In Profile : how and why British Freemasonry changed allowing the mafia monarchy to reign over us

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15 December 2015

In our twenty years plus hard research and experience in hunting down global history through the interconnections of the secret societies, the place in which global power resides, it was clear early on that there is so much intrigue, murder, treason and all things debauchery at the heights of power, as the norm, that nothing but a serious shift in ones own paradigm, specifically in how we approach the subject, would bring answers not already published.

I have always understood the fact, what our civilisation has experienced is a huge deception at the foundation level of the claimants to current royal authority, an authority that ‘legally‘ reigns supreme today. We need to understand how the speculative pyramid has risen to the detriment of all moral civility and basic grass roots communities, we need to understand what is tearing down a society that has been built upon for centuries.

I then found the common law, English Constitution, and English Common Law, not necessarily in that order.

Taken from a much older system of property rights than the system implemented in the 1066 Norman invasion, the common law is Biblical and is the right of Man derived from the Word of God, the Norman infusion would steer England and Scotland to accept without question, the revised and corrupted system based in the canon law, but after the 909 Monastic takeover by the Komnene’s and the secret societies, what came from corporate Rome was another outing of the feudal system, but this time it would include the corruption installed by Byzantine Pope Justinian. Claim of Rights went apeshit amongst the Viking invaders as Jesus became a landowner.

Update 22 October 2022 :

The following is an example of the sort of intrigue one finds in historical accounts of kings and queens, it is set within the last two centuries involving the current German House holding the reigns of power, who by all definitions of English Law, appear to be ruling in a manner which sets itself against the English Constitution and realm as a master plan. A plan that would see the second Elizabeth undo all that the first Elizabeth, financed by the House of Pallavacini, had achieved. By the invention of the legal persona, banks have become owners of the land.

I do not give you law or administer justice :

Greg Hallett from New Zealand is a very interesting and courageous man who has made some accusations against the current claimants to the British Monarchy, ferreting into the bowels of Europe and because of the Commonwealth network, to the far reaches of the world.

When you study the bloodlines that appear to hold power, we can see they are in the main a front that has kept up the charade as though nothing has changed, yet everything has changed. The British Monarchs have been funded by the Florentine Empire from the 14 century up until Oliver Cromwell, who was funded by Jewish interests in the Netherlands. Cromwell would commission his own Masonic Lodge in 1648 after he was entertained with opulence and great magnificence in the first Masonic Lodge in Edinburgh, his Lodge had the sole aim of undermining Charles I, the only man standing in the way of Usury, enclosure and a return of the moneylenders calling themselves Jews. 

Many of the Masonic Grandmasters shifted from Englishmen that upheld the Church of England, to the up coming Israel under the Noahide Laws. It must also be noted that from 1888 until an act of parliament in 2015 stopped it, the Russian and Polish pogroms emptied into Britain and the United States, it is they who despised the realm and wanted Israel. I suggest this is what Lord Kitchener changed in Freemasonry as its highest mandate on behalf of Edward VII. Kitchener perhaps knowing too much was then killed. King Edward VII was surrounded by Jews, even his amours were amongst  Jewesses. Queen Victoria had all her children circumcised by a Jewish Rabbi.

In Profile : how and why British Freemasonry changed allowing the mafia monarchy to reign over us

In Profile : how and why British Freemasonry changed allowing the mafia monarchy to reign over us





Royal Arch Degree of Freemasonry” — quoted from Craig Heimbichner’s book Blood on the Altar, page 83. The Masonic Jewel, Royal Arch, 7th Degree rite in which York Rite Freemasons pledge allegiance to the Jewish nation. The Masonic jewell of this rite is Solomon’s Seal with a sun blazing inside a triangle in the centre.

History Of Freemasonry, Albert Gallatin Mackey, Vol II, The Prussian Knight, 21st Degree :

Prince Charles has also been circumcised.

It is actually much worse than that, because the Church of England over the last 10 years, has been removing the old school Vicars and bringing in Cambridge educated, Africa stationed, for a decade or two, strange people. These people are then sent back home and thrust onto the remaining congregations in Blighty, acting more like some African shaman than anything remotely resembling Christian. Whatever we might think, the entire corporate empire is moving to this direction as I write.

According to those who knew Greg, he disappeared in December 2012 not long after he had explained why the quick changes to the laws of succession had been announced, Greg said such had been a response to the stronger claim to the throne from the line of Queen Victoria’s first child, with Blind King George of Cumberland.[1]

Greg explains that because of the illegitimacy of the House of Windsor, the changes so made to the line of succession, have by default, abdicated the current House from the throne, especially so the younger generation in William and his offspring. Interestingly the video from which this report is taken as reference, has been edited after a few short minutes into the link.

The anomaly of becoming ‘missing for years’, and then, a ‘miraculous reappearance’ is a phenomena we at lifeinthemix publishing have encountered before, with two people in particular, Fritz Springmier and Dr John Coleman, both apparently disappearing and then re-appearing on the Alex Jones show, after many years of silence. A brand new Greg, according to Professor George Lees, has risen from the ashes of the proverbial damage limitation division from within the secret societies, as a new and different Greg Hallett, according to George Lees, is back on the scene, and also according to George, is fronting the old work of the original Greg, and is very busy deconstructing Greg’s published work on his old website.

I have personally communicated with Greg Hallet’s email address and I had no reason to believe the communications did not fit with the character of the Greg I had seen in the videos.

Part I History of the Mafia Monarchy Running the British Empire

The person to reign at the death of Queen Victoria on 22nd January 1901 was King Edward VII. King Edward knew that his eldest and legitimate older half brother Marcus Manuel[2] was still alive, this prompted a delay in his Coronation for some 15 months, finally taking place on 9 August 1902. Edward was the actual monarch from around 1860 as his mother went into hiding becoming a recluse after the death of Albert. Edward can be said to have been the office through which his handlers, the House Rothschild, formed all the atrocities from 1860 until his zenith and the outbreak of WWI.

At this time King Edward VII had the Secretary of War, Lord Kitchener, alter the highest mandate of Freemasonry which was originally a mandate to keep the true monarch on the English throne in order the realm be protected, he changed it to incorporate something other than what was there before, leaving us with a fraternity that represents whatever it upholds today. (Insight)
Lord Kitchener was killed on 5th June 1915, he knew far too much and obviously the elite did not trust him anymore.

In the last decades of the 19th century until his death in 1910, Edward Prince of Wales and then as King Edward VII, was the internationally recognised head of global Freemasonry. He was the architect of World War I. His arts regarding the Luciferian doctrine imported into established Masonry shows itself in 1884 founding of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge that would sponsor self professed Satanist Aleister Crowley and launch Astrology into the new age script. Crowley would launch the revived sex magic doctrines from the East. When you study the largely unintelligible babble that is Crowley one could well be on the right track to suggest Crowley, using the directives of Kabbalah and inversion, created his creed by reversing the format presented in the Book of Mormon which gives us a format that prevents the incursion of the secret societies into your community. This would explain why the masons killed Joseph Smith.

Queen Victoria was known as the grandmother of Europe, her son Edward VII was named the father of Europe.

King Edward VII in his reign from 1901 to 1910, organised the murder of the Portuguese Royal Family, organised the abdication of the succeeding Royal family, organised the murder of his legitimate older brother, and then passed instructions onto his son King George V, who reigned from 1910 to 1936, to assassinate the exiled King of Portugal, King Manuel II of Portugal, this was carried out in Twickenham South London.

This enabled George V to takeover the entire Portuguese colonies in North Africa.

This destroyed the last vestiges or thereabouts, of the Portuguese Royal Family.

We then had from 1936 to 1936, January to December, king Edward VIII who was never crowned, which gave us King George VI from 1936 to 1952.[3] George was crowned but was retarded. King George had a child with the now deceased Queen Mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (mother of Elizabeth II), and that child turned out to be epileptic. king George VI was thus removed from being the siring male, he was replaced by Winston Churchill, himself the illegitimate son of Edward VII. Churchill, according to Hallet, is the father of US President Bill Clinton from an affair with his daughter in law Pamela Digsby Churchill.

In the image below take note of the first clip of Clinton as a child, by far the closest match to the features of Winston Churchill. (Click to enlarge)

In Profile : how and why British Freemasonry changed allowing the mafia monarchy to reign over us

Clinton was born in England in 1946 and through some masonic symbolism we find we have an American President Bill Clinton, who according to Hallet is the grandson of the British monarch King Edward VII, both King Edward VII and Bill Clinton were given the same byline, ‘The Peacemaker’, yet in tune with Cabalistic inversion both these characters created war. So they were propaganda bylines.[4]

King Edward VII was a warlord, Winston Churchill was a warlord.

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons was initially engaged to the person who became King Edward VIII, who reigned January to December 1936. He told her he was going to abdicate, so then she was given the option to become engaged to the person who became King George VI, but he had knocked knees and was one IQ point above retarded. So she brought in her whipping boy to become engaged and then marry King George VI. Now the whipping boy is somebody that an aristocrat is raised with, sometimes it doubles for them in photos. And sometimes there is two photos taken with say the brother, where Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons is photographed as a child with the brother, and then the whipping boy is also photographed with the brother as the sister.

So what you’ve got is a photographic opportunity to show a complete history. The whipping boy came from Waterford in Ireland and the Irish accent had to be taught out of it. So it was more of a Scottish brogue.

The true Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon got married and lived in France and died in 1950. I got this from a British and European Royal who is incredibly renegade. So Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s whipping boy married King George VI and then Winston Churchill provided the sperm for the artificial insemination with Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s whipping boy, resulting in princess Elizabeth who was born above the Coach and Horses pub In Mayfair, London.

That is why Queen Elizabeth’s nickname is Lilybeth la Bonne, weaning the Maid.
That meant she was the daughter of the Maid, the daughter of the whipping boy. Then when King George died in 1952, the very illegitimate princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II.[5]

In 1946 Prince Philip became engaged to princess Elizabeth under the extortion of Lord Louis Mountbatten.

Lord Louis Mountbatten was later murdered by the same people whom he extorted, and has been the case since the formation of the IRA (Irish Republican Army), said to have been created by MI5-6, the IRA are blamed for the machinations of the Mafia Monarchy to keep the British Government in line.

For this to be the case then the Vatican has been complicit in this fraud.

Greg Hallet returns in 2015 again with Jim Fetzer :

[1] Interview with Jim Fetzer and Greg Hallett 30th of December 2012
Greg Hallett : So because Queen Elizabeth II has not been acknowledging our claim to the throne and has reacted to it through the Laws of Succession, we’ve actually, in that way, she has seceded to us and acknowledged that we have a Superior and Justifiable Claim to the Throne of England.

Jim Fetzer : I think that’s right. It’s such a remarkable event to be revising the Laws of Succession that for them to undertake and under these circumstances is an extraordinary admission of consciousness of guilt.
Greg Hallett : It is, absolutely is, well put. It is an extraordinary admission of the consciousness of guilt, yes.
Prime Minister had gone round seeing all the Heads of Governments beforehand to arrange the votes on the first session on the 28th of October 2011. They all voted for the change of the Laws of Succession to the Throne of England, they thought it was being liberal to allow the Royals to marry Catholics and to allow the older daughter to take the Throne above a younger son but really it was about changing the Laws of Succession to only be the children of Prince Charles the current Prince of Wales.

[2] Queen Victoria’s firstborn legitimate son was Marcos Manoel, the child was born in Carlisle Castle and then exiled to Portugal. Queen Victoria gave him a chest full of Royal Marks so that he and his descendants can prove their Legitimate Claim to the Throne. Queen Victoria was married to Blind Prince George of Cumberland who became King George V of Hanover. In 1840 Albert was brought into the affair yet was homosexual and according to Hallett, sired none of the following nine children. Interestingly 1840 is also the year the postage stamp was introduced as was the establishment of an efficient postal system. What better means of programming the new changes into the minds of the populations, not only in Britain but across the commonwealth?

The reason for the marriage of Victoria and George was to create her a princess because of the illegitimacy of her father, which made her illegitimate also. According to history the father of Queen Victoria was the Duke of Kent and Strathearn Prince Edward, a gambler, womaniser and bankrupt, of whom it was debated as to his ability to sire a child. Hallet claims Victoria’s real father to be Nathan Mayor Rothschild, whom after his misinformation actions relating to who held sway in the Battle of Waterloo, was able to nose dive the British Stock Market, and then buy it back at seriously low prices, on 22 June 1815. This action alone gave Rothschild control of the Bank of England. As such Prince Edward Duke of Kent in need of his debts being paid, his usual source, The Bank of England now in the hands of another power, opened the door for Nathan Mayor Rothschild to negotiate a deal. That deal was for the breeding rights with Princess Viktoria, from which produced a daughter who became Queen Victoria. Because of the illegitimacy of Victoria’s biological father she had to marry a royal prince to give her the title of princess legitimately. It is from this marriage, a marriage that was never annulled, that the true heir to the throne Marcos Manoel was born. In this sense the shin formed its undoing from the get go, which is why Rothschild prophesied that the real monarch would return in 200 years, which according to Hallet is now. The legal age for marriage in those days was 12, Queen Victoria was 14 when she conceived Marcos, some six and a half years before the birth of Edward VII who’s biological father according to Hallet is Lionel Nathan Rothschild, the son of Nathan Mayor.

[3] From my own research what happened with George VI was him taking an unlawful and therefore illegitimate Coronation Oath, meaning he was able to take the reigns of the British Empire without any need to fulfil the office’s main role in the upkeep of the realm. From this would come all unlawful signatures to global and thus foreign contracts (as forbidden by the Magna Carta). 1936 was also the year Adolf Hitler had his fascist Olympics in which they symbolised the coming global catastrophe. The London 2012 Olympics gave us the same symbolism but with all their new toys, especially in the medical arena, aimed primarily at all our children.

[4] Hallet further expands on the Clinton symbolism and the destruction of America, thus :
So, my first question, Greg. The independence for America, the United States of America, was declared on the 4th of July 1776, as we still celebrate every year today. 1776 numerologically means New Beginning of Government. Was the whole American revolution rigged and a con? Please explain to the audience I can help you a bit.
History from 1776 to 1915
1776, if you take the numbers, 1 plus 7 equals 8 and 8 means A New Beginning,’ because you can draw the number over and over again, and then 76, the last two numbers of the year 1776, 7 plus 6 is 13, and 13 means government,’ so it is New Beginning of Government. Do you have any idea who started the revolution that year or why it was caused? No? Ok. Next question.
Greg :
Well, you know, I can have a guess. 1st of May 1776 was the beginning of the Illuminati in a cave in Bavaria.
Jn :
It is a very important Illuminati date, the 1st of May. Just like Bin Laden discovered May 1st.
So that was Adam Weishaupt who had collected a whole lot of occult symbolism and occult happenings from all over the world, and that was something the Illuminati followed, and it appears the American government has been occult driven, and it also appears that the American Government and the whole of the United States is a British plantation, and that America actually pays its taxes to the monarch of Britain, who then redistributed it back to America, and the Queen can write letters, and I have seen these, she can write simple letters to the American government dictating to them what the social policies and what the law will be in America.
So America is a British plantation, it was raised up after World War II to succeed Britain. And then it was chopped off at the knees on the 11th of September 2001, and this was predicted in a British-Israel document in 1937, saying that the end of America would be five days later on the 17th of September 2001 so they were six days out. So that was 1937.
rn :
This is called the British-Israeli federation movements.
Greg :
And two years later America printed its new dollar notes that had pictures of the Twin Towers collapsing on the 5, 10, 20, 100 Dollar notes at different stages of the collapse. So the collapse of the American government, the United States government, as a peak civilisation was only deemed to last from 1945 with the collapse in 2001, it was taking a world collapse, and with Israel being superseding America as the prime civilisation from about 1993, which is when President Bill Clinton handed over America’s greatest technology to Israel, including HAARP and the Nautilus Projector. (Hallet Report 2)

[5] The Illegitimacy according to Hallett began with the birth of Queen Victoria’s second child, Princess Vicky in 1840. (Princess Vicky married the Duke of Argyll and lived on Mull in a huge mansion.) This is the point at which Lord Lionel Rothschild and Nathan Mayer Rothschild took the breeding rights over Queen Victoria, which Hallett claims was carried out while Queen Victoria was drugged on all occasions and thus was raped. It is this illegitimate genealogical bloodline that became the entire European Monarchy tied to Queen Victoria, yet was controlled by the House of Rothschild to enable the total takeover of the Central Banks by the same.

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