Freemasonry is deception, the blue and red cross

Freemasonry is deception, the blue and red cross






13 May 2019

Masonry explained

York Rite

The York Rite controls the Blue Cross apportioned to Scotland, it controls the monarchs, they are the rule keepers as set out by the line of Cain. The rules and laws they uphold are what Christ called the Laws of Man and the Torah describes as the Synagogue of Satan.

Blue represents space, the square, that which is stable and can be measured by a rule, they control the space in which you are allowed to exist through the laws of commerce, and through the media, they present disinformation as a weapon of warfare, as rulers and they decide the value of things, including the value of you under Legal Title, they maintain the status quo of incorporated nations and weights and measure.

The law they form and enforce determines the wealth they can achieve from commerce, they represent the blue bloods, the Police, military, the blue degrees, all within the outer portico of the Temple, the blue cross represents the war they carry out against the earth and her inhabitants. Blue in the Egyptian is symbolic of the House of War.

Scottish Rite

The rules of the dreamtime available to you within the Masonic platform are governed by the Scottish Rite, they represent the Red Cross of the Knights Templar, Time Pillars – Red represents time, the compass or what has and will come to pass, representing the flow of time, the circles roll as time flows, the flow of blood, they present the creed through the media, corporate schools, alchemy, drugs, vaccines chemtrails keepers of the occult knowledge they use against you, they control the non Catholic churches, (Though today under Vatican II it would appear they control all), they control medical transportation, the flow of blood, science, all things on the clock, donation, inner sanctum, high initiates master mason, magnum opus all combined as the great work.

The All seeing eye, is-DMT symbolised in the acacia and mimosa trees each hold extractable DMT (dreamtime) the head will reach the sky like the gael tower, no king can ever defeat it (Humpty Dumpty) the one eye that is the pineal gland. The Peacock. The Tibetan singing bowls begin the DMT experience.
The Thistle looks like a Mimosa hence the reason the Scottish Rite use it as their symbol.
Ordo Ab Chao, the profane interpretation is given as order out of chaos, the inner sanctum interpretation is as follows : 

Freemasonry is deception, the blue and red cross




The left hand path operates through the false text of Lucifer through which they aim to subvert god by becoming God. This is when sodomy becomes the main bond between the brethren as they seek out higher dimensions they covet to rule. Crawley explains that to sodomise children is the purest form of this rite.

12 tribes = constellations imprint at conception of the child, Israel Isis-Ra-El.
The ringing cedars trees actually resonate sound and is symbolised in the epics The Lord of The Rings. All the HBO/Netflix sagas are programming you to accept the King of Jerusalem.
These are the paths of horse shit for the retarded to follow.

You can recognise the use of Cabbala and the inversion of the red/blue cross, blue afforded to Scotland, the home of the bloodlines which is really the York Rite that is claimed to be England, and in London’s Templar (Holy See) city of London they present themselves as the Red Cross which is in fact the Scottish Rite.

We are ruled from Scotland folks, it has been so since the 1066 invasion

The colour white represents the Phaoronic aristocracy.

The black and white chequer board was originally red and white denoting lower and upper Egypt.

Rite is a term derived from the right of the Templars to their own liberty and fraternity within a nation.

Not until you reach the 7th Degree of Masonry are you aware of what Freemasonry actually serves.

Freemasons at the 21st Degree are those chosen and trained to be the Noahide Judges within Christendom. Those who interpret those Laws are the judges of Man. 


Freemasonry is deception, the blue and red cross







Freemasonry is deception, the blue and red cross







Has it Always Been Thus
The word freemason can be dated back to the early twelfth century.
Until the early eighteenth century, a freemason was defined as a skilled and non-indentured stonemason, as seen in the London Company of Masons and Guilds. However, common usage of the term within England was extended in the seventeenth century to include non-working or honorary members of a masonic guild or lodge.[1] Keep in mind we are speaking of the times post Cromwell and Civil War from which a King fighting against enclosure would lose his head, allowing for the encroachment of the Legal system we witness today, as it becomes the only Law to which you surrender, over the existing law of the land derived from Biblical law. By the mid-eighteenth century, it’s meaning had altered and the word referred principally to non-working Free and Accepted Masons, later known as speculative freemasons, whose use of masonic tools was allegorical.

Prior to this time, speculative freemasonry meant the theoretical, geometrical or mathematical aspects of operative masonry, and did not have any necessarily spiritual or allegorical connotations.
With the introduction of the Hanoverian’s the term Freemasonry would be hijacked by the aristocratic class to support the House of Hanover as they settled in Adelphi House and to give especial support to their creed of scientism of the Royal Society. Some of the social networks in which Freemasonry would expand its influence within the learned and professional societies, came through the Spalding Society, the Society of Antiquarians, Royal College of Physicians and the Society of Apothecaries.

Theophilus Desaguliers fellow of the Royal Society and educated in the Newtonian cult of science, along with an elect group of associates such as, Charles Lennox, George Payne, Charles Delafaye, William Cowper, Nathaniel Blackerby among others, are claimed to be the core movers of the new aristocratic Freemasonry and those responsible in getting the Grand Lodge to the top of all lodges and thus in control. Yet contrary to popular historical belief the original ethos of this new creed would last no longer than around 20 years. In the latter years of the 1740s, a major schism in English Freemasonry occurred which led to the founding of the rival Ancient Grand Lodge of England in 1751. The division persisted until 1813, when the original Grand Lodge of England, which had pejoratively been termed the Moderns, merged with the newer and rival Ancients to form the present United Grand Lodge of England. In Scotland the same process was overseen by William Schaw which moved to have Freemasonry become the apparatus of the State, in secret of course….

From the 1720s Freemasonry received a huge press coverage and moved itself into society through demonstrations and lectures. Freemasonry expanded its attraction as a forum for entertainment and education, as well as commercial and personal advancement. Such was its portfolio Freemasonry was ready to take an active role as a political vehicle within Europe.

Today the State has overrun the nation and incorporated itself with private interests, is it any wonder we see Freemasonry all over everything that is destructive to sovereignty?

[1] Charles IIs State Papers contain a previously unidentified reference to Freemasonry :
April 4, 1682
Secretary Jenkins to Mr. Chetwynd. I did not think M. Palmer’s business to be ripe enough to trouble you, but intended to have recourse to you, when a just occasion should present itself, but now there is an incident in that affair of Mr.P.’s that I must acquaint with.
Last night Mr. Leveson Gower came and desired me to help him to make a full vindication of himself against a calumny that made him a partaker, as he said, in the society of Freemasons. I never heard he was one of them, only Mr. P. intimated that he had many arms in his house. Mr. L. G. hereon charged Mr. P. of having accused him of being of this fraternity and that he had told a friend of his Mr. L. G. that he had given me advertisement of his so being. I told Mr. L. G. that I had notice by several letters of that brotherhood in Staffordshire but that
I had not heard he was one, and this I said e tul, for M. P.’s accusation was that he had arms in his house.
Secretary Jenkins to Mr. Palmer. Mr. Leveson Gower desires to have the liberty of the law against you for accusing him as having part in the fraternity of Freemasons. He came to me last night with that complaint and desire, but I, not remembering anything of his being a Freemason in the notices given me, answered that no such charge was come to me and that, if any came, I would take his majesties pleasure in it, wherewith he went away seemingly satisfied.
I did not mention the charge of having arms in his house, it being his Lord Lieutenant’s business to look after that, nor did he complain of any other charge. I desire you therefore to take your measures with Mr. Chetwynd, to whom I have written.
Mr Leveson Gower was William Leveson-Gower, Bt. (c. 1647-1691) , MP for Newcastle-under-
Secretary Jenkins was the lawyer, diplomat and administrator, Sir Leoline Jenkins (1625 –1685). Jenkins was Secretary of State at the Northern Department (April 1680–February 1681) until his transfer to the Southern Department, where he served from February 1681 until his resignation in April 1684.

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