In Profile : The John Adam Street Gang

The Hat, The John Adam Street Gang

Crime At The Highest Levels

First published in 2010
If you are seeking the head of the corporate empire on these Isles then look no further than Adelphi House, off the Strand in London.

But before we enter into this quagmire it is essential we realise that since the acclamation of Queen Elizabeth II, from the invention of the TV, according to Greg Hallet, this Royal House has moved to undermine Britain as a sovereign nation through the extortion of the Office of Monarch by the German operation that is the Deutsches Verteidigungs Dienst, or, the German Defence Service. Known in the intelligence arena as the DVD.

Walpole’s Whigs, Privatising The Crown, Takeover Of The East India Company And The Church Of England

According to Hallet, the connection in Britain is The Duke of Edinburgh, In the United States, it was the commander within the DVDs chapter, the Skull and Bones, the recently deceased George H. Bush. We are speaking of Jesuits here.

The Adelphi House we see today is a new construction into an area with a long and colourful history indeed, a history covered very well in the book : The Literary History Of The Adelphi And It’s Neighbourhood

Before the arrival of the House Hanover England had her own system, her fraternities and guilds, all this would change as the new aristocratic power took control and shifted everything to serve and support their claim. Welcome to the Priesthood of Marduk that would become Phebus and onto Apollo.

The word freemason can be dated back to the early twelfth century.
Until the early eighteenth century, a freemason was defined as a skilled and non-indentured stonemason, as seen in the London Company of Masons and Guilds. However, common usage of the term within England was extended in the seventeenth century to include non-working or honorary members of a masonic guild or lodge.[1] Keep in mind we are speaking of the times post Cromwell and Civil War from which a King fighting against enclosure would lose his head, allowing for the encroachment of the Legal system we witness today, as it becomes the only Law to which you surrender, over the existing law of the land derived from Biblical law. By the mid-eighteenth century, it’s meaning had altered and the word referred principally to non-working Free and Accepted Masons, later known as speculative freemasons, whose use of masonic tools was allegorical.
Prior to this time, speculative freemasonry meant the theoretical, geometrical or mathematical aspects of operative masonry, and did not have any necessarily spiritual or allegorical connotations.
With the introduction of the Hanoverian’s the term Freemasonry would be hijacked by the aristocratic class to support the House of Hanover as they settled in Adelphi House and to give especial support to their creed of scientism of the Royal Society. Some of the social networks in which Freemasonry would expand its influence within the learned and professional societies, came through the Spalding Society, the Society of Antiquarians, Royal College of Physicians and the Society of Apothecaries.

Theophilus Desaguliers fellow of the Royal Society and educated in the Newtonian cult of science, along with an elect group of associates such as, Charles Lennox, George Payne, Charles Delafaye, William Cowper, Nathaniel Blackerby among others, are claimed to be the core movers of the new aristocratic Freemasonry and those responsible in getting the Grand Lodge to the top of all lodges and thus in control. Yet contrary to popular historical belief the original ethos of this new creed would last no longer than around 20 years. In the latter years of the 1740s, a major schism in English Freemasonry occurred which led to the founding of the rival Ancient Grand Lodge of England in 1751. The division persisted until 1813, when the original Grand Lodge of England, which had pejoratively been termed the Moderns, merged with the newer and rival Ancients to form the present United Grand Lodge of England. In Scotland the same process was overseen by William Schaw which moved to have Freemasonry become the apparatus of the State, in secret of course….

From the 1720s Freemasonry received a huge press coverage and moved itself into society through demonstrations and lectures. Freemasonry expanded its attraction as a forum for entertainment and education, as well as commercial and personal advancement. Such was its portfolio Freemasonry was ready to take an active role as a political vehicle within Europe.

Today the State has overrun the nation and incorporated itself with private interests, is it any wonder we see Freemasonry all over everything that is destructive to sovereignty?

Enclosure and Debt
In the 1930s, capitalism collapsed. All nations involved in WWI declared or defaulted to bankruptcy in 1933. The Second World War was the fomented break in cultural normality for all nations that would take part in it. The consequence of this enforced break in the passing on of cultural heritage, allowed them to change the system from capitalism to implement socialism, which is basically Bolshevism wearing cheap wrapping paper.  This required the de-industrialisation of England because capitalism is based on productivity, socialism is not. Socialism is about building the almighty State to dictate terms to the nation, a complete inversion of how western civilisations operate, which is about nation from which the State is subordinate. Forget it not, the Fabian Society was formed and administered from Adelphi House.

After WWII a huge socialist system would be installed for the dead trusts and point we can see the consequence of the Civil War, we are all slaves to a Title now… So one would ask, what does the new Freemasonry serve?

What we expose on this page is the mimic of our sovereign realm, as it has moved to undermine our self sufficiency from the end of WWI, through the creation of a huge social state after the second world war, opening the way for Thatcher to begin the full incorporation of England’s domestic system.

We have witnessed the removal of our industry to the East, which as taxpayers we have paid for and continue to pay, including all the costs to make the shift, and all projected losses, in order the central bankers move the empire to China and India, China, as a banking construct, is set to become the global engine when the Dollar finally collapses.

In England, we have witnessed the strangulation of our farming and fishing abilities in the handing of huge subsidies for farmers not to farm the land, and quotas dished out to fishermen, the knock on affect created a dependance on the supermarkets that import almost everything they sell. Through a myriad of shell companies, the beneficiaries have formed a network to hide financial theft to the offshore accounts. In this manner they have removed almost the entire wealth of this nation into the hands of the Central banking cartel, through its many corporations, which then dictate to governments through the legislation dished out through the United Nations which acts as a front, a proxy, for the old money families running the Bank for International Settlements, a private entity that will take full control of the corporate empire when they have achieved full command over nations in the activation of the emergency systems, which through the secret societies they have successfully installed. It looks like they intend to move this system to Singapore to govern the mighty world industry now bedded in the East.

In England under the UK, the authority of this platform is the Contingency Act and in the United States the Patriot Act. Each nation’s State has a similar system offered up by the body corporate. These are the corporate governance platforms they intend to control all nations, of course this system does deal with men and women it deals in ‘Persons’ under the rules of commerce.

We are speaking of the families running the Roman Empire, as a combine of secret orders conjoined during the First Crusade. As we are speaking of old money, we are not speaking of a Rothschild empire alone, we are moving behind that veil to expose the network on these Isles that appears to be sailing a ship with the wealth of England and Scotland sailing out of port and into the hands of the Illumined, the families such as the Aldobrandini, the Farnese, the Orsini, the Somaglia, Breakspear Pallavacini, Baruch and Massimo among others. King Juan Carlos of Spain (now abdicated) is of the Farnese bloodline, he was the King of Jerusalem when he sired Prince William with Diana.

In 2008 we gave the area around Covent Garden and the Strand in general, a close inspection. We were looking for power and what was revealed to us has all the prerequisites for the power we sought. We wanted to understand the head of the drive to shift the wealth of England and Scotland under the UK, into the many offshore and commonwealth tax havens, Greenland, or, floating around as liquid in billions of shell companies which hides the figures to prevent any totals being formulated. Its out of your hands, it cannot be seen, but it is everywhere, we just do not have the password.

If you are aware of the reality of shell companies and how dummy companies are used to channel English pound notes to Islands of treasure, then Adelphi House stands high above all others as the head of the corporate dragon, fleecing the British Isles.

If you are seeking the head of the huge corporate entities relieving the realm of her ability to remain in tact, and organisations moving to make indentured servants of her people, Adelphi House stands tall.

The extent to which this corporate network has access to every aspect of the UK administration is startling, and given the power of the family at the centre of that web, their knowledge and known modus operandi, to then consider for a second they would not take unto themselves use of this network, errs on the side of pure fantasy. 

Let us look at the evidence
In order to grasp the foundation of the great game we must also delve into the hidden symbolism and theologies, of which there are many, doctrines which the rulers act out as a continuum of tradition that keeps certain bloodlines in power, and perhaps more importantly, a tradition that always moves to an expansion of that power until they construct the pyramidal power structure, upon which the chosen puppet king is to be enthroned as the cap to the pyramid complete. Once complete they will have created a network through which from a single eye, they can see all and move all.

Theosophy means so much more than occultist’s and researchers grasp. The ideology under which the darkest occult families operate is based in the traditions that religion describes as the cursed works that oppose natural law, therefore the system they are creating can only be understood in its totality with a basic understanding of that premise, all is an inversion, which is the doctrine of Kabbalah.

Buckingham Palace Ley Line

Buckingham Palace Ley Line

If we take the Ley Line information a little deeper :
The alignment of the Mall, the impressive tree-lined approach to Buckingham Palace, with the Palace itself, points directly to Charing Cross, the ancient centre of London (adjacent to Trafalgar Square) from which distances to other places were measured.

In the other direction, the alignment passes through an impressive list of interesting places, a large number of which seem to have royal connections. This is a ley line, it is an alignment of ancient sites which was the normal way of things to our ancestors, it is a phenomenon discovered in 1925 by Alfred Watkins of Hereford and found later to represent linear streams of an unknown energy type, but one which seems beneficial to living things. The energy stream of the Buckingham Palace ley line was found through the ancient art of dowsing, and found to be about twenty-three paces wide.

It runs in a south-westerly direction, it first passes through two churches, St. Peter’s in Eaton Square and St. Luke’s in Chelsea. From here it passes to Fulham Palace, which for centuries the residence of the Bishops of London. It then crosses two royal parks fairly centrally, entering Richmond Park by the Roehampton Gate, leaving Bushy Park passing through the Stockyard. The ancient church of St. Mary, Walton-on-Thames, is next where there is a poem attributed to Elizabeth I bye the pulpit.

The ley then passes through the site of Oatlands Palace, Weybridge, one of Henry VIII’s many residences and from there goes on to All Saints Church, Woodham, built in 1894 but seems to be in a circular churchyard, often thought to be an indicator of a prehistoric site when it occurs with older churches.

Adjacent and also crossed by the ley, is the Six Crossroads, Horsell Common, a large junction which appears on the first edition Ordnance Survey map; Woodham Road leading from this is coincident with the ley for some way. The line then goes through the ancient hilltop parish church of St. Mary’s, Horsell, before continuing to the Orthodox church of St. Edward the Martyr (a Saxon king) at Brookwood Cemetery.

The interesting aspect to this information is that of Edward I (Longshanks) specific to the death of his wife and how they stopped a total of thirteen times on her final journey, the final stop being where today we find the cross at Charing Cross. From this point was London measured, meaning all measurements for London begin at this point. Edward I kept out the Templars from Scotland and the Florentines on the Isle of Mann, who were flooding Wales via Anglesey. Here they declared another New Jerusalem.

The point not to be missed at this juncture is the fact that Charing Cross is a very important ley line, the fact the palace is on this line reinforces this, and of course at the Charing Cross junction we have what is turning out to be a very interesting and very important grouping of companies, corporations, IT, and serious old money organisations that make up what we call the John Adam Street Gang.

As a sign that a new bloodline had taken power in this nation we need only understand that Egyptian obelisks represent the bloodline of the Pharaohs. At the front of the Adelphi and Shell Mex House at the bank of the River Thames we have an Obelisk of Cleopatra. Cleopatra represented the supposed mingling of the lines of Caesar and Egypt, today seen as the Saxe Coburg bloodline. Study.

In Profile : The John Adam Street Gang

Here is a very interesting description of people involved in the Adam Street Gang :
Adam Street : The U.K. Parliament when discussing the Adelphi used the phrase to describe the group as : “folk of that nature.”

So what might be the nature of those tied to Adelphi House :

Ode to Lucifer 2011-12-05 at 16.41.13@0

]Note Adelphi at the bottom of page above.]

The Real Story
Now they say the term Adelphi is taken to mean brotherhood, although they are indeed a brotherhood the real meaning to Adelphi lies in the Delphic Oracle. Here is the real meaning of the Delphic Oracle :

Delphic Oracle

Dating back to 1200 BC, the Oracle of Delphi was the most important shrine in all Greece, and in theory all Greeks respected its independence. Built around a sacred spring, Delphi was considered to be the omphalos  the centre (literally navel) of the world. Adelpni House is the navel St Martins is the reflexion, and the Admiralty Church.

People came from all over Greece and beyond to have their questions about the future answered by the Pythia, the priestess of Apollo. And her answers, usually cryptic, could determine the course of everything from when a farmer planted his seedlings, to when an empire declared war.

Arguments over the correct interpretation of an oracle were common, but the oracle was always happy to give another prophecy if more gold was provided. A good example is the famous incident before the Battle of Salamis when the Pythia first predicted doom and later predicted that a wooden wall (interpreted by the Athenian to mean their ships) would save them.

The lack of a strict religious dogma associated with the worship of Greek gods, also encouraged scholars to congregate at Delphi, and it became a focal point for intellectual enquiry, as well as an occasional meeting place where rivals could negotiate.

Delphi became a fantastic showcase of art treasures and all Greek states would send rich gifts to keep the Oracle on their side. It finally came to an end in the 4th century AD when a newly Christian Rome proscribed it’s prophesying. That said we must remember that by this time the Hellenistic doctrines had thrust themselves directly into the Temple tradition.

In the above video we find the navel of the child is fixed in stone and symbolised by the umbilical cord  fixed to the stone, this is the centre of the world (for them, those who call themselves the Olympians) , this symbolises the Achon requiring them to act on their behalf and in so doing have fixed humanity to the stone, the physical realm.

What is the stone?
The stone as is symbolised in the Sword in the stone imagery from the Grail mythos, symbolises ones spirit, represented as the sword, being fixed fast into the material frequency, the stone… A position from which ones spirit is said to be a slave to the memories held within genetic DNA, also known as the horse, which is always moving for self preservation. This is what the Noah stories are speaking of when it was said “There are no kings in Eden”, because kings exist in the world of Man, they do not exist in the spirit. A similar discourse can be found in Samuel.

To pull the sword from the stone, is the symbolism from the old mythos of Briton, which presents Arthur, a simple lad, who was innocent in all his intentions. When one gives this some thought, it presents the same attitude as found in the Gospels, ergo, we are looking at an older example of the message coming from heaven as opposed to the many charlatans prophets, which teaches that to follow the true path you have to release the spirit from the command and dictate of the genetic horse, This is symbolised within the tarot as two horses pulling the chariot with one rider at the helm, your spirit. To pull the sword from the stone, in Christian theology, is the same symbolism as the ascension to heaven, while still in body and a worthy king of Earth. As a seeker of truth, I have studied many doctrines and histories which in a lot of cases, hold the same message of treating each other as family.

Definition Monarchy

Sprit stuck in the stone

The network today controlling the Vatican under Vatican II, is the continuum of the antediluvian secret societies network, Shemsu Hor, from the line of Cain.

So in the child on the stone we see the Olympians symbolising that from birth, humanity is fixed into the material matrix by the Admiralty Church, this would be Mammon or value, in the Bible. St Martins in the field (energy fields, ley lines) is the Admiralty Church and acts according to the corrupted form of Canon law based entirely around the language of the Navy. It is this legislation or statutes we suffer as corporate assets. St Martins is in fact the reflection of Adelphi House and therefore symbolises the waters or Holy See, the cross in the window at St Martins is indeed this very symbolism.

Alter Window :

In Profile : The John Adam Street Gang

Inline with the window and central to the Church outside the doorway we find the rock upon which the Roman Church is built :

st martins church

st martins

St Martin
The boy’s name Martin \m(a)-rtin, mar- tin\ is pronounced MART-en. It is of Latin origin, and it’s meaning is dedicated to Mars.

The Pale Horse of the Apocalypse correctly translated gives the Green Horse

greek words

The word is chloros, where our word œchlorophyll comes from; bright green, grass-green. The same word is used in conjunction with grass in Mark 6:39 and Rev 8:7, and it’s the colour of spring, rejuvenation or even re-birth.

I believe the Green Horse is quite simply the method by which the Illumined will create famine through the demand for C02 reduction, this agenda is the face of the Green Man of destruction come to decimate the peoples with the climate taxation and the ability to poison en mass through geoengineering.

Quote :
24. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
25. Behold, I have told you before.
26. Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.
27. For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
28. For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.
End of Quote.

In Profile : The John Adam Street Gang

The United Nations met in December 2009 for the Eleventh Special Session of the Governing Council / Global Ministerial Environment Forum in which they prepared the briefing for all ministers on the Global Green Economy and The Environment In The Multilateral System
Full Document greeneconomy

If we are to seek an earlier birthing of the climate phantom we must look at the following : 

33rd general congregation launched multiculturalism and the new religion of climate change 

For as lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even to the west this verse has great symbolism which is also to be found at St Martins From their own website :

Our Patron, the Prince of Wales, has said :

Those who built the church in the 1720s were criticised for its great expense; two hundred and eighty years later, few capital investments have been so worthwhile. The church’s openness to the world, its constant creativity and care of those in need, its international outlook and commitment to people of other faiths are of striking significance in our time. Source
End of Quote
(Keywords : Other faiths).

For over 40 years, St Martin-in-the-Fields has been home to an active Chinese-speaking congregation with regular Sunday services. On Sundays, a service in Mandarin takes place at 1.15pm and a service in Cantonese at 2.15pm. The Associate Vicar for the Chinese congregation is Revd Paul Lau.
Out of the east and shineth even to the west.

The Adam Street Gang is a controlling force in China, it has been so since the complete subjugation of the Chinese during the Opium Wars by its own high end bloodlines, but this is in the hands of the proxy Colony, The Unites States of America. The social model coming out of Adelphi via the Fabians and the London School of Economics, is the Chinese social model which came through Soviet Russia, hidden in all the garbage over fear of nuclear meltdown, the west missed everything.

The John Adam Street Gang lose not one jot of anything in the destruction of the west, they, as has always been the case, are merely shifting empire to the east in order to rebuild the west in the model of the new world, which has become a major problem to the Achon, we have awakened to a point they cannot control us, Pestilence will follow any move to tax on climate, all tax will go to the World Bank, you need to awaken to this reality.

The Church has a declaration 

A Declaration of Belief
We affirm that the Church’s mission, in obedience to Holy Scripture, is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every generation. We acknowledge that this is Good News for people regardless of their sex, race or sexual orientation. We believe that, in order to strengthen the Gospel’s proclamation of justice to the world, and for the greater glory of God, the Church”s own common life must be justly ordered. To that end, we call on our Church to live out the promise of the Gospel; to celebrate the diverse gifts of all the members of the body of Christ; and in the ordering of our common life to open the ministries of deacon, priest and bishop to those so called to serve by God, regardless of their sex, race or sexual orientation. Source

Jesus wrote no Gospel, he spoke the word only, this Jesus is Lucifer.
Revelation Chapter 6
And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.
And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. See :

The Esoteric Agenda

[1] Charles IIs State Papers contain a previously unidentified reference to Freemasonry :

April 4, 1682
Secretary Jenkins to Mr. Chetwynd. I did not think M. Palmer’s business to be ripe enough to trouble you, but intended to have recourse to you, when a just occasion should present itself, but now there is an incident in that affair of Mr.P.’s that I must acquaint with.

Last night Mr. Leveson Gower came and desired me to help him to make a full vindication of himself against a calumny that made him a partaker, as he said, in the society of Freemasons. I never heard he was one of them, only Mr. P. intimated that he had many arms in his house. Mr. L. G. hereon charged Mr. P. of having accused him of being of this fraternity and that he had told a friend of his Mr. L. G. that he had given me advertisement of his so being. I told Mr. L. G. that I had notice by several letters of that brotherhood in Staffordshire but that I had not heard he was one, and this I said e tul, for M. P.’s accusation was that he had arms in his house.

Secretary Jenkins to Mr. Palmer. Mr. Leveson Gower desires to have the liberty of the law against you for accusing him as having part in the fraternity of Freemasons. He came to me last night with that complaint and desire, but I, not remembering anything of his being a Freemason in the notices given me, answered that no such charge was come to me and that, if any came, I would take his majesties pleasure in it, wherewith he went away seemingly satisfied.
I did not mention the charge of having arms in his house, it being his Lord Lieutenant’s business to look after that, nor did he complain of any other charge. I desire you therefore to take your measures with Mr. Chetwynd, to whom I have written.

Mr Leveson Gower was William Leveson-Gower, Bt. (c. 1647-1691) , MP for Newcastle-under-

Secretary Jenkins was the lawyer, diplomat and administrator, Sir Leoline Jenkins (1625 –1685). Jenkins was Secretary of State at the Northern Department (April 1680–February 1681) until his transfer to the Southern Department, where he served from February 1681 until his resignation in April 1684.

Influential Operations within Adelphi House

Royal Society For The Arts


What Stands out the most as an institute of major influence in the John Adam Street Complex is the Royal Society For The Arts, (RSA). Its History and sphere of influence is so great in the art forming the creative canvas, I would have no choice but to finger at this stage this organisation as one of the chief operations in this complex, and if that isn’t enough, having the Queen as patron and Philip as the president, we are also dealing with top rank personnel here.
Having said all that to look at the RSA’s range of chosen victims today we find they’re understanding of art is very different from that understood by the majority.
lifeinthemix profiles : The Royal Society For The Arts

The Economist is half owned by the House Rothschild which means the Economist is a Rothschild affair.

The Economist Group at Adelphi House.pdf

In Profile : The John Adam Street Gang

Spinning Wheels and Needles

In Profile : The John Adam Street Gang

In Profile : The John Adam Street Gang

This is a part of an ongoing investigation, started around 2010, into a myriad of companies set up in the Adelphi area, namely the Arches. An insight into the aims of this grouping comes in the form of a sinister phrase ‘Compulsory Social Security’. The overall agenda appears to be huge, more to come as we revisit this topic :

UNIT 3 A-Z Companies (2) The Companies, from Companies House

International Institute For Strategic Studies, IISS

In Profile : International Institute For Strategic Studies

Big in all things war strategy and global influence which equates to global power, and yet another monster to be found within the John Adam Street Gang network.
The International Institute For Strategic Studies is a sort of Bilderberg committee, in that it is the means for the elite Military orders to be thrown down to the politicians and nation military top brass, in the same way as Bilderberg is the means for the Trilateral Commission to relay the orders of the Royal Institute for International Affairs down into the mainstream.
Through this Institute all the major wars past and current, have been promoted with vigour, it stands to all reason that this operation is a big part of the cause of all we suffer today. On that basis the IISS is very deserving of a profiling from lifeinthemix.
lifeinthemix profiles : International Institute For Strategic Studies

LINKS : London Information Network On Conflicts And State Building

Lnks of London Controlling Mass Immigration

We have here a monster that has opened the gateway for NATO into the Caucasus region in readiness for the attack on Iran and if they deem fitting, against Russia. We can also better understand the conflicts in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Chechnya, which pretty much proves that Russia are in on this game of war and not in any way the victim in this game of empire and destruction.
We first placed this operation on a video until we finally got round to profiling LINKS, when we came back to it we found the LINKS website had disappeared and what remained was a site with many Links removed. They do not like this operation being brought into the limelight and so LINKS is deserving of a profiling from lifeinthemix.
lifeinthemix profiles : London Information Network On Conflicts And State Building

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)

In Profile : UKIP United Kingdom Independence Party

Here we have yet another slick operation coming straight out of Adelphi House by definition it was birthed from within the London School Of Economics. Lord Malcolm Pearson of Rannoch took the reins after farage stepped down, he is right wing, a Christian Zionist and a liar. Also belonging to this party we find the Knight of Malta, Lord Christopher Monckton, the darling of the Copenhagen Summit claiming to have single handedly demolished the scam.
UKIP indeed deserves a profiling from lifeinthemix
lifeinthemix profiles : The United Kingdom Independence Party

Smith&Nephew Plc

In Profile : Smith&Nephew Plc

Smith&Nephew operate in 32 countries and generate annual sales of $3.4 billion, so this is no small fry operation. Big in open wounds and equipment sales with hands in many global pies.
Smith & Nephew’s Advanced Wound Management division has managed to get its claws into Hull communities by sponsoring the football club, so they have other ideas not presented on their website which are part of the group plan, they state the fact they have a group plan.
This company also has a Foundation which has an interest in recruiting nurses for their network, specialising in skin and tissue.
lifeinthemix profiles : Smith&Nephew Plc

L.E.K Consulting

In Profile : L E K Consulting

Started in 1983 by three partners from Bain & Company, James Lawrence, Iain Evans and Richard Koch, L.E.K. has since grown to over 850 consultants and 20 offices worldwide. The firm now operates as a single global partnership and advises 20 percent of the world’s largest companies, as well as leading private equity firms and governments. It stands out as the only major global strategy consulting firm to have grown from a UK base.
L.E.K. is generalist strategy consultancy with expertise across all major industries. It is a principal adviser to private equity, and was the number 1 adviser in number of transactions in Europe during 2007. L.E.K. is a leading adviser to the biotech industry and is known for its airline, surface transport, financial services and media and entertainment practices, as well as its expertise in alternative energy.
lifeinthemix profiles : L.E.K Consulting

Department For Work & Pensions

The Department for Works & Pensions has some very important offices within the  John Adam Street Complex, important in relation to the specific type of department within the complex. We have the Child Maintenance department which is redesigning the whole ethos, further demolishing broken families and pushing many men to give up employment and take benefits, just to escape the wrath of the debt collecting society we are becoming.The disability office is also housed in the complex, and as is always the case the elite love nothing better than to create what I term; an angst group, to manipulate whatever legislation they require on the back of such groups. Not forgetting the very debate debilitating political correctness, straight out of the communist book. Much can be achieved without resistance.
The pensions yet another DWP office situated within the complex, the true knowledge of what happened to our pensions has massive implications for the New World Order and the banking elite, so an essential department to cover from the perspective of those who deceive.
lifeinthemix profiles : The Department For Work & pensions

Hess Corporation

In Profile : Hess Corporation 2

Hess Corporation is a leading global independent energy company, engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas, as well as in refining and in marketing refined petroleum products, natural gas, and electricity. They also have a very sinister wish to get into our schools. Big on Environmentalism and playing a major role in the issuing of Carbon licenses. This licensing will give this company great power and of course it stands to reason they would wish to have the ear of teachers in order to dictate education as it relates to the carbon credit scam, and its acceptance.
This company seems to be in court as much as it is not for very sinister dealings and payoffs.
lifeinthemix profiles : Hess Corporation

ARK (Absolute Return For Kids)

Absolute Return for Kids, ARK

Military Industrial Hedge Fund front, instituting the international bankers agenda into our schools and calling it education. ARK is heavily involved in child care, Romanian orphans, connected to the program called Common Purpose and the many pseudo charitable trusts within its web This network is serious, dark and very very pushy. ARK is now operating as a United Nations front via the World Health Organisation through the; Global Health Workforce Alliance.

They say  :
Main activities
ARK has developed a strong results-driven model to identify, create and deliver innovative programmes addressing critical issues in the areas of HIV/AIDS (South Africa, Mozambique), Education (UK, Asia) and Children in Care (Eastern Europe) that are transformative, scalable and sustainable. ARK applies the same principles and disciplines to managing the charity as it would to running a business, focusing on the transformation of children’s lives through rigorous research, monitoring and evaluation. ARK’s work meets high standards of efficiency and effectiveness.
This charity is expanding at a phenomenal pace directly into areas of our systems we would certainly not want a network such as ARK involved. Because of their charitable status we can get no information via democratic or lawful means, freedom of information does not count with charities. A license to do what thou wilt, is very appropriate in the case of ARK and all other charitable trusts, we need to stop this invasion now. This bunch of criminals more than deserve a second profiling from lifeinthemix.

lifeinthemix profiles : ARK (Absolute Return For Kids)

Epstein Connection


Serco Group Plc

Here we have a serious corporation involved in nuclear technologies, prisons, schools, and everything insane and demented. The corporation as an entity is also very involved with Health & Safety, Air Traffic Control, Police Authorities, Resilience and a very unhealthy interest in removing children from parents, as such fits the Adam Street Gang profile perfectly.
We have so far connected this monster to the Adam Street Gang via the RSA, yet it also connects in many other ways which we will present as we go. I do not like Serco from whatever angle I find its claws in our system, a profiling from lifeinthemix essential.
lifeinthemix profiles : Serco Group PLC

Malvern House College

Malvern House and immigration

Here we have an operation with one college situated in John Adam Street no 29, which brings into the fray a very well known and despised family, the Malhotra family. In the study of ARK we found the Hindu families very involved in the work of BAAL and his love of children, it would seem this obsession with our children expands into yet more avenues and again we see another Indian front to what is still a Crown operation.

Going hand in hand with the Malhotra family is fake ID and illegal immigration, which I have found to connect into all the bigger Indian restaurants sprouting up all over the country, usually taking over a country pub. So there are no punters for the English pub, yet plenty for Indian cuisine? I smell money laundering and illegal immigration, and given I have carried out construction works on such restaurants in the past, I know what I am speaking of to be a fact

Malvern is expert at paying very poor salaries for teaching staff, something that has spread across the supply teacher agencies and the reason we find ex bouncers and even post men working as supply teachers. So given Malvern is spearheading the drive to create low grade educators, and the fact it is to be found within the John Adam Street complex, Malvern House deserves a profiling from lifeinthemix.
lifeinthemix profiles : Malvern House

Cookson Group Plc

Cookson Group plc

Here we have a corporation operating within Electronics, Ceramics, and Precious Metals. All seems well on the surface, but true to form as with all Adam Street Gang affiliates, they also have a great interest in communities, are pushing the Global Warming taxes, and educating children to the same.
The worst aspect to the Cookson Group would be the fact it is facilitating the destruction of Western manufacturing, buying companies and in most cases moving the bulk of Labour intense business to the east, without any loss of revenue to itself. On this basis alone, the Cookson Group Plc deserves a profiling by lifeinthemix.
lifeinthemix profiles : The Cookson Group Plc

The Federation Of European Employers

This really is a strange one. You loom at the board of directors to find it is made up of five companies, the diversity of which only adds to the mystery. Involved in Memory Chips, Cars, Marine Ports and Recycling, with a bit of Developing and Legal Loophole Expertise. I can see reason for the grouping but its full implications as yet to be revealed, although I would place my bets on the fact the Federation of European Employers would act as a great cycle on which those actually in control of the operation the Adam Street Gang, can place any company they like as the need arises to place them into whatever corporate interest they have at any given moment.

Just thought I would see if you spotted the real twist in this corporation. Having the Unions destroyed through and on the back of the Thatcher government, we find European companies now have a union, but not for the employees, but for the employers! Talk about turning things on their head. Of course given we are dealing with the Adam Street Gang, I would expect nothing less. On this twist alone, and for the mystery yet to be revealed, The Federation Of European Employers gets a profiling by lifeinthemix.
lifeinthemix profiles : The Federation Of European Employers


Very well remembered in the UK as the compiler of the musical charts, but from 1988 things would change for GALLUP; new CEO Jim Clifton, and a very new role creating the backdrop for the addiction the bankers have about league tables and data collection..
We find GALLUP in the Universities and getting into childcare, schools and moving to influence the youth in general, influence in 500 global companies and constant dependence on GALLUP by the same. GALLUP is indeed a very pivotal operation for those who obsess with control. By far the most revealing diatribe at the feet of GALLUP would be its vote rigging in the US elections, preventing people for voting for Ron Paul. GALLUP indeed is worthy in the highest order of a profiling from lifeinthemix.
lifeinthemix profiles : GALLUP

Succession Corporate Finance LLP

Yet another means at removing industry and commerce out of the UK and to the East, another John Adam Street operation which needs attention. They say of their company :
Succession Corporate Finance was launched in 2007 by Livingstone Partners, the leading investment banking boutique specialising in cross-border company sales, acquisitions and private equity transactions with deal values ranging between £15 million and £300 million. With offices in the United Kingdom, continental Europe and the United States, Livingstone is the only middle market M&A boutique with an integrated international infrastructure capable of delivering immediate access to buyers, investors and opportunities across two continents.

It has to be noticed the fact the term private equity has been very absent during the whole crash debacle, so let us make sure we refocus attention to the game of private equity.
lifeinthemix profiles : Succession Corporate Finance LLP

TXU Europe Group PLC

Here we have a company which OFGEM the supposed energy watchdog is taking advice from yet another Adam, Street Gang member. We are speaking here about the madness that has been energy company swapping, even I went for this some years ago with Npower, who tried to charge me over seven hundred pounds after the event, of course this was not in the fancy jargon nor the paperwork, I am sure many of you have experienced or heard the same complaints over the energy company swapping programme.

TXU is also very involved with NASA, yet another operation controlled in its entirety by Nazis from the Queen Victoria Theosophical networks. Also housed in the John Adam Street complex is Financial Risk Management which is involved in Scaler Weapons, thus we have proof to support the work of Loren Moret when she states the House of Windsor and the bloodlines they represent are in full control of HAARP.

TXU is a serious banking operation dictating energy policy and pricing, the consequence of which is holding the world to ransom forcing all to join the New World Order.
Here are snippets of the formal exchange between TXU and OFGEM in 2002 :
March 13 2002 :

TXU welcomes the opportunity to comment on the future of the Standard Licence Conditions on Marketing Gas/Electricity to Domestic Customers contained within supply licences. TXU is committed to competing in this market and agrees with Ofgem that field marketing is an effective method of communicating with customers.

So cold calling liar salesmen which we have all experienced, continued as a direct result of TXU advising OFGEM, not conducive to fair play when a supposed watchdog is taking command from an Adam Street Corporation.

TXU also determined OFGEM’s policy on regulation of gas and electricity marketing :
July 12 2002 :

TXU welcomes the opportunity to comment on the proposed new approach to the regulation of gas and electricity marketing. TXU is committed to competing in this market and agrees with Ofgem that field marketing is an effective method of communicating with customers.
TXU also commanded OFGEM on price controls :
17 September 2002 :

Set out below are the issues that TXU consider to be the most important in considering network price controls in the future.

With such power over our supposed watchdog for energy, TXU in the opinion of lifeinthemix is the controlling corporation in regards to energy in Britain, Europe and looking like on a global scale, Owned by Goldman Sachs and two private equity companies, on that basis alone TXU more than deserves a profiling from lifeinthemix.
lifeinthemix profiles : TXU Europe Group PLC Now Future Energy Holdings

Fractal Edge

Is this the facilitator for the 2008 crash? In Profile : Fractal Edge

We know the international banking front Goldman Sachs and the other top banks are using super computers which give them a massive advantage in dealing on the stock markets, we found Fractal Edge to be bragging the fact they have seven of the top ten investment banks using Fractal Edge software which we feel could well be the software these super computers are using to produce that edge.
Seven out of ten leaves three not using this software and as such if Fractal Edge is indeed the software the super computers are using if we can work out which of the ten are not, we could be looking at the next big three banks to fail. This could be an essential ingredient in scuppering the massive losses private portfolios always suffer when big banks fail If this is helpful you can of course donate 5% of your gains to lifeinthemix should this info serve you well However I will not hold my breath!
Fractal Edge is found within the John Adam Street complex and as such is deserving of a profiling from lifeinthemix.
lifeinthemix profiles : Fractal Edge Secure

Oracle Financial System

Oracle’ Financial System

Yet another software operation giving the John Adam Street Gang huge influence in the 2008 financial crash and the incorporation of the globe.

lifeinthemix profiles : The Oracle Financial System

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