1933 bankruptcy declarations and the debt slave, what you need to know

1933 bankruptcy declarations and the debt slave, what you need to know

In 1933, all nations involved in the First World War declared bankruptcy but went into Administration.

This included the United States of America which was brought into the First World War as a payback to the British incorporated Government, from the Zionist movement.

This was the point at which a shift occurred leading to the incorporation of governments and councils, from the original or de-jure entity that represented you, into a defacto entity, that did not, this took place in all nations not already operating in that position. The States within the United States moved into this banking trap in 1933 with the Federal Reserve calling it the New Deal. From this shift, babies would be given Birth Certificates and Social Security numbers and the names would be presented in the upper case or CAPITAL LETTERS.

This symbolised the shift from the jurisdiction of the courts of law into the jurisdiction of Maritime Law as standard. Education would follow this line after the NGOs got involved. (Seek Norman Dodd)

From this move the Central Bank would estimate the tax to be generated and paid by each new ASSET (your baby) over the course of its life and issued Bonds to that value.

The number on your Birth Certificate is that bond on your future earnings that is then floated on the Stock Market, and used as collateral to get credit in a format we understand as a Fiat Currency, which today is basically figures on a screen. In the use of Fiat currency, the deal now levies Usury and Fees, the corporate government then Capitalises on ‘you’ as a Bond/Promissory Note to get credit, it then Socialises the debt and Fees to the Legal Taxpayer.
You are an asset of the British Accredited Registry, or BAR. (Incorporated Crown)[1]

Thus, when you enter a Court you have not entered the Court, you have been Press Ganged into a Maritime Court, you have been kidnapped and are under orders of a Vessel (ship) of another.

In the Maritime jurisdiction ‘Your Person’ is Charged, which means you are already Guilty, and as a Defend-ant, you must prove your Innocence. You are Under Napoleonic Code, Guilty until Proven Innocent, the inversion of English Law (Biblical) which is built upon the idiom, a Man is Innocent until proven guilty. (You are not qualified to Act in the role of Defendant unless you consent/contract)

In Maritime Court you are treated as a vessel of the Navy, you have no rights.

All monies collected globally through taxation is sent to the central banking system and onto London. The Bank of England takes 40% with 60% going on to the Vatican Bank, which has always been in the hands of the House Medici, passed to the House Fugger and onto Rothschild and the Bank for International Settlements.

[1] History of the Crown Temple.
The Temple Church was built by the Knights Templar in two parts, the Round and the Chancel.
The Round Church was consecrated in 1185 and modeled after the circular Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The leader of this army is the King of Jerusalem, it is the realm of the Kabbalah and inversion, perfected through the philosophy of Shabbatai Tzvi centuries later.

The Chancel was built in 1240.
The Temple Church serves both the Inner and Middle Temples and is located between Fleet Street and Victoria Embankment at the Thames River. Its grounds also house the Crown Offices at Crown Office Row. This Temple “Church” is outside any canonical jurisdiction. The Master of the Temple is appointed and takes his place by sealed (non-public) patent, without induction or institution.

All licensed Bar Attorneys – Attorners –  owe their allegiance and give their solemn oath in pledge to the Crown Temple, realising this or not. This is simply due to the fact that all Bar Associations throughout the world are signatories and franchises to the international Bar Association located at the Inns of Court at Crown Temple, which are physically located at Chancery Lane. Although they vehemently deny it, all Bar Associations in the U.S., such as the American Bar Association, the Florida Bar, or California Bar Association, are franchises to this Crown.

The Inns of Court
The Four Inns of Court to the Crown Temple use the Banking and Judicial system of the City of London, itself a sovereign and independent ‘territory’ which is not a part of Great Britain. Washington City as it was known in the 1800s today called DC, is also not a part of the north American States, nor is it a state. It’s role is to defraud, coerce, and manipulate the American people. These Fleet Street bankers and lawyers are committing crimes in America under the guise and colour of law. They are known collectively as the “Crown.” Their lawyers are actually Templar Bar Attornies, not lawyers.

The present Queen of England is not the “Crown,” as we have all been led to believe. Rather, it is the Bankers and Attornies (Attorneys) who are the actual Crown or Crown Temple. The Monarch aristocrats of England have not been ruling sovereigns since the reign of King John, circa 1215. All royal sovereignty of the old British Crown since that time has passed to the Crown Temple in Chancery.

The reason this deception has teeth is because the reality of the situation has never actually filtered down to the general public in an episode of Eastenders…

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