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In Profile : definition monarchy

In short the following thesis aims to show there are two types of idea of a monarch, each based upon a particular understanding of the deity they worship. One example, and the example from the time of the pre-flood antediluvian era called Shemsu Hor, retains absolute power for the established priesthood through a front or proxy monarch, the second holds love as the ultimate ideal. From the two classifications of deity we shall discuss, on the one hand is born a complete and total dictatorship, fixed like a merry go round which of its own will cannot escape itself, and secondly, a system in which rights and the protection of the individual are absolute for the establishment and the nation as a whole. I believe they are building Shemsu Hor again on the landmass Antarctica which means they are readying for another great catastrophe.

Undermining civilisation to instal the corporate script, the green machine, C.S Lewis on trial

Superiority of race was the programming pushed upon the children under the Third Reich, today the children are given a superiority complex under the climate script. To achieve success in this regard the religious foundation of the target nation has to be so completely undermined, that the age old and global norm of child obeys parent, can be overturned, with the private enterprise controlling the shift and into who’s arms go the brainwashed children, and from the former example in Germany, all the children were slaughtered.

In profile : The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and the destruction of the west

The Tavistock Institute is best described as the collection and correlation of a five hundred year history of British Naval Intelligence, including the giant East India Company and the Virginia Company, from which a web of interlocking corporate interests was created, administered by a supranational committee of 300 designate families, and brought under the wing of Edward VII, or more correctly for the cabal to which he and his successors do dance against the sovereignty of nations.

In Profile : The Brit School

Over the years we have all witnessed the demise of music and the arts in general. Radio One is the prime example of destruction of a moral and artistic platform for musicians, and that is just the DJ’s. They do not want anyone over thirty listening to Radio One, Why? Because what they are doing is programming the younger generations in line with the corporate program they receive at school. Why is this so, and by what means has the music industry managed to accomplish such a sound demolition of great art? Enter the Brit School, yet another pseudo-charity part paid by the state doing as it wishes with no recourse from the society on which it launches its attitude onto a very unsuspecting audience, and of course the public want what the public get, that is the game.

In Profile : David Cameron, missing nuclear weapons and the Iran script

In short I suggest that nuclear weapons and the play around them four at least three decades, has been to subvert political confidence in order the corporate elite could set forth a script to entrap sovereign states into a form of ‘global politics’, in order they let go of national interests and ultimately sovereignty. Achieved by allowing the fear promulgated by the corporate military intelligence, in regards to missing nuclear weapons, playing on the the idea that only the same military intelligence can sort this problem out, and, preparing for the final false flag they are to procure to unleash the Third and final World War, by creating the scapegoat that is Iran as a nuclear power, in order they themselves can begin to release the nuclear arsenal deep in the oceans from inside any nations territory aimed at all nations at their discretion.

The Hotel Cecil, jazz, the yanks, and a whole lot of mind control

Through his clear, warm sound, unbelievable sense of swing, perfect grasp of harmony, and supremely intelligent and melodic improvisations, he taught us all to play jazz. Wynton Marsalis on Louis Armstrong
How the merging of the Blues and Swing birthed Jazz, and how the banking elites formulated the path out of a moral foundation through the manipulation of music and the introduction of hallucinogenic drugs.

In Profile : Tavistock 2012 : the constitution unit

The Constitution Unit has been poking around in the affairs of the British realm since 1995, at least that is openly so. Operating in sync with the equally sinister corporate body, The Institute for Government, which together are moving to destroy the foundation of Great Britain to the point it can never be returned. Out of the 38 Council members 12 are Privy Councillors, 21 are with the House of Lords, 5 are fellows of the Royal Society for the Arts, but perhaps the most worrying aspect to this bunch of rogues is the extent to which Zionism perpetuates itself throughout the whole mindset.