How Political Islam operates on the streets of Great Britain, Heroin, Guns and Mosques










Image : Lower Antley Street Mosque Accrington.

1 November 2016

Update 15 April 2018
[After visiting the Mosque, a contact, while being shown around the building, saw something they were not supposed to see. The Mosque is holding a plethora of servers which could well be to service the very secretive 5G network being installed by MI5 and the military in general, utilising Church steeples and perhaps also the Mosques. Further investigation is required.]

After the vote to leave the European Union, a corporate union and a major requirement of the central bankers, what we are witnessing is the corporate NGOs that operate for the  empire of banking, moving to fudge the referendum. It is the intention of the central banks to terrify the British to make a return into the fold of the European Union and so they are hitting the pound and as was ruled last week, the Judiciary have declared themselves sovereign over the populations and moved in sync with EU law to remove the authority of the British people, and to place it into the hands of the legal instrument that is the UK government.

One corporate mafia defending another.

This is but one strategy currently underway against the sovereign nation that is Britain, there are others that require the attention of the British population.

Before you read this report I would say to any and all critiques of the following information, especially those that would move to label the information as an “ism,” must understand the difference between observation and judgement, the two are not the same. This is a report based upon the findings of many years of observation and communications. To understand the reality presented in this report is for the benefit of Muslim communities and more importantly in the upkeep of the British realm.

Mass Immigration is a corporate run agenda. It serves to remove the best people from so called third world nations which ensures the country of origin remains poor, having no potential movers and shakers entering and moving up the ranks.

But there is another equally important agenda at play when it comes to mass immigration,  it also serves the corporate networks in the West by keeping the bankers political agenda alive with new voters. This has to be achieved as the natives in each respective nation suffering the mass immigration, have ceased to vote in the corrupt system. The immigrants do block voting demanded by their handlers who are themselves corporate human traffickers.

The entire agenda is in the hands of the corporate networks and they use charitable status as the front and unaccountable platform the banking networks hide behind. You cannot follow the money through the charitable organisations.

We saw the reality of this in the Brexit vote, the natives of Britain voted and defeated the bankers, yet they have such control over the voting results they ensured the vote looked like it was a close call in order they can raise energy to move against the vote. This is especially so in the intention to energise the corporate programmed children against the Brexit vote. Keep your eyes on the move to lower the age for voting.

We need to continue this political drive and move in the direction that ultimately brings back our nation as a sovereign and just place to live, based in our centuries old laws and not as is the current position, ruled by legal and corporate legislation.

See : 

When it comes to Europe and the mass importation of Islam there is a very different agenda playing out, an agenda to create civil unrest in order nations be shut down under corporate control via each respective contingency platform. These systems are in place and drilled and act under the protocols of the corporate world government, the United Nations.

Radical political Islam takes its power from within the secret societies. Today all such societies are moving to the dance of Zionism.

Theresa May is a prime example of the link between Zionism and Radical Islam as she preaches to the British people what she claims is a clear misunderstanding of the Koran.

Theresa May in her speech at the Conservative Party Conference said :

 “I am going to talk to you about the deadly terrorist threat we face. David Haines was a tireless humanitarian worker who helped Muslims … not just in Syria … but in Bosnia, South Sudan and Libya … he was murdered by terrorists, simply for being British. The terrorists who murdered David Haines like to call themselves the Islamic State. But I will tell you the truth: They are not Islamic. And they are not a state. Their actions have absolutely no basis in anything written in the Quran.”

You are incorrect Theresa, those radicalised and political are in fact following Mohammed’s teachings to the letter :

“I have been ordered to fight all men until they testify there is no God but Allah … Strike terror into the hearts of the disbelievers, smite at their necks,” , etc.

The population of Britain is confused because all you get from the mainstream is the spin, spin creates just that, spin. What we need today are facts.

Afghan Opium
In Great Britain under the corporate title; the United Kingdom, many Islamic communities have been forced upon the diminishing manufacturing northern towns, paid for by the British taxpayers in grants for property renovations, and, in the fact that the communities have been built entirely through the defrauding of the social system.

Today the British population is facing a huge revolt and attempted takeover by the same communities as they move to subvert British society through the implementation of Sharia Law. One way political Islam is moving to subvert society comes in the Saudi and Hong Kong financed agenda of purchasing  properties in specific areas, renting the properties to their own heroin dealers, usually white people, and then use that platform to make heroin and crack cocaine widely available to the youngsters already living in those areas. Addicts from the town in general then head to that area which sees a rise in burglaries. This leads to a situation whereby a quick made community of heroin dealers and users brings down the social structure of the community, which is then reflected in a decrease of property value opening the door to expand the subculture community.

I had first hand experience of this agenda some years ago around 2009, after completing a  contract for a Rossendale Afghanistan Pashtun Muslim, who I later learned had been tasked by the Police to try to set me up. The problem for the man in question was that he was so impressed with the quality of the work, that he sort of postponed the game until the work I was carrying out on his property was complete, but not before explaining to me that he worked for the Police. He then tried to reconfigure the set up via his cousin who had just purchased an infamous Hall in Haslingden which they were turning into a Mosque.

To cut short so impressed was he with my work he moved to introduce me to his colleagues, a group of educated Muslims in the mid to late twenties who were busy buying up properties behind Burnley Road in Accrington. He had not thought this through very well at all for no sooner had he taken me into the first property did he realise his mistake in allowing me to see the game. He saw my reaction and hastened to shorten the whole idea. I heard no more from him.

For the last two years I lived on Burnley Road, I have seen with my own eyes the reality of what has happened to the area. I have seen a heroin dealing property opened on Burnley Road itself, never ever harassed by the police.

I have seen the domestic violence and very suspect corporate operation, HARV, place vulnerable women into what they call a safe house, bang in the centre of this heroin community. HARV is a group of very angry women whose sole aim is to break up young families, create a serious division between the sexes, using the threat of child removal to terrify the young mothers into accepting the hatred towards men mentality which is the basis of HARV

What we have is a situation whereby the police and various corporate social interrupters, are colluding to protect heroin distribution while then using the fall out of such activity to take control of young and very vulnerable families. This is without doubt a network run by the Family Courts who’s sole purpose is to break up families by creating criminals out of the fathers and socialising the single mother and children as state employed personnel they can control. A Soviet program in origin.

The Bigger Picture
George Galloway, or as I like to call him “Laurence of Bradford” has been the cover for what has been going on in the city underworld. What he has covered up is the creation of a Pashtun stronghold of opium and weapons dealing, from which they can use the Muslim communities as a cover as they expand throughout the north of England. This has a direct link to the huge opium production going on in Afghanistan today, guarded by NATO forces, and then moved to Kosovo for global distribution. Bill Clinton oversaw this agenda during the Yugoslavian conflict ensuring Kosovo became the underworld capitol for Europe.[1]

If we do not stop this agenda then such networks formed now will shift very swiftly into human trafficking networks very quickly indeed. Such networks had arrived in Kent four years ago according to a source who worked as an advisor to Kent Council.

Speaking to local Muslims over the last eight years one thing is very clear, the Pashtun are causing problems for the Muslim communities, taking over drug networks, killing existing dealers and adding noxious chemicals, including opium, to the cannabis used by so many young Muslims today.

Basically we have a group of Afghanistan Radicals buying up property which of itself, lowers the housing prices in the area, they then purchase the properties at a knock down costs and rent them to their own heroin dealers, so not only does the group earn legitimate cash as rents, they also make cash through the selling of drugs to all the local children.

The second strategy to buy up an area is to build a Mosque






















(Images of Lower Antley Street Mosque in Accrington)

For this strategy to get off the ground requires collusion from within the local Councils, who not only give planning permission, but also to ensure success, have been caught out selling the Muslim’s the land at knock down prices. Therefore encouraging the agenda. In Accrington we have a prime example of just such a conspiracy which comes in the form of a proposal to build a large Mosque on Hyndburn Road. The man responsible for the underhand collusion with political Islamist’s in Hyndburn is Mark A Hoyle, but of course he operates for the Strategic Management Team, which has now been taken over by Hyndburn Leisure which I am finding to be financed by the family that built the Mosque, so he is only one of many :



The Council of Hyndburn offered the land at a cost of £250.000 to the Muslims making up the West Accrington Resident’s Association, with the sole purpose of building a Mosque. This angered residents who felt they had not been consulted nor given all the information, they moved to have the land valued privately at their own cost. The valuation of the land came back at a staggering minimum of £500.000 for residential and close to a million pounds sterling, if it was to be used for commercial.

Mosques are a commercial venture and force Muslims to pay up their dues or face shame and seclusion.

The Council in their actions moved to undermine the taxpayer by selling off the land at a major loss, conspired to keep the fact secret, faked the votes, with the sole aim of demolishing private portfolios by forcing a reduction in the property prices in the surrounding areas. The Council is therefore complicit in undermining British citizens of their rights in law in the protection of their property. 

The residents also found that the votes cast were in fact 400 photocopies, created by the West Accrington Resident’s Association to ensure the vote went there’re way, and, when delivering the leaflets about the proposed Mosque, they purposefully missed out the non Muslim letterboxes.

After confronting the Council and presenting them with the evidence the council used the Muslims demand for the land Freehold, to quash the deal and the Mosque was not built. The Council of course, not wanting to be beat then allowed permission for a huge Mosque which is currently under construction on Lower Antley off Blackburn Road. (See above images)

UK Mosque Database

The council through the local media blamed government cuts for the cancelling of the Mosque, but the idea was thwarted by concerned residents who took out the valuation that exposed the collusion between Mark Hoyle, Barnfield Construction and Tariq Ali, chairman of West Accrington Resident’s Association. Tariq’s brother Purves is an MI5 operative influencing your children to the aims of the private intelligence operation MI5, so they are quite a pairing indeed.

If you look at the above images you will note the Mosque is being constructed by Barnfield Construction, a private Group, that controls one third share in the corporate council called Globe Enterprises, another third share goes to James Stuart and Irene Nevison, which in real terms gives Barnfield Construction and Stuart and Irene Nevison, as corporate entities, a two thirds majority over that of the elected council which owns only one third share on behalf of the taxpayer.

The Lower Antley Street Mosque is known to be funded by a local paper mill owner, again, we can see clearly the agenda with the Mosques comes directly out of the corporate realm, sealed in the secret society networks that Barnfield and the Nevison’s represent, James Stuart Nevison owns AMS Neve, specialists in recording equipment.

The strategy employed by Hyndburn Council, Barnfield Construction and the West Accrington Resident’s Association, which claims to represent the Muslim community, is to build a Mosque, which has the knock on effect of lowering the property prices, which West Accrington Resident’s Association purchases at knock down prices, they secure land and property at Freehold to fix these expanding communities for good. The new Mosque position on Lower Antley Street is still within the targeted property catchment as that of the first proposed site, on Hyndburn Road, as such the agenda of lowering prices, or in forcibly removing property from the white natives from this area continues.

Why is this information Important
A second important agenda with the Mosques is the rise of Muslims gaining firearms certificates and electing to keep their weapons within the Mosques. This information comes directly from a gun dealer local to Lancashire, and supported by a police officer, the Police are very well aware of this reality.

Given we have a force moving to set Christian against Muslim, allowing guns to be kept in Mosques could be the very flame required to ignite serious civil unrest.

History of Radical Islam
Many believe the father of Radical Islam to be Hajj Amin al-Husseini. This Grand Mufti of Jerusalem held a great hatred in his heart for Jews, so much so he was drawn to Adolf Hitler during the rise of the Third Reich. [2] Hitler was a banking agent, as such Husseini was also a banking puppet.

Islam for the banking elites is the perfect program for inquisition, this is the reason all the politician’s have been happy to install Sharia Law while claiming to be against it, or, by pulling down all debate on the subject as an attack on multiculturalism and therefore racist. Its about theology.

We need facts we need a continuum of those facts as they  make up the real agenda.

In Turkey the Black Op coup has just handed the dictator Erdogan almost absolute power having sacked over 3000 Judges and other political opponents, enabling Erdogan to completely control the military. Erdogan is a major supporter of the Islamic Caliphate and has serious ties to Israel’s elite.

Britain has prospered because our system separates Church and state, this is not what Islam represents, it takes absolute power over everything. Today we have over 150 Sharia Courts in Britain, all of which are supported by Theresa May.

Clearly we can see the agenda of the corporate empire, it uses Islam as a front.

The future holds the following :

  • “In the name of God, the most inhuman crimes occur.
  • The greatest intolerance has replaced the greatest kindness and this is now Hell on earth.
  • The tears and blood of the suffering are overflowing.”

In the name of God do the religions claim authority yet today not a single religion acts according to the original Hebrew doctrine, all have been superseded with the Talmud, directly for those that claim the Hebrew continuum, the Jews, the same for Christian Zionism and through the badly copied directives that make up the Hadith for Islam.

When a religion moves off its foundation and enters the realm of the antagonist it is up to people as individuals to ensure they do not follow that path for the sake of their own soul, if the religion falls from grace you must not follow, you must stand in truth and struggle against the tide of confusion.

Pope Francis, a strange man, a man that represents the Jesuit version and idea of Jesus, recently travelled to Greece to demand Christians love the invading Muslims. Of course the Holy See has pretty much run out of folks that are happy to enact inquisition against Christians and non Christians, from within the Christian fraternity, so they have encouraged the rise of Radical Islam in order they can spread folks that are happy to judge and terrorise, and claim the authority of God, to kill and torture all life, if it don’t fit with the Caliphate’s god given role.

Working in sync with the Bank for International Settlements through the IMF as they destroy nations sovereignty through the control of credit, they have determined to thrust millions of Asians and Africans   into the heart of Europe and Britain to make judgement upon the natives. The Anti-Life system is here….


The Former French Prime Minister François Mitterrand (now deceased) accused, Heinz (Henry) Kissinger of being the chief architect of the Yugoslavian conflict, through his and Lord Peter Carrington’s company of death, Kissinger Associates. I hope these next two pieces of excellent reporting helps you to understand the situation better. What is a very interesting fact here, is that Bill Clinton on the orders of the Elite bankers has continued the plan of Adolf Hitler in destroying Yugoslavia before he attacked Russia. Of course Hitler changed his plan, but from the time of WW2, the elite have continued the policy and planning of Hitler…We are now entering the rise of the Fourth Reich.

by Sara Flounders, International Action Center
February 28, 2008.
In evaluating the recent “declaration of independence” by Kosovo, a province of Serbia, and its immediate recognition as a state by the US, Germany, Britain and France, it is important to know three things.
First, Kosovo is not gaining independence or even minimal self-government. It will be run by an appointed High Representative and bodies appointed by the US, European Union and NATO. An old-style colonial viceroy and imperialist administrators will have control over foreign and domestic policy. US Imperialism has merely consolidated its direct control of a totally dependent colony in the heart of the Balkans.
Second, Washington’s immediate recognition of Kosovo confirms once again that US Imperialism will break any and every treaty or international agreement it has ever signed, including agreements it drafted and imposed by force and violence on others.
The recognition of Kosovo is in direct violation of such law-specifically UN Security Council Resolution 1244, which the leaders of Yugoslavia were forced to sign to end the 78 days of NATO bombing of their country in 1999. Even this imposed agreement affirmed the “commitment of all Member States to the sovereignty and territorial integrity” of Serbia, a republic of Yugoslavia.
This week’s illegal recognition of Kosovo was condemned by Serbia, Russia, China and Spain.
Thirdly, US Imperialist domination does not benefit the occupied people. Kosovo after nine years of direct NATO military occupation has a staggering 60 percent unemployment rate. It has become a center of the international drug trade and of prostitution rings in Europe.
The once humming mines, mills, smelters, refining centers and railroads of this small resource-rich industrial area all sit silent. The resources of Kosovo under NATO occupation were forcibly privatised and sold to giant Western multinational corporations. Now almost the only employment is working for the U.S./NATO army of occupation or UN Agencies.
The only major construction in Kosovo is of CampBondsteel, the largest US Base built in Europe in a generation. Halliburton, of course, got the contract. CampBondsteel guards the strategic oil and transportation lines of the entire region.
Over 250,000 Serbian, Romani and other nationalities have been driven out of this Serbian province since it came under U.S./NATO control. Almost a quarter of the Albanian population has been forced to leave in order to find work.

Establishing a colonial administration
Consider the plan under which Kosovo’s “independence” is to happen. Not only does it violate UN Resolutions but it is also a total colonial structure. It is similar to the absolute power held by L. Paul Bremer in the first two years of the US Occupation of Iraq.
How did this colonial plan come about? It was proposed by the same forces responsible for the breakup of Yugoslavia and the NATO bombing and occupation of Kosovo.
In June of 2005, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan appointed former Finnish President Marti Ahtisaari as his special envoy to lead the negotiations on Kosovo’s final status. Ahtisaari is hardly a neutral arbitrator when it comes to US Intervention in Kosovo. He is chairman emeritus of the International Crisis Group (ICG), an organisation funded by multibillionaire George Soros that promotes NATO expansion and intervention along with open markets for US And E.U. Investment.
The board of the ICG includes two key US Officials responsible for the bombing of Kosovo: Gen. Wesley Clark and Zbigniew Brzezinski. In March 2007, Ahtisaari gave his Comprehensive Proposal for Kosovo Status Settlement to the new UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon.
The documents setting out the new government for Kosovo are available at A summary is available on the US State Department’s Web site at
An International Civilian Representative (ICR) will be appointed by US And E.U. Officials to oversee Kosovo. This appointed official can overrule any measures, annul any laws, and remove anyone from office in Kosovo. The ICR will have full and final control over the departments of Customs, Taxation, Treasury, and Banking.

The E.U. Will establish a European Security and Defense Policy Mission (ESDP) and NATO will establish an International Military Presence. Both these appointed bodies will have control over foreign policy, security, police, judiciary, all courts, and prisons. They are guaranteed immediate and complete access to any activity, proceeding, or document in Kosovo.
These bodies and the ICR will have final say over what crimes can be prosecuted and against whom; they can reverse or annul any decision made. The largest prison in Kosovo is at the US Base, CampBond steel, where prisoners are held without charges, judicial overview or representation.
The recognition of Kosovo’s “independence” is just the latest step in a US war of reconquest that has been relentlessly pursued for decades.
Divide and rule

The Balkans has been a vibrant patchwork of many oppressed nationalities, cultures, and religions. The Socialist Federation of Yugoslavia, formed after World War II, contained six republics, none of which had a majority. Yugoslavia was born with a heritage of antagonisms that had been endlessly exploited by the Ottoman Turks, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and interference by British and French imperialism, followed by Nazi German and Italian Fascist occupation in World War II.
The Jewish and Serbian peoples suffered the greatest losses in that war. A powerful communist-led resistance movement made up of all the nationalities, which had suffered in different ways, was forged against Nazi occupation and all outside intervention. After the liberation, all the nationalities cooperated and compromised in building the new socialist federation.
In 45 years the Socialist Federation of Yugoslavia developed from an impoverished, underdeveloped, feuding region into a stable country with an industrial base, full literacy and health care for the whole population.
With the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, the Pentagon immediately laid plans for the aggressive expansion of NATO into the East. Divide and rule became US policy throughout the entire region. Everywhere right-wing, pro-capitalist forces were financed and encouraged. As the Soviet Union was broken up into separate, weakened, unstable, and feuding republics, the Socialist Federation of Yugoslavia tried to resist this reactionary wave.
In 1991, while world attention was focused on the devastating US bombing of Iraq, Washington encouraged, financed, and armed right-wing separatist movements in the Croatian, Slovenian and Bosnian republics of the Yugoslav Federation. In violation of international agreements Germany and the US gave quick recognition to these secessionist movements and approved the creation of several capitalist ministates.
At the same time US finance capital imposed severe economic sanctions on Yugoslavia to bankrupt its economy. Washington then promoted NATO as the only force able to bring stability to the region.
The arming and financing of the right-wing UCK movement in the Serbian province of Kosovo began in this same period. Kosovo was not a distinct republic within the Yugoslav Federation but a province in the SerbianRepublic. Historically, it had been a center of Serbian national identity, but with a growing Albanian population.
Washington initiated a wild propaganda campaign claiming that Serbia was carrying out a campaign of massive genocide against the Albanian majority in Kosovo. The Western media was full of stories of mass graves and brutal rapes. US officials claimed that from 100,000 up to 500,000 Albanians had been massacred.
U.S./NATO officials under the Clinton administration issued an outrageous ultimatum that Serbia immediately accept military occupation and surrender all sovereignty or face NATO bombardment of its cities, towns and infrastructure. When, at a negotiation session in Rambouillet, France, the Serbian Parliament voted to refuse NATO’s demands, the bombing began.
In 78 days the Pentagon dropped 35,000 cluster bombs, used thousands of rounds of radioactive depleted-uranium rounds, along with bunker busters and cruise missiles. The bombing destroyed more than 480 schools, 33 hospitals, numerous health clinics, 60 bridges, along with industrial, chemical, and heating plants, and the electrical grid. Kosovo, the region that Washington was supposedly determined to liberate, received the greatest destruction.
Finally on June 3, 1999, Yugoslavia was forced to agree to a ceasefire and the occupation of Kosovo.
Expecting to find bodies everywhere, forensic teams from 17 NATO countries organised by the Hague Tribunal on War Crimes searched occupied Kosovo all summer of 1999 but found a total of only 2,108 bodies, of all nationalities. Some had been killed by NATO bombing and some in the war between the UCK and the Serbian police and military. They found not one mass grave and could produce no evidence of massacres or of “genocide.”
This stunning rebuttal of the imperialist propaganda comes from a report released by the chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Carla Del Ponte. It was covered, but without fanfare, in the New York Times of Nov. 11, 1999.
The wild propaganda of genocide and tales of mass graves were as false as the later claims that Iraq had and was preparing to use “weapons of mass destruction.”
Through war, assassinations, coups and economic strangulation, Washington has succeeded for now in imposing neo-liberal economic policies on all of the six former Yugoslav republics and breaking them into unstable and impoverished ministates.
The very instability and wrenching poverty that imperialism has brought to the region will in the long run be the seeds of it’s undoing. The history of the achievements made when Yugoslavia enjoyed real independence and sovereignty through unity and socialist development will assert itself in the future.
Sara Flounders, co-director of the International Action Center, traveled to Yugoslavia during the 1999 US bombing and reported on the extent of the US attacks on civilian targets. She is a co-author and editor of the books: “Hidden Agenda-U.S./NATO Takeover of Yugoslavia” and “NATO in the Balkans.”

The Real Story Behind Kosovo’s Independence
by Jeremy Scahill, Alternet
February 25, 2008
News Flash: The Bush administration acknowledges there is such thing as international law.

But, predictably, it is not being invoked to address the US prison camps at Guantanamo, the wide use of torture, the invasion and occupation of sovereign countries, the extraordinary rendition program. No, it is being thrown out forcefully as a condemnation of the Serbian government in the wake of Thursday’s attack by protesters on the US embassy in Belgrade following the Bush administration’s swift recognition of the declaration of independence by the southern Serbian province of Kosovo. Some 1,000 protesters broke away from a largely non-violent mass demonstration in downtown Belgrade and targeted the embassy. Some protesters actually made it into the compound, setting a fire and tearing down the American flag.

“I’m outraged by the mob attack against the US embassy in Belgrade,” fumed Zalmay Khalilzad, the US Ambassador to the United Nations. “The embassy is sovereign US territory. The government of Serbia has a responsibility under international law to protect diplomatic facilities, particularly embassies.” His comments were echoed by a virtual who’s who of the Bill Clinton administration. People like Jamie Rubin, then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s deputy, one of the main architects of US policy toward Serbia. “It is sovereign territory of the United States under international law,” Rubin declared. “For Serbia to allow these protesters to break windows, break into the American Embassy, is a pretty dramatic sign.” Hillary Clinton, whose husband orchestrated and ran the 78-day NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999, said, “I would be moving very aggressively to hold the Serbian government responsible with their security forces to protect our embassy. Under international law they should be doing that.”

There are two major issues here. One is the situation in Kosovo itself (which we’ll get to in a moment), but the other is the attack on the US embassy. Yes, the Serbian government had an obligation to prevent the embassy from being torched and ransacked. If there was complicity by the Serbian police or authorities in allowing it to be attacked, that is a serious issue. But the US has little moral authority not just in invoking international law (which it only does when it benefits Washington’s agenda) but in invoking international law when speaking about attacks on embassies in Belgrade.

Perhaps the greatest crime against any embassy in the history of Yugoslavia was committed not by evil Serb protesters, but by the United States military.

On May 7, 1999, at the height of the 78 day US-led NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, the US bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, killing three Chinese citizens, two of them journalists, and wounding 20 others. The Clinton administration later said that the bombing was the result of faulty maps provided by the CIA (Sound familiar?). Beijing rejected that explanation and alleged it was deliberate. Eventually, under strong pressure from China, the US apologised and paid $28 million in compensation to the victims’ families. If the US was serious about international law and the protection of embassies, those responsible for that bombing would have been tried at the Hague along with other alleged war criminals. But “war criminal” is a designation for the losers of US-fueled wars, not bombers sent by Washington to drop humanitarian munitions on “sovereign territory.”

Beyond the obvious hypocrisy of the US condemnations of Serbia and the sudden admission that international law exists, the Kosovo story is an important one in the context of the current election campaign in the United States. Perhaps more than any other international conflict, Yugoslavia was the defining foreign policy of President Bill Clinton’s time in power. Under his rule, the nation of Yugoslavia was destroyed, dismantled and chopped into ethnically pure para-states. President Bush’s immediate recognition of Kosovo as an independent nation was the icing on the cake of destruction of Yugoslavia and one which was enthusiastically embraced by Hillary Clinton. “I’ve supported the independence of Kosovo because I think it is imperative that in the heart of Europe we continue to promote independence and democracy,” Clinton said at the recent Democratic debate in Austin, Texas.

A few days before the attack on the US embassy in Belgrade, Clinton released a Molotov cocktail statement praising the declaration of independence. In it, she referred to Kosovo by the Albanian “Kosova” and said independence “will allow the people of Kosova to finally live in their own democratic state. It will allow Kosova and Serbia to finally put a difficult chapter in their history behind them and to move forward.” She added, “I want to underscore the need to avoid any violence or provocations in the days and weeks ahead.” As seasoned observers of Serbian politics know, there were few things the US could have done to add fuel to the rage in Serbia over the declaration of independence — “provocations” if you will — than to have a political leader named Clinton issue a statement praising independence and using the Albanian name for Kosovo.

On the campaign trail, the Clinton camp has held up Kosovo as a successful model for how to conduct US foreign policy and Clinton criticised Bush for taking “so long for us to reach this historic juncture.”

Perhaps a little of that history is in order. If Kosovo is her idea of solid US foreign policy, it speaks volumes to what kind of president she would be. The reality is that there are striking similarities between the Clinton approach to Kosovo and the Bush approach to Iraq.

On March 24, 1999, President Bill Clinton began an 11-week bombing campaign against Yugoslavia. Like Bush with Iraq, Clinton had no UN mandate (he used NATO) and his so-called “diplomacy” to avert the possibility of bombing leading up to the attacks was insincere and a set-up from the jump. Just like Bush with Iraq.

A month before the bombing began, the Clinton administration issued an ultimatum to President Slobodan Milosevic, which he had to either accept unconditionally or face bombing. Known as the Rambouillet accord, it was a document that no sovereign country would have accepted. It contained a provision that would have guaranteed US and NATO forces “free and unrestricted passage and unimpeded access throughout” all of Yugoslavia, not just Kosovo. It also sought to immunise those occupation forces “from any form of arrest, investigation, or detention by the authorities in [Yugoslavia],” as well as grant the occupiers “the use of airports, roads, rails and ports without payment.” Additionally, Milosevic was told he would have to “grant all telecommunications services, including broadcast services, needed for the Operation, as determined by NATO.” Similar to Bush’s Iraq plan years later, Rambouillet mandated that the economy of Kosovo “shall function in accordance with free market principles.”

What Milosevic was actually asked to sign is never discussed. That it would have effectively meant the end of the sovereignty of the nation was a non-story. The dominant narrative for the past nine years, repeated this week by William Cohen, Clinton’s defense secretary at the time of the bombing, is this: “We tried to achieve a peaceful resolution of what was taking place in Kosovo. And Slobodan Milosevic refused.” Refused peace? More like he unwisely refused one of Don Corleone’s famous offers. Washington knew he would reject it, but had to give the appearance of diplomacy for international “legitimacy.”

So the humanitarian bombs rained down on Serbia. Among the missions: the bombing of the studios of Radio Television Serbia where an airstrike killed 16 media workers; the cluster bombing of a Nis marketplace, shredding human beings into meat; the deliberate targeting of a civilian passenger train; the use of depleted uranium munitions; and the targeting of petrochemical plants, causing toxic chemical waste to pour into the Danube River. Also, the bombing of Albanian refugees, ostensibly the people being protected by the US

Similar to Bush’s allegations about Iraqi WMDs in the lead up to the US invasion, in 1999 Clinton administration officials also delivered stunning allegations about the level of brutality present in Kosovo as part of the propaganda campaign. “We’ve now seen about 100,000 military-aged men missing ….They may have been murdered,” Cohen said five weeks into the bombing. He said that up to 4,600 Kosovo men had been executed, adding, “I suspect it’s far higher than that.” Those numbers were flat out false. Eventually the estimates were scaled back dramatically, as Justin Raimondo pointed out recently in his column on, from 100,000 to 50,000 to 10,000 and “at that point the War Party stopped talking numbers altogether and just celebrated the glorious victory of ‘humanitarian intervention.'” As it turned out “there was no ‘genocide’ — the International Tribunal itself reported that just over 2,000 bodies were recovered from postwar Kosovo, including Serbs, Roma, and Kosovars, all victims of the vicious civil war in which we intervened on the side of the latter. The whole fantastic story of another ‘holocaust’ in the middle of Europe was a fraud,” according to Raimondo.

Following the NATO invasion of Kosovo in June of 1999, the US and its allies stood by as the Albanian mafia and gangs of criminals and paramilitaries spread out across the province and systematically cleansed Kosovo of hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Romas and other ethnic minorities. They burned down houses, businesses, and churches and implemented a shocking campaign to forcibly expel non-Albanians from the province. Meanwhile, the US worked closely with the Kosovo Liberation Army and backed the rise of war criminals to the highest levels of power in Kosovo. Today, Kosovo has become a hub for human trafficking, organised crime and narcosmuggling. In short, it is a mafia state. Is this the “democracy” Hillary Clinton speaks of “promoting” in “the heart” of Europe?

It didn’t take long for the US to begin construction of a massive US military base, CampBondsteel, which conveniently is located in an area of tremendous geopolitical interest to Washington. (Among its most bizarre facilities, Bondsteel now offers classes at the Laura Bush education center, as well as massages from Thai women and all the multinational junk food you could (n) ever wish for.) In November 2005, Alvaro Gil-Robles, the human rights envoy of the Council of Europe, described Bondsteel as a “smaller version of Guantanamo.” Oh, and Bondsteel was constructed by former Halliburton subsidiary KBR.

Herein lays an interesting point. The Serbian government is largely oriented toward Europe, not the US. The country’s Prime Minister, Vojislav Kostunica, is a conservative isolationist who is not enthusiastic about a US military base on Serbian soil any more than Cuba is about Gitmo. He charged that, in recognising Kosovo, Washington was “ready to unscrupulously and violently jeopardise international order for the sake of its own military interests.” To the would-be independent Kosovo government, however, Bondsteel is no problem.

Russia and a few other nations are fighting the recognition of Kosovo as an independent nation, but that is unlikely to succeed. Still, this action will undoubtedly reverberate for years to come. “We have in Serbia a situation in which the US has forced an action –the proclamation of independence by the Kosovo Albanians — that is in clear violation of the most fundamental principles of international law after World War II,” argues Robert Hayden, Director of the Center for Russian and East European Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. “Borders cannot be changed by force and without consent — that principle was actually the main stated reason for the 1991 US attack onIraq.”

And this brings us full circle. International law matters only when it is convenient for the US. So too are the cries for “humanitarian interventions.” And despite the extremism of the Bush administration, this is hardly a uniquely Republican phenomenon. In a just world, there would be a humanitarian intervention against the US occupation of Iraq — with its indiscriminate killings of civilians, torture chambers, and widespread human rights violations. There certainly would have been such an intervention during the bipartisan slaughter, through bombs and sanctions, of Iraq’s people over the past 18 years. But that’s what you get when the cops and judges and prosecutors are the criminals. US policy has always operated on a worthy victim, unworthy victim system that is almost never primarily about saving the victims. Humanitarianism is the publicly offered justification for the action, seldom, if ever, the primary motivation. With Iraq, Bush wheeled out the humanitarian justification for the occupation–Saddam’s brutality — only after the WMD lies were thoroughly debunked. In Yugoslavia, Clinton used it right out of the gates. In both cases, it rang insincere.

If you are a victim who happens to share a common geography with US interests, international law is on your side as long as it is convenient. If not, well, tough. The UN is just a debate club anyway. Just ask the tens of thousands of Kurds who were slaughtered by Turkey with weapons sold to them by the Clinton administration during the 1990s. Or the Palestinians who live under the brutality of Israel’s occupation. In some cases, the “victims” allegedly being protected by the US actually get bombed themselves, as was the case with President Clinton’s “humanitarian” bombings of the North and south of Iraq once every three days in the late 1990s.

In the bigger picture, the Bush administration’s quick recognition of an independent Kosovo has given us a powerful reminder of a fact that is too often overlooked these days: empire is bipartisan, as are the tactics and rhetoric and bombs used to defend and expand it.

Jeremy Scahill, an independent journalist who reports frequently for the national radio and TV program Democracy Now!, has spent extensive time reporting from Iraq and Yugoslavia. He is currently a Puffin Writing Fellow at The Nation Institute. Scahill is the author of Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army.

[2] Revered in some circles today as one of the fathers of modern radical Islam, al-Husseini has been the subject of a number of modern studies. Scholars such as David Dalin, John Rothmann, Chuck Morse, and others have courageously brought al-Husseini’s actions to light. “Hitler’s Mufti,” as many have called him, had a direct hand in some of the darkest moments of the Holocaust, the slaughter of tens of thousands of Christians, and the formation of some of the most hate-filled generations of modern history. Al-Husseini is a testament to the way that evil finds evil.

Al-Husseini was born sometime in the late 1890s in Jerusalem when that city was in the hands of the dying Ottoman Empire. He belonged to an old family of nobles and was the son of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Tahir al-Husseini. Sent to Cairo for his education, he studied Islamic jurisprudence at Al-Azhar University and then at the Cairo school Dar al-Dawa wal-Ershad (The Institute for Propagation and Guidance) founded by a Syrian member of the Muslim Salafi sect (one of the most extreme in Islam). The school, a haven for radical thought, gave al-Husseini an early grounding in practical revolutionary planning. Al-Husseini went on to the College of Literature at Cairo University and then the Ottoman School for Administrators in Istanbul, which trained future leaders of the then far-flung Ottoman Empire.

After taking the mandatory pilgrimage to Mecca (the Hajj) in 1913, al-Husseini was drafted into the Ottoman Army. He was assigned to the College of Reserve Officers and subsequently named to an infantry regiment as a non-commissioned officer. With the onset of World War I in 1914, the Ottoman Empire entered into the bloody conflict as a member of the Central Powers with Germany and Austria. Al-Husseini found himself in an inefficient army that, compared to the highly mechanised forces of the West, was lacking in leadership and modern equipment. He soon heard of the genocide of the Armenian people—one of the most horrendous incidents in the terrible global conflict.

In 1916, al-Husseini departed the Ottoman Army on disability leave and spent the rest of the war in Jerusalem. Angered by the decision of the Allied victors to deny Arab participation in the discussions leading to the Treaty of Versailles, al-Husseini was even more infuriated by the sudden increase of Jewish immigrants into British-controlled Palestine. An ardent anti-Semite who hated Jews with a deep fervour, he first came to the attention of the British in 1920 when he organised riots against Jews. Charged with inciting violence that left five Jews dead and another 211 injured, he fled to Syria and was sentenced in absentia to 10 years’ imprisonment.

In April 1921, however, British High Commissioner Sir Herbert Samuel, seeking to achieve some semblance of peace in the Holy Land, granted amnesty to Arab nationalists. Al-Husseini was allowed to return to Jerusalem, and the British officials—disregarding his long record of anti-Semitism—named him Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. This title was granted to a Sunni Muslim cleric, granting him oversight of the holy sites of Islam in Jerusalem, in particular the Al-Aqsa Mosque. For Sunni Muslims, the Grand Mufti is honored as the chief religious authority in Jerusalem. Notably, from the appointment of the first Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in the 1860s, the position was customarily filled by the governing power in charge of Jerusalem.

After the death of the first Grand Mufti, Mohammed Tahir al-Husseini, in 1908, the position stayed in the family when the Turks awarded the title to his son Kamil al-Husseini. Although the British assumed control of Jerusalem during World War I, Kamil al-Husseini remained in his post until his death in 1921, when the British decided that Kamil’s brother Hajj Amin would be an acceptable choice—despite his criminal past and known extremist ties. Al-Husseini remained as Grand Mufti under the British in spite of his activities and was removed only in 1948, when King Abdullah I of Jordan banned him from Jerusalem and named Hussam Al-din Jarallah as Grand Mufti.

Once in power in Jerusalem, al-Husseini was appointed by the British to head the newly established Supreme Muslim Council, created to prepare the way for Arab self-governance in Palestine. Al-Husseini took the chance given to him by the appeasement-minded British to call for the deaths of Jews and set out on a campaign of terror against the Jews in Palestine. In subsequent years, al-Husseini was involved in plots to massacre Jews, among them 60 Jewish immigrants in Hebron and 45 more in Safad in 1929. In 1936, he helped lead a rebellion in Palestine against the British. The following year the British condemned al-Husseini (though permitting him to retain the title of Grand Mufti), and he fled to Syria once more. From there he continued to plot against the British control over Palestine.

Events outside the Middle East were presenting new opportunities for fanatics to find allies and possible patrons. The 1930s witnessed the rise of National Socialism in Italy under Benito Mussolini and in Germany under Adolf Hitler. Soon after the appointment of Hitler as German Chancellor in 1933, the German Consul-General in Palestine, Heinrich Wolff, expressed his belief that many Muslims in the Holy Land would be supportive of the new Nazi regime. This view was confirmed when Wolff met with al-Husseini and other radical local leaders. For al-Husseini, the anti-Jewish policies of the Nazis were appealing, and he hoped for German help in ousting the British from Palestine.

Al-Husseini deepened his outreach to the Nazis in 1937 when he met with two Nazi SS officers, including Adolf Eichmann, one of the architects of the Holocaust in Damascus, Syria. The SS representatives had been sent at the express order of Reinhard Heydrich, the deputy head of the SS under Heinrich Himmler and chief of SS Intelligence and the Nazi security services, including the Gestapo. Heydrich recognised immediately that al-Husseini was a potentially valuable asset for Nazi interests in the Middle East and worked to cultivate him.

Four years later, al-Husseini threw his support to a pro-Nazi revolt in Iraq against the British-backed prime minister, Nuri Said Pasha. Going to Baghdad, al-Husseini issued a fatwa for a jihad against the British. Barely a month later, British troops ended the coup and occupied the country, whereupon al-Husseini fled to Iran. Although given sanctuary in the embassies of Japan and Italy, al-Husseini was again forced to be on the move when Iran was itself occupied by the British and Soviet armies. Al-Husseini made his way out of Iran with Italian diplomats who provided him with an Italian passport. He shaved his beard and dyed his hair to avoid being recognised by British agents and Iranian police.

Al-Husseini reached Rome in October 1941 and began serious discussions with the Mussolini regime. The result was twofold. First, he secured a meeting with Mussolini himself and then completed a practical agreement with the Italians. In return for Axis recognition of an Arab state of a fascist nature that would encompass Iraq, Syria, Palestine, and the Transjordan, he agreed to support the war against Britain. The Italian foreign ministry also urged Mussolini to grant al-Husseini one million lire.

Over the next few days, al-Husseini drafted a proposed statement of an Arab-Axis cooperative effort by which the Axis powers would recognise the right of the Arabs to deal with Jewish elements in Palestine and in the other Arab countries according to their own interests. The declaration was approved by Mussolini and sent to the German embassy in Rome. Pleased with the declaration, al-Husseini was invited to Berlin as an honoured and useful guest of the Nazi regime. He arrived in Berlin on November 6 and met with Ernst von Weizsäcker, German secretary of state under Nazi Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop. Two weeks later, he met with von Ribbentrop himself, a prelude to his triumphant reception on November 28, 1941, with Adolf Hitler.

At they’re meeting, al-Husseini requested German assistance with the Arab independence movement and Nazi support in the extermination of any Jewish homeland. For his part, Hitler promised to aid that liberation movement, but went still further, promising that the aim of Nazi Germany would be the elimination of all Jews living under British protection once such territories had been conquered. This was described by al-Husseini in his own memoirs:

Our fundamental condition for cooperating with Germany was a free hand to eradicate every last Jew from Palestine and the Arab world. I asked Hitler for an explicit undertaking to allow us to solve the Jewish people in a manner befitting our national and racial aspirations and according to the scientific methods innovated by Germany in the handling of its Jews. The answer I got was: “The Jews are yours.” (Ami Isseroff and Peter FitzGerald-Morris, “The Iraq Coup Attempt of 1941, the Mufti, and the Farhud”)

For the Nazis, al-Husseini was an ideal propaganda tool, a powerful spokesman among radical Arabs, and an excellent instrument for their anti-Jewish campaign in Europe and in the Holy Land. Portrayed by the Nazis as the spiritual leader of all Islam, al-Husseini was given a grand formal welcome in Berlin. The official Nazi newspaper, Volkischer Beobachter, proudly published a photo of Hitler and al-Husseini, and Radio Berlin proclaimed on January 8, 1942, that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem had consented to take part in the effort against the British, the Communists, and the Jews.

Satisfied with his newly concretised relations with the Nazis, al-Husseini chose to remain in the service of the Axis and settled in Berlin in a lavish mansion that had been confiscated from a Jewish family. The Nazis paid him a monthly stipend of 62,500 Reichsmarks (approximately 20,000 dollars), payments that continued until April 1945, when only the fall of Berlin to the Red Army ended Hitler’s financial support. From his post, al-Husseini headed the Nazi-Arab Cooperation Section and helped build a network of German spies across the Middle East through his followers. Scheming for a desired dark future of Nazi-Islamic leadership, the Mufti founded an Islamic Institute in Dresden to provide training for young radical Muslims who would serve as chaplains for his field units and also head out across the Middle East and the world to sow the seeds of jihadism and anti-Semitism.

The Mufti’s Final Solution
Scholars have long studied how actively engaged al-Husseini was in the implementation of the Holocaust. There is no question that he supported the aims of the Nazis in perpetrating genocide and believed perversely that all Arabs should join that cause. He declared on German radio on March 1, 1944,: “Arabs, rise as one man and fight for your sacred rights. Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history, and religion. This saves your honour. God is with you” (qtd. in Norman Stillman, “Jews of the Arab World between European Colonialism, Zionism, and Arab Nationalism” in Judaism and Islam: Boundaries, Communications, and Interaction: Essays in Honour of William M. Brinner).

According to the testimony of Adolf Eichmann’s chief deputy Dieter Wisliceny (who was hanged for war crimes) the Mufti played a role in encouraging the Final Solution and was a close friend and advisor to Eichmann in the Holocaust’s implementation across Europe. Wisliceny testified further that al-Husseini had a close association with Heinrich Himmler and visited the gas chambers at Auschwitz, where he exhorted the staff to be even more dedicated in its important work.

To assist the practical slaughter of Jews and Christians, al-Husseini built an army of Muslim volunteer units for the Waffen-SS (the combat units of the dread SS) to operate for the Nazi cause in the Balkans. While the appeal for volunteers from among Muslims always struggled to meet the demands for new recruits, al-Husseini was able to organise three divisions of Bosnian Muslims who were then trained as elements of the Waffen-SS. The largest radical Muslim unit was the 13th Waffen-SS Handzar (“Dagger”) division that boasted over 21,000 men. They were joined by the Bosnian 23rd Waffen-SS Kama Division and the Albanian Skanderbeg 21st Waffen-SS Division. The Muslim Waffen-SS forces fought across the Balkans against Communist partisans and then assisted in the genocide of Yugoslavian Jews and in the persecution and slaughter of Gypsies and Christian Serbs in 1944 and 1945. The brutality extended to Catholics as well, for the Muslim Waffen-SS cut a path of destruction across the Balkans that encompassed a large number of Catholic parishes, churches, and shrines and resulted in the deaths of thousands of Catholics. By the end of the war, al-Husseini’s fanatical soldiers had killed over 90 percent of the Jews in Bosnia.

While al-Husseini carried out his decimation of Jews in Eastern Europe, the situation facing Jews in Rome in late 1943 was also grave. Following the deposition of Mussolini by his own people, Hitler invaded the country and briefly re-installed Il Duce. Then followed the first mass arrests of Italian Jews and a planned deportation of all Italian Jews to the death camps. Pope Pius XII protested these arrests and used the Vatican’s newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, to speak out further against the Nazi campaign against the Jews of Italy. Among his many acts during this dangerous period, the holy pontiff sheltered 3,000 Jews at his summer residence, Castel Gandolfo, and hid thousands more in some 180 convents, monasteries, parish buildings, rectories, churches, and even in Vatican City itself. Through his leadership, Pius ultimately helped to save or rescue 80 percent of the Jews of Rome. In June 1944, the pontiff sent a telegram to Admiral Miklos Horthy, the leader of Hungary, and implored him not to proceed with the planned deportation of the country’s 800,000 Jews.

As Pius was risking his safety and that of the Church in Italy, al-Husseini continued to call for the extermination of all Jews. On November 2, 1943, as the Nazis tried to press forward with the roundup of Italian Jews, the Grand Mufti declared on German radio of the Jewish people, “They cannot mix with any other nation but live as parasites among the nations, suck out their blood, embezzle their property, corrupt their morals.”

The Untouchable Cleric
With the collapse of the Third Reich, al-Husseini fled from Germany to Switzerland and then to Paris. Incredibly, he was not a target of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. He was sentenced merely to house arrest in Paris on the basis of charges made by the Yugoslav Supreme Military Court, which sentenced him to three years of imprisonment and two years of deprivation of civil rights because of his involvement in the atrocities throughout the Balkans. As for Nuremberg, despite the testimony of Eichmann’s aide, there was scant interest in the mufti because of his assumed immense sway in the Middle East.

With little effort, al-Husseini escaped from his comfortable house arrest. From there he traveled to Cairo, where he considered himself safe thanks to the patronage of Egypt’s King Farouk. Even with the fall of Farouk and the rise of Gamal Abdel-Nasser as head of Egypt in 1952, al-Husseini remained safe. His influence was felt throughout the Arab world, most so in galvanising opposition to Zionism and the birth of Israel. He supported the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, was involved in the assassination of King Abdullah I of Jordan in 1951, and served as president of the World Islamic Congress. His last public appearance came in 1962 when he delivered a speech to that conference. He used his final opportunity to speak to the world to call for the ethnic cleansing of the Jews. He died in Lebanon in 1974, a beloved and revered figure among radical Muslims all over the world.

Hajj Amin al-Husseini’s legacy was to inspire generations of terrorists, Islamic jihadists, and such dictators as Saddam Hussein of Iraq. The foremost exemplar of his influence was a young terrorist and distant relative who became one of his most ardent students: Yasser Arafat, the future leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation. Rabbi David Dalin—one of Pope Pius XII’s greatest defenders—offers a fitting final word :

The “most dangerous” cleric in modern history, to use John Cornwell’s phrase, was not Pope Pius XII but Hajj Amin al-Husseini, whose anti-Jewish Islamic fundamentalism was as dangerous in World War II as it is today . . . The grand mufti was the Nazi collaborator par excellence. “Hitler’s mufti” is truth. “Hitler’s Pope” is myth. (The Myth of Hitler’s Pope, 137)

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