Obama legitimised through deception

Obama legitimised through deception


14 June 2020

If you require the basis for the perceived illegitimacy of the presidency of the Prince Hall Freemason Barack Obama, you need to grasp the play on the laws of constitution from which the priests of Sion gave themselves the protection of the real law while serving the people a lesser system of law.

Changing law to form a two tier system has been the method of subversion by the priesthood of supremacy from the day the spoken word became the written word.

In 1795, Congress changed the 1790 naturalisation law, including wording which had previously said that a person born outside of the U.S. could be considered a “natural born Citizen” the change came in stating that such an individual would be only “a citizen.”

Obama legitimised through deception

In the same way the priesthood took upon itself the protections of the laws of the British Isles while issuing code for the population, they protect their subversion and occupation from the people the original laws were formed to protect.

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