The Thirteenth Tribe

The Thirteenth Tribe











The following thesis moves to express what I see as it relates to the cause of our current path to insanity, the following narrative is my grasp on the great game from over 24 years of study and research of the chronology and history of Western man and his strive for peaceful existence.

We can go deep into religious theology but for my point to be made it is not a necessary task.

In following the narrative of scriptural writings specific to the traditions we call the Hebrew, the tribes went array and God saw them no more. In a journey spanning over two millennia what is clear today is that what almost became a move to grace was subverted by the existent priesthood which at this time was a mix of Hebrew and Babylonian theology, each with the sole aim of keeping the theology of the twelve tribes under their command and thus control. 

There was also Rome and the Hellenistic societies in the mix, with Rome in the minds of Jews representing the Egypt of the day, therefore it was natural Greece and Roman theology would look to synchronise in taking on the new law and create western civilisation as a representation of the Gospels.

In the rejection of a new tribe under the grace brought through the Gospels, regardless of their origin, the Hebrew tradition would divide once again giving rise to a new drive of vested interests to oppose any ideas of freedom, the priest-craft of secrecy and subversion would combine and move to create a script they controlled to undermine the Torah, this would be the birth of the Talmud.

With the symbolism of the twelve (Houses) and the one, or the twelve apostles and the new message, was the prophesied gift to those following the Hebrew tradition and was no less than a calling to balance for the Hebrew tribes, a method of thought to which the lost tribes should have gathered, a tribe that would be numbered Thirteen, yet in taking on the new law the twelve would become whole, they would become one.

In the rejection of such a doctrine the Hebrew tradition begot a sadistic self aggrandising warrior tribe with no ties to the Hebrew tradition, save for a mimic of the same coming out of the Talmud. Zionism was born and has moved ceaselessly to subvert both traditions, the consequence of which procured Christian Zionism and an idea of Jewishness, or a vision through the eye of Judah, which would recruit, through yet another aberration, an entire culture in gaining a foothold in the mass conversion of the Khazars during the eighth century. Yet even this accomplishment appears to have been through an act of subversion because the original Khazars would not accept the authority of the Talmud, quite simply because King Bulan had not ordained it. Only the Torah was to be accepted by the original Khazarian Jew if they followed the decrees of King Bulan. More research in this area needs to be carried out.

The hidden priesthood has forever moved to subvert the communities formed via each respective religion in each respective nation. It is perhaps fair to suggest that the Crusades introduced each respective culture to the other and through the global companies known as the East India and Virginia Companies, they conjoined in the mutual interest of trade. Today this network has incorporated the domestic systems of all nations and therefore commands all nations with our supposed elected representatives acting as the middle men. God does not operate through deception but for evil secrecy and lies are everything.

They are building Solomon’s Temple

What this suggests is that a force outside the Hebrew tradition was at work, this force would be in the realm of the secret societies or as they would be known in those days, the mystery schools. It’s doctrine is a mix of Egyptian-Greek, of Egyptian-Gnostic-Hebrew and of Egyptian-Greek-Persian, and as a consequence of the East India Companies and the Jesuits, they would add Tibetan Buddhism, Hindu paganism, today conjoined to make up the expertise and theosophy of Rosicrucianism, combined as they are today it is the doctrine for the secret societies.

There is however another possible foundation to the fulfilment of the original law offered in the Gospels, and, coming after the catastrophes recorded in the Torah in the existence of Tartary which appears to have been the result of the reunification of the 12 tribes. It could also be a reference to Atlantis as the given name to the history correctly of Tartary. In this history the united tribes were betrayed by the tribe of Judas which I suspect could well be a secret society made up of disgruntled Houses to the agreements that made up the empire of Tartar.

In seeking this story you are opened to the idea that by our accepted chronology, 1000 years has been added and presented as the dark ages. Carol Quigley makes it clear that what history calls the dark ages are periods in which the systems of control disappear and the population build communities together without the need for top down bureaucracies. Invasions and such are usually as the defeated system families rise again and invade the populations party.

The Two Monarchies

Carol Quigley has it for me, he recognised the demarcation line between the old and ancient world of dictatorship against the resurrection of an idea called Ethics found in the Books of Enoch. It is all about the understanding of deity from which the rules of the game would become law for those within a nation.

Ethics V Omnipotence.

The omnipotent deity of the old order translated as power absolute, nothing that happened in the nation was outside the will of the all powerful God. The priesthood would select from among their class an almighty leader, a leader upon whom the priesthood would ordain the same attributes as the deity.

To question the leader or the bureaucracy that would surround him was tantamount to questioning God. A leader in this system is the Man-God.

This is a system of absolute dictatorship, which of itself cannot break free from the self imposed chains, such civilisations always end in destruction as the laws become obscene, either from within or from an outside force.

Justinian, Charlemagne, Napoleon, the central banks and Hitler can be seen as representations of Providential Monarchy, but there are of course many more examples.

The old order would be challenged with the introduction of a deity governed by ethics and a doer of only good works, classed as a new idea but the reality is simple, take the theology based in the Books of Enoch and what you have is the entire Hebrew foundation, minus the mistakes of King David and his offspring we then have the message in the Gospels. Ergo the message of the Gospels is the original doctrine of the Hebrew God, the creator that would bring an end to the insanity in the great flood.

The Thirteenth TribeThe former idea of deity Quigley called the Providential Monarchy, meant that everything within the kingdom was so according to providence, good or bad it was the will of the leader and thus also the will of the god. The questioning of anything was forbidden. This is without doubt the theology of todays Zion.

The Gospels are the introduction of the deity governed by ethics, they encourage good deeds and lay the foundation for good social relations. Under this format for civilisation, love is always the aim with a system that rewards good deeds. In this manner the populations are protected as a right, classed as inherent rights ordained from the Grantor of Dominion (God).

All deities old and new have a hierarchy, each specific god or angel would have its role.

Under the western ideal and understanding of deity there would be no room for slavery, be that physical or through contract and debt.

Now you would be right to lay siege at that statement if I was speaking in terms of religion, but I am speaking of the Gospels as a doctrine that brought morality to all who would understand it. Religions are the man made systems to allow the elites to remain in power. Religion and doctrine are not the same.

In these terms it matters not who wrote the Gospels, when they were written and who has ownership, as all those paths lead to claims of authority, with a man chosen as the intermediary the game becomes a battle of wills for those seeking power.  This is where the quest for power belongs.

Spiritual doctrine is for those who crave power not, therefore it is the ground root populations to whom the scriptures speak. Therefore the rise and fall of spiritual doctrine is based entirely upon how the populations understand the doctrines, this is what makes communities, this is what makes nations, rules determined and thus accepted by the populations.

I would therefore conclude that the shift into the Gospels was the offer from God to bring back the Hebrew tradition into the sight of God. The Thirteenth Tribe was to become the theology of love.

Eventually the battles for power enter directly into all spectrums of communities, it is then we find a mimic has subverted our nation and shifts all that protected into all that enslaves.

Today we face the old idea of omnipotent Deity returned, having subverted our nations via secret societies, the method has been to incrementally mock all our cultural rights and civilities as a form of dementia, that the only response by the populations is to relinquish your God ordained rights for privileges and benefits handed out by private interests. 

Was Israel actually created in England?

Sir Henry Finch was an eminent lawyer and member of Parliament who published a book entitled, The World’s Great Restoration or Calling of the Jews, (and with them) all the Nations and Kingdoms of the Earth, to the Faith of Christ. From the Puritan eschatology it was believed that in the conversion of the Jews to the word of the Gospels would complete the journey back into the grace of God for the Hebrews as a whole. In this manner Jerusalem would be builded on England’s Green and Pleasant Land, or the re-unification of the tribes would complete in England.

By the late 1600s and right through the 1700s, during the period called the Great Awakening, the Puritan postmillennial eschatology dominated European and American Protestantism.[1] The writings and preaching of Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758),[2] as well as George Whitefield, were influential in the spread of the belief that the millennium had arrived, that the gospel would soon triumph against evil throughout the world.

This was the scene after the English Civil War and the re-entrance of the Jews into England. It must be known at this point that as the Reformation took hold many Jews would connect with the Protest and there is evidence that from the early 1700s right unto 1880, that Protestants and Jews in England were very content in what I would say is an expression of the Thirteenth Tribe under the Gospels. They became one and the Gospels headed the nation. From 1880, having taken control of the British Monarchy and the Stock Market in 1815, therefore they had become the power within the City of London, the House of Rothschild forced the mass migration of Khazar Jews operating under the Talmud, into Britain. This was more of a shock to the native Jewish communities as it was to the nation as a whole, they were not the same at all, they came as a front for a different Israel.[3] 

Previous to this influx from 1826-33 a series of conferences would be held in England and Ireland in which Dispensationalism or Futurism would restore the Talmud Jews or the original priesthood that moved against the Gospels, as the Thirteenth Tribe in readiness for the now Talmud Khazar migration.

The development of Dispensationalism in the 19th Century and the revolution in futurist prophetic speculation concerning the Church and Israel can be largely attributed to Edward Irving and John Nelson Darby.

Here is where the tale exposes the secret society network at play because it would be the Jesuits, the Society of Jesus that would claim; ” We have planted that sovereign drugge Arminianisme, which we hope will purge the Protestants from their heresy; and it flourisheth and beares fruit in due season.” 

The drug of which is written is known as Futurism  which is the theology formulated by the Jesuit writers, Manuel Lacunza and Francisco Ribera in 1585, a theology that contends Revelations has yet to come to pass.

Israel in Palestine is the entire script of futurism :


Network Deep State America

The Thirteenth Tribe








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