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Myron. C.Fagan







21 October 2015

The following recording was made in 1967 by Myron C Fagan, a famous Jewish Playwright.

Mr. Fagan gives documentary evidence on how the House of Rothschild have moved to achieve a “One World Government”. He presents a hidden side to well known historical events which makes for a chilling listen! What he speaks of way back in the 1960’s can be witnessed today as a plan coming to fruition.

Most researchers and investigators continue to equate the House of Rothschild with the House of Judah of scripture. Yet the Illumined appear to hold power within all offshoots of the Biblical tradition, or the 12 tribes, without exception. Something other than what we are being told has to be the reality from which the ability they have enjoyed, in dragging each of the tribes into the abyss of falsehood and Apostasy takes its root.

John Quincy Adams issued warnings exposing Thomas Jefferson to be using Masonic Lodges to promote Illuminism in the United States.

In 1826 Captain William Morgan decided to explain to all Masons and the general public of the works of the illuminati. The illumined held a secret trial in his absence in which he was sentenced to death for this treason. Richard Howard was tasked to carry out the execution at the border with Canada. This event led to over half of the Northern Jurisdiction Masons to secede their membership.

What is Communism?
1850s-a secret meeting was held in New York addressed by a British Illuminist called Wright. Wright said the Illuminati are to organise the nihilist and atheist groups with all subversive groupings globally, to be organised into one group called Communism…. Such was essential if they were to upgrade the World Revolution to procure the Three World War Strategy that would be presented to the secret societies by Grandmaster Albert Pike in 1871.

Article 47 paragraph 3 of the U.N Charter says :

“The Military Staff Committee of the U.N shall be responsible through the Security Council for the strategic direction of all Armed Forces placed at the disposal of the Security Council.”

In 1961 a Bill was passed secretly by John F Kennedy that under United Nations directive, the entire American population must be disarmed.


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