The Geneva Bible, the Jewish Puritan Pilgrims and vaccination genocide

The Geneva Bible, the Jewish Puritan Pilgrims and vaccination genocide










7 March 2018

Is it important that a distinction be made between what is a Jewish creation and what is a Christian creation? Because by their talents, the Jewish community have managed to present Christianity as the antagonist and evil doer to history. In many of those events we find that they were nothing of the sort outside of being duped. This position must be made correct before the entire global Evangelical Zionist cult releases the anger of the Puritan across the European landmass, again.

Let us not also forget that one of the offshoots of the Puritan mind was a big interest in all things banks.

Outside the emotional response to such a dichotomy, such a question is an essential factor to consider if we are to understand what needs to be kept and what needs to be dropped as we move forward into a new world, a world that is dependant upon confusion of both history and the ever present moment, in order those formulating a diabolical plan can manipulate the future in an image all of their own.

Who really sanctioned the genocide of the Native American race, and why?

When you are introducing a particular system that operates as a deception and  pushes division through language, then any language that fails to punish truth has to be forbidden and then demolished. If the world would take the time to recognise this factor in their own cultures, then we would be a world that stood on the steps of great awakenings. As it stands today having undergone subtle changes to our mental states through the wars in the 20th century, we all operate the system that punishes the truth in children. This creates a response to tell lies by the child and removes any reasons for the child to act within the truth. Here lies the foundation of the cult TV series Peaky Blinders, fear becomes the currency.

The Puritans are a Jewish sect that claims to accept only the Old Testament and the fantasy and unprovable thesis they call the Oral Law of Moses known to all as the Talmud. What the Rabbis do not say is that the Talmud outranks the Torah in all things at the level of the priesthood.  In England they refused to conform to the Christian Church of England because it operated under the Roman canon, they became known throughout Europe as the Nonconformists, a title that was given to many cults that opposed Christendom the religion, in all its forms. History has confused the difference between Judaism and Christianity in order the Christians, specifically Protestantism, take the blame for the genocide of the Native Americans.

The Puritan Harvard Graduate, Cotton Mather, son of the first President of Harvard, Increase Mather, and member of the Royal Society, described Puritanism as a Jewish Exodus and the Native Americans are to be seen as the Canaanites who are to be wiped out for yet another New Jerusalem. He said that Salem, which was formed in 1626, was the Puritan New Jerusalem. This covenant between themselves the land and their God was for the entire landmass called North America.

From this covenant would initiate and sanction the genocide of 90 percent of the Native Americans in the use of the Black Plague in the New England area. Cotton Mather left a scientific legacy due to his hybridisation experiments and his promotion of inoculation for disease prevention.

Harvard, ladies and gentlemen, is the core of the medical intrusion on Man in order the Puritan cult could take what was a perfect system, the human body, and corrupt it medically, so they could build a system that would permanently fix the body at a cost, creating an industry they call the medical profession.

John Wycliffe,[2] an Oxford teacher, was the man who would translate the Vulgate into the first English format which became known as the Wycliffite Bible. He was known as the Morning Star of the Reformation. His pupils became known as Lollards and he taught them to go out and preach everywhere. In 1428, 44 years after his death at the Council of Constance, Rome ordered his bones be dug up and burned.

From Wycliffe would follow Luther and onto Erasmus of Rotterdam who would present the Greek translation against the Latin finding what he said was the misrepresentation of the idea of repentance which Rome changed to Penance and the position of Grace apportioned to Mary mother of Christ as favoured by, but not able to give, Grace.

During the reign of Bloody Mary some 800 scholars fled England, many finding their war to Geneva were they received the protection of John Calvin. This would include Miles Coverdale and the Scottish reformer John Knox, who together moved to create another revised version of the Bible from the best of the Hebrew and Greek including William Tyndale’s 1534 revised New Testament. King Henry VIII in 1531 issued an edict declaring : “the translation of the Scripture corrupted by William Tyndale should be utterly expelled, rejected, and put away out of the hands of the people, and not be suffered to go abroad among his subjects.”

This was confirmed in 1543. “in the spring of 1543 Parliament passed an act “for the advancement of true religion and for the abolishment of the contrary”, which banned “the crafty, false and untrue translation of Tyndale”” Here then one can realise the absolute difference between Protestant England and the Bible of Tyndale, the Bible that would be the root of the Geneva Bible.

This edition put the Puritan creed outside the limitations of the Crown of England and also the Pope in Rome, giving them autonomy of thought and word. The Geneva Bible would be that with which the Puritan Pilgrim Fathers took to the Americas under which they would declare their new and terrifying compact.

The Geneva Bible, the Jewish Puritan Pilgrims and vaccination genocideIn 1560 the Geneva Bible was published and dedicated to the new Protestant Queen of England Elizabeth I. From 1560 to 1644 there had been 200 additions to the Geneva Bible and over 300.000 words of commentary, much of which was taken from the Talmud, written by John Calvin, Theodore Piza, John Knox, Miles Coverdale and many other reformers of the day. The Geneva Bible was the foundation of John Bunion, John Milton, Oliver Cromwell and William Bradford, neither of which can be called Protestants. They each moved under the Laws of Man (Talmud) a distinction we can see in the fact that almost all Protestants from the 16th century to the late 19th,[3] were using the efforts of Erasmus and his Greek New Testament. The work of Erasmus was translated from the Latin Vulgate in about 26 areas. The Greek manuscripts used by Erasmus were mostly late. He hardly used any older manuscripts as he was suspicious of them. He preferred the majority of those that he had, with the late Byzantine Greek text. If you take a look at the image to your left, which is an original page from an early Geneva Bible, you will note the fact the symbolism is more in tune with what we have come to expect from the secret society Freemasonry. I would go as far as to say that in Freemasonry we have the secret society controlled by the Puritan theology. The Geneva Bible was banned in England due to the many footnotes which came not from any Bible but from the Laws of man the Talmud. This is why Protestant Clergy would not accept Freemasonry as a Christian fraternity, because quite simply they are a Jewish operation moving to remove the Protestant creed after riding its back as a cover to get to the Americas. They of course explain the whole affair rather differently.[4]

It must also be noted that the King James Bible specific to the 1611 version, is taken in the main from the Geneva Bible, hence the many translation errors, and of course it being filled with the Byzantine corruption of Dog Latin, leading to the formation of the Dead Trust after the Great Fire of London and the slavery that followed. The main strategy employed by the followers of the Talmud, as they thrust themselves into Roman theology, would be to attack the mechanics of the religion itself, thus exposing the slight of word to give double meaning to words, in order the position of master and slave, or religious hierarchy remains always without question, in tact. Thus it was a battle between two religions but having hit first, positioned the recipient on the back foot never able to admit the position revealed. Classic and fantastic backdoors built in to the religion from the time of the Crusades.

In this manner Christianity has taken the fall for the things carried out by the children of the Talmud, the very priestcraft the Gospels decry as the works of the antagonist.

[1]The Royal Society was the force behind the Puritan Pilgrims in America. At that time they were very involved in the promotion of what was termed ‘In-grafting’ which became known as inoculations. During the 1700s the term vaccination would be used, taken from the French for Cow. In-grafting was a procedure by which they took juice from a postal of pox or some such virus or disease, and then placing it in a legion on the arm or other part of the body, they would study the results. This script would be a part of what they termed Enlightenment science.

 As a religious group they would push for the inclusion of Enlightenment Science into religion which would show itself in the rise of Harvard, specifically it’s grouping of scientists allied to the Royal Society that formed Harvard. The Royal Society is also responsible for the formation of Yale University in 1701 by Elihu Yale, at the behest of Puritan and Harvard medical scientist, Cotton Mather. It must therefore be concluded that the Ivy League grouping of Universities are in fact Royal Society cells operating in the United States. Gresham College is also another major player in this network. From Yale we get the Skull & Bones chapter 322.
The Christian Philosopher, Cotton Mather

[2] Timeline John Wycliffe 
1362 : In 1362 he was granted a prebend at Austin Westbury-on-Trym which he held in addition to the post at Fillingham.
1374 : In 1374, he received the crown living of Lutterworth in Leicestershire, which he retained until his death.
1379 : By 1379 in his De ecclesia (“On the Church”), Wycliffe clearly claimed the supremacy of the king over the priesthood.

Although Lollardy is denounced as a heresy by the Roman Catholic Church and the early pre-reformation Church of England, both of which are based in Christian doctrine, meant that initially Wycliffe and the Lollards were out there in England, as such they required some high level help which they received in the shelter by John of Gaunt, a Jewish noble, and other anti-Christian nobility, who may have wanted to use Lollard-advocated clerical reform to acquire new sources of revenue from England’s monasteries. This is the Byzantine Jewish elite moving to demolish Vatican Christianity. John of Gaunt was nothing like his brothers or indeed his father, he was Jewish and born in Belgium.

[3] In Britain from 1888 and also the same in America, there was a huge immigration of Khazar Jews from Russia which lasted unit 1915 in Britain after Parliament produced an Act to stop the influx. I think it could have stopped in the United Staes a couple of years earlier. It is worth noting that these influxes coincided with the mass deaths of British men during WWI. They are using the same strategy today with Muslims, they are readying for war in which they want the white boys to fight while Islam is shifted into Blighty and Europe as a whole. 

[4] Shifting between the Hebrew and the Jewish identity

Americas Hebraic Roots - The Colonies


Food for Thought
What if CERN is really CGI? What if they are moving to have you believe they have found a new particle from which they will unroll a brand new science that will act as another control script, based entirely in the fantasy climate change narrative, the public will allow to self-imprison.

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