In Profile : The Essenes of Qumran

In Profile : The Essenes of Qumran









1 May 2017
The Essenes are a Qumran sect and controlled the priesthood at the time of the Temple destruction by Rome in 70AD. What this means is that they held all the knowledge housed within the Temple at the time destruction loomed, as such it was they who would remove and control the knowledge of the mystery schools. They were essentially celibates and aesthetics, preferring the solitary existence as a monastic priesthood. Two other priesthood’s, the Sadducees and the Pharisees had elders on the council, forming a trinity which together, were classed as the Aaronite Priests, each group claiming continuum from the antediluvian period, and more importantly, the secrets they held came not from Enoch born of Jared, the doctrines they held had origin in the works of Enoch son of Cain. It would be Cain’s bloodline pre-flood, that would work with the Nephilim to create the corruption of Atlantis, as such, when it comes to Gnosticism, we are dealing with the doctrines of the fallen angels.

The Essenes hold as they’re most sacred doctrine The Book of Jubilees[1] which was written by Enoch son of Cain. Enoch was their prime patriarch but the Essenes also claim relationship with Moses as the continuum of his Oral Laws, as such they claim Moses to be second in importance. They also claim the Oral law is the continuum of the religion of Egypt carried into the Promised Land. In both these claims the doctrine of which they speak as we would recognise today, is the Talmud, the Kabbalah. The use of the name Egypt is a bit of a misnomer as all such doctrine is more than likely the religion of Akhenaton.

As such we must recognise the fact, the real core belief held by the Essenes is Polytheism, this they continued after the split at Heliopolis leading to the Pharisees and Sadducees holding to the Monotheistic doctrine. Both ideas actually existed in Egypt after the religion of Aton worship created by Akhenaton. This division among the followers of Moses can be seen in a story of Moses, who while on the mountain, had him return to his followers who were building a huge idol of a Bull, or the golden calf. The Israelites had returned to the Egyptian religion of Polytheism which inclines one to question the origin of the Israelites. The Essenes therefore believe that what is said to be of Moses recorded in the Bible, is a false theology and not what Moses actually represented. The Talmud is said to be the oral tradition handed down from Moses which conflicts with the Biblical account, in fact it subverts the entire Torah, the consequence of which has birthed Zionism, which not unlike the pied piper effect, has lead the sheep into a land next door to the slaughterhouse.

The Essenes practised Enochian Rites and thus its magic, which has its root in Enoch born of Cain. The Essenes kept bloodline records to prove their claim and to follow their enemies, they would also self harm as a ritual, they claim, to remind them of humility, this behaviour is not unlike such orders as Opus Dei, today holding significant power within Vatican II. The Essenes were Solar worshippers[2] and followed the calendar of Enoch born of Cain, this was unlike the Pharisees and the Sadducees who were Lunar and monotheistic.

Ezekiel 14 gives insight as to what the priesthood worshiped at the time of the first temple destruction when it speaks of the women at the temple mourning for Tammuz, who is a sun and nature god.

The Aaronite priesthoods were in existence centuries before the release of the Christian Gospels, in fact it is fair to say, the accepted Gospels were a major threat to their authority when it came to the Israelite tradition. They claim they can trace back to the Israelite coming back to the promised land, before that to Heliopolis and the Great White brotherhood, which would divide, and from that, back into the pre-flood antediluvian age.

In essence, they claim they carried the Egyptian monotheistic religion into the West and thus is their claim to have rooted the Christian doctrine. But of course there is a huge difference in the Gnostic Gospels that emanate from the Aaronite priests which present Jesus in a conflicting manner to the ideal held within the Gospels of the Bible. We must remember however that the Gospels make clear the then Temple he held in absolute contempt and the only time he became angry and physical in his turning of the money tables.

It would then make sense as to why the Essenes would write contrary Gospels to those accepted in the Bible, because the accepted Gospels removed all power from the Temple priesthood and became the foundation of the Christian religion founded by Rome.

In relation to the shift to a monastic life after the 70AD destruction they became meshed with Cabalistic esotericism with some orders calling themselves the Nazarenes, the Johanite Brothers, Sabaeans, covenanters of Damascus among others. In essence after the destruction they spread into many sects choosing the solitary life outside of towns and cities.

The core members of the Knights Templar are from the bloodlines of the Essenes.


Qumran is the area from which the Gnostic Gospels keep on appearing so there is a connection between the secret societies and Qumran and the polytheistic religions, yet the Gnostic Gospels claim to have authority over the Monotheistic doctrine.

Given the Essenes and their offshoots existed as a Monastic order, we must consider that in the 909 AD Benedictine monastic reversal of doctrine by the carolingian warrior cast, is the point at which the secret societies based in the Gnostic script, began to become the Catholic power over and above the Catholic Church.[3] This would spawn the many Knights orders that would move to Crusade and then move underground during the 1307 purge by Catholic France. We can then determine that the entire agenda of Inquisition, which was run by the Dominicans, itself a monastic order, was the secret society networks acting against real Christians and real Jews in order the Church, which the secret societies then controlled, could become the global power we know today. As the Reformation took hold in Europe we would see once again the secret societies rear their head in the order known as the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits.

Vatican II which is a Jesuit theology, through Pope Francis, is moving to the one world religion which will shift from the theology and authority of the Gospels, to the authority of the Gnostic Gospels as the supreme doctrine. This will shift from Mother Mary to Mary the Prostitute, you can witness the formation of the prostitute format with the debasing of morality and the mass sexualisation of the children. The generation so programmed will naturally choose the latter Mary when they are ready to give rise to the anti-Christ system.

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