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Modern warfare strategy against the populations coordinated by the Bilderberg Steering Committee

The weapons system being built all around us is one not yet seen by the public. It is real and deadly, steered by the Bilderberg meetings. Two documents reveal the immensity of the unknown war, one titled, Silent Weapons for Quite Wars, May 1979, and a second presented only two months before 911 titled, NASA document The Future of War, July 2001. Open yourself up to this merry tale and you can see it all around you.

In Profile : The Trussell Trust

Consider the Food Banks as nothing more than a facilitator for the procuring of your children. Beware of “Intervention Orders.” As a system, the program created by the corporate state to deal with the coming widespread poverty agenda has been to hand the entire safety net to the charitable organisations the same corporate state controls. In fact the myriad of charitable operations launched in the year 2000 under New Labour, are mere fronts for the corporate state as a means of hiding their actions from the glare of transparency and therefore from the populations.

The religious and political blueprint for WWII, is Isil the new religion?

Has the banking cartel chosen the Saudi version of Suni Islam, also known as Wahhabism, to be the control program for the one world religion?
Has the banking cartel positioned Suni Islam as the agitator for the activation of the Contingency Act?
I believe both are running operations, the latter is to prevent the former being stopped in its tracks, especially if the older generation Muslims in Europe begin to see the game, at least they cash shift to the civil unrest declaration and activate the emergency scripts as set by the United Nations.

The Hotel Cecil, jazz, the yanks, and a whole lot of mind control

Through his clear, warm sound, unbelievable sense of swing, perfect grasp of harmony, and supremely intelligent and melodic improvisations, he taught us all to play jazz. Wynton Marsalis on Louis Armstrong
How the merging of the Blues and Swing birthed Jazz, and how the banking elites formulated the path out of a moral foundation through the manipulation of music and the introduction of hallucinogenic drugs.

In Profile : The Froebel Education Method and the Third Reich

Having worked long and hard on the life and work of Friedrich Froebel, we intended to refresh ourselves by revisiting educational controversies of the early twentieth century as recorded in Child Life, the organ of the Froebel Society from 1931-1939. The eye catching title of an article from 1933 drew us into the world of British froebelians and there, as we read on, we became aware of a process of transformation whereby Froebel’s quintessentially German idealist philosophy became British empiricist froebelian theory Froebel inspired the educational innovators of Third Reich.