What is happening to my town and who is responsible?

What is happening to my town and who is responsible?
1976 Accrington, G. Dawson








You cast your vote for people you know, to take up a seat on the council to represent your views on how the town can be best served and you consider such an action a duty incumbent on all in the upkeep of the nation.

No sooner has the candidate shifted into the office they canvassed for, that we see a new and completely unsolicited agenda rear its ugly head, and, the one in which you placed your trust to represent your will, turns tail and begins to speak in a foreign language called politics, which you soon discover is not the language of your town or indeed nation. They take up office and then take an oath to a fiction, they then do as they are told which is to Act in a manner that convinces you the public, that all is well and they do indeed represent you. They are now paid up actors in the lie…

What is happening in this mechanic is the fact, while the system presents itself as the expected representative affair, it is in fact a complete con and deception because what they have failed to communicate to those of you that give the vote, is the fact, your council, the police, the judiciary and civil system in general, has incorporated and taken up the protection of charitable status (unaccountable to the public) and is now subject only to the will of the Stakeholders.

This is the platform of incorporation.

Fact. The Public of Hyndburn pay £43 million pound notes per annum in Council Tax alone. As the biggest stakeholders, how dare the council then charge Business Rates against the public if they so choose to trade, exchange and barter in the town centre? The Council is thus liable for placing a Burden upon the Public, for Trespass, and for Limiting the Capacity of the Public to trade, exchange and barter in the town centre. Of course Council Liability translates into the Public as Liable. Clever these corporations, here is how they do it…

Every town, city and borough has a secret committee which then calls itself a community, headed by an equally secretive group of people that calls itself; the Stakeholder Community. This community is as far a reach from the public as any legal instrument could possibly be save for the fact, it controls the secret world of commerce and incorporation which now controls the entire domestic system of the nation. In fact, it is fair to say, these committees dictate all terms over the captured, through incorporation, your council, and forces what you believe to be a representative body, your council, into a legal instrument of piracy, in Britain this would be a Legal Instrument of the Holy See, what we all know as the Templar Inner City of London, and in the United States, it operates through Washington District of Columbia. Each are sovereign states on the land of a nation.

The Stakeholder Committee is made up of the entities with a stake in your town as a corporation, not as you falsely believe to be the case, a body formed to ensure your will counts by offering up your claim to the land into the hands of another (a Councillor) whom you believe also operates in the same jurisdiction, that of land law. The fact of the matter is… once incorporated, the entire affair shifts out of the law of the land which in the West is the canon law, and into the jurisdiction of piracy which is Admiralty and Maritime Law controlled not by the Vatican, but by the Jewish Holy See.

In most towns and cities the largest employers tend to be the supermarkets, Asda and Tesco as example, and so it stands to all reason that supermarket corporations sit on the Stakeholder Committee, and they do. Without too much thought in this regard, we can then understand that as our towns die, the supermarkets prosper, while ensuring that for the general public, the only food to be purchased is the processed and poisoned offerings they stack upon the shelves in hideous packaging, packaging they then blame you for producing and lay siege against your wallet…, and not forgetting much of that strange food is imported.

The knock on effect of this diatribe is that through subsidies, the secret society affiliated farmers are paid not to farm on our land.

If I take my own town of Accrington as example, what we have is a position whereby the council is hiking business rates to ensure no shop can exist in profit, they are stifling trade to ensure only supermarket commerce can exist. A second move carried out by the council working in sync with the command of Commerce, is to claim grants from the government High Street Fund which has the sole intent of turning empty shops into houses. Take stock of that sentence for a while…I will pick this up again at the end of this report.

However, as we have recently witnessed with the Arndale Centre, the huge business rates are not payable by new and foreign traders encouraged into the town which has left a shortfall of £260.000 in monies owed to the council which of course given councils and government act only with your tax money, means monies owed to the public.

In essence, it is the aim of the Incorporated and Rothschild controlled Crown to destroy town centres across the nation by shifting shops into homes ensuring the only outlets for food and goods are the outlets they control. The same agenda is playing out with pubs, both agendas moving to destroy our towns and villages to uphold another corporate agenda, that known as multiculturalism.

The police, no longer being Constabularies outside the claim to the name only, are also corporations and as such, they, like the council, take their orders from the Stakeholder Committee. In Lancashire the police operate from a fund called the Blues and Twos Credit Union Ltd which also owns the entire asset base of Lancashire County Council. This of course is a claim in the jurisdiction of Legal, as such it is beneath the jurisdiction of the land and thus a false claim which we must remove by destroying the Land Registry which is nothing other than a Legal Instrument of the Holy See.

To achieve this, an understanding of the different jurisdictions in which you operate and how those jurisdictions get authority, is essential in removing the parasitic realm of Commerce or by its correct title, piracy, from the land. The Man called this parasite Caesar.

In Accrington the overseeing Crown agent shows itself in Barnfield Construction Ltd which has gained control through the only entity offering credit and thus by definition, the securing of the debt that is born of credit. The two main protagonist’s in the Council in the enforcement of this agenda are Conservative leader Anthony Dobson and Labour leader, Miles Parkinson, with a lackey Paul Cox, each Directors of Barnfield Construction. Overseeing this platform is a corporate enterprise called Globe Enterprises, divided into three share allocations with the council holding only one-third share, Barnfield another and another third owned by James Stuart Nevison and Irene Nevison. James Nevison is a front for Prince Charles who runs the Duchy on behalf of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The Legal Instrument, The Land Registry, is the yoke by which Legal claims are made against land and property on behalf of the banks (financiers) in direct contradiction to the land law. In the use of the Birth Certificate and a failure to claim your Live Birth Record at the age of 21 (the key to the door), is the consent you offer up in ignorance of the facts, which is then accepted by the body corporate and your yoke to the piracy platform, Admiralty and Maritime Law overtaking the law of the land.

The Corporate Trap
The way in which the government protects itself from an onslaught of rebellion is due to the use of front organisations. The Heritage is one of the main front organisations that local government uses to entrap land and property unto the Crown. In Lancashire, all monies for what should be the responsibility of local councils as an obligation, are funded through the claiming of grants from the Heritage and corporate Lottery funds. Bare in mind that all monies coming from the government through the Heritage mafia, is your money, yet when it comes back to your town via the Heritage, it comes back with traps, tricks and outright deception in contracts that serve the Heritage which you then fund as they take their fees and costs from your tax, in the case of lottery money being granted, we are speaking of monies coming directly from a private corporation, the lottery mafia then has a Legal claim against our property and land under the rules of contract registered with the Land Registry and administered through the Admiralty and Maritime jurisdictions. The contracts in this mafioso system (Freemasonry) are signed off on your behalf, without any form of consultation, and, authorised under the maxim of your tacit agreement to any and all signatures offered up by a supposed local representative, in most cases the leader of the Council.

In Hyndburn that would be Crown Agent, Miles Parkinson OBE

From a Town Planning Meeting 12 June 2019, which included Miles Parkinson, Tony Dobson, Paul Cox, MP Graham Jones’s wife and local Councillor Eamonn Higgins, we learned that the reason they want to turn shops into housing, is to ensure Accrington and Rossendale College gains University status. The future and additional crime in this mechanic would be as it relates to who would gain a big cash payout, either in the sale of, or rental by students, to all those empty shops they intend to turn into accommodation with grants from the government High Street Fund?

Get your research glasses on… who owns the properties in Accrington town centre?

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