King Edward VII and his court

King Edward VII and his court










Possibly the most evil monarch ever to sit on the throne of England just happens to be a Rothschild sired puppet who took the tile of Edward VII.

He was one of the main facilitators for the slaughter of the white race in what is known as World War One. According to Greg Hallet, he was responsible for the change of mandate for Freemasonry shifting from the upkeep of the Church of England and the British realm to a position of full and complete subservience, at Aristocratic level, for the coming fantasy of a new Israel built from a fake and invented idea of the Third Temple. All Queen Victoria’s offspring were circumcised which suggests Edward is only another figure in the twisted takeover of nations.

Producing an illegitimate warlord in Winston Churchill securing the final nail in the coffin for Britain as a global power and influence as she sat in the scapegoat position for all the Holy See’s East India Companies thrust across the world, administered by the Templars from within the square mile on behalf of the Jewish Holy See, the East India conglomerates incorporated the world.

King Edward VII and His Court


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