The 2030 deception, whats really going on?

The 2030 deception, whats really going on?







13 January 2020

Agenda 21 has changed to Agenda 2030 which can only mean they are behind schedule by nine years. Or, is that what we are supposed to believe because its a strategy to keep the truth seekers off the real timeline and the ultimate objective?

Bit of a quandary going on here so let us wade in at the deep end because thats how we roll…

Numbers folks, or more specifically numerology and cycles…what see ye, well… there is a Biblical cycle of 490 years or 70×7=490. Did you know that? 

Of course given today the drive to a one world zoo comes through the Zionist creed, not the origin of such madness, but the last overt outing of the great work into the mainstream, sold via the United Nations and enforced by the same is the platform formerly known as Agenda 21[1] which has moved to a later date of 2030.

As I write the leading cult moving the Noahide priesthood is Chabad Lubavitch, in full control of Putin and Donald Trump. Chabad, as an arm of the House Rothschild which just happens to control the Inner Temple with its shining light and member acting as the fiction Queen Elizabeth II, is, Elizabeth Alexandria Mary Windsor, offering up the British Crown to the Bolshevik Zionist unclean works, has also to be seen as a major player in the installation of Agenda 21 now 2030. Vatican II has positioned the foundation of Christendom into the same hands administered and enforced through the secret societies, it is this reality that requires a lot more attention from all who are looking for remedy to our current predicament. Rome operates on Title to which all who are born as a Christian in the West is tied to the land and thus nation.

What is that agenda..? Well, they are very excited with all thoughts of building yet another Temple of abominations, based on the one thus built by Solomon, built in Jerusalem when the platform we call the  new world order is fully in place and able to be administered by the Sanhedrin. Its the climate you see, its gone apeshit and is no longer doing as she is told, ergo in come the Zionist’s to geoengineer a new earth according to the theology coming out of the Royal Society and said Zionist’s rectums. It is then a new religion will be thrust upon you, but you had better be aware, if you get this religions rules in a twist it will be off with your head. The Gospels are going to be banned.

Why 2030
Having furnished you with the background information we can very quickly find the root of this number wizardry by going back to the time that the first Temple was destroyed and then move this insight forward to 2030.

420BC and the first Temple came crashing down, the priesthood had been very naughty and spread it amongst the faithful. After the captivity born of the destruction some 650.000 naughty Temple builders were marched off to Babylon, some 70 years later a king called Cyrus decided he could use another Temple for his own dastardly deeds, he determined to send the naughty ones back to build another Temple, but only 60.000 of the original number wanted to make the move back. Once they arrived and began to build the Temple for Cyrus, they realised they had no priesthood to run the Temple and so asked for Babylon to send them a priesthood. It gets a bit confusing from this point suffice to say, they did it all again and became even more naughty and killed the good guy they were awaiting.

As a consequence of expanding the naughtiness the Second Temple was destroyed in 70AD, and guess what…? The second destruction came exactly, to the hour, 490 years after the first Temple was destroyed.

So we have a timeline of a cycle running the priesthood[2] and without becoming bogged down in the tales of naughtiness I can now present the numbers thus :

420BC – 70AD – 560AD – 1050AD – 1540AD and finally to 2030AD.

Those dates historically present the story of the efforts of the Synagogue of Satan as it slithers itself back into the mainstream at the expense of all that is good.

The problem here lies in the fact, there is no Third Temple by any stretch of the imagination born of the Hebrew Tradition, the entire script ended in 70AD, this Third Temple is pure fantasy but a fantasy that intends to become a nightmare for those not elected above the horror that are the Noahide Laws. We are speaking of Futurism and that is a child of the Jesuits.

To understand how we arrived here we must look at Theosophy which helped twist a normal mind into the fantasy of Zion and its Temple, but the main mover of this theatre would be the deceptions played out through the Oxford University Press Owned Scofield Bible. This of course was how the Protestant’s became entangled, for those who coveted title and a higher social status, the Chatham House born of Cecil Rhodes would pull all secret networks into the new creed.

Those behind and acting this superscript demand redemption of themselves through gaining a fear based and forced forgiveness by the global community, and yet, the question to be asked of these strange people, especially due to their actions post English Civil War, would be…Do they deserve redemption?

Daniel’s 70 Weeks (490 years) gives a major clue that God determines and measures the redemptive history of Israel in Cycles of 70*7=490 years. In particular, it defines the last of these Cycles as running from the Ezra Decree to restore Jerusalem (458 BC) to Messiah’s sacrificial atoning Death and Resurrection (AD 33).

Matthew 18:21,22 also implies there is something special about 70*7 = 490: “Peter came and said to Him: “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times?” Jesus said to him: “I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven (70 x 7 = 490).”

From this passage, we see that 490 is the number of forgiveness. Thus the Cycle of 490 years can be seen as a Forgiveness Cycle (70*7 years) as well as a Great Jubilee Cycle (10*49 years). Both concepts agree in emphasising God’s Mercy and Grace, so that we would expect these Great Forgiveness Cycles to start and end with great national ‘Jubilee’ events of forgiveness, release and restoration. We would expect the intervention of God at these times in grace and power, forgiving the past, restoring them and giving them a new start. Thus this Great Jubilee would seal off the previous 490 years, and then open up the new Cycle of 490 years.

[1] Agenda 21 is a non-binding action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development. It is a product of the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. It is an action agenda for the UN, other multilateral organisations, and individual governments around the world that can be executed at local, national, and global levels.


[2] What is the Priesthood
John Hyrcanus I, 175bc – died 104bc was the high priest and ruler of the Judaea nation from 133-134bc. Under his reign the Hasmonean Kingdom of Judaea in ancient Palestine attained power and great prosperity, and the Pharisees, a scholarly sect with popular backing, and the sadducees, an aristocratic sect that comprised the priesthood, became well defined religious parties.

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