In Profile : The Zionist-Non-Zionist Issue


3 September 2015

The Zionist the Non Zionist, how does that work?

Israel, according to presiding rhetoric is a Zionist State, but is this the reality?

Before we enter this rather perplexing subject let us remember that in 1829 the House of Rothschild purchased Jerusalem on behalf of the combined secret society networks for which the Rothschilds are the chief financiers :

In Profile : The Zionist-Non-Zionist Issue


From the book; An Ambiguous Partnership, Non Zionists and Zionists in America, 1939-1948, by Menahem Kaufman 1991,[1] we find that Kaufman presents the fact, contact had been made between both camps, that the Balfour Declaration had as its secondary aim, to force the Zionist and non Zionist camps to better define their relationship in order their claims could be understood by all in the wider world, specifically regions with large Jewish communities.

The ethos of the Non Zionist camp, headed in the negotiations by Louis Marshall, then head of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), was based in the fact; Jews had made the shift from seeing themselves as a race without homeland, to a religious community.

This shift in position was the consequence of the 1885 Reform Judaism movement’s take on the matter with the quote;

we consider ourselves no longer a nation but a religious community, and therefore expect neither to return to Palestine, nor the restoration of any laws concerning the Jewish State.

Marshall deemed the Zionist as impractical dreamers, while later, defending the Zionist cause when accused of being disloyal to America.

Thus it would appear the two camps found a path to operate together for the creation of what today is seen as a prime example of the Zionist heaven. On the other side of the argument we find two leading lights representing the Zionist cause in Wiezmann and Louis D. Brandeis. Brandeis and his followers sow the game in these terms; Get the mandate for Palestine internationally, will open the gates for Jewish immigration. Cease political efforts and concentrate on raising the funds to build the Zionist state. Wiezmann and his followers  thought the Mandate would not be sufficient to build the state, Wiezmann was reticent in not giving up the political efforts of the Zionist movement.

Allow me to confuse this issue somewhat more and introduce you to the Tikkun loam

He also rejected the idea the Non Zionists join the World Zionist organisation, (WZO) as individuals, requiring an agreement with Non Zionist organisations in the establishment of a Jewish national Home. In other words, they want a Zionist state as a homeland for the lost and wandering, while the Jews across Europe where happy to identify their selves as the nationality of their respective country, while remaining true to their faith as orthodox Jews and recognised as a religious community group settled.

Here lies the problem, Zionists want a Homeland, Non Zionists want religion. In what appears to be capitulation by the Non Zionists, the two camps found a path they could both tread, and in August 1929 the enlargement of the Jewish Agency was achieved with the AJC  and the JDC pulling together under the Zionist cause to build a nation for Zion.

The death of the Non Zionist leader Louis Marshall on September 11 1929 would leave the Zionists in better shape to pursue their need for a homeland in what happens to be the pivotal trade point between Africa, Asia and Europe, but is this the real story? In the introduction to the book Kaufmann states :

Non Zionism occupies a somewhat anomalous position among modern Jewish ideologies. One would expect opponents of the political and ideological aims of the Zionist movement to call themselves anti Zionists and to be consistent in their oppositions. There have been, indeed, anti Zionists. However their have been a significant number of people who rejected the philosophy of Zionism even while they encouraged its practical work. They liked to think of themselves as Non Zionists in order to differentiate themselves from the anti Zionists. These none Zionists exercised an inordinately important role in the establishment of the Jewish National Home in Palestine because due to their wealth and socio-political prominence, they controlled a number of Jewish organisations. In the course of time, the consensus among non Zionists developed into a recognisable none Zionist platform. span>

Zionist and Non Zionists eventually developed a shared view of the Jewish identity, the dividing lines between the two was never hard and fast, indeed the Non Zionists wandered idea logically between the Zionist and anti-Zionist camps. When the creation of a Jewish State appeared an unrecognisable goal, they repudiated the anti-Zionists and joined hands with the practical Zionists and their projects, yet when sensing the imminent establishment of the Jewish State they would backtrack into their Non Zionist rhetoric.

The physical expressions of the Non Zionist Jews in a typical Diaspora community had Jews in Eastern Europe think themselves an ethno-religious group of Jews, with Western Jews in America and Europe understanding their identity in religious terms. In Eastern Europe the Jews rejection of Zionism was primarily aimed at any idea of the renewal of Jewish sovereignty in Palestine as a solution to the Jewish problem. Succeeding Marshall was Felix Warburg, who had reservations about using the term Jewish National Home fearing interpretation that Israel was indeed a declaration of a Jewish nation, so it was a concern that to push for a nation would have serious consequences in the future for the Jewish cause, more specifically, in attracting funding.

Through the early thirties, satisfying America that this Enlarged Jewish Agency could function as one, became the major task of all concerned, would the geological and ideological difference end in division? And with so many Non Zionist groups attacking the idea of a home nation for all Jews, could they swing this ideology into a rallying call for all Jewry?

There was a silencing of the Non Zionist groups in Eastern Europe under the hammer and sickle, lessening the voice of old school Jewry, then perhaps the same hand using the Zionist ideology to ferment hatred in Germany in readiness for the Third Reich and all that would befall Jewish communities after launching the Theosophist, Adolf Hitler, would appear that, if ever the Zionist call for the need of a homeland required a boost, this man would suffice in all quarters. How could such a seemingly schismatic reality be possible?

And if it is a reality, how has is been hidden? The depression of the thirties meant the big fund raising did not materialise as the Enlarged Jewish Agency took a bailout by the Deutsche Bank of Berlin, which was guaranteed by the Non Zionist Felix Warburg and Zionist Oskar Wassermann. If we take today’s position, now better informed as to the nature of banking bailouts, bailouts mean transfer of power, with that in mind then it stands to all reason that with the Deutsche Bank deal, the Enlarged Jewish Agency was from that moment under the complete control of the families holding the funds that was Deutsche Bank 1930’s.

Given we find a Non Zionist underwriter to the finance, then the finger points to total takeover of the Zionist cause by the Non Zionists, while remaining in the shadows with everything Zion fronting the whole ethos.

The Deutsche Bank has a rather interesting history, presented in a book by Harold James The Nazi Dictatorship and the Deutsche Bank, 2004,[2] we gain great insight as to whom took charge of the Israel agenda when cap in hand, the seemingly unstoppable Zionist State builders took funds from the Jewish controlled Bank. Founded in 1870 in anticipation of the new law permitting the establishment of joint-stock banks in Prussia, and a few months before the unification of Germany and the creation of the German Empire, with its founders having a national-patriotic purpose in mind to challenge the preeminence of London in the financing of overseas trade.

Rapidly emerging as a credible international bank, establishing in 1871 the German Bank of London, by 1873 creating its own London agency. During 1872-3 it bought into New York and Paris banks, and in 1872 founded agencies in Shanghai and Yokohama, 1874 proved its move into South American banks leading in 1886 to the creation of its own institution for South America and the Deutsche Ubersee Bank. George Siemens became one of the first managers, having worked for his cousin Werner von Siemens who was busy building the communications and technological advancement of the German Empire, thus the bank became a major investor in industrial finance.

Prominent Liberal politician, Ludwig Bamberger was another founder of the bank, who in 1868 was elected to the Customs Union parliament, predecessor to a German national parliament, in which he achieved the legislation establishing a new central bank, the Reichsbank. In the first decade of the 20th century, the bank had a substantial amount of stock in the Rhine Ruhr, Germany’s industrial heart, and with its dense network of branches positioned the bank as lender to a large amount of Jewish business throughout Germany, Saxony being the main manufacturer of Jewish owned textiles, leathers, furs and related companies, ergo the Livery Companies.

Mergers with other banks had created the large network. During the political crisis of the Weimar Republic which very quickly became a lack of confidence in the banks and currency, Deutsche Bank was accused of frustrating the management of the failed banks in order they damage their competitors, and in order they worsen the business depression. The bank retorted blaming the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Bank of England for limiting credit as precondition for international assistance.

Implicating New York and London only deepens the interconnectedness of the whole scheme. This strategy enabled the rise of Hitler which prevented Bruning lasting out based purely on finance, Deutsche bank it would appear under protocols laid out by London and New York, demolished any chance for the old Germany to re-establish itself, the money was only for Hitler, this suggests determined agenda, the rest is history.

Such parallels to what we see going on today, Greece’s premier capitulating to the might of Germany’s Merkel, in league with France and Britain, given such parallel, what exactly are they doing with the current financial fiasco? What are we to make of the above information? It would appear we have Non Zionists in full control of Zionism, with the Zionists acting as front for the Non Zionists, we have serious German connections to the Jewish community as a whole involved in the rise of the Third Reich.

We see what appears to be strategy relating to coordinated financial collapse, leading to reduced financial liquidity in the public sector, while through banking bailouts we suffer dictation to hand over our state systems to corporate monsters who have hordes of charitable trusts acting as subcontractors to the corporate interests, and in some cases in high positions of command. Neither of the two above pay tax back into the economies, acting as nothing other than syphons of taxpayers wealth and economic assets, fixed under contract as outsource providers.

Enriching the corporate at the expense of the taxpayer, the judiciary shifting precedence in common law from that of rights, to strict contractual obligations, always balanced in the favour of the bigger wallet, it is then, when the corporate intelligence networks operating for the international banking elite capture the state, we see the real aim of such financial catastrophes as all things military takes over.

We do have further insight to the actions of those who would call themselves Non Zionists, enter the arena a Mr. Harry Beckhough. Harry being part of the Marlborough Research Group has a position of influence within the Conservative party, UKIP, and great swathes of the so named alternative media, and as the video clearly shows, at least according to one rather important chle, without the work and beliefs of Harry Beckhough, he would not be Prime Minister, and we would not be suffering the state capture by corporate entities funded by the mammoth banks via their Hedge Funds :




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