Has Jesuit Pope Francis Handed the Vatican to Bolshevik Atheist Communist China?

Has Jesuit Pope Francis Handed the Vatican to Bolshevik Atheist Communist China?







29 August 2019

The first Chinese Catholic bishop was ordained with the blessing of both Pope Francis and the Chinese government under a new deal between Beijing and the Vatican. Monsignor Antonio Yao Shun received the papal mandate and was consecrated as the bishop of Jining, in Inner Mongolia, at a ceremony Monday 26 August, according to Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni on Tuesday.

China has around 12 million Catholics, who are split between the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA) and an underground church loyal to the Vatican. The Chinese politburo will be able to appoint the bishops to the Roman Catholic Church which will open the door to the expected Anti-Christ who according to prophecy will come from the East. It is said he will offer such profound remedies in the time when the world suffers greatly, that he will be claimed to be God by his followers which I suggest would not initially come from Western minds, but from the minds in the East under the CPCA. He will accept this accolade.

The Church will suffer greatly if the Rabbis gain power over Edom with their moves to impose the Noahide laws which determine Christianity to be Idolatry. The Rabbis claim President Trump to be the new Roman Emperor, thus from 2020, Israel will indeed control Edom when Trump is re-elected.

All people in the West are tied to the Vatican through title. Let that sink in.

The Jesuits [A] led the first early modern incursions of Europeans into China through the Portuguese traders in the late Ming period and one of it’s founding fathers, St. Francis Xavier, died attempting to enter China in 1552. They established themselves firmly in China after many attempts firstly in Macao in the 1560s and then in Guangdong in 1582. From 1601, they had a house in Beijing. They survived the dynastic transition to the Manchu (Qing) and flourished in the mid Qing period only to fall from favour with both Rome and the Qing emperors over the Chinese Rites Controversy in the early eighteenth century. In the mid-nineteenth century, the Jesuits returned to a fast changing China and contributed to those changes through their educational activities and significantly through separate “national” Jesuit missions rather than an international common “Jesuit” one.[1]

Let us not forget that the Jesuits were outlawed in 1773, they were suppressed across the world by Pope Clement XIV. The Jesuits have never operated for the benefit of the church. In China, Jesuit missionaries had the ear of the emperor, and strove to reinterpret Catholic doctrine to an ancient and sophisticated culture they named the Chinese Rites.

The Society of Jesus is a secret society expert in subversion and the setting up of satellite secret societies that they control. The Jesuits took root in China before the introduction of opium which would not begin until the House of Hanover took power in England. The House Hanover are the Black Nobility and operate for the Holy See. It is my contention that contrary to the idea that Freemasonry was responsible for setting up the Opium networks in China, it was the Jesuits. That Masonry as always, has operated in the Scapegoat position as subservient to the masters of deception, The Jewish Templar Society of Jesus.

With George I taking the throne, England saw the powers of the monarchy shift into the shadows with the formation of a Crown agent and front for the Crown as the modern system of government by a Cabinet was developed. By the end of his reign this progressed to the point at which actual power was seen to be held by Sir Robert Walpole, Britain’s first Prime Minister.

All Members of Parliament take an oath to Queen Elizabeth II, they therefore act for the Inner Temple.

This is the point the almighty State moved to undermine the nation.

The real centre of power in England was Adelphi House in the Inner City of London, built specifically for the House Hanover which has the obligatory symbol of the hidden royalty, the Obelisk, fronting both Adelphi House and the Shell Mex House on the Embankment.[2]

The House of Hanover are of German Jewish descent who succeeded the House of Stuart as kings of Great Britain in 1714. The first Hanoverian King of England was only 52nd in line to the throne, but, thanks to the Act of Settlement, George was the nearest Protestant eligible to take the Crown.

First you must consider that the Vatican, The Inner City of London and Washington D.C in the United States, are legal instruments of the Holy See.[3] The Vatican operates under the canon law[4] while the Inner City and Washington operate the Roman Civil Law, under command of the House Rothschild, from which is birthed the Admiralty and Maritime Law.[5]

I have written for over 20 years that the secret societies act directly for the Holy See against the Vatican, an essential reality if the Catholic faithful were to remain within the Catholic Church without suspecting the devil at the helm. With the introduction of the Jesuit procured Vatican II,[6] in which the Vatican removed its centuries long disdain for Jewry, its Usury and hatred of Christ, the Catholic faithful left the Church, and rightly so.[7]

1917 was important as relates to the Jewish Bolshevik invasion of Russia, at the same time Fatima revealed her third secret which was to be presented to the Catholic Pope in 1960, the time when Vatican II was being installed.

The use of the term Russia in the revelation was a deception because as stated, in 1917, Russia was the victim of the Jewish invasion, it was in no way anything that could be claimed to be atheist or indeed Communist, Russia was entirely Christian save for its royalty who as offspring of Queen Victoria were all circumcised Jews.

As the Iron Curtain did fall across Europe after the total destruction of Germany, the bankers set about building up Communist China, outside the glare of the western nations who were obsessed with the threat of global nuclear war, even though after the Second World War western industry was being moved into China, paid for by the western taxpayer, including all projected losses.

Israel has since its birth, undermined both Britain and America by stealing all technological secrets and handing them to both Soviet Russia and to China, while demolishing western culture through debauched celebrity culture, the chemical infusion known as medication and education.[8]

Russia has been the diversion, the real threat to western society and nations is the Chinese atheist mammoth, controlled by the Holy See and all its secret society networks.

To understand the real agenda behind the mass movement of Islam into the heart of Europe you must go back to the Templar pact with Salahadin of 1292.[9]

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