Second Lockdown News, Lock Step 2

Second Lockdown News, Lock Step 2

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UK Legislation

Demanding reason for mask exemption is discrimination. Equality Act 2010

Arrest Rules.
The Governments Statutory Instruments under the Public Health Act are not Offences.

Section 3 of the Criminal Law Act 1967 provides all citizens with the provision to use reasonable force when servicing the law.

Police Act 1996 – In the case of a Police Officer acting contrary to the lawful execution of his/her duty, there are Legal protections for you to resist arrest

Section 24a of PACE Act 1984 – unreasonable violence by Police brings up the prospect of citizen’s arrest powers where it states, a person can legally arrest anyone who is in the act of an indictable offence or whom the person has reasonable grounds to suspect is committing an indictable offence.
For example : GBH wounding – causing blood to flow where a police officer has wounded a member of the public and a person of reasonable firmness would find fearful, is just cause for a citizens arrest. You must believe that at the time of the arrest it is not practicable for a Police Officer to perform the arrest.

Thus if a Police Officer is committing an indictable offence, as in making an unlawful arrest, you have the power as a citizen servicing the law, you have the power of arrest and thereby compelling other Police Officers to act with you.

Section 25 of the PACE Act 1984 provides for a scenario where a Constable has reasonable grounds for suspecting that any offence which is not an arrest able offence has been committed or attempted, or is being committed or attempted, he/she may arrest that Person, if it appears to him/her that the service of a summons is impractical or inappropriate and one or more of the arrest conditions have been satisfied.

The keywords here are Off-fence legalese, Offence.

The Governments Statutory Instruments under the Public Health Act are not Offences. They are thus not enforceable under any form of law, be that contract or common laws.

25 October 2020 – Post pandemic Workforce :

Covid 19 Pandemic is completely false. Here are 100 Bullet Points proving that as fact –
Video :

Elderly being murdered in UK care homes by the District Nurses –

Why Are We In Lockdown – As Of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 Is No Longer Considered To Be A High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID) In The UK –

St Georges Day Action – Notice Of Liability To The Head Of State, All Crown Agents And Officers –

Mandatory Vaccinations –

Think Epstein – Think Ark, And See The Blackmail Network For The Fake Pandemic :

Second Lockdown News, Lock Step 2







The Plan : 2020 has been broken into four quarters.
Lock Step
First quarter, to launch the coronavirus, have you terrified then deceive you into sacking yourself from your job, especially the existing contract with a signature to the furlough in order your new contract can include subservience to lockdown, masks, social distancing and tests while introducing the safe vaccine… Issued direct to your subconscious through mantra by the tv, media and corporate enterprise. Begin to undermine the United Nations by offering it up as the sacrificial lamb in order the ordained system can begin to be placed in the minds of the population that a new world governing body is required and it will be housed in Jerusalem. Install the military on the ground and secure supply lines because they are not going anywhere.
Second quarter, to roll out the testing enforced in the use of the term, immunity passport, this is how they will furnish the corporate data banks with your DNA and any other procedure that create data about your health so they can map your destiny through the supercomputers later in the scam. Schools will prepare to ready your children for  the non parental consented vaccination of your children in the fourth quarter. Expand the military presence on the ground.
Third quarter, is called the transition to greatness, and includes the release of all forms of conditioning to have the populations consent to take the vaccine based entirely in pseudo-science and fear issued forth from all government and corporate anus’s. Keep repeating no choice, mandatory and essential, and to include all other methods that deplete the resistance of the populations through instigating police brutality to be screened over all forms of media to terrify the mind into compliance. At the end of the third quarter they will all meet to hold a global vaccine conference which will include the re-sheduled G7 meeting. This meeting is to include all the most powerful Rabbis from Chabad and other groups from which the decision will be made to use all force they can muster to have you take the vaccine.
Fourth quarter, roll out the vaccine and dependant on how awakened the populations have become in the first three quarters will determine how well their apostasy plan is realised.

Effects of non ionising electromagnetic radiation from research carried out in Soviet Russia during the 1960s and 70s show effects to the vascular system and the blood :

The Reset

Smoke and Mirrors


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British Isles

16 November 2020  –

Remedy From the Private, Certificate of Participation

22 September 2020 – the death stats –

Second Lockdown News, Lock Step 2

31 July 2020 – UK Lockdown easing postponed across England –

31 July 2020 – Second Lockdown –  Greater Manchester and East Lancashire get new lockdown rules on house visits with masks now mandatory in all buildings –

28 July 2020 –  second lockdown for Oldham – on the streets of Oldham there is fear, confusion and anger as the Coronavirus restrictions return :

25 July 2020 – proposals from the Law Commission via Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) is recommendmallteaser_Image_Story&utm_campaign=daily_newslettering Boris Johnson’s government brings forward its proposed Espionage Act. This could see journalist’s and whistleblowers facing up to 14 years in prison :

24 July 2020 – Pendle Council offers testing to all to stop Covid-19 spread –

24 July 2020 – UK Gov wants mask on in shops – not really working out…

10 July 2020 – Blackburn and Darwen second lockdown pubs cannot open -Blackburn with Darwen’s rate of new cases in the seven days to July 6 was 33.6 per 100,000 people, compared to 23.5 for the previous seven days, while Pendle’s figures are 25.2 and 17.5 respectively.—will-work/?ref=eb

14 July 2020 – Blackburn Lockdown rules from today and for the next month –
18 July 2020 – Blackburn businesses fear for future as town battles coronavirus spike –

28 June 2020 – Leicester issued command for second lockdown, first British city to go into a local lockdown after a spike in coronavirus cases there in June, Home Secretary Priti Patel has confirmed – but the local mayor said the plans had taken him ‘by surprise’.

17 July 2020 – Leicester mayor hits out at lockdown measures being enforced on ‘party political’ lines –

10 July 2020 – Anonymous NHS Whistleblower Confirms Inflated COVID Statistics

4 July 2020 – England ceases lockdown 1, but ensures local and private business cannot function to capacity.



19 September 2020- – Australians Chant “Freedom!” as Market is Shut Down by COVID Riot Cops :

6 September 2020 – Uproot The Law, Off With Your Knickers And You Cannot See Grandma Without A Vaccination –  Things get stupid in South Australia :

20 August 2020 – Medical Fascism : Australia Plans to Make Covid-19 Vaccine ‘as Mandatory as Possible’ Once Proven Safe :

Full Lockdown Rules –

5 August 2020 – Melbourne goes full on fascist –

8 July 2020 – Forced testing in Victoria, no release until they take the test :

4 July 2020 – Victoria institutes ‘hard lockdown’ on nine public housing towers :

Sniffer dogs to seek out Covid in those unaware they have it – video


24 July 2020 –Canada Approves “Glory Holes” For Safe Sex During Pandemic –


United States of America

21 August 2020 – Doctor speaks out –

1 July 2020 – A UK-funded contractor is providing intelligence support to Trump’s protester-attacking paramilitaries :

Demented drug takers see invisible enemies after a session of COD 4, Alarming footage is going viral on social media of heavily armed Black Panthers holding military style guns, ammunition, and other weapons marching the roads in Seattle and Stone Mountain.

9 July 2020 – Trump the Vaccinator – “Operation Warp Speed” unveiled in May of this year to produce and deploy a COVID-19 vaccine in the U.S. is shaping up to be yet another scheme to funnel millions of dollars into a singularly corrupt pharmaceutical entity

The task force’s latest and largest grant was awarded to Maryland-based Novavax, Inc. to cover late-stage testing and manufacturing of their COVID-19 vaccine candidate. Only the sixth company to receive federal funds from Trump’s program, the $1.6 billion infusion is intended to result in the production of 100 million doses by the start of 2021, according to Novavax CEO, Stanley Erck.

The other companies favoured by Operation Warp Speed include AstraZeneca, which received $1.2 billion last May to develop its AZD1222 vaccine; ModernaTX, Inc. who was awarded nearly $550 million; Merck and IAVI with the relatively paltry sum of $38 million; Sanofi’s Protein Sciences got a little over $30 million and finally, Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary, Janssen Research & Development, LLC obtained $456 million back in February for its Ad26-based vaccine technology platform, which will ostensibly “maximise the probability of a successful vaccine and rapid deployment within the US and globally.”



Second Lockdown News, Lock Step 2







20 August 2020 – Deutschland Extra Parliamentary Inquiry Committee Finally Gets It –


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