In Profile : British Almanac 1836

In Profile : British Almanac 1836







If you want to get a feel for the Holy See’s corporate exploitations through it’s Legal Instrument, the Inner City of London’s East India Company, this document is for you.

List of East India Company leading lights in 1836.

Six directors go out by rotation ever year :
Chairman : Wm. Stanley Clarke
Deputy : James Rivett Carnae
Patrick Vans Agnew
Henry Alexander
Josias Du Pre Alexander
William Astell
William Butterworth Bayley
Sir Robert Campbell, Bart
Neil Benjamin Edmundstone
Russell Ellis
Richard Jenkins
Hon Hugh Lindsay
James Law Lushington
George Lyall
Campbell Marjoribanks
J. Masterman
John Petty Musprat
John Morris
G . Raikes
John Goldsborough Ravenshaw
John Shepherd
John Thornhill
William Wigram
Sir William Young Bart
Seretary : P Auber



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In Profile : British Almanac 1836







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