutions.
Meanwhile, the area where the new coronavirus emerged (Wuhan) recently opened a biosafety level 4 lab (the only one in China, a country with 1.4 billion people) where researchers were actually studying and experimenting with the genetics of coronaviruses over the past few years before the emergence of this new strain.

Wuhan, China, the 7th most populated city in a country with 1.4 billion has a biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) laboratory that was recently established in 2015. It is apparently one out of 70 or so in the entire world (number was given by OP of the post linked above; my own search only turned up 52), and it is the only BLS-4 lab in the ENTIRE country of China. For those unfamiliar with what BLS-4 refers to, they are labs involving the study of the greatest biological threats and have the highest level of biosafety precautions. Interesting that both Shanghai and Beijing border Wuhan and yet not a single murmur of Covid 19 was uttered in both those cities during the entire script call Covid-19.

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