Books of Interest : History of Freemasonry by Albert Mackey

Borrowing the technical language of archaeology, I should say that the history of Masonry may be divided into two periods – prehistoric and the historic. The former is traditional, the latter documentary. Each of these divisions must, in any historical inquiry, be clearly defined. There is also another division, into esoteric and exoteric history.

Books of Interest : the book of Adam and Eve

The books of Adam and Eve belong to a third class of Apocrypha and are believed to be of Hebrew origin. During the Christian age these legends and prophecies of Adam were gathered into one book, a latin. During the Fourteenth and Fifteenth centuries the book was translated into almost all European tongue, and was very popular.

The story of the nations, the story of ancient Egypt

The Egypt we know today, as has been well observed, is a fiction of the geographers, as untrue to fact as the island Atlantis of Greek- legend, or the Lyonnesse of mediaeval romance, both sunk beneath the ocean to explain their disappearance. The true Egypt of the old monuments, of the Hebrews, of the Greeks and Romans, of the Arabs, and of its own people in the day, is a mere fraction of this vast area of the maps, nothing more than the valley and plain watered by the Nile, for nearly seven hundred miles by the rivers course from the Mediterranean.

Dictionary of the English language, Samuel Johnson

Language is everything. To understand what has gone amiss in Great Britain you must understand that language determines the jurisdictions of law. They have removed what is necessary from education to ensure the populations do not understand their own language and culture, from which all attacks upon nation move forward without opposition that has teeth.

In Profile : the Kazakh-Turkish family behind so many football scandals

The shadow of football, the Arifs for 25 years built an empire tied to Russian mobsters, post-soviet plunderers, wealthy Turks and presidents. The source of the Arifs’ wealth is a polluting chrome foundry in Kazakhstan. Since the 1990s, the Arifs have been in business with the ‘Kazakh trio’, controversial businessmen close to Kazakhstan president, Nursultan Nazarbayev. It is these relationships that the family has spent over two decades trying to protect.