Wall’s, Unilever, Epstein, Ark and the blackmailing for Covid support

Wall's, Unilever, Epstein, Ark and the blackmailing for Covid support










26 July 2020

Wall’s was founded in 1786 by Richard Wall, when he opened a butcher’s stall in St James’s Market, London. In the 1900s the business was led by Richard’s grandson Thomas Wall II. Every year the company had to lay off staff in the summer as demand for its sausages, pies and meat fell, so in 1913 Thomas Wall II conceived the idea of making ice cream in the summer to avoid those lay-offs; the First World War meant that his idea was not implemented until 1922. Following his retirement in 1920, Thomas Wall II created his Trust for the “encouragement and assistance of educational work and social service”. Today, the Trust continues to assist in these areas by providing grants to individuals and organisations : http://www.thomaswalltrust.org.uk/sites/default/files/The-origins-of-the-trust-V2.doc/

By 1922 the business had been jointly bought by Lever Brothers and Margarine Unie. Maxwell Holt was put in charge and he revived the idea of producing ice cream, with near instant success. Ice cream production commenced in 1922 at a factory in Acton, London. In 1959, Wall’s doubled capacity by opening a purpose built ice cream factory in Gloucester, England : http://www.blackcountrybugle.co.uk/chimes-driving-Walls-Ice-Cream-the50s/story-20146777-detail/story.html/

Wall’s is a frozen dessert brand owned by the Anglo-Dutch food and personal care conglomerate Unilever. Wall’s is now part of the Heartbrand global frozen dessert subsidiary of Unilever, used in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Europe, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mauritius, New Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. Unilever also uses a merged brand called Kwality Wall’s in South Asia.

Now for the interesting part of the tale :

Wall's, Unilever, Epstein, Ark and the blackmailing for Covid support

Above is the chronology of logo’s used by Unilever for the ice cream products sold across the globe, below  offers insight as to how far the product was sold yet under different names to hide the size of the company :

Wall's, Unilever, Epstein, Ark and the blackmailing for Covid support


The first of the above two images shows the shift of logo to the double heart symbolism which took place from 1998, removing the yellow background in 2003. According to the FBI that very symbol is a code used by paedophile networks and is the GirlLover logo (GLogo) which is a small heart surrounded by a larger heart, and symbolises a relationship between an adult male or female and minor girl :



Below you can see a tagline used by Walls and assorted frozen deserts which appears to be an innocent humorous ditty, but as with all things corporate there is always a hidden meaning to everything they do.

Wall's, Unilever, Epstein, Ark and the blackmailing for Covid support


Legal Definition of Chill : to discourage especially through fear of penalty : have a chilling effect on statutes which may chill the exercise of…free expression — M. H. Redish
Chill | Definition of Chill by Merriam-Webster

Royal hat-maker Philip Treacy joins ‘visor army’ in coronavirus fight

Wall's, Unilever, Epstein, Ark and the blackmailing for Covid support

The above image comes from a media report that was thrust around the globe from 11 April 2020 as it was celebrated that a Royal hat maker was to join in the fight against Corona virus, he is to make another product the talking heads are to make mandatory and thus a lot of cash from the sale of to you the hapless public : https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/uk-news/2020/04/11/royal-hat-maker-philip-treacy-joins-visor-army-in-coronavirus-fight//

Wall's, Unilever, Epstein, Ark and the blackmailing for Covid support

Treacy is to be found inside the little black book of Jeffrey Epstein as seen above top left in the above image. 

If I may take your attention to the second image above, the one with Philip on the street in London we find  to his right and your left Mr MI6 with Police Officers in his background. To Philips left and your right we find an ice cream van with the walls logo blazing through the sinister face in red jumper and two females, one of which is taking note.

The fact this image and story was thrust around the globe as yet another piece in the fantasy pandemic jigsaw, are we in fact seeing a sinister image from which Philip Treacy has a constant reminder of his role under blackmail procured by Jeffrey Epstein? You will join the Covid horror movie or  something very nasty will jump out of the shadows…?

Something terrible has a hold on our establishment and is very busy dirtying our entire culture through blackmail. Only a full amnesty will suffice if we wish to take back our nation, they must of course give up their blackmailers…

A dessert worth some savouring indeed…

It’s a jolly parade :
Shown over a decade ago, then-creative director Marc Jacobs sent models like Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova and Natalia Vodianova down the runway wearing instantly-recognisable surgical masks (black lace with LV monogram embroidery, no less), which stood out unintentionally against the ice-white nurse’s garbs.

Comments of note :
‘the irony is not lost on us’
‘Even a handful of memes have been thrown around, one of which re-appropriates the mask into 2006’s ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ – the base point for hundreds of fashion references.’

Prada to supply over 100,000 medical masks
Prada has announced that it will be producing 80,000 medical overalls and 110,000 masks in its factory in Montone in Umbria. These will be allocated to healthcare personnel in Tuscany, following a request from the Italian region’s government.

The company is making loose-fitting cloth masks that cover the nose and mouth, offering one-way protection to capture bodily fluid leaving the wearer. Although these masks can’t provide full coverage against coronavirus they can stop coughs and remind the wearer not to touch their face.

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