Uproot the law, off with your knickers and you cannot see grandma without a vaccination

Uproot the law, off with your knickers and you cannot see grandma without a vaccination











6 September 2020

Considering the fact, aspects of the overall plan are tested in separate countries so as not to awaken the masses, then what follows is set to be implemented across the globe under the auspices of a completely faked up pandemic.

In Western Australia, laws have been introduced that legitimise the involvement of police officers in taking off the underwear of individuals who are being detained for the purpose of vaccination, treatment and medical examination and now in South Australia a proposal has been put to remove children compulsorily from their parents to place them in quarantine facilities. These actions are not only repulsive in our democracy but are simply not endorsed by the Biosecurity Act 2015. They also make a mockery of human rights when refer to safeguards of decency and sensitivity.

On 22 July 2020, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, Dr Brett Sutton, removed the restriction on persons entering, or remaining on, the premises of a care facility where the person could not demonstrate that they have an up to date vaccination against influenza, if such a vaccination is available to the person. Accordingly, employees who had not been vaccinated against influenza and who were required to work in other areas, or take leave, were allowed to return to duty in care facilities and visitors were allowed to see their family member in the Residential Aged Care Facility.
The influenza vaccination was recommended but not required.

DHHS, later confirmed the position of the Chief Health Officer, Dr Sutton, stating that the reason for the removal was there are minimal people who are impacted with the flu this year.
Unfortunately for our clients this has created a most vexing and troubling situation in Victoria during the State of Disaster, as many Residential Aged Care Facilities have stopped altogether their access to their loved ones and denied them access purporting that the decision made by Dr Brett Sutton was made in error.

Dr Sutton clearly did not make an error, as quoted in the Herald Sun and in communications to residential care facilities. Plus the Care Facilities Directives have remained consistent with his decision to remove the influenza vaccine mandate.

Put in simple terms, the swipe cards used to enter and exit buildings is the means for those in control of such buildings to determine who gets in and who does not. And as the above information presents, they can and will do as they please in spite of all government statutes to the contrary.

If you cannot get into the care homes, how can you be certain your relatives chose to be liquidated? :

Ten times more people than expected have chosen to end their lives under Victoria’s landmark voluntary assisted dying legislation in the first year.

State government-sanctioned lethal medication was used to end the lives of 124 terminally ill Victorians in the 12 months since the state’s landmark euthanasia laws came into effect in June last year, far surpassing initial estimates of just 12 people in the first year.

Now consider the schools with all your little fleabags inside :

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