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In short, the following thesis aims to show there are two types of idea of a monarch, each based upon a particular understanding of the deity they worship. That what we face today is the old omnipotent and dictatorial god of pure will subduing the god under ethics and a platform of love.

The pure will dictatorship is a system set up within the timeframe of the pre-flood antediluvian era called Shemsu Hor, a system from which power is retained via absolute command over violent affairs in the hands of the established priesthood, kept in place through the idiom that it is the priesthood itself, that represents the earthly expression of their god’s unbridled will. 

The kingdoms formed under god governed by ethics created communities in which the control of violence remained with the people through the Yeomanry and militia systems, this was to prevent a top down dictatorship, the kind we have just described as Shemsu Hor.

We can see the Shemsu Hor encroach upon England through the Templar aristocracy moving enclosure over the land, when Charles I tried to stop this, they activated Cromwell. Cromwell operated for the Templar naval centre that was Holland. They would chop off the head of Christendom and give another home to the 5% Usury being pushed by Medici inheritors, the House Fugger with the baton down the line being handed to House Rothschild.

From the two classifications of deity we shall discuss, one system is born a complete and total dictatorship, fixed like a merry go round which of its own will cannot escape itself, and secondly, a system in which rights and the protection of the autonomous Man are absolute for the establishment of nation.

I believe today, and for at least a century, they have been building Shemsu Hor again on the landmass Antarctica, which means they are readying for another great catastrophe, either as a natural event or when you take into consideration geoengineering, one they are creating themselves. That from the secretive southern playground they appear to be re-grouping.

We are experiencing today what was before the flood.

Providential Monarchy
From the East specifically Western Asia, we get the expression of a Providential Monarchy, born of the idea that god is ‘omnipotent’ and ‘transcendental’ and as such it can do anything, good or bad. From this exaltation we can deduce that the deity of the Providential Monarchy must be understood as pure will. This was the consolidated position of Central Asian rule at around 500BC.

From this system, the appointed King as the middle man between god and the masses, he took on the same attributes as the deity, and as is the case that his god can do anything, without question, thus under the Providential deity model then so too the appointed King, the kings will is gods will. An impossible position because any and all questioning is to question god.

Such a monarchical system can never of itself transform from a dictatorship, it always requires an outside force, or simply implodes as it regulates itself out of functionality. If we are to see the ‘new world’ agenda as propagated and promulgated through the global media, film and television today, we can recognise the providential monarchy ideal masquerading as the central banking system, as we also find its corporate manifestation on the streets becoming the almighty ‘private’ state. As Mussolini made clear :

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”  ― Benito Mussolini

The government of ancient Egypt was a theocratic monarchy because the king ruled with the mandate from the gods, It was a polytheistic religion. Initially the king was seen as an intermediary between human beings and the divine, and was supposed to represent the ‘will of the gods’ through earthly laws passed and policies approved. A central government in Egypt is evident by c. 3150 BCE when King Narmer unified the country. From Egypt would also come forth the worship of Aton, a form of sun god monotheism. The Polytheistic doctrine was continued by the Essenes which became the combine of secret societies fronted by the Middle Age Knights Templar.

In Babylon the country was run as a huge state through cities, with each family representative to the royal house being called a city god, it is likely this system was thrust upon the Egyptians by the subversive Hyksos, the shepherd kings, that the same may well be the people that Moses lead out of Egypt, the Israelites, who were apt to worship the Bull, Molech.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead is a mystery school doctrine used to inflict the will of the monarch upon the people through subversive means, it is the back script for the Tavistock Institute which heads the psychological and social control of the masses today. This it carries out on behalf of the secret societies, which is a continuation of the system held by the Qumran Essenes and their Enochian mysticism. They take their heritage further and into the antediluvian age, or pre-flood which itself goes back to Enoch born of Cain, who is not Enoch born of Jared. It is through the secret societies that the corruption or mimic of the original creation plan has been kept alive, and as we experience today, re-asserting itself as the New World Order. Thus it is not new at all.

Inherent Rights Monarchy
In the West the idea of God by around 660 BC, found in the writings of the Desert fathers, had incorporated love as the main attribute of deity, this idea of deity was I would suggest fomented in Socratic doctrine, which would then be corrupted as they incorporated the ‘a’ will of the state through Platonic and through Aristotle’s philosophy. The idea would brake through once again but back to its purest form in the Christian Gospels, which said God was as a doer of good things, that God himself was governed by the Ethics of love, or, God is love. It is the doctrine that is important here rather than who has authority from its prophet. Gods relationship with humanity was righteousness as a paradigm. 

Ethics are the means by which we decide what actions are permissible and what actions are not. What is less known is the fact that every ethic consists of two parts :
A value that defines what it is that we want more of in our lives, or what we wish to maximise, and
A belief, or system of beliefs, that describes what actions we are to take to obtain more of the value that we seek. Expand Study

We can go even further for the idea of righteousness being the attribute of deity found within the narrative of The Books of Enoch, but here we are speaking of Enoch born of Jared.  Throughout its theology what is clear is a division between two parties, the polytheistic doctrine of the fallen angels, and the Monotheistic doctrine of the god to whom they rebelled. It is the source of the theology of the Hebrew tradition as set through Moses recorded in the Torah, yet love within that tradition appears to have been lost, of which there is much commentary within the Torah. From this position, only an echo of the original source remains in the hearts of the Israelite today, this is due entirely to the shift from the Hebrew tradition of the Torah to the omnipotent and prejudiced ideology of the Talmud. This is why the doctrine of the Biblical Gospels is so important.

In this sense what is re-birthed by the Dessert Fathers in around 660 BC was a purer expression of the righteous ethic found within the Books of Enoch, born of Jared. Whereas the polytheistic doctrine of the secret societies represents the corruption platform created by the fallen angels, coming down through Enoch born of Cain.

The ethics of love grounded in spiritual law, is the foundation of Western civilisation, as a system it is based in laws to which the entire structure would operate to uphold. That individuals having free will to do either good or bad are thus responsible for their actions, is also incorporated into the system. The King was a religiously anointed King, as such, the monarch was the bridge between Christian canon law and the masses. The law alone was the doctrine made physical.

In order to ensure the law was just and fair the monarch was not allowed to exact his own will, he was obliged to ensure justice for the people and to follow the path that ensured the Kings peace for the people. From this would be born the bureaucracy which made up a form of civil system, the idea of Parliament was to take over the role of domestic duties otherwise carried out by the king, yet still subject to the laws of the realm. Something has clearly gone wrong with governments of today.

There did exist prerogatives where at the will of the king was allowed; to call the entire nation to war to protect the nation and to oversee exports in order he ensure the nation does not starve.

Taxation was levied against foreign trade and taken from foreigners for the benefit of the nation, it was not levied against the citizens, it was for the benefit of the citizens.

These protocols were based on the recognition of the title created when the recording of a birth was lodged with the Parish councils. You had rights ordained by god to which the western state would recognise you as alive and also recognise your rights.

What we face today is the Providential Monarchy overrunning the Western idea of Monarch. This has been achieved through the state splitting title and only recognising you via the Legal persona, a title which the government is beneficiary. In this manner, due to the fact you identify your being as the legal persona, the real you is classed by the judiciary as lost at sea, dead.

Of course the government holds legal title in Trust, a fact forgotten today, leading to the government, which is in fact an agent of the Crown, using legal title to destroy the equitable title created at the registration of your live birth. That is a clear breech of Trust….

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