Mental Health, Transgenderism and Endocrine Disruptors

Mental Health, Transgenderism and Endocrine Disruptors








Timelines are very important when it comes to seeking out agendas and to apportion cause and benefit to those involved in the plan.

The latter end of the 1940s presents a platform from which everything learned during two world wars would be converted into the means to coerce and control the devastated populations. The concentration camps are well enough understood to have been medical and scientific laboratories, from which the knowledge of the human biological system, chemical and electrical, would be collected and correlated in order they could use such knowledge against the populations to shift human behaviour away from natural law and into a more acceptable corporate vision for the future of mankind.

As such we can deduce that the third world war has been a quite war with the battle lines drawn between the financial elite and the global populations. The following report highlights the agenda to disturb the natural hormonal balance of humanity via chemical disruption of the endocrine system in order fixed sexuality be undermined.

Creating Homosexuality and Confused Gender

Enter John Money

There exists a group of chemicals which to science are known as endocrine disruptors, these chemicals have been mapped and carefully selected to perform a dark and sinister agenda, they are quite literally bringing about the biological destruction of humanity, with the main intent to disrupt the male hormone function to satisfy the eugenics and technotronic program.

These ubiquitous chemicals, which are found in a host of products from plastics, condoms, food, female sanitary implements, water and cosmetics, has the end result of changing human DNA and turning humanity into diseased mutants for the profit and benefit of the pharmaceutical corporations, corporations that ultimately are owned by the private central banking system.

Even worse, these chemicals cause numerous diseases and conditions from prostate cancer, fibroids, diabetes, ADHD, bipolar disorder, breast cancer, heart disease, birth defects, early puberty, PCOS, impotence, undescended testicles, and obesity. Obesity is caused by the estrogens in the release of insulin. Furthermore, these chemicals are changing people’s sexual orientation and gender identity in the womb thus making individuals gay. This is for the benefit of the population control eugenicists who wish to increase homosexuality to decrease the world’s population. In particular, they wish to decrease the population of certain ethnic groups

We are looking at a huge industry through the supply of the chemicals to change males into transgender females with a continued need for the pharmaceutical corporations synthetic hormone medications.


The twisted chemistry comes in processed foods, tap water, and cans of beer, but began as a corporate agenda under the Eugenics programmes through medications with the introduction by Eli Lilley of diethylstilbestrol (DES),[1]  a synthetic estrogen. The best way to cleanse your water supply is through the installation of an electro osmosis mechanism in your home. This will remove almost all damaging chemistry aimed at disrupting your endocrine system, this includes fluorides and chlorine.

From 1947 to 1971, doctors prescribed DES, a synthetic estrogen, to millions of pregnant women to prevent miscarriage. Some early scientific studies questioned the drug’s usefulness, finding it to be carcinogenic to laboratory animals and ineffective in preventing miscarriage, and by 1970 doctors had identified a rare form of vaginal cancer in some young women exposed in utero to DES.

Epigenetic’s is a process by which multi-generational effects of a condition, through the changes to DNA, are passed to the offspring, DES acted in this manner.

The molecular structure of DES is found in Soy and Bisphenol A.

Soy is found in almost all processed foods and is fed to farm animals. Soy blocks testosterone in the brain of a male child in the womb, the child though physically male, will therefore be attracted to males. The opposite effect happens in females, with the brain allowing testosterone into the brain from which the female will be attracted to females. This is the mechanic going on within children who are gender confused, based on physical body not matching the innate chemistry coming from the brain.

Bisphenol A  is pasted on the walls of all tinned foods, it is found in your petrol and supermarket receipts, it is in all plastics and also found in paper money. The hand sanitisers promoted in the hospitals and corporate organisations enhance the absorption of bisphenol A by 100 percent, not such a benevolent agenda as you are led to believe?

The sex industry is also a major player in the transfer of Bisphenol A, sex toys and lubes are laced with the chemical with the intent to disrupt the hormonal balance of those using and as an epigenetic condition to be passed on to future offspring.

In a study published in Food and Chemical Toxicology, the researchers concluded by stating that soy lecithin was also found to be strongly estrogenic.[2] These estrogenic compounds found in soy have been shown to disrupt thyroid and endocrine hormone production.

Lecithin’s are another means of interfering with the chemistry of the body and are found in all plants, grains and beans. The chemical is created by the plant to stop insects and animals from eating the plant and seeds, they are anti-nutrients, a poison. They are a major cause of food poisoning especially aimed at the vegan and vegetarian diets and cause inflammation. To counter the side effects of lecithin’s you are then prescribed noxious anti-inflammatory medication, and more money to the pharmaceutical corporations on a long term basis.[3]

The Vegan diet as a whole shrinks the brain and intensifies depression and suicidal thoughts. It naturally creates medical customers and is behind the new drive to promote plant diets at the expense of fat and meat diets. The entire script comes out of the eugenics arena.

Contraceptives for women create heart disease so to lecithin’s, so it is no surprise when you follow the money trail you see it is the heart foundation promoting grains and wheats and all the things full of lecithin’s, to be considered as the ideal diet, when in fact what they are doing is nothing more than creating customers that will require their medical concoctions.

Soya in baby formula destroys the masculine in the child by hormonal disruption and the hospitals know this. Glutton is another chemical attack to disrupt the endocrine system.[2]

  • If you have a soy allergy or do not feel well when you consume soy products, then it is best to avoid it all together.
    Research has shown potential risks to the foetus when consuming soy products during pregnancy and in consuming soy products as an infant, so I would recommend expecting mothers and infants minimise soy consumption.
    Women who are breast cancer survivors, currently under breast cancer treatment, or at high risk of breast cancer should minimise or even eliminate soy due to the potential risk of increasing estrogen levels.

Another endocrine disrupter is Atrazine.

Children as young a seven are getting gender reassignment. In creating this schism the pharmaceuticals corporations create the addictive need for their products for life as synthetic hormones.

Disrupting the cholesterol is another means for the pharmaceutical corporations to attack your biological system and is far more important to their sinister aims than you would believe, the human  brain is made of cholesterol, it heals the inside of the arteries, damaged by table salts in food which has glass in it, the reproduction system is also made from cholesterol. Lack of cholesterol also reduces both testosterone and estrogens again shifting fixed sexuality. Saw Palmetto is a great herbal source to regulate the Prostate function, especially if you are using steroid testosterone.

Chlorine in the tap water reacts with the fats in your food and deposits it in your arteries, it is this they show in videos when they make the claim that it is cholesterol.

Phalates are another chemical to disrupt the male gender while in the womb, it is found in all plastics, water, food, baby formula, cling wrap, containers, mugs and flasks and dispensers. 

The key to this agenda is the ability to control your food, your water and all products you ingest or apply to the skin. The supermarkets are the fix to this ability which through convenience, you soon become addicted to the products they sell. Convenience is the key, break this addiction and you can move away from the chemistry of the frankensteins and heal your body.

Mental Health, Transgenderism and Endocrine Disruptors























[1] Males Whose Mothers Were Prescribed DES While Pregnant With Them 

Behaviour and Sexual Issues
Endocrine disrupting compounds are being examined in gender identity studies, but so far DES research has not found a conclusive DES link. One confounding thought now under investigation regards the layering of endocrine disruptive exposures, both prenatally and perinatally. Researchers want to understand if there is an association and then whether DES exposure might itself be a cause or, perhaps combined with other exposures, be a trigger for variations.

Questions have been routinely raised in the DES community regarding the possibility that prenatal DES exposure may be linked to increased rates for homosexuality, transgender and transsexual conditions. Animal studies point in that direction yet, so far, no evidenced-based research in human populations has been able to confirm it.

To understand the struggles faced by transgender individuals read a letter that was sent to DES Action. But note that some statements may not hold up to scientific scrutiny.

In a VOICE newsletter commentary the late DES Action USA Co-founder Pat Cody examined why it is difficult for researchers to study behavioural and sexual questions and develop definitive answers.

DES as an Endocrine Disruptor
Of note is that DES is an endocrine disrupting chemical. The DES community is described as the “poster population” for what can happen when individuals are exposed to these chemicals before birth. The DES experience triggered research into endocrine disruptors and how hormonally active substances interfere with prenatal development and can cause adverse health outcomes later in life.

Another such chemical is bisphenol A (BPA), a synthetic estrogen that has a chemical structure very similar to that of DES. Health impacts linked to BPA are remarkably familiar to those known to be associated with DES exposure but occur at much lower doses.

This is an important distinction between the two that must be taken into account: Pay attention to the exposure dose. Here’s an explanation of the similarities, and differences between the two endocrine disruptors : DES and BPA.

Also, because many of these exposures are common in our environment, rather than exposure through a drug like DES, identifying and eliminating the exposure potential can be challenging. Here’a a link with ways to reduce environmental exposures in our daily lives.

Emotional Impacts
DES creates emotional trauma for all who come in contact with it: DES Mothers (and Fathers), DES Daughters, DES Sons, and DES Grandchildren.

Men traditionally are reticent to talk about the kind of highly personal issues that DES creates. It is often their mothers and wives who begin searching for information regarding exposure. DES Sons can experience the same anxieties, anger and relationship turbulence as DES Daughters. Experience shows that keeping lines of communication open can be helpful. Doing so with accurate and timely information regarding exposure is very useful. Taking action can reduce feelings of helplessness. Getting up on our soapbox now – Joining DES Action can be one step toward healing. Members get new information throughout the year and feel good about doing something positive by supporting an organisation actively pushing for more DES research. Source

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[3] Unfermented soy is not the health food it’s purported to be. In fact, in 2002, the British government’s expert committee on the toxicity of food (CoT) published the results of its inquiry into the safety of plant oestrogens (or phyto-estrogens), mainly from soya proteins, in modern food.

Their experiments and other studies have found that soy contains toxins and plant oestrogens that could disrupt women’s menstrual cycles, stimulate the progression of breast cancer, damage the thyroid, lower testosterone levels and have uncertain effects on the prostate.

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Mental Health, Transgenderism and Endocrine Disruptors

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