The rise of a new power in the west

The rise of a new power in the west









2 March 2018
Something is about to rise.
Whispers that we have the beginning of a new ‘will’ that claims to be the old ‘will’….. Is upon us.

What is being called a new power in the West, a power the mainstream media will have you believe to be Russia, or the Russian State, a power that is the cause of all the dementia in the United States over Russian collusion and interference, is moving to raise itself up in a ‘resurrection’ type ‘ACT’ and will parade itself as the opposition to all that will be laid at the feet of the Vatican system from the time before the Crusades.

They have worked hard to formulate a false history to fit with the current scripted deception to the point, everything we think we know is fake. Jesus would not ask you to hate your family and love your enemy, would he?

The Vatican system is presently being torn apart by the hidden hand of the secret societies, which is moving the Vatican to be subservient to the Russian Zionist Church, this comes via the doctrines according to Vatican II. Everything theology seems to be moving east.

People might feel such as nothing to worry about, but the entire western world is based within the Canon Law, which is the foundation of western civilisation, the canon Law is a system the Vatican oversees. Control this and you control everything. The eastern Orthodox Church operates according to the Greek canon.

Vladimir Putin removed the existing Jewish oligarchs from Russia and replaced them with Chabad Lubavitch oligarchs. Like Trump Putin is the chosen Don to act according to the will of this sinister group of Rabbis who appear top control the theology of Israel.

Chabad is a criminal organisation. Chabad is mostly involved in white collar criminal activities such as financial fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering.

Chabad has also been linked to various Jewish child abuse cases.

Joseph Lieberman even openly ‘joked’ about Chabad being a more extensive intelligence network than the CIA [7:45] :

Jewish World Weekly Blogger Profile | Shmarya Rosenberg, FailedMessiah

In 2004 he began blogging at Failed Messiah, after he published a personal account personal account of how he tried and failed to get the late leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement to support his efforts to rescue Ethiopian Jewry. The blog was widely read and resulted in his summary excommunication from his small orthodox community. He credits the events surrounding his excommunication with a degree of clarity. “Convicted” without a trial, fair-weather friends were exposed by his rabbi’s actions. – Haaretz 2008 :

Putin is a Chabad Lubavitch puppet :

The Happy-Go-Lucky Jewish Group That Connects Trump and Putin | Where Trump’s real estate world meets a top religious ally of the Kremlin. – POLITICO 2017

Putin’s Chosen People | What’s behind the Russian president’s close relationship with an Orthodox Jewish sect?

The half-Jewish Nazi Who Saved the Lubavitcher Rebbe | Thanks to the late Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, Chabad Lubavitch is a well-known and powerful Hasidic movement. But few people know that the rebbe’s predecessor, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson, owes his life to a half-Jewish Nazi officer acting under the direct order of the head of the Third Reich’s military intelligence agency.


Why is the Russian Orthodox Church, Zionist?

Cosmism, the Theology of the Idiots
Esalen’s Track Two Diplomacy Program had the sole aim of forging new lines of communication between the Cold War Zionist Russian powers by bringing some of the leading USSR’s leading scientists and spiritualists to the Esalen Institute to mix with their counterparts in the United States.

They set up a series of events at Esalen’s Big Sur campus, where everyone could hear about each others work and dreams at meetings during the day and hot tub sessions at night. That’s how some of the folks from Stanford Research Institute and Silicon Valley, who would one day be responsible for funding and building our biggest technology firms, met up with Soviet Russia’s ‘Cosmist’s.’

They were espousing a form of science fiction gnosticism that grew out of the Russian Orthodox tradition’s emphasis on immortality. The cosmist’s were a big hit, and their promise of life extension technologies quickly overtook geopolitics as the primary goal of the conferences.

Cosmism emerged in Russia before the October Revolution and developed through the 1920s and 30s; like Marxism and the European avant-guard, two other movements that shared this intellectual moment, Russian Cosmism rejected the contemplative for the transformative, aiming to create not merely new art or philosophy but a new world. Cosmism went the furthest in its visions of transformation, calling for the end of death, the resuscitation of the dead and free movement in cosmic space.

Cosmism was developed by the Russian philosopher Nikolai Fedorov in the late 19th Century, he believed that humans (the shade of Man) had an ethical obligation not only to care for the sick but to cure death using science and technology, (to cure of course means to preserve) that outer space was the territory of both immortal life and infinite resources. After the Bolshevik Revolution, a new generation pursued Fedorov’s vision.

Cosmist ideas inspired visual artists, poets, filmmakers, theatre directors, novelists (Tolstoy and Dostoevsky read Fedorov’s writings), architects and composers, and also influenced Soviet politics and technology aims.

In the 1930s, Stalin expanded this theme.

From the meetings with the American’s the Cosmists told the LSD taking spiritualist gurus birthing the Bohemian scene, that technology would offer them a way to beat death. In essence, the themes described above make up the core foundation of the Esalen Institute and the psychedelic onslaught into the west.

This places a whole new meaning to the cult of the tech billionaire, this is their Bible and the climate change garbage is the unclean offspring to rid the earth of humans, but not before they scoop up all the assets of the world into their hands.

Bolshevik Revolution
From 1917 Old Christian Russia was overturned through a systematic deconstruction of the Monarchy system, as the banking backed Bolsheviks were launched upon the nation. After only seven years into the revolution the drive would collapse due to the success of the murder of the Russian farmers which left the Revolution unable to feed itself. From 1924 the Revolution was financed by Wall Street, on the orders of the House of Rothschild through its control of the City and the Bank of England. This finance continued until the fall of the Soviet Union, under which the Zionist Bolshevik agenda created the largest private intelligence operation the world has ever known, the KGB, to expand the private intelligence network of the House of Rothschild and the elite they represent.

After the Bolsheviks entered Russia and the genocide became known, all nations in Europe were terrified, especially after there were signs the Zionists were aiming to spread the murder into Germany. Britain and America, along with all nations in Europe, moved to create a strong Germany as the buffer to Bolshevik expansionism. Adolf Hitler, far from being a little corporal, was a WWI hero. He was chosen and raised to power by all the nations.

There is truth to the claim that Russia is becoming stronger as a nation, specifically as a direct result of the sanctions laid out by the United States Government, but even with this reality, it is my contention that the Russian State is not the new power rising of concern. Something else is controlling the Russian narrative.

Sanctions are the way the banks force the hands of nations, it is an economic weapon that works by forcing the hand of the recipient, either to go cap in hand to another nation, also controlled by the bankers, becoming indirectly yoked by the bankers, or you become self sufficient and therefore stronger and able once again to borrow from the bankers directly.

It is my contention that the real power rising in the West is the reformed and fully Zionist, Russian Orthodox Church. That the real red button readying to be pressed will unleash the script for the next ‘Act’ in the game to control the world, this button must control the Word of God and be the means to order death and war on behalf of God.

So when you hear the politicians decry Russian collusion and Russian interference, what they are really describing, without actually understanding the facts, is the network that is Zion, this is the interconnection, it is Zion interfering in elections, it colludes with governments, it is the political arm of the one world religion being ushered in by the banking cartel, whom hold in their hearts, the worship of the Zoroastrian and homosexual Mithras Traditions. 

Through the control of global media, celebrity culture and Hollywood, the priesthood has moved to destroy the idea of morality in the West, at least enough for Eastern consumption to then form moral judgement. This shows itself as only one part of a larger strategy, in which the same powers begin baying for Islamic alliance which ties in very nicely with Islamic prophecy of fighting alongside Christianity in the last days.

It is my contention that to think in this way as it relates to the Orthodox Church being Christian, would be to fall for another great deception, a failure that will give the elect another move closer to war.

After the almost two decade long assault on the Middle East and the Islamic world in general, on the back of the black op that was 911, the hatred for all things West in the eyes of the Muslims has been very well earned, yet given the Muslims have lived in the west for almost 60 years, they are also in the position whereby they can see that the western populations no longer dictate terms to Government. That all these wars have taken place outside the mandate of the voting public who protested in the millions to stop Tony Blair and Gordon Brown going to war. That said we all need to recognise that sitting high and mighty at the top of the war mandate stands the United Nations Security Council.

The degree of Ignorance, or not, amongst both Christian and Islamic minds, is what will determine the next move in the Zionist agenda. The agenda is very clear from the perspective of those behind the political movement that is Zion, the aim is to have its two greatest enemies, Christianity and Islam, destroy themselves in a war of annihilation. It is no longer about the place or land that is Israel, this is for public consumption, it is the fiction.

In the real, we must give attention to the fact, the battle lines are in place with the mixing of our cultures. Here is the real danger.

The battle today is between two big egos with an even bigger one waiting in the wings, this would be Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin with the bankers choice in China’s Xi Jinping who is waiting for the nod to become the permanent CEO of the global banking construct and corporation that is China.

The power has re-formed in the East, specifically in China and India. China, as a giant corporation, is based in the Lenin financial model that would be restructured through Stalin, with a change that would ensure no foreign investor would go away owning anything in Russia. Foreign companies could do business with the Soviet government for either hard cash, or to bring in engineers to rebuild Soviet structure, for 50% of the profits. In reality Soviet Russia was kept under the strictest secrecy because it was the channel for huge wealth to be sent into China in readiness for Mao, said to be brother of Stalin, both said to be sired by Rothschild.

It is not my intention to upset Russian Christians with this report, but as a student of history for over 25 years, I am very well aware of the demolition carried out against the old Russia, a Russia the world knew for certain was a Christian nation. I cannot today be confident that the power in the Russian Orthodox Church is not full blown Zion, to answer this question the world must look intensely at the core beliefs of its theology, and more to the point, to understand the gap between what is preached and the actions that are born of its influence. 

With such high stakes on the table, it is imperative all races and religions begin to ponder the message I bring here. If we get this wrong, then the adversary will complete its mission, and Man will destroy itself while the elect sit pretty on Antarctica. Its like an Atlantis re-run.

Just to be clear in this message, It is my contention that the new power that appears to be rising and moving to secure Islamic partnership in some sort of great Jihad, is not the Russian State, it is the Russian Orthodox Church, which, until proven otherwise, in my opinion, is the hight of Zionist theological power.

Bank for International Settlements = Zion
Inner City of London = Zion
Federal Reserve  = Zion
European Central Bank = Zion
Vatican II = Zion
Church Of England = Zion
U.K.– U.S Evangelicals = Zion
China the corporation = Zion
India Central Bank = Zion
All Central banks = Zion
State of Israel = Zion
Mass Imigration = Zion
and on…and on….

The New Power in the West

We have to consider the last century to fully grasp what has taken place on the lands known as Russia, from the onset of the First World War to todays rule under the mighty Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin has been condemned as a puppet of the Jewish sect called Chabad Lubavitch. Its essence is an aggressive, militant extremism in favour of Judaism based on grounds of the Talmud, a peculiar form of geopolitics, states Rabbi Eduard Hodos, head of the Kharkov Jewish community and supposed staunch ‘enemy’ of the Chabad Lubavitch sect.[1]

Dekulakization was not just an economic measure. It was a tool to uproot peoples and destroy their traditions and culture. For this reason, Stalin’s dictatorship can in no sense be accepted as a nationalist (Russian) phenomenon. (p. 221).

Religious Judaism was never persecuted as intensely by the Communists, in the 1920s and 1930s, as was Russian Orthodox Christianity. (p. 306). High-level Jew Lazar Kaganovich directed the destruction of the Church of the Redeemer. He also wanted to destroy St. Basil’s Cathedral. (p. 223).

The famous mobile gas chambers were not invented by the Nazis. They were developed, in 1937, by Isai Davidovich Berg, a leading Jew in the NKVD. (p. 237).

Solzhenitsyn notes the irony that, in the West, there was little effective concern about the victims of Communism until it turned on the Jews. He said,

“15 million peasants were destroyed in the ‘dekulakization’, 6 million peasants were starved to death in 1932, not even to mention the mass executions and millions who died in the camps, and at the same time it was fine to politely sign agreements with Soviet leaders, to lend them money, to shake their ‘honest hands’, to seek their support, and to boast of all this in front of your parliaments.[2]

But once it was specifically Jews that became the target, then a spark of sympathy ran through the West and it became clear what sort of regime this was, (p. 346; Emphasis is Solzhenitsyn’s).

Jewish Communists were noted for their high intelligence, verbal skills, assertiveness, ideological fervour, etc., (p. 429).

Not surprisingly, few non-Jewish Communist leaders approached the caliber of the Jewish Communist leaders. For example, Lindemann reminds us that, “Jewish or gentile, Trotsky[3] was a man of unusual talents,” (p. 447). In addition, “Trotsky’s paramount role in the revolution cannot be denied…” (p. 448). This can be generalised, “Other non-Jews might be mentioned but almost certainly do not quite measure up to Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Yoffe, Sverdlov, Uritsky, or Radek in visibility inside Russia and abroad, especially not in the crucial years from 1917 to 1921,” (p. 432).

Finally, influential Jews did not have to act alone. In fact, Jews had the skill of influencing non-Jews to think in Jewish ways. Lenin can validly be understood as a “Jewified gentile” (pp. 432-433). The same can be said for the renegade-Pole Dzerzhinsky (p. 442, 446), as well as the Russian Kalinin, who was called by Jewish Bolsheviks “more Jewish than the Jews”. (p. 433).




For a long time the newspaper Der Sturmer endeavoured to find the actual law of ritual murder, the law of human sacrifice. It finally succeeded in doing so. In a trial in which Julius Streicher and Karl Holz were being tried (because of “offending the Jewish Religious Society”) it was proposed that they call as witness Dr. Erich Bischoff.

Dr. Bischoff appeared :

“You are right! This reproach of yours, which I feel for certain is at the bottom of your anti-Semitism, is only too well justified; upon this common ground I am quite willing to shake hands with you and defend you against any accusation of promoting Race Hatred…We [Jews] have erred, my friend, we have most grievously erred. And if there is any truth in our error, 3,000, 2,000 maybe 100 years ago, there is nothing now but falseness and madness, a madness which will produce even greater misery and wider anarchy. I confess it to you openly and sincerely and with sorrow…We who have posed as the saviours of the world…We are nothing but the world’ seducers, it’s destroyers, it’s incendiaries, it’s executioners… we who promised to lead you to heaven, have finally succeeded in leading you to a new hell…There has been no progress, least of all moral progress…and it is our morality which prohibits all progress, and what is worse — it stands in the way of every future and natural reconstruction in this ruined world of ours…I look at this world, and shudder at its ghastliness: I shudder all the ore, as I know the spiritual authors of all this ghastliness…” The eastern Jews especially conform to its laws. In the book of Sohar (a companion of the Talmud). The English translation related :

“Further there is a Law concerning the slaughter of foreigners, who are the same as beasts. This slaughter is to be carried out in a lawfully valid manner. The ones who do not follow the Jewish Religious Law have to be offered to God as a sacrifice. It is to them that Psalm 44:22 refers: Yea, for thy sake are we killed all the day long; we are counted as sheep for the slaughter.” (Thikunne Sohar, edition Berdiwetsch 88b)

Dr. Erich Bischoff – was a leading German expert on the laws of the Talmud. He had dedicated his entire life to the study of the Jewish law books. Dr. Bischoff presented a translation of a secret Jewish law, which clarified with one stroke, the question of ritual murder. It comes from the book of Sohar. This book is considered to be holy by the Jews. 

List of Jews born in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. As pdfTalk as pdf.  (Retrieved 28 June 2019 from Wikipedia.)

[1] The main figures in Putin’s government are almost exclusively crypto-Jews. The core of this fifth column is from within Orthodox Jewry, often known as the Hasidim. There are several strands of Hasidism, but the dominant sect is Chabad Lubavitch. Its essence is an aggressive, militant extremism in favour of Judaism based on grounds of the Talmud, a peculiar form of geopolitics states Rabbi Eduard Hodos head of the Kharkov Jewish community and supposedly staunch ‘enemy’ of the Chabad Lubavitch sect.

He said the sinister workings of this sect, hidden from the Gentiles, were known to him since the nineties when Chabad began a vigorous penetration of Russia. We remember how in 1968 its Zionist Masonic Lodge of Rome planned to reduce the human population by half, and “assigned” fifteen million to Poland. Meanwhile, Chabad Lubavitch called for reducing the human population to 600 million non-Jews, while the total number of the Jewish Diaspora is officially estimated at around 13 million . . Chabad Lubavitch has a secret influence in the super-elite “Committee of 300” through which to engineer the “Holocaust” of mankind. Genocidal, extremist ideologies, supported by the Chabad Jewish financiers and aggressive racist Zionism will be lethal for 99 percent of humanity. In outside talks with the Gentiles the Chabad mercifully increased the number of surviving Gentiles to one billion, but privately they say about 600 thousand Goyim, of whom only about twenty-thousand should enjoy relative freedom, prosperity and a clean environment. Chabad is now the dominant force of the Jewish Diaspora on top of the pyramid of Jewish elites; Gentiles in general do not count.

Chabad Lubavitch Headquarters is located in New York. One of the key figures of Chabad is a former Vice President Al Gore, whose father was once a friend of the famous Armand Hammer, and his friend, “Lenin.” The main book of the Chabad is “Tania,” based on “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and which Eduard Hodos calls the second “Mien Kampf.” They’re clearly defined goal was to entice and make Jewish-Russian hybrids employed in the structures of real power ardent followers of Chabad, vigorously supporting their careers and promotion. In this regard Chabad were ready to sacrifice their ideological dogmas and turn a blind eye to the lack of purity of blood. In contrast, to non-Jews the issue was simple–money [bribes]. Taking into account that from the time of opening of [Russia’s] borders, the Russian society did not have a currency while members of the “Committee of 300” held substantial foreign funds which Chabad used to purchase Russian real estate [for nothing] . . .

The Head of Chabad in Russia Berl Lazar said : Never before has any Russian or Soviet leader done so much for Jews, as Vladimir Putin. In every respect it is unprecedented. In talks with me Ariel Sharon repeatedly emphasised that the Kremlin is the greatest friend of Jews and of Israel. Now, many mayors of Russian cities, provincial heads and ministers are Jewish. This became the norm . . . (Henry Pajak, “The Last Transport to Katyn 10 04 2010,” Chapter IX, p. 280–283). Full story : Netanyahu says Russia and Israel on same page over Iran threat.

Comment : For a full appreciation of the above story I recommend you read the translation in Google translate, or Alta Vista, or similar, and read this English article Clearly the international bankers have financed Jewry to take over the Russian Federation and they financed the takeover of Germany with the Weimar Republic after WWI. See more at :

[2] Modern day move to use starvation as a means to kill
[3] Who financed Lenin and Trotsky?

Wall Street and the Russian Revolution


Forbidden history: The Jewish Bolshevik Revolution : Video

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