In Profile : Vatican II, the Templar secret societies and the one world religion

In Profile : Vatican II, the Templar secret societies and the one world religion








The following thesis follows the accepted chronology held by academia. It must be understood that the information is what is taught to initiates and adepts of the secret orders, as it is the histories accepted by the three major religions. There is however a growing grasp to the fact that the elites, have changed historical fact and created a fantasy fake history, adding a full 1000 years they call the dark age, to remove the existence of the real play of empires before the amalgamation or combine of secret societies during the Crusades. It then follows that Egypt has also been shifted in historical time and that what was birthed in the Crusades, was a retrieval of the knowledge left by older cultures, upon which they formed a great work in order they could subvert the globe to the yoke of the will of the high elect.

Catholics are not at all happy with the introduction of the Jesuit and therefore a secret society theology that is the Second Vatican Council. While they maybe unhappy most have absolutely no idea what it is actually about, they know it is not Catholicism but are bereft of the real agenda with this Jesuit theology. Vatican II changed the Liturgy of the Church right down to the flock, meaning the way the Church and Catholics saw themselves changed.

Vatican II through all its sophistry is the shift required to bring the three main monotheistic religions under the control of the secret society combine, the secret societies are not Monotheistic they are Polytheistic. This includes Freemasonry, the Rosicrucians, Theosophy, Zionism, Satanism and Buddhism, et al. The Temple of Solomon had many Gods within, this is the Temple being raised above Man on the Earth by the Talmudians.

In order to achieve this aim the divinity of the Gospels has to be removed in order the Jewish and Islamic prophets are no longer seen as inferior to the message of the Gospels. In this manner the secret societies can force the Monotheistic religions into the one world religion, and as we can see today, the entire Roman Church now under the control of the Jesuits, will be the very organisation through which they will bring forth and enforce, the one world religion. The Reformers are thus proved correct.

When it comes to the polytheistic religions, of which there are many, the task is far easier to achieve, as they are happy to worship many gods, but for the three main branches from the Hebrew tradition they have a major problem in the Gospels.

That said the agenda of the secret societies has been made far easier through the control over education held by the Society of Jesus and within the Reformed Church, by the Freemasons through control of the Royal Society. Each of which in the removal of the Trivium Method from education, or the ability for critical thinking, have cultured within all societies the art of idol worship, for example : it is the message that is important, that is the prophecy, as such the message is to be understood as divine having come through various intermediaries which of course are men. In shifting the critical and reasoned thinking process from the Trivium Method to the old dictatorial script of the Classical Trivium, they have encouraged man to focus on the idol, or the man, and not the actual doctrine. In this manner doctrine is ebbed away because of the worship of the man and not the message.

This makes the whole thing physical and opens up focus to bloodlines instead of the message from the heavens, when quite simply one is corporeal and the other is not. The following thesis is the history of the secret societies as understood by the adepts of the same. It is not however how the low ranks are taught to understand the theology, if it were so they would have no ranks.

Before the rise of the Templars the overriding thesis for all things religion came from the Venerable Bede. Saint Bede was a  9th century Scottish born Levite and the first brother to offer the spiritual story of the Temple of Solomon into a format for the New Foundation of the brotherhood, formed under the Catholic Church. The name of his medieval book is ‘De Tabernaculo and De Templo’. In the book Bede laid out the blueprint for the new priesthood plan for Jerusalem, or, the church. This plan included the tribes of Boaz and Jachin, but also worthy gentiles whom in the story are referred to as Masons that are the living stones of the Temple. The fraternity was thus named the ‘Bedesmen’.

In Profile : Vatican II, the Templar secret societies and the one world religion

This image was taken on 25 May 2014 at Jerusalem’s Holocaust memorial centre Yad Vashem, and it shows the Pope making a historic visit to greet supposed survivors of the World War II genocide organised by the bankers. In truth the Jews killed in the Second World War were those who had fallen away from the Sabbatean Cult. From official figures after the war we are speaking of around 300.000 Jews killed in the hard labour camps and not the fantasy presented by the Zionists of 6.6 million. For those well versed in how the religious orders operate, know well, you kiss the hand or ring of your superior. Francis is a Jesuit. 

Origin: Omnipotent Polytheistic Priesthood

Before the Flood was an age that came to an end because of the dark magic applied to the technology in Atlantis which was based in the seven sacred sciences,[1] one of seven civilisations of the antediluvian age, itself made up of ten regions on the earth, did moved to overthrow the entire world and bring it under a one world system with full command in the hands of the Atlantian Demi-Gods and their priesthood. Solon related a story he received from the Egyptian priesthood to his descendant Plato, the story tells of how the Athenians stopped this war of conquest in its tracks. See the Timaeus and Critias.

Enki, or Helyhel in his quest to have his own place to exist outside the rules of Enlil or Adonai had shifted the huge civilisation way outside the point of redemption, this appears to be  because of a breech of Natural law in the breeding of angels with human women and through the use of technology that affected the earth itself and was the cause of the Great Flood, which is regarded as a series of cataclysms in which much landmass was lost beneath the sea over a large timeframe.  

In full knowledge that the flood was inevitable the Atlantian Demi-Gods formed a priesthood called Shemsu Hor, which in turn, created secret society networks in an attempt to keep the knowledge and technology within their hands and out of public circulation, for the time after the flood. Enoch born of Cain, became Osiris post flood and was the Demi-God (son of a god) that re installed the Atlantian civilisation on behalf of the antediluvian actual God, Osiris.

Pre flood, Enoch born of Jared, set out the global scene before the flood and giving reason for it, and tied it directly to the history of the Fallen Angels, 200 of which bred with human women and created the Demi-Gods, the Nephilim also called Giants, Titans, Raphaim etc, an act in breech of natural law.

From the above personages, it is important to understand the distinction between Enoch born of Cain and in Enoch born of Jared, because in these two personages we get the two paths of esoteric theology, Polytheism of the Atlantean priesthood which worshipped and thus moved to build the civilisation of the fallen angels, and the monotheistic theology which by-passes the fallen ones and moves to build the world according to the natural laws of creation.

From this eternal battle the flood was the event to remove certain fallen angels out of the mix, it is said they were bound but some of the offspring, the Nefilim, secured safe passage, which we can say is presented in the epic of Gilgamesh with its opposite presented in the story of Noah. It is written that the offspring of the fallen angels as physical entities on the earth, would be subject to death. But unlike the spirit of man, the fallen ones and the same fate for those that followed the them would not be resurrected into heaven, they would walk in the spirit of the earth as demons until the day of judgement. It is these spirits that the black magicians seek to connect, just as the many incursions into nations are to release the bound spirits back into the world to join the agenda.

In the Post flood period it would be the escaped Nefilim, so named the Titans, that would re-insert Shemsu Hor into the post flood era which was based around the Seven Sacred Sciences. The giant structures such as the pyramids, were in fact the remnants of the pre-flood cities and naturally the survivors post flood would inherit them, thus such huge structures were in fact the consequence of the hight of the Atlantian age and technology.

It is said that the builders in the post flood, so named the Order of the East and West[a] would construct in a similar manner as was constructed pre-flood, the Dionysian Artificers where of course from Tyre and thus the Phoenicians who where renown for their trade empire and also the ability to build intricate and high buildings. They would represent the fifth science, Geometry.[2] It is from this fraternity that the network Freemasonry claims its origin and a continuance of the science or the physical representation of the priesthoods worship of the Gods in the construction of huge buildings.

The Profane and The Illumined

For the Initiates of the craft that is Freemasonry, the meaning of the Two Pillars is said to represent the two pillars of the Temple of Solomon, but this is only for the low grade slaves. For the Adepts, 3rd degree York and 33rd degree Scottish Rite, they represent the Two Pillars of Lamech born of Cain, the two pillars having inscribed upon them the knowledge recorded pre-flood in order it be utilised post-flood. The two pillars are said to have been found by Hermes, upon which the Seven Sacred Sciences, the old religion or mystery school structure, had been be recorded, but just as important would be to retrieve the location to the vaults in which Enoch born of Cain, placed over 36000 books under the Great Pyramid. The latter appears to have some similarity to the Emerald Tablets of Thoth.

In Profile : Vatican II, the Templar secret societies and the one world religionThis is the real knowledge or the craft, the secret societies and priesthoods operate at the highest levels, it is this path that those deemed worthy are slowly cajoled through the degrees of their respective order. But of course for the majority, this path is open not, they are the respectable front and the physical network by which the elect hold power directly into society, both its civil structure, its religion, financial and military capability. As such the more debased and unbalanced you become as a human, the higher up this pyramid you rise, yet it must be understood that the illumined are to be found at all degrees in order the elect know exactly what is going on at all levels. If it was not so the need for so many degrees and initiations would not be necessary. Only when the elect are satisfied you have become a Golem, or lost the ability to critically think and apply reason to your existence, will you proceed through the degrees. They want you running on emotion and not applying critical thinking to what is put before you. The other way in of course, and essential to reach the illuminated arena, is to completely accept the reality and become it.

It is claimed by Masonry at initiate level that Nimrod is to be regarded as the first Grandmaster of post-diluvian Masonry, but at the high degrees this title is given to Enoch son of Cain, existing pre-flood, also known as Osiris (not the God). They also claim that Nimrod worked with Hermes, son of Kush, to build the Tower of Babel from the application of the knowledge from the Antediluvian priestcraft, found within the 36000 books or equivalent, recovered by Hermes, an endeavour that would be thwarted and a mixing of tongues and the dispersion or displacement of the surviving populations. After this failure Nimrod with his knowledge, moved to Chaldea and re-built his religion and civilisation known as the Chaldeans. Hermes along with Mizriam and Ham, moved to Egypt and re-established the Antediluvian religion. From Babylonia which came after the Chaldeans, saw the rise of the Magi. Collectively this branch of the priesthood would move east and establish the Hindu religion and also the early religions in China. In India they would first be known as the Brahmins, the Nagas and the Aryans. Setting base first in what is called Kashmir, the Nagas would spread Hinduism. In China they would form Confucianism and Taoism.

Many believe the Aryans to be responsible for mixing up the true histories and confounding the spiritual doctrine in their time, it would appear that the secret societies continue this agenda and are today a global web, they have become a combine. 

From a Japanese Princess I received information that would move us forward in the occult explanation as to why all the industry and manufacturing has been shifted east, especially to China. What she relayed was the fact that all the pure blood Nefilim today see the Chinese dragon bloodlines as the purest of all, as such they have been breeding their own lines into what they say are the original pure bloods. This would of course include the Li bloodlines, hence the ever expanding power of the Triads. This would also explain the whispers that China intends to break up India into 20 or 30 states. So we are speaking of bloodlines closest to Nimrod or Enoch son of Cain who came out of Chaldea as the Magi.

If we take the backdrop to the secret societies today, specifically the seven sages work, it appears to have been combined in the Egyptian mythos, installed by Hermes and Ham. This of course is no surprise when we consider that the priesthood of the Gods in Antediluvian times, the days of Atlantis,  called themselves the Companions of Orus. In the times after the flood they became known as the Followers of Horus.

With the priesthood re-established post flood, seven sages of the Followers of Horus would be sent around the world to secure the Gods influence in all nations, this they called civilisation. From the Norse pantheon to the Hindu, the same seven main Gods are to be found in all cultures, each culture knew the Gods by different vernacular names as they would morph within each culture at different chronological times, usually after invasions by another culture. But ultimately all cultures can be said to be speaking of the same antediluvian gods.

We therefore have a continuum post flood, of the Atlantian control system before the flood, made up of ten regions, carried through the disasters, the first attempt by Nimrod post-flood being a failure leading to a division of civilisation to Chaldea and to Egypt. That the Fallen Angels, the Gods, during the antediluvian period, created Demi-Gods through the breeding with earth women. This information comes from Enoch son of Jared, his works known as the Books of Enoch, who called them Giants, the men of renown and also the Nefilim.

According to Enoch the main thrust of the flood was to rid the earth of the Demi-Gods or Titans, who had pretty much gone apeshit and rebelled against the fallen angels or antediluvian Gods. After the flood it is claimed that some Titans (Nefilim) would escape from the Abyss and through a new priesthood, would re-form an intermediary between man and the Demi-Gods, who were still wandering the earth as demons. In the early years of post-flood Sumer and especially Babylonia, the system was set in the manner of powerful city states with each city having its own Son of God. They were usually made up from the family of the Demi-God, for example, the  Akkadian, Sargon the Great, appointed all city high-priests and the sons of god leaders, answerable to him alone, in the main from his own family.

 If you take the succeeding civilisation after Nimrod in Chaldea, we find the Akkadians. It is through their interpretations of this story that Babel translates as ‘Bab’ meaning gateway and ‘El’ meaning God, gateway to God, or gateway into the matrix of creation. Hedron Collider anyone?

As a summary, the above information brings together the works of the secret societies as they installed the dictatorships post flood and called it civilisation. From the antediluvian age through to the present age, they did hold polytheism, the worship of many gods, as the strict religion controlled through the priesthoods. It was the anti-thesis of the Monotheistic doctrines which we find in the later Egyptian and Hebrew tradition. Not without its wars and intrigues and in many cases, the patriarchs acting in the same manner as the children of Cain, but as they fell they were always punished by their god while encouraged to come back to the righteous path. Having failed in this regard most likely due to the inference in the form of invitation to Babylon, the end result was a prophet who expressed his message as a physical act, causing a rift between the peoples of Monotheism itself.

Not until Constantine would the Seven sacred Sciences come together again in the form of a physical embodiment in honour of god for the Monotheistic religions, with the Temple of Solomon pretty much going up its own backside. But this one was based entirely in the Gospels and therefore the move to remove the dictatorships of the proceeding millennia. As Carol Quigley expressed well, with the Gospels  presented an idea of deity not apt to omnipotent decrees against the people, but a God that operated under ethics. As such Christianity was formed with love and peace at its heart as the way to live as your prime aim, the system was thus set up accordingly through the Canon Law.

Definition Monarchy

Constantine would then withdraw to his real seat in Constantinople were his natural leanings to Omnipotent decrees and actions more in tune with the Order of the Red Cross, could continue without interference from the Church of Rome.

Under such auspices the Church actually began to work and as the Protestants believed as they moved to reform, all things changed with the Byzantine Pope Justinian who changed the Cannon Law. Therefore we can see the battle for the Church of Rome became a battle against the Roman empire in Constantinople. Charlemagne would be the next attack against the Church, able to hold it ransom because of the enemies of the Church and the rising persian armies, the Vikings became the next wave of antagonisers who of course represented the Polytheistic doctrines, but the real move into the Church and the finding of yet more hidden knowledge would come about after the formation of a royal band of Knights that would go into Jerusalem and recover knowledge from the days of Solomon.

From the first Crusade the same would go onto create the banking and credit system and launch it across Europe, having partnered with such secret societies as the Princes of Jerusalem, the Assassins, who just happened to have every Caliph and prince in Persia under their command, and the many Gnostic offshoots to the Gospels such as the Essenes.[3] The Essenes can be said to be the first monastic order that would take hold in the West, they claimed continuum from the priesthood at Heliopolis and claimed that Christianity was born from within their order. The Sadducees and the Pharisees are two other Holy land priesthood’s claiming a long heritage and very involved in the story around the Gospels. At the time of the 70AD temple destruction it was the Essenes who were the Temple priesthood, therefore they held the Temple knowledge, they were also renown for choosing a white cloak as attire.

Here begins the tale of the Knights Templar.

The Templars
Before 1099 AD and, capitalising on the inroads to the Holy land made by the Knights Hospitallers, a new band of Monks was born. Seven Knights from Jewish families would move into Jerusalem on a secret knowledge finding mission, they would be seeking the knowledge left by Solomon. The mission was successful, but not just in finding the knowledge they sought, they would also combine with existent orders, each holding the same disdain for the morality of the Gospels, I mean, how can a warrior possibly adhere to the teachings of the Gospel?

Far from the impoverished Knights being only Monks, they each represented elite royal dynasties from France, Normandy and of course Burgundy, the home of Cluny and the real power of the Roman Church. They would eventually remove what they had found in 1127 to the Abbey of Clairvaux, an Abbey filled with Cistercian Monks eager to qualify, record and interpret the findings. This endeavour was carried out under the supervision of St. Bernard de Clairvaux. From the find and what is called the fifth science, would spawn the huge construction of the Gothic style architecture across Europe, which suggests the knowledge of the Phoenicians called in by Solomon was being applied as the physical honouring of their Gods, smack bang in the centre of the Catholic construct. As a building craftsman myself I have never liked the Gothic style, it is creepy to say the least.

St. Bernard de Clairvaux, was born into a Burgundian land owning aristocratic family in 1060, probably Fontaine-les-Dijon, near Dijon, Burgundy [France]. He died August 20, 1153, Clairvaux, Champagne; canonised January 18, 1174, feast day August 20, he was a Cistercian monk and mystic, and the founder and abbot of the Abbey of Clairvaux, he was without doubt one of the most influential churchmen of his time.

Godfrey of Bouillon (French : Godefroy de Bouillon), was a Frankish knight, and one of the leaders of the First Crusade from 1096 until its conclusion in 1099. He was the Lord of Bouillon, from which he took his byname, from 1076, he was also named the Duke of Lower Lorraine from 1087.  The Merovingians claimed Benjamin descent, and through the gift of Jerusalem to the Benjamites by Joshua, they would move to reclaim that right as the true descendants.  After the successful siege of Jerusalem in 1099, Godfrey became the first ruler of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. He refused the title of King of Jerusalem, but would hand this title to his brother Baldwin.

In the new global order,  the title, the King of Jerusalem will be a major front power for the hidden elect.

According to the Middle Age version in describing the Priory of Scion, the Merovingians are said to be the bloodline from Christ through Dagobert II, himself said to be the last great Merovingian leader and from whom Bouillon claimed to descend. It is upon such Gnosticism that the apparent divide between Templars[3] and Church took root with the Templars holding the Church responsible for killing a descendant of Christ. It is interesting all the same that whilst the Templars hold the bloodline of Christ as their prime protocol for protection, they, as with all the secret societies, decry his divinity which is the backdrop to Gnosticism. Why would they obsess as they do with the bloodline if they denounce the divinity of it? Division for power is the only answer. This plays into the essential move for the present which must reduce the divinity and thus importance of Christ in order the Jesuit run Vatican II system can accept Judaism and Islam as equals, this is required if they are to shift back to the system of omnipotent king. Our Lady, Notre Damn, from the esotericism of the Templars and the secret societies as a whole, does not represent Mary the mother of Christ, to them they are speaking of Mary Magdalene to whom they assign as the wife of Christ and the mother of his children, the womb is their real meaning to the Grail theology.

In the physical shift from Mother Mary to Prostitute Mary, the fifth science brought back from Jerusalem included Babylonian, or more correctly, the Phoenician knowledge of the buttress for constructing buildings with larger domes and more windows. From this knowledge they built the Gothic style cathedrals for the Church and installed a schism in relation to the deity worshipped, everything went overtly sexual. Of course with the Parish priests and congregations unaware of the intrusion. It must be remembered that the positioning of Gargoyles on the churches came directly out of Theosophy which is the 19th century combine of the one world Gnostic religious doctrine.

The Templars re-grouped in Scotland after the purge in 1307 and continued in secret, the Bruce’s and the St Clair’s continued to fund the network which as an extension to the York Rite, would show itself in Scottish Rite Masonry. The House of Stuart was of this network and James VI who became the first Scottish monarch to rule England as a joint monarch, was also a Freemason. James commissioned the King James Bible which was a translation into English, but would use profusely the Dog Latin introduced by Justinian. It would be the Tudors that would work to the amalgamation of the thrones of England and Scotland through the marriage of Henry VIIs daughter with Elizabeth of York, Margaret, who would marry King James IV of Scotland. Henry VIII would split with Rome, the church, and lay the foundation for the Anglican Church, the Church of England, but it would be his daughter sired with Anne Boleyn, a daughter that would become Elizabeth I, who would build on the foundation and cement the Church in stone. Just as a matter of interest, the Wars of the Roses were fought between the House of Lancaster, the Plantagenets, and the House of York, yet the House that came to power after the defeat of the Yorkists would be the Tudors…. Who are the Tudors for they are of neither combatant House?

In his marriage to Elizabeth of York Henry VII answers this question well, yet it is the widespread acceptance that the Tudors are somehow Lancastrians. This is where the Stanleys come into play, for it was they who put Henry VII on the throne. Are the Tudors the Stanley’s? And are the Stanleys Templar/Jewish?

The Royal Society, A Very Well Paid Government Department Pushing Climate Change

Meanwhile in Europe in direct opposition to the Reformation was born the Society of Jesus, another Templar military order to move the Church not Rome in line with the secret societies, and with the recent sacking of the head of the Knights of Malta by Jesuit, Pope Francis, we can see the real power over all military orders connected to Rome and it ain’t the Vatican Pope, who if you remember is still the real Pope and is alive and kicking in the Vatican, He dare not leave…

In Pope Francis we are indeed witnessing the Externalisation of the Hierarchy as presented by Blavatsky in her book of the same name, the real power in the Vatican is the Black Pope, and he represents the theology of the secret societies way back to Atlantis.

In Britain it is fair to suggest that Queen Elizabeth II has undone all that was achieved by Elizabeth I, they do like their symbolism.

In Conclusion
Drawn from the fact that the works of Nimrod under the guidance of Hermes, could only have been successful with the entire world being as one, in language, culture, religion and in laws, that the endeavour was then scuppered by Adonai (Enlil) who dispersed the populations and gave them separate language, we must deduce that to remove the diversity of the earth in its peoples, in culture and community, by forcing one particular system upon them all, is not the way of Adonai. It is however the way of Cain, it is the way of Nimrod, Alexander, Charlemagne, of Genghis Khan, the Templars, of Gnosticism, of secret societies, of Napoleon, the Austrian royalty, and onto Hitler.

It is the United Nations, it is the Central Banking network, it is the Round Table, It is the Club of Rome, which incidentally wants a world divided into ten regions, it is the European Union, it is the World Trade Organisation, the G20, the G7, it is Environmentalism, it is Climate Change, it is the CHANGE.

So just who is Donald Trump and who does he serve?

Donald Trump, H.J.Heinz, Himmler who connects to Goring to Braun and onto Hitler?

[1] The seven sacred sciences are :
Grammar, giving the ability to teach humanity to speak and to write and read what they speak.
Rhetoric, to enable humanity to speak in subtle and persuasive terms.
Dialectic, giving the ability of discernment to work out truth from falsehoods.
Arithmetic, to enable computation of numbers.
Geometry, to enable measurement of the earth and to build and make things.
Music, for the capacity to communicate emotion through bringing into form sound.
Astronomy, to enable comprehension of the wider universe and the planets

[2] According to the old Trivium and Quadrivium of the Liberal Arts, geometry is second in the Quadrivium. This would make it the fifth of seven arts. Does this actually translate as the fifth science, given the Trivium before it is composed of grammar, logic and rhetoric, none of which are classed today as sciences? This suggests something hidden.

[3] The Abbey of Cluny in Burgundy, 909 AD and the Carolingian warrior tribes moved to become the power of the Monasteries. By reversing the Benedictine doctrines, particularly relating to property and land ownership, they shifted what were bastions of altruistic Canon Laws to lay the foundation for the feudal system. Perhaps activating the changes to the Canon Law made by Justinian four centuries earlier, the move would install the secret societies of the Gnostic traditions directly into the heart of the Catholic Church. By 1066 they had created the feudal system which was then launched on Britain under the warrior William the bastard, known in present times as the Conquerer. In the use of the Monasteries to exact control, the Gnostics could keep the parish system in place and operate unmolested as to the real agenda of the Monasteries and the Orders such as Cistercian, Dominican and Calabrian Monks, who could go about their business unhindered by the local populations, while inflicting the Inquisition on all the populations. The Inquisition was a Dominican adventure.

Once this position within the Church was established the entire Carolingian nobility would send their offspring into the Monasteries to the point, they became the Monastic order. So from around 909 AD the Catholic Church had a shadow operation installed into its heart and they were Gnostics, the opposite of Catholic doctrine. As a representation of the Hebrew Order of the Red Cross the priesthood behind the Gnostics Monks, had ties to the First Temple and also the second, a fact that would be presented to the world with the formation of the Knights Templar. The Order of the Red Cross or the Dionysian Artificers [a] was revived and pushed back onto the public stage in the fourth century AD under the auspices of Constantine, the Order would show itself again with Charlemagne, the Vikings and then through the power of the Monasteries.

In essence in the naming of the Order of the Knights Templar was an amalgamation or combine of existent secret societies such as the Princes of Jerusalem, the Essenes, the Assassins, Ormus and the other leading holders of the knowledge based around the Seven Sacred Sciences, or the Seven Liberal Arts. At the head of this combine would be the Priory de Scion running the entire operation from within the heart of the Catholic Church. This is the schism of Rome.
[a] The Dionysian Artificers

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