Water holds memory

Water holds memory











Everything you don’t know about water

The most part of this video remains in tact from the original, but from 1:09:55 the video shifts into what I would say to be corporate propaganda to drag what is amazing information about water, into the eugenics agenda. Control of global water is one of the prime objectives of the banking cartel, this was announced by Henry Kissinger in the 1970s and has been a steady and ruthless plan ever since.

When water falls below zero it increases its density, when it is above zero it loses density.
Water is the only substance that expands when it cools below zero.
Water can exist in three states liquid, solid and gaseous.
Water has the highest surface tension of all liquids.
Water has memory. It can record and store information.
The structure (nervous system) of water based on how its molecules behave, is more important than the chemical structure.
Water reacts to human emotions and forms into certain patterns dependant upon the frequency of the energy it receives, it then holds that pattern.
Closed systems that supply the water to the taps in your homes comes through the pipework in a damaged pattern.
Water is the structure of DNA and also proteins.

Water is cool


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