Corporate Sentencing Council moves to secure religious authority in online debates

Corporate Sentencing Council moves to secure religious authority in online debates








Sentencing Council…Can someone please tell me what this corporate body has to do with the realm?

When you shift from a natural Man as derived from the Word of God you fall into the Sea and become lost to all sensibility and honour, you become a Golem, unable to see or hear God as you are dead to the world and thus ripe for the realm of slavery. So says the Judiciary.

What is this guy on about, you say, yet I think you already have a good idea that something has changed on these lands, no longer does the system serve the people, it moves always to profit from them by whatever means they can muster, from tax slavery to supplying your offspring for the Slavers Family Court in which the father is criminalised and the mother and children yoked to the slavery offered up in the Benefit arena, which makes you an employee of the government and subject to all their legislation.

To make this job easier for the slavers a new and private operation called the Sentencing Council is birthing a new raft of garbage to entrap those not yet fully asleep who move always to awaken their fellow men and women of the plight they and their offspring fined themselves within.

The Sentencing Council for England and Wales which of course is really Tavistock, has drafted changes to public order offences, including anyone perceived as targeting online a “protected characteristic” including “race; sex; disability; age; sexual orientation; religion or belief; pregnancy and maternity; and gender reassignment.”

For such breaches of this invented raft of protectionist legislation they propose harsher sentencing up to six years for : 

Online posts against religion and the Tavistock transgender chemical carve up of the human condition.

People promoting hostility towards a religion or those classed as transgender online could get much harsher sentences, especially if they have a large online audience according to new proposals.

The Doctrine
If an offender was a member of, or was associated with, a group promoting hostility based on race or religion, the sentence will be harsher.

However, given the recent social climate and an enhanced focus on this type of offending, the council considers it would be useful for sentencers to be equipped with guidance on sentencing these offences. Among the cases analysed there were a number of ‘hate speech’ type offences, where inflammatory speeches were given by influential figures with the intention of stirring up racial hatred.

Other cases involved publication on YouTube of content inciting serious violence towards particular racial or religious groups, websites being published including abusive and insulting content, with some activity continuing over a long period of time and intended to reach global audiences.

The most severe punishments will be handed to those in a position of trust, authority or influence and abuses their position to stir up hatred,” such as political leaders or figureheads and anyone whose offences are “persistent.

The Sentencing Council believes that the use of social media, YouTube, and other “websites” to stir hatred is a growing problem — despite the number of prosecutions remain relatively low.

Clearly the corporate realm is moving ever closer to a total shutdown in the minds of the Public, to any and all Laws of Nations that protect and secure the right to seek the truth and the freedom to communicate the truth.

They are achieving this power grab through control of the Split Trust called the Birth Certificate, which the government owns, the Legal Person so formed is then subject to this raft of Roman Law. From which all other insane authority is secured.

Welcome to the New World Order of Legal Slavery…


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