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The Books of Adam and Eve
Before we enter the accepted grasp on the story of Adam and Eve, allow me to offer a different take on the matter, briefly of course, but for those with eyes to see…..

in the Bible, warning against the deceptive nature of the serpent-snake in the Garden of Eden, because it is through the clever deception of the serpent (Being the usurper-snake) that TRUST-LAW has become the new system of slavery, perfected over hundreds of years by the legal minds of deception, the Masters of Deceit. This is due to Adam eating of the fruit, not Eve, Adam as the authority over the family, in following the deed of Eve, was the sin that opened the door to Man’s future that would include the diabolical realms having access to the body, Eve committed five sins whereas Adam committed eight.

This concept is not new, its “TRUST-LAW“, and the original warning about such a deception is the first story in the Bible: “Adam and Eve“, Such a story has all the elements of a TRUST-LAW-ARRANGEMENT, the usurper (VATICAN) and the HOUSE of the DEBTOR (Tree of Knowledge) and the HOUSE of the CREDITOR (Tree of Life). (Split title being the concept of TRUST-LAW) (Divide and Conquer)

The warning from GOD, being the first Grantor of Dominion to man, warned Adam (Man) to stay away from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. (HOUSE-OF-THE-DEBTOR) (Was the Fruit the “privilege” of SLAVERY?) The very attachment (Annexing) to the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, being the HOUSE OF THE DEBTOR, (Legal Title Holder) rendered Adam as no longer a man, he became the “ACCOUNT HOLDER” (Trustee) of a dead Account of Rome being a dead “thing”. (As GOD claimed, You will surely die if you eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge) being the “debtor account” of the garden of Eden, Adam became the “Legal Title Holder” losing the Equitable title of Eden to the serpent, (VATICAN) preventing Adam from entering the garden without permission (License) from the grantor of the legal title. Adam was cast into the Sea and could only enter back into the garden under “license” because he was no longer the holder of the Equity, he held the Knowledge, the NOTICE, the Legal Title. He held the LEDGER, being the TOMB… He surely legally died.

Changes to the original Roman Church Canon Law that moved to secure the world for its hidden masters is understood by the Protestant as taking form in 530 AD under Justinian. There was another corruption carried out by the Carolingians, in which they reversed the Benedictine doctrine on property ownership in 909 AD at Cluny. From this they became the power of the Monasteries and the Feudal system was reborn.  

George Washington said :

“Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.” Our Constitution was written in the hot summer of 1787 in Philadelphia, but the convention was haunted by recent European failures and the long-ago corruption of Rome.”

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Accepted Tale
The books of Adam and Eve belong to a third class of Apocrypha and are believed to be of Hebrew origin. During the Christian age these legends and prophecies of Adam were gathered into one book, a Latin, “Lives of Adam and Eves.”

During the Fourteenth and Fifteenth centuries the book was translated into almost all European tongue, and was very popular.

The Book The Apocalypse of Moses is a similar Medieval work and in many parts parallels the Lives of Adam and Eve.

The basic premise of this story is that in the Garden there was two trees, one was called the tree of life and brought to fruition an existence in god through recognition of your own spirit as the giver of the way to live, the second was the tree of knowledge of good and evil, this tree would have man live by his own will from which would come all laws to govern the earth.

Clear distinction between “Heart” and the “Ego”

Eve chose to eat of the tree of knowledge after believing her own will which said, she too could become god. She encouraged Adam to do the same.

Adam then rebelled against his own spirit or will of God, and was cast out of the grace offered by the tree of life with the creator as both protector and giver of fruitful things.

From this decision has the earth been governed by the will of man (Lox, Lucifer), ergo the mysteries have named mans will Lucifer.

What humanity today needs to understand is, have the institutions built up around god, ever been institutions that served the spirit? Or, where they set up by the will of man to capture the spirit of heaven in the hearts of humanity to serve mans will?

Have the masters of will, using the known doctrines from the prophets, created institutions to act as the cover for the earthly will, in order institutions can act contrary to the spirit whilst to the people they are being kept?

This presents the question who is to blame? Is it the flock gone off track, is it the flock that has forsaken the laws of god?

Or is it that as the institutions show their real allegiance, especially through the last two centuries, that the people in keeping try to the spirit, have left the institutions? The Externalisation of the Hierarchy.

The institutions are blaming the flock and are setting up a great false judgement against the flocks. Yet from my experience it is the flock that kept the doctrine and the institutions that never had the doctrines in the first instant. As the flock fights to keep the morality, the institutions act through the corporations to undermine the parent by programming the offspring to the new and twisted institutional religion.

What the new ‘is’ in truth today, can be seen as the actual doctrine of those that set up the institutions from the get go, that it has been two millennia in which they have slowly acted contrary to the doctrine held by the flocks to subvert the flock to these times today. Confusion…..

“The kingdom of god is within.” It is not inside any existing institution today nor has it ever been. It has always existed within the hearts of the human, in this sense we must ignore the garbage and confusion set forth by the Illumined and seek the way from our own spirit. This and only this action will shall bring man back into the garden of the heart.

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The Books of Adam and Eve


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