In Profile : The magic mushroom and the fake evolution, mind control Inc

In Profile : The magic mushroom and the fake evolution, mind control Inc











13 February 2017

Industry means creating something out of nothing and making sure it’s addictive as the prime factor. When it came to the physical body, which is a near perfect system, the gods of banking knew that to make an industry out of the body, they first had to break it and then create the industry around eternally mending the damage. Welcome to the new age trinity that is Airborne Biological, Pharmaceutical and the one we shall explore in this report, the realm of the almighty Psychological attack supported with the magic wand of celebrity culture.

By this mechanic they remove the family continuum by pied piping the child’s attention with school, television, music and the media, creating a division between mother and father and their offspring. The strategy is a multilayered theme that will follow them as a generation till that generation dies out. A false egg or bubble imposed on individual children which through the school programming, melds the individual bubbles for the group think or hive mind to the corporate as they leave school and colleges to enter the world of job or benefit.

Having tread the path through the 1970s launch of Punk Rock s a musician, a timeframe which debased behaviour, language, dress and morality, this on top of the previous decades of debasement and debauchery under the script of mushroom and LSD, I have seen an expanded power shift to the corporate state in masses of legislation to control human behaviour, especially so as the greed and cocaine drive of the 1980s morphed into the Rave scene and another launch of the psychedelics on the youth.
The privatisation agenda of Thatcher handed the domestic system of Britain into the banking web of corporations and just so the youth would not click on, out come the psychotropics for the psychological attack. And then there was the Biological attack

This is how they remove the youth from taking part in the ‘now’… in reality, while they are at their peak, it also removes the events taking place whilst they were intoxicated, from any sense of their history. They are ripe for a programming of the twisted script.

This works in removing historical reality from a generation, remnants of the British Realm move further into the shadows, this is clearly one of the main agendas of the banking elite through the intelligence networks during the 20th century, kicked off through the hell that was two world wars.
Classical Trivium shines bright in the century we call 20, education becomes social programming backed up through television, the media and the magical wand that is Holly-wood.

Many will know of what I speak but there will be just as many, if not more, that do not. Still remembering the nostalgic times had whilst under the trance of some trippy pill. Well, its time to wake up….We have a serious problem. The corporate state wants to subvert your children, they are having another outing of psychotropic drugs.

This time it’s a mix of guitar led rock n roll, and a move to bring back the 90s clubs. I can already hear this shift in the electronic music, less garbage and more melody, they want them dancing again. But wait, in this release they intend to mix in Scopolamine, this is the zombie drug or suggestogen they have prepared you for through game and the movies. Given its power of suggestibility I would be more surprised if this substance was not an ingredient in the chemical spraying they call geoengineering.

Suggestogen(s) or suggerogen(s) would be roughly defined as :

  • A substance or substances formerly known as hallucinogens, psychedelics, entheogens, schizophrenigens, psychotomimetics, psychotropics, psychoactives, adaptogens, empathogens, fantasticants, enactogens, psycholytics, and many other various names, that have been used historically to suggest a person to someone else’s will, often to do evil, while under the influence of such substances, which generate hyper-suggestibility in the taker. Hyper-suggestibility is so increased by such substances that their mere name can affect the outcome of the experience of their use – hence (pl.) suggestogens. Historically, in the 1950s and 1960s, such substances were used in an attempt by men such as Aldous Huxley and Gordon Wasson, along with the CIA’s MKULTRA program, to re-create the biblical Fall.

One must consider that the hardcore move against alcohol over the last 30 years has to play a part in securing the maximum amount of future psychedelic warriors, after all, as they know well, we all need a relaxant. Kill alcohol and you are left with the pharmaceutical offerings and the psychedelics, both controlled and manufactured by the military banking industry. See I.G. Farben.

For those still living on nostalgia it would be a good idea to understand what all this rebellious good time sex drugs and rock n roll is really all about. It may well be to late for you, but you need to pay attention or you children are to experience perhaps the worst side of the psychedelic trip agenda.

Everything began with the programs coming out of the Frankfurt School

If we look at the situation using only two high ranking people, CIA head Allen Dulles and R. Gordon Wasson, a picture is formed. We have been systematically devolved as critical thinking human beings with an onslaught of intoxicating chemistry, shifting education to social programming, and whilst in the midst of the psychedelic mist, they have turned to the new age dementia as the backdrop to real.

This whole operation was formulated and made manifest through the CIA of which one of the founding members was a character called Gregory Bateson. Bateson had a close relationship to Aleister Crowley, the self professed English Anti-Christ. Crowley was making manifest the works of Dr John Dee and Eliphas Levi which is all about self will, Thelema (Lucifer).

In effect the CIA’s role has been to bring fourth the Brave New World as presented through Aldous Huxley. Previous to this we find Crowley initiates, Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard (creator of Scientology) continuing this theme, who together attempted to recreate the manifestation of Crowley’s Grey figure that dictated the Book of the Law to Crowley. The Jesuits, Freemasonry and the Templar secret societies as a whole, are all over this theology and are thus a combine or super network of secret societies implementing this agenda.

It is therefore fair to conclude that the entire counterculture and psychedelic attack upon the culture of Western populations, came from this dark script of mysticism and occult theology which includes; Tibetan Buddhism, Egyptian Mysteries, Ceremonial Magic, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Theosophy, Gargantua and Pentagruel, Hinduism, Baal Worship, Kabbalah, Alchemy, all coming under the umbrella of the Archaic Revival, with the refined aim to remove the sanctity of the Gospel message. By Gospel message I do not mean religion which has clearly debased the entire doctrine to serve its own authority.

Subverting Reality and the Launch of the Drug Induced New World Reality

From CIA backed Macy Conferences would be spawned MK-ULTRA
MK-ULTRA SUBPROJECT 058 was launched on the Time Magazine front cover of 13 May 1957.
This was the launch of the psychedelic counterculture movement and was all about seeking the magic mushroom. Puck is calling.

The Life article above was written by R. Gordon Wasson.
In Profile : The magic mushroom and the fake evolution, mind control IncWasson was the writer of the book; Soma, Divine Mushroom of Immortality, and, Russia, Mushrooms and History, he was also the Vice President for propaganda at the bank JP. Morgan. Wasson entered banking in 1934 from which many connections were made. One in particular would be William Burnett Benton with whom Wasson would sit on various banking committees.

His father Rev. Edmond Wasson Phd, wrote a book in 1914 against the prohibition of In Profile : The magic mushroom and the fake evolution, mind control Incalcohol titled; Religion and Drink. What was really going on was the bankers through government, removed the ability for local distilleries to exist so they could incorporate the making of alcohol and tax its use through the introduction of bars, which they would also control through the issuance of licence.  Thus the bankers expose themselves, they offer a license scheme to the masses to do what they already have the lawful right to do. From lawful to legal. Clever these bankers, not so clever the populations.

William Burnett Benton, banking friend of R. Gordon Wasson, was the publisher of the Encyclopedia Brittanica which ties in with the Great Books of the Western World, because he funded them in 1947. The plan was initiated by Stringfellow Barr and Scott Buchanan. Buchanan was responsible for launching the Classical Trivium through the 1920s, into poetry and mathematics and even the Arts, to begin the programming of the children in line with the one world government agenda. That agenda is to remove the capacity for humanity to discern for itself the reality in which they are living, switching off the faculty of applying grammar and logic in order the correct rhetoric be transferred to others. Once this position is achieved they can remove historical fact from the target generation and then dish out a new history for the tripping generation. This is where Theosophy comes in to play. The Religious Crusades of the CIA

Thus we can deduce that the entire drug fuelled sex laden rock n roll extravaganza, then onto the punk scene, on to club and dance and onto the totally debauched rap crap, is but a continuum of the subverting of western culture through the re-programming of the post war generations. By creating a form of arrested development through the successive generations, keeping the future adults at the level of the teenager, the perfect foundation to secure zero opposition to the twisted education children receive today. Hey man every things cool.

Buchanan would be appointed U.S. Ambassador to UNESCO in Paris and was heavily involved in the Marshall Plan.

Dr James Moore was a CIA agent and the man it is claimed offered Wasson the cash for all hardware equipment to make the Time Life article; Seeking the Mushroom. However, documents received by Jan Irvin state that Wasson actually made the request himself for the cash from the Geschickter Fund.

Wasson’s wife also used the equipment for another article published in This Week magazine in the same week, and sent to 12 million readers of various news outlets. Clearly the Time Life mushroom article was part of a much larger agenda.

Four weeks previous to the Time article Wasson exchanged letters with CIA boss Allen Dulles, with the latter inviting Wasson for lunch. The two were in fact friends and worked at the Council on Foreign Relations.

A year earlier 1956 Allen Dulles approved MK-ULTRA Subproject 058.

The works of Aldous Huxley would also come into play with the Time Life article, which given Huxley was the controlling mind of MK-ULTRA, is a clear indication that Wasson would be working with the program of Huxley.

R. Gordon Wasson interconnected with :

William Burnett Benton – active in creation of the United Nations, introduced sound effects into tv commercials, invented radio soap operas, the Human Adventure, Voice of America, American Policy Commission, Benton and Bowles, Benton Foundation, Committee for Economic Development, Encyclopedia Brittanica, Funded the creation of the Great Books – commissioned them in 1947, Great Books of the Western World 1952, ran post-war propaganda and culture campaigns.

Masha Wasson – daughter of R. Gordon Wasson. Put out This Weeks Magazine : I Ate the Sacred Mushrooms May 13th 1957, interconnects with : Peter Wasson, Frank Altschul, Arthur G. Altschul, Huatla de Jimenez, Geschickter Fund, Allan Richardson, Valentina Pavlova Guercken Wasson.

Wasson Archives
Allen W. Dulles – Head of the CIA
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Albert Hoffman
Aldous Huxley – controller of MK-ULTRA :

“If exposed long enough to the tom toms and the singing, everyone of our philosophers would end up by capering and howling with savages.”
“Assemble a mob of men and women, treat them to amplified band music and bright lights and in next to no time you can reduce them to the state of almost mindless sub-humanity.”
“Never before have so few been in a position to make fools, maniacs and criminals of so many.”

Aldous Huxley; The Devils of Loudun 1952

Edward Bernays – very strange heritage, He was the double nephew of Jewish psychoanalysis pioneer Sigmund Freud. His mother was Freud’s sister Anna, and his father was Ely Bernays, brother of Freud’s wife Martha Bernays. He was the self declared father of propaganda through his book; Propaganda, he produced the play Damaged Goods taken from the script by Eugene Brieux in les Avaries in 1901,  Bernays produced it as damaged Goods from which also came Damaged Lives. To sideline the Catholic censor he was aided by the Rockefellers and Roosevelt’s, both of which had representatives at the opening of the play. The main narrative is about syphilis. The press went apeshit about the play claiming it was sex o clock in America in 1913. This can be said to be the launch of sexual liberation amongst the lower classes and the beginning of the path to family destruction called the counterculture revolution. More importantly it was the launch of Sex Magic.

Dr Timothy Leary – coined the phrase turn on tune in drop out, the psychedelic experience based on the Egyptian Book of the Dead, psychedelic revolution, interconnects with; The Mellon Family, Millbrook Mansion, Psychedelic Orientalism, The Society of Jesus, The Vatican, Wasson’s Seeking the Magic Mushroom, Al Hubbard, Anthony Russo, Carlos Castaneda, Cord Meyer Jr, G. Gordon Liddy, Huston Smith, John C. Lilly, Ken Kesey, Marshall McLuhan, Mary Pinchot Meyer, Peggy Hitchcock, Ram Dass / Richard Alpert, Walter Bowart, Wills Harman, Aldous Huxley, Henry A. Murray, Henry Luce, Esalen Institute, Harvard University, LSD Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.

Wendy Doniger / OFlattery / Gudwin – Hinduism and Soma The Divine Mushroom and Wicca
Amanita Muscaria
Andrija Puharich
Arthur G. Altschul
Dr. Ronald Sandison
Dr. James Moore
Dr. Colin Ross
Dimitri von Mohrenschildt
Carlos Castaneda
Carl A.P. Ruck
Bruce Campbell Adamson
Bertram Wolfe
Benjamin Strong
B. H. Friedman
Frank Altschul – Ran Operation Mockingbird which was a psychological information campaign against the American people. It was a campaign that would lead to acceptance of blanket secrecy for “national security,” “the Red Scare” became the excuse for spending vast sums of money on weapon systems and an increase in covert operations both in foreign countries and within the United States. In the 1950s and 1960s, movies, news articles, books, radio and television programs were carefully laced with anti-communist messages and images designed to produce an acceptance of the policies being promoted by the defence elite’s propaganda machine 29.

Century Club / Association – east coast version of the Bohemian Club – Grove, made up from banking and intelligence circles. Created to help the Round Table objective of creating the global front system for the new world order, based on a twisted idea of the British monarchical system. The House of Rothschild and its offshoots have had control of Britain since 1815. It is from this point that the British Empire presented in history as all blood and guts, commences. Another interesting member is Col. Francis Pickens Miller

Council on Foreign Relations (USA version of the Royal Institute on International Affairs, Chatham House)
Columbia School of Journalism
Columbia University
United States Trust Company
Henry P. Davison Jr (His boss at Morgan and the funder of Time Life magazine)

Henry Luce – Skull and Bones and Alpha Delta Phi, born in China. Order of Malta, Pilgrims Society, University of Oxford, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Claire Boothe Luce, Mary Bancroft, Persephoney’s Quest, Hotchkiss School, MK-ULTRA

Charles Douglas Jackson (Time Life, expert on psychological warfare, Bilderberg Group)
J.P. Jack Morgan Jr
J.P. Morgan & Co
Stock Exchange Act
John G. Bourke
London School of Economics (London Fabian Society, Marxists)
Maria Sabina
Morgan Guaranty Trust
PROM Committee
Saint Anthony Hall
The Hall Carbine Affair
Council Development Fund
Created the word; entheogen
East European Fund
Free Russia Fund
Towards a Russian Policy
George F. Kennan (Ambassador to Russia member of the Wise Men)
Hallucinogenic Drug Use in Non-Western Cultures
Discovers magic mushroom (psilocybe)
Mushrooms Russia and History
Persephone’s Quest
Sacred Mushroom Seeker
Soma Divine Mushroom of Immortality
The Wondrous Mushroom
The Road to Eleusis
JFK Assassination
Jonathan Ott
La Experiencia del Extasis; 1955-1963 (Spanish edition)
Psychedelic Orientalism
Psychedelic Revolution
Research Program on the U.S.S.R
Russian Student Fund

Allen W. Dulles interconnects with :

CIA – Central Intelligence Agency
OSS – Office for Strategic Services
National Security Act 1947
Georgetown Set (U.S version of the British Cliveden Set)
Mossad (Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations)

Pilgrim Society Headquartered in New York and London started in 1902 as part of the Cecil Rhodes/Milner Round Table. First President was Lord Frederick Roberts 1st Earl Roberts, involved in the second Boar War interconnected with Cecil Rhodes, Harry Brittain, Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouts and Rudyard Kipling

Century Club / Group
Princeton University
Robert Lansing
Sullivan and Cromwell
Congress for Cultural Freedom
BIS Bank for International Settlements
Adolph Hitler
Prescott Sheldon Bush (Father of George H. Bush)
I.G. Farben
Treaty of Versailles
Radio Free Europe
C. D. Jackson – was head of psychological warfare in Europe during WWII and in peace time ran magazines. He also ran the Holocaust propaganda script post WWII, or in todays language he marketed there Holocaust ensuring the maximum horror and sympathy was formed to cover the Jewish involvement in the set up of the entire Third Reich. He eventually became the CEO at Time Life Magazine.
Sandoz – producer of LSD
The State of Israel
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
W. Averell Harriman (Skull and Bones)
Avery Dulles
John Foster Dulles
Henry Kissinger
John F. Kennedy
Warren Commission (From which the term Conspiracy Theorist is born)
John D. Rockefeller III
Bernard M. Baruch
Carl Gustav Jung
Dr Ewen Cameron
Miles Copeland Jr
Robert A. Lovett
Cord Meyer Jr
Mary Bancroft
Project MK-ULTRA
Operation Mockingbird (Run by Frank Altschul, Century Club, CFR, Pilgrim Society, Overbook Press, PROM Committee)
Operation Paperclip (Clip Paper)
Operation Sunrise

But this is just one side of a twin agenda, this one is the psychological attack, the other….. Welcome to reality :
Cancer epidemic due to the introduction of viruses through vaccinations, SV-40 on trial 




The Leipzig Connection - Systematic Destruction of American Education (1993)


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