In Profile : Major-General Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster, KG, CB, OBE, TD, DL

In Profile : Major-General Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster, KG, CB, OBE, TD, DL










The Duke in the robes of a Knight of the Garter

30 June 2020

Interesting it is that I wrote the following paper way back in 2012 and low and behold he went and disappeared. Dead they claim…. However, I would very much doubt that idea as today the duchy of Lancaster appears to be being run on behalf of the Committee by the American branch of the Grosvenor family. I have edited the following paper somewhat today to bring it more inline with current events and my expanded awareness of the game.

The Duchy of Lancaster is the duchy stolen by the Crown Temple and appointed to the presiding monarch, today the Queen’s own. As a prerequisite to breaking down the secret networks behind the implementation of corporatism (fascism) today, in order we can better understand why our country is being taken over by the corporate realm, without opposition from our entire political class, then a glimpse into the games going on in Lancashire will help in this regard.

Everything appears to be carried out by front men, successful front men at that. Given the diversity of those fronts, it is difficult to pinpoint the source, yet all are in one way or another connected to the Masonic orders. The Masonic orders are of course steered by the Jesuit, also known as the Company, which presents the corporate head as still today being the East India Companies of Jesuit/Jewish Rome. Today given the shear expansion of certain very high level players in the game of monopolising consumerism, while becoming huge stakeholders in communities, they have become the only voice dictating terms under the corporate statutory control of our entire political and security institutions, in sync with other huge stakeholders that are the supermarkets.

The Duke of Westminster’s clan is very active in the county of Lancashire after securing lands within the Forest of Bowland. The Duke is of the Grosvenor House, as such is also a member of the House of Windsor, and also connected to the Russian Bolshevik families, and via the American Smithsons, he has a huge American power base currently behind the lobbying for the implementation of Police and Crime Commissioners across the UK, now a done deal, which gives the corporate realm complete control over the policing of Britain under corporate policy administered directly from the United Nations Security Council as NATO. Let us also keep in mind that as corporate candidates together they have shifted policing in a manner outside the constitutional realm which governs the police service under oath.[1]

The Police no longer service the Law.

The Duke of Westminster being of the Grosvenor bloodline throws up a couple of pointers to the fact the US establishment are the secret branch of the Order of the Garter, a fact hidden well through the overwhelming membership across the pond to Scottish Rite Freemasonry.[2] As such the entire U.S. network is kept off the official records and the US is seen by many as a separate power base to that of the Order and its European and Asian families. The Grosvenor bloodline is of the mighty Percy family of Northumbria, which offers an insight to the origins of the Bush family in the US, who are also of the Percy bloodline. The fleeing Percy’s’ were in fact those known to be the plotters behind the Gunpowder Plot in England allowing the Crown to become licensed by Rome to be the administrator of Dead Souls, or the dead trust referenced in the Birth Certificate that incorporates your Christian name with a Surname. Until 1604 this position was held by Spain and was handed back to Spain and the King of Jerusalem, King Juan Carlos, back in 1975.

The English Grosvenor’s’, own prime property in the Inner City of London, headquarters of the Order of the Garter. The American Grosvenor’s’ founded the National Geographic which is notorious for removing the archaeological treasures of the world, especially those with religious significance, and, relocating them at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. The Grosvenor’s cousins, the Smithson’s, who are also descended from the Percy’s, control the institute.

The ancestry of George Bush can also be traced to England’s Alfred the Great and to Charlemagne. The same genealogical line can be traced to 32 other presidents of the United States, all related to George Bush. Colin Powell is related to King George II.

Further insight to the American connection comes in the form of George Monk, a soldier during the times of the English Civil War and the first Lord Bowland :

Charles II rewarded Monck suitably for his services in restoring him to his throne. He was made Gentleman of the Bedchamber, Knight of the Garter, and Master of the Horse in the King’s household.[3] Charles also raised him to the Peerage as Duke of Albemarle, Earl of Torrington, in the County of Devon, Baron Monck, of Potheridge in the County of Devon, Baron Beauchamp, of Beauchamp in the County of Devon, and Baron of Teyes, in the County of Devon, and he received a pension of £7,000 a year.[4] In 1661, he was granted the Forest of Bowland becoming 1st Lord of Bowland (second creation).[5]
He entirely concurred in the disbandment of the New Model Army, and only the regiment of which he was colonel, given the name Coldstream (Guards) after his death[6] survives Un-amalgamated to this day,[4] as such one of the oldest military formations in the world, becoming the last standalone representative of the New Model Army when the Blues and Royals merged in 1969.
As a further token of Charles II’s gratitude, in 1663 Albemarle was named one of eight Lords Proprietors given title to a huge tract of land in North America which became the Province of Carolina, the present-day American states of North and South Carolina. The Albemarle Sound in North Carolina is named after him.[7]

His character and a female acquaintance were of a prime importance in the manoeuvrings of Monck, and need to be acknowledged to better understand his often contradictory behaviour.[8]
With the death of the Earl of Peel, a Stanley and thus another usurper of these Isles, the Duke of Westminster gained a foothold by sinister means when he came into possession of the Earl’s estate, in what we know in Lancashire as the Trough of Bowland.[9] Upon his death in his will, the Earl had allowed for all tenants on his estate to be given the opportunity to purchase their lot.  The Duke intervened and managed to gain the estate for around £1 million, then swiftly turned the estate into the biggest bird shoot in the north. It costs £6.000 per day, minimum, to shoot on this estate and is used by the elite of the world, including the House of Windsor. The Duke went on to then steal swaths of common land and added it to the estate. The stolen estate borders with the estate of Owen Oysten, who became the target of a serious campaign to destroy him :

Peter Blaker V Owen Oyston
Back with Blaker, because of his directorships in Central Lancashire Television, East Lancashire Cablevision, East Coast Cablevision and a consultancy with BT, Blaker became a rival bidder against Owen Oyston for licences, and this prompted his moral and financial support for a campaign waged against Owen Oyston by Michael Murrin, the owner of a fish and chip shop in the village of Longridge, that was also backed by another former government minister, Sir Robert Atkins.

Owen Oyston told police he had been subjected to a “very nasty and vicious” campaign for 10 to 12 years and named Lord Blaker and ex-sports minister Robert Atkins, MP for South Ribble, as having mounted the conspiracy against him. Oyston told Liverpool Crown Court that he had 48 hours of tape recordings of conversations between Lord Blaker, Mr Atkins, Blackpool businessman William Harrison, a man named Michael Murrin “and a whole range of other senior people in the Conservative party” and that the tapes showed Blaker, Harrison and Atkins “were running a conspiracy against me and members of the North West Labour Party.” Oyston served 3 years of a six-year sentence. According to Andrew Rosthorn (1998) Our Friends in the North West : The Owen Oyston Affair, in Lobster 34 :
The Oyston Affair appears to have been the longest and most expensive privately funded political dirty tricks campaign in recent British history. The astonishing 15-year campaign waged against Owen Oyston by Michael Murrin, the owner of a fish and chip shop in the village of Longridge, Lancs, was backed by help and cash payments raised by two former government ministers and a millionaire friend of Margaret Thatcher. The former Tory ministers are Sir Robert Atkins and Lord Blaker. Their target was the Labour Party’s biggest private contributor in the days of Neil Kinnock’s leadership.

In 1995, Chris Blackhurst in the Independent reported that a motion, tabled by Tom Pendry, MP accused Blaker of having been “privy to obtaining by clandestine means private papers and bank account details of Mr Oyston”. Blaker and Robert Atkins were asked to apologise to MPs for having previously failed “to reveal the extent of their financial and personal involvement in the squalid investigation” and for not responding to earlier claims concerning their part in making “secret payments to fund a dirty tricks campaign against leading Labour Party members and supporters”.[10]

There is another wealthy man operating in Lancashire, Trevor Hemmings, but as yet, I have been unable to directly connect him with the Duke. Trevor is a billionaire, and big on the strategies unleashed in the 1980′s in how to strip and milk a company, the same MO as that used by Grosvenor Estates and affiliated fronts.

From the Dukes entry into Lancashire, the Duchy of Lancaster began to milk all surrounding councils until almost all monies were siphoned off to Lancaster, the seaside town of Morecambe being a prime example of almost total destruction and oblivion, until the recent handover of land and contracts to yet another front for the order, Urban Splash.[9] Not surprising then that Lancaster has become a virtual environment centre for all the schools and all the New Labour enterprise companies on Internet2, while the dilapidated towns are now baying for big developers to come in and buy and steal every asset and piece of land in return for some super shopping extravaganza complex which shuts all the local businesses for miles around.

The un-relentless nature backed by powerful corporate interests, that is the character of Grosvenor Estates, has changed the face of Britain and not for the better. Liverpool 1 accomplished, with Liverpool as a city, changed beyond all recognition, the day of the rebellious scouse, all but a memory, as the removal of industry by the same networks to their Asian centres, has placed all but the few as dependant on the state. Not yet satisfied, Grosvenor Estates wants to do exactly the same in the newly commissioned city; Preston, yet another target of the order, in fact the Ribble Valley as a whole is the target. Once kept out by the power of Stoneyhurst, but today the entire Catholic Church is acting under the Jesuit heresy that is Vatican II.

All the great cities have fallen to this refurbishment of the shopping centre gravy train, the centre looks good for those who can afford to buy, the developers and their networks asset strip the remaining communities. The supermarkets as big stakeholders, demand the councils raise the rents in the town centres. Charities act as the facilitators and fronts with all the protection charitable trusts enjoy, and the perfect Trojan Horse the corporate dictators require, to gain entrance into all our institutions, with the police today acting as statutory enforcement squads for the realm of all things corporate. Councils, MP’s, all slaves to Resilience and Contingency guidelines, everyone dreaming a nightmare and allowing the total takeover of our nation by those we know best by the term; Nazi. We also have the announcement that the police are to create checks on the Lancashire Borders between Manchester and also Liverpool, is this not the beginnings of full blown checkpoints on the region borders? I say absolutely it is.

We also have NM Rothschild pitching for the full sale of all our motorways, if this goes through we will have private security all over the road networks, that’s without the fact it is Siemens, the German company, controlling the whole CCTV and traffic management systems across Britain.
With that in mind we believe an insight into the man that is the Duke of Westminster, is definitely in order :
The Dukes of Westminster
The title Duke of Westminster was created by Queen Victoria in 1874 and bestowed upon Hugh Grosvenor, the 3rd Marquess of Westminster. The title is derived from Westminster. The current holder of the title is Gerald Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster. Large real estate holdings in central London make him one of Britain’s richest men.

The Duke of Westminster’s seat is at Eaton Hall, Cheshire.
 Sir Richard Grosvenor, the 7th Baronet, was created Baron Grosvenor in 1761 and in 1784 became both Viscount Belgrave and Earl Grosvenor under George III. The title Marquess of Westminster was bestowed upon Robert Grosvenor the 2nd Earl Grosvenor at the coronation of William IV in 1831.

The subsidiary titles are : Marquess of Westminster (created 1831), Earl Grosvenor (1784), Viscount Belgrave, of Belgrave in the County of Chester (1784), and Baron Grosvenor, of Eaton in the County of Chester (1761). The Dukedom and Marquessate are in the Peerage of the United Kingdom; the rest are in the Peerage of Great Britain. The courtesy title of the eldest son and heir to the Duke is Earl Grosvenor.

Major-General Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster, KG, CB, OBE, TD, DL (born 22 December 1951 in Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland), is the son of Robert George Grosvenor, 5th Duke of Westminster, and his wife Hon. Viola Maud Lyttelton. According to the Sunday Times Rich List 2009, The Duke of Westminster is worth £6.5 billion placing him 3rd in the list behind Lakshmi Mittal and Chabad frontman, Roman Abramovich. He was educated at Harrow School and Sandhurst. In 2005, he became Chancellor of the University of Chester.

Grosvenor is the richest property developer in Britain and one of Britain’s largest landowners, owning vast estates in Lancashire, Cheshire and Scotland as well as great swathes of Mayfair and Belgravia in central London. Internationally the Duke also owns vast estates in Canada and Spain.
Personal life

As a child Grosvenor lived on an island in the middle of Lough Erne. His early education was in Northern Ireland before attending Sunningdale School and Harrow School.

Grosvenor married Natalia Ayesha Phillips, the daughter of Lt.-Col. Harold Pedro Joseph Phillips and his wife Georgina Wernher, in 1978. His wife is a direct descendant of the Russian poet Alexander S. Pushkin and therefore of his ancestor Ibrahim Hannibal as well as of King George I, making her distantly in line for the British throne.

Their children are : 
Lady Tamara Katherine Grosvenor (b. 20 December 1979) married Edward Bernard Charles van Cutsem (6 November 2004)
They have a son Jake (b. 21 May 2009) 
Lady Edwina Louise Grosvenor (b. 4 November 1981)
 Hugh Richard Louis Grosvenor, Earl Grosvenor (b. 29 January 1991), the Duke’s heir apparent. Today acting in the Dukes place. 
 Lady Viola Georgina Grosvenor (b. 12 October 1992).

Saint-Ouen flea market
Grosvenor’s company, Grosvenor Continental Europe, bought the up-market Serpette and Paul-Bert sections of the 120-year-old Saint-Ouen market, just north of the 18th arrondissement in Paris, in 2005.
Antiques dealers at the Saint-Ouen flea market, which attracts millions of visitors every year, launched an Asterix-style protest in October, 2007 at his attempts to impose “exorbitant” rent rises. Traders accused the duke of wanting to transform the traditional flea-market into a luxury market like the Louvre des Antiquaires, an expensive antiques arcade in central Paris. The combined rental value of the 420 pitches at the flea market amounts to almost €4 million.[1]

Companion of the Order of the Bath (Military Division) (2008)
 Knight Companion of the Order of the Garter (2003)
 Officer of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) (1995) Military Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem (Knight Grand Cross) and (Grand Prior) of England 
Territorial Decoration (1994)
 Canadian Forces Decoration (Unkn) 
Deputy Lieutenant (Cheshire) (1982)
 Knight of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John in Jerusalem (1991)
Honorary military appointments
 Honorary Colonel The Queen’s Own Yeomanry
 Honorary Colonel 7th Regt. Army Air Corps
Honorary Colonel-in-Chief Royal Westminster Regiment, New Westminster, BC, Canada
Honorary Colonel Yeomanry, Royal Armoured Corps 
Honorary Colonel Northumbria Universities Officer Training Corps.

The Grosvenor Group is a property company which is privately owned by the Duke of Westminster
The group has built on the Grosvenor family’s traditional holdings in London (part of Mayfair and much of Belgravia and parts of Knightsbridge; Pimlico was also developed by the family, but has been sold) and its agricultural estates in Cheshire and Scotland. It is now a major international property investment and development company with interests in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Japan and several European countries. In 2003, nearly 40% of the group’s net rental income was derived from the United States. Grosvenor is lead developer of Liverpool One (Previously called The Paradise Project) in Liverpool which includes 180 shops, 35 bars and restaurants, 700 apartments and three hotels, amongst other things.

Belgravia Estate
Grosvenor Group continues to operate a programme of conservation and restoration of its London Estate. In 2009, Grosvenor Group collaborated with David Linley and Jonathan Myles-Lea to provide furniture by Linley and art by Myles-Lea in the launch of a recently renovated property in Lower Belgrave Street.

Grosvenor Website
Grosvenor Estate

We can see in the Duke the same force destroying and taking control of Lancashire under corporate statute, this should be enough to bring a question as to the validity of the companies answerable to him and the manner they operate, especially so given we find the Duke to have quite a big influence within the Territorial Army, a matter to be taken seriously given the cuts being implemented by the coalition government within the armed forces, a situation that will create a heavier load onto the territorial divisions. The thought of having such men as the Duke in full control of the Territorial’s is a very frightening prospect indeed, because the territory he will have them protect will be the territories under the control of the corporate stakeholders.

As Major General Gerald Grosvenor, was 1 of about 2 dozen major-gens in charge of Army (was particularly in charge of Territorial Army cadets and recruits) he is now a Major Colonel well up in forces.

The third richest person residing in UK, and of course the main player in the Paradise Project in Liverpool, better known as Liverpool 1. Owner of the land [along with most of Mayfair and Belgravia]  where the current American Embassy positioned, but are apparently due to move out as lease expires soon-where to I wonder? Try this

The Duke is the Deputy Lieutenant of Cheshire.
William Bromley Davenport JP of Capesthorne Hall, Macclesfield is the actual Lieutenant for Cheshire, with his Vice Lieutenant being, Viscount Ashbrook JP.

Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor was made a Knight of the Garter in 2003, other KG’s in recent times are P.M.’s John Major and Margaret Thatcher.

The 6th Duke of Westminster’s son was born in 1991, so when he becomes 21 in 2012 he will be able to take his place in the House of Lords, as he already is an Earl in his own right, gained from his fathers existing position.
Grosvenor in Canada :

LIES, THREATS, AND GOVERNMENT COVER-UP – UK and Canada are Dangerous Places for the Victims of a Billionaire Bully
Roderick Russell 30 Apr 2008
201, 104 – 24th Avenue SW, Calgary AB T2S 0J8 Canada
077. A – Cabinet Minister Blears Letters That Prove a Cover-up Conspiracy
078. B – Letter From Managing Director of the Guardian
079. C – A Few Examples of Threats

This is a true story about a human rights abuse. An executive left Grosvenor International – a powerhouse in financial and royal circles, with a closeness to intelligence; MI5 / MI6 and CIA. He was blacklisted and defamed. He complained. 8 years of threats and intimidation followed. He went to the police. The investigation was stopped. Intelligence involved. A Cabinet Minister orchestrated a cover-up. Closet fascism where intelligence services can override rule of law, civil liberties and democracy.
Shots fired, death threat calls, cars driven at him, property smashed, he is under surveillance, and he can’t find work as people are scared to hire him. His wife’s health permanently damaged; hardly surprising since she and her children have been threatened for 8 years.

In an article published on 10 Oct 2004 in the prestigious Sunday Times headlined “Lies, Threats and Whistleblowers” journalist Liam Clarke reports how honest UK police officers were persecuted by UK intelligence using Zerzetzen tactics to keep them quiet. He says “they are supposed to be protecting, but the government persecutes them”.

Zerzetzen tactics were developed by “The Stasi” (former East German Secret Police) to silence dissidents. Their purpose is to “undermine, subvert and corrode” their victim. The UKs MI5 / MI6 are using Zerzetzen threats against this executive and his family in the UK and Canada today.
Sample of 8 out of 90 letters / documents from Gov. to prove cover up-pdf files — 1.4M

This is a true story about an abuse of power. It is about the persecution of a decent man and his family. This story started with the defamation of one man. It moved on to death threats and intimidation; and progressed by stages to the point where powerful business people corrupted government into ignoring the concept of Rule of Law. Intelligence Services are criminally involved. A Human Rights Issue. It is about powerful interests bullying the little guy.

* An executive left the worldwide Head Office (then located in Vancouver, Canada – now in London, UK) of a large international property company – The Duke of Westminster’s, Grosvenor International. The Directors, Trustees are a “whose who” of London financial and aristocratic circles. Indeed high establishment, with several of them close to Prince Charles. The executive worked for Grosvenor International as Group Controller and had done an excellent job. He was asked to reconsider his decision to leave. He was given a fine written reference from Grosvenor.
* He also had an excellent career track record before joining Grosvenor. As written references show, he had headed up financial reporting and corporate accounting for one of Canada’s top 10 multinationals, and had a history of achievement and promotion in various positions since qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with what is now a Big 4 firm.
* After the executive left Grosvenor International, he was defamed with lies behind his back and effectively blacklisted. The effect on his career was devastating; the financial damage immense. The lies rendered him unemployable in Canada (he eventually went to the UK to try and resurrect his career).
* The year before this executive left, another ex-executive had been blacklisted – He was told that a former Chairman commissioned a professional campaign to blacklist this other ex-executive. Years later a third executive left and derogatory rumours circulated about him too.
* UK foreign intelligence MI6 IOPS has a track record of running character assassination/slander programs for its friends (as reported in UK press).

085. Duke of West Minster, Grosvenor International : Report
084. Grosvenor International; Duke of Westminster. Death threats, corruption.
We are better informed as to the real attitude and the kind of tactics employed by this man, we have a much fuller picture of what it is, and who it is, that is changing everything in Lancashire, and by any sound definition of fair play, what the Duke and his affiliates offer to the country, with force, is not what it means to be of the British Isles.
[1] Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) election is not a Constitutional election, do not vote on the corporate scheme
[2] Architects of Deception
[3] Hutton 2008 was 1
[4] Anonymous 1911, p. 724. Was 6
[5] Forest of Bowland official website. Retrieved 13 June 2010. Was 7
[6] AJ Brady. Formation of the Regiment 1650-1661 was 8
[7] Museum of the Albermarle”. Retrieved 19 April 2011. Wss 9
[8] Gilbert Burnet (1643–1715) in his The history of my own times commented unflatteringly of Monck:
At the king’s first coming over, Monck and Montague were the most considered; they both had the Garter. The one was made duke of Albemarle, and the other earl of Sandwich, and had noble estates given them. Monck was ravenous, as well as his wife, who was a mean, contemptible creature. They both asked, and sold all that was within their reach, nothing being denied them for some time, till he became so useless, that little personal regard could be paid him. But the king maintained still the appearances of it; for the appearance of the service he did him was such, that the king thought it fit to treat him with great distinction, even after he saw into him, and despised him.
—Gilbert Burnet.[10]
The editor of the 1850 edition of Bishop Burnet’s history of his own time adds a footnote to Burnet’s comment:
If the duke of Albemarle’s character is estimated from a view of his talents and courage as a commander, either of land or sea forces, he must rank very high in the scale of merit; but if we consider his worth as a statesman or as a private individual, he sinks decidedly to mediocrity. He was at first attached to the royalist cause; then he united with Cromwell whilst in the ascendant ; and, finally, when the popular feeling again vacillated to the Stuarts, he was judiciously active in securing the Restoration. It is possible that throughout he was a royalist—in that case he was base and perjured, for he took the covenant; but the most probable conclusion to be drawn from the facts of his life is, that he was willing to be any thing by profession that would best serve his interests. If the characters of him, given by his friends, as well as by his enemies, be compared, they amount to this outline, that he was courageous, cunning, and selfish. He died in 1670.
Anne, his wife, had been his mistress. Aubrey says, that when Monck was confined in the Tower, his sempstress, Nan Clarges, a blacksmith’s daughter, was kind to him in a double capacity. It must be remembered that he was then in want, and that he was indebted to her for substance. She became pregnant by him, though it is certain that he could not be fascinated either by her beauty or cleanliness. She never could lose the manners of her early life; but when of the highest dignity in the peerage gаvе way to the most violent bursts of rage, and when under their influence poured forth a most eloquent torrent of curse-sprinkled abuse. Her husband was unquestionably afraid of her; she was always a royalist, and as he had a high opinion of her mental qualifications, she probably influenced him considerably in the course he adopted. If this is doubtful, it is not at all so that she aided with the utmost care and natural rapacity in obtaining all the rewards she could for his services. — Skinner’s Life of the Duke of Albemarle — Sir P. Warwick’s Memoirs, 408, &c. — Continuation of Clarendon’s Life, ii. 25.
—Burnet’s editor’s comment.[10]  Source

[9] In Profile : The Lord Bowland
[10] Sir Peter Blaker KCMG MP


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