Lancashire Constabulary, a Puppet of Israel’s NICE LTD

Lancashire Constabulary, a Puppet of Israel's NICE LTD





18 February 2021

After my recent adventures with Lancashire Constabulary and the Noahide Courts, one thing stands tall….Things just ain’t what they used to be.

As I put together my claim against the Police, who far from servicing law, are in fact casting spells upon you through language in order they can knock you off man and shift you into Person, one thing is clear, they are willing actors in deception.

Way back in time, the Duchy of Lancaster was stolen by the Crown and became the private playground of the sitting monarch, today, as we are now coming to understand, the current family are at best, a fraud, and at its worst, the facilitators of genocide. It is no secret that for many a year the Duchy of Lancaster was administered by Prince Charles on behalf of his mother, but my findings way back some ten years or so, presented to me evidence that the Duchy was in fact being administered by the Duke of Westminster. I published my findings which appeared to prompt the death of the then Duke, I say death as in a ‘Person’ was removed and not so much that a man had given up his ghost. However, such cannot be proven in fact, but what also became a clear possibility was the idea that the Duchy of Lancaster was being administered by the Grosvenor’s, but from over the pond in the United States.

After presenting my findings across the nation I ceased to concern myself with all things Duchy and moved on. Today, as I pull together the grammar to show my claim, all that was past has come back into the future.

I was arrested and processed as Person, in contradiction to my presenting my standing as man, male, and was duly expected to accept the lie that a court appearance had been made in the correct manner. 

After arrest and processing I was expected to go along with the play school playtime and allow the Police to send me off to a date in which the same had hired the court building and subcontracted the judicial system to its own will, from which they can arrest, judge and sentence, all by themselves, that the judiciary would fully support this charade by taking the money and keeping stum.

I moved to secure the case management files from the courts, to no avail, and six weeks on from the event, today 18 February 2021, and having secured a court of record for the 21 January as opposed to standing before the Police network, still there has been no paperwork or case files offered to me. This acts contrary to the CPR protocols and evidences the fact, they are pulling judge and jury into their own Masonic network, basically they are no longer law enforcement they are doing Masonic business which means they are carrying out the will of the Jesuit Holy See.

In order they can move this new system in place, without the hapless seeing the hex, we gain insight into why Lancashire Constabulary is no longer a Constabulary, that what it is , is a crown enforcer operating for the Stakeholder Community.

Lancashire County Council has already fallen victim to this game of incorporation as it was dissolved and moved into The Blues and Twos Credit Union, today, the situation appears to have changed to the yoke of computer giant and Crown agent, IBM.

Here is insight as to how they are playing this out, and remember, everything going on today is moving Christendom into the hands of the Noahide system of unclean men and the laws thereof.

NICE Investigate Brings Digital Cloud Transformation to Lancashire Constabulary
to Provide Faster, More Efficient Investigations and Prosecutions : (Click Image)

Lancashire Constabulary, a Puppet of Israel's NICE LTD







NICE LTD Form 6-K :
Lancashire Constabulary, a Puppet of Israel's NICE LTD








Lancashire Constabulary, a Puppet of Israel's NICE LTD








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