A rebuttal of the messianic doctrine of Zion as it moves to lay siege against the innocent

A rebuttal of the messianic doctrine of Zion as it moves to lay siege against the innocent







Debunking the Zionist script in a rebuttal of the narrative of best selling author, Jonathan Cahn, the Masonic Messianic preacher.

Jonathan Cahn sets the Biblical scene and matches days gone by with today.
He shifts Donald Trump into the position of anointed idiot who has been given the role of halting the march of the Baal worshipers, a label laid at the feet of the Liberals whose actions are a clear move to completely demolish western culture. He cites Trump as the Biblical brake on the agenda in order that the western populations have the chance to re-evaluate their position and perhaps cancel out the coming judgement by the same God that anointed Trump.

He is very adamant that Trump is not the answer to our woes only a holy intervention to allow us all to think. Here lies the problem… what is it Zion wants us all to think?

The main narrative from Cahn is that all peoples accept that in all this global mess, God is on the throne, or everything that is, is so under the command of God, that our current dilemma has nothing to do with the families behind the global banking cartel who want absolute power in place of Jehovah.

A rebuttal of the messianic doctrine of Zion as it moves to lay siege against the innocentWhat must be grasped at this point is the fact that Zionism, as a political movement, has had its claws all over the West for at least the last century, ergo all changes to our natural Christian culture and concept laws that have formed our systems, have been under attack and changed by Zionism itself. The United Nations is the Zionist world government and is nothing other than a facilitator for corporate emancipation in order the same can become the global concept or new Canon law. This is where anti-Pope Francis comes into play.

What Cahn calls predictive Biblical text, western culture understands it to be Futurism, beloved of the Society of Jesus and spread from the same among the Christian faithful for over four centuries. Futurism is a theology, formulated by Jesuit writers, Manuel Lacunza and Francisco Ribera in 1585, and contends ‘Revelations’ within the Torah has yet to come to pass. This moves the entire narrative into the hands of the secret societies whom we know are messianic at their core. Keep these pointers in mind as you continue the read.

Cahn takes us back almost 3000 years to a time when a similar situation can be seen in the world of the Israelites, as the Jews become a stronger force in the Hebrew tradition, ever shifting the laws to suit commerce and trade in direct contradiction to the natural laws laid down in the Torah.

Jehovah praised the Israelites as those who followed the law and cursed the Jews, or the Synagogue of Satan as those who opposed the law, the Bible is full of this context.

Cahn sets the paradigm under which we exist today as a mirror of times gone by, he presents his thesis in these terms :

Through the election of Donald Trump we are able to re-think our position, to move and repent of our unlawfulness, that in the election of Trump we gain a window of opportunity to recognise our folly.
He makes our position very clear, we stand on the precipice of Judgement or Redemption.

As we arrive at the 4 minute mark into the video Cahn begins to set out his theory as a historical repeat that we now face, he calls it a ‘blueprint for now’ citing names, hours and dates from a time long ago that fit exactly with the players and situations of today. So much so one cannot fail to recognise we are dealing with the actual Zionist theology that they are re-creating through the might of the secret societies. They are making it real.

Jezebel below, is the first match for his paradigm of historical repeat.

A rebuttal of the messianic doctrine of Zion as it moves to lay siege against the innocentHer story is told in the Books of Kings. She was a Phoenician princess, the daughter of Ethbaal, king of Tyre (1 Kings 16:31 says she was “Sidonian”, which is a biblical term for Phoenicians in general). According to genealogies given in Josephus and other classical sources, she was the great-aunt of Dido, Queen of Carthage. Jezebel married King Ahab of the Northern Kingdom (i.e. Israel during the time when ancient Israel was divided into Israel in the north and Judah in the south). Ahab was the son of King Omri, who had brought the northern Kingdom of Israel to great power. Source

Jezebel married King Ahab and was the wife that persuaded a King of Israel to worship Baal, Baal demanded the sacrifice and murder of children. Jezebel and her agenda would continue after the 22 year reign of her husband for a period of 14 years.

Cahn presents the modern day Jezebel at the feet of Hilary Clinton, with Bill Clinton as the persuaded King Ahab who reigned for 22 years in Sumeria, it is fair to say that Bill Clinton was the first President to publicly support abortion and sexual degradation. Abortion is of course the murder of a child, and so Cahn uses this platform to mirror Baal worship and the sacrifice of children. Note he presents America as Sumeria.

Is Hillary Just the “Fall Guy” for the Intel Agencies and their Moneybags Bosses?

Barack Obama is the King Jehoram or Joram. He was a king of the northern Kingdom of Israel. (2 Kings 8:16, 2 Kings 8:25–28) He was the son of Ahab and Jezebel, and brother to King Ahaziah.

A rebuttal of the messianic doctrine of Zion as it moves to lay siege against the innocentUnlike his predecessors, Joram, left,  did not worship Baal, but followed in the ways of Jeroboam son of Nebat who led the Israelites to sin. Under Obamacare it must be remembered, the move to abortion would have shifted taxpayer dollars paying for the murder of children, and according to Cahn, sealing Americas apostasy and judgement. In that sense Obama would definitely come under the description for a man synchronised with the adoration of Baal.

As we reach the 15 minute mark in the video, Cahn moves to celebrate that his message is one of encouragement, and I would wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment, because while I aim to show you the Zionist deception in his narrative, the fact the secret societies are playing to this script, also reveals the opportunity for Jews, Christians, and Muslims to re-think their position, and an opportunity for people of religion to see the real game and real perpetrator in the worship and promotion of Baal.

At 25:15 minutes into the video he moves to explain the current President of the United States, Donald Trump.

A rebuttal of the messianic doctrine of Zion as it moves to lay siege against the innocentHe mirrors Donald Trump with the Biblical character of Jehu the warrior. Jehu, left, Modern Yehu, meaning “Yahu is He”; was the tenth king of the northern Kingdom of Israel (Samaria) since Jeroboam I, noted for exterminating the house of Ahab at the instruction of Jehovah. He was the son of Jehoshaphat, and grandson of Nimshi. His reign lasted for 28 years. Donald Trump announced his run for presidency in the summer of 2015. His first act when he became President was to sign executive orders to undo Obamacare to protect the children and the people of America from funding abortion with tax dollars.

At 30:50 minutes into the video Cahn presents facts relating to the Temple of Baal being destroyed once it is exposed by Jehu, according to the Biblical narrative. Cahn goes on to explain that in Palmira Syria, there existed a Temple to Baal that had existed for 2000 years, he mirrors the Biblical event in todays reality with the destruction of this Temple in the summer of 2015, and now for the important bit, destroyed by ISIS, a known terror operation financed trained and therefore an asset of global private Intelligence. Cahn cites this as a mirror of the Biblical time with reference to Trump announcing his running for president in the same summer 2015. I disagree that such has taken place, it is in grasping the deception in the Zionist narrative that will expose Baal in real terms and prevent the masses falling for the manipulations of the Zionist unclean. Jonathan Cahn and his narrative does exactly that.

A rebuttal of the messianic doctrine of Zion as it moves to lay siege against the innocentIsis is a mercenary force, it belongs to the banking cartel Intelligence arm created through the CIA, the Saudi regime, and Turkey. Together expressing the Zionist dementia from the Sunni branch of Islam. Ergo, Intelligence with the Saudi regime and Turkey, work with Israel and its Zionist government and the Rothschild controlled Mossad. There is a common enemy to this bunch on the horizon.

At 33:20 minutes into the video Cahn explains what it means to worship Baal, he states it is when a nation turns away from god and into materialism and sexual debauchery that ultimately leads to the destruction of children.

This agenda has and remains to be forced onto children in the corporate schools, into society through Zionist run Hollywood and the Zionist controlled media. Sexual debauchery has been thrust down our throats through the release of porn into TV and through the handset phones. That being the case the West has not naturally fallen into a lesser culture than that offered in the Christian canon, the West has been systematically pulled apart through war and the control of popular culture, from which the same have held the ability to divide the generations, to program such a change into the youth creates division between father and son, mother and daughter etc, the destruction of the family unit and the criminalising of the males, all that and more, achieved in the capacity to control the entertainment industry. All these scripts are proven to fall at the feet of the Zionist/Communist paradigm.[1]

This is the point at which I present to you the crux of the Zionist deception, that what has thus far been described by Cahn, is the very means to forming the false judgement upon all nations through the attack of yet another innocent nation. The clever bit of course, comes in the idea that governments are in fact acting upon the will of their respective populations, when governments today act contrary to the populations because they are acting for the central banks, and laying out austerity programs to turn nations into interest paying machines to the banks, the nations never able to balance the books. Interest in perpetuity.

Today the traffickers of people, especially children, are the corporate run social services and the family courts, it is they stealing children and making money from the trafficking of the same into fostering and adoption programmes, also belonging to the corporate.

It is the mighty pharmaceutical corporations lobbying and funding abortion programs, not only for the cash kickback as an industry, but in the availability of bodies for sale and organs for whatever, stem cells and genetics, not a morsel wasted.

These are the programs in sync with the worship of Baal.

The game is one of profound spiritual trickery because being based entirely on this Biblical narrative, which pans out in numbers and policies, three great religions may become entrapped in its web through religious ignorance and lack of clarity and failure in the application of logic to the overall narrative, coming up with the wrong decision which it most certainly would be, if they go and follow the Zionist line.

So profound is this point in time for mankind that all futures rest on how we all perceive the hidden truth or mystery within this script. Do we see for ourselves the who’s and what’s that follow the worship of Baal, or do we allow emotion and apathy to run wild as born again folks take up the dementia of the Zionist script, and bays for Israel to attack Iran? It pains me to tell you Mr Cahn, Donald Trump is doing just that, moving against an innocent nation of people in the hope they can again drag the innocent folks of the West and of the Middle East, into another futile war?

The entire script has been launched in order that through it, they can point the finger and thus blame the wrong target to keep the heat off themselves. History shows us very well, that the sacrifice of children is a game carried out by the antagonist. In the West for the last 80 years from the end of the Second World War, that which holds power over our governments, the judiciary and church, is the stranglehold Zionism has enjoyed. Therefore what Jonathan Cahn claims to represent is the very brethren that has forced the abortion and sexual debauchery over our nations, carried out by merging corporations with our domestic systems, in many cases hidden behind the protection of charitable trust status, therefore unaccountable and without liability. A transfer from the rule of law to rule by commercial legislation issued by the Central Banks enforced by the Judiciary.

I therefore put it to you, the reader, that today, the worship of Baal, is clearly proven to be a phenomena coming out of the Zionist model, ergo Cahn is moving to point the finger away from the perpetrator and onto the victim. A classic use of secret society and therefore Intelligence protocol.

A rebuttal of the messianic doctrine of Zion as it moves to lay siege against the innocentAt 36:00 minutes into the video Cahn begins the rhetoric on repentance and how people should move back to god. He then cites the born again people as distinct, he claims that the evangelical networks are the conservative Christians putting their hopes into Donald Trump. In so doing he sidelines the original Christian paradigm of Catholic and Protestant, the basis of the western concept, and speaks directly to Christian Zionists. In essence while presenting a rhetorical religious rabble rouse, he is in fact rousing his own cult…the Zionists, with the claim they and they alone, know the path to redemption for America and her allies.

What is the Zionist path of redemption?

According to Jonathan Cahn the shift has to be a political, cultural and spiritual revolution, he does not at any point state the West must move back to the original Christian canon or concept law, a system that worked very well for a couple of thousand years. In fact it is correct to state that the former worked very well up until the time Zionism began to creep into the heart of America, having been shunned in Britain by the Church, but not so by some of the aristocracy, specifically those being Rothschild appointed, with pressure from that crowd and its Round Table, it was only a matter of time before the Scofield Bible would make a return back into Britain.

Cahn is rallying the secret society version of Biblical tradition which is Theosophical Zionist Evangelicalism, the energy behind the all the wars during the 20th century on through to today.

At 42:00 minutes into the video Cahn speaks of the prophesied 28 years for Trumps influence, if it is to mirror the original Biblical timeline for Jehu. Cahn then speaks of the time he himself changed from atheist and became a believer, for this he moves back to 1979. Cahn goes onto explain the bigger picture as he was moved to convert to Zion, it happened at the time when ‘Iran’ had taken hostages and goes on to celebrate his and others prayers for the release of the hostages which he believes were answered in the election of Ronald Reagan, an event that immediately prompted the release of the hostages. If I remember that era, and I do, it was guns and arms that moved the release, not God, but it could well be so for the Zionist GOD.

A rebuttal of the messianic doctrine of Zion as it moves to lay siege against the innocentAt 48:00 minutes into the video Cahn begins to determine what is the right behaviour expected from nations if they are to move to a position under God. This includes a demand we not be timid and promotes the spirit of Elijah, he gets excited about ‘revival’ at the same time he speaks of Iran. Call me old fashioned here, but…Im pretty sure that the whole narrative on which the message of Jonathan Cahn is based…is leading to …”do exactly what Israel asks of you.”


I have failed to find a single report or find origin of any speech coming out of Iran in which responsibility for the promotion of abortion in the West, for materialism and the promotion of sexual debauchery, the exact accusation laid at the feet of Baal worship from Jonathan Cahn. His message is very clear, present expressions of government must be reversed if nations are to walk the path of redemption. Of course he does not claim it is a shift required by governments, he lays the blame again at the innocent in the peoples of nations, the very folks whose will is ignored and opposed by the worshippers of Baal, the priesthood in control of the central banks and thus the governments. He asks not that governments change their path because the governments are on the path of Zion, he asks the peoples to join with the dance of the governments of Baal or face corporate judgement from the God of Zion, or is that Mammon?.

I have however, found copious amounts of information in all formats, that claim Israel and all that emanates from her, have spent the last century thrusting all of the well described sins all across the world.

To hold hope for redemption the peoples of the world must unite against the money men and the corporate empire thereof. This is the Temple of Baal, we must destroy it before it destroys us.


We have another prophet of Zion :

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