Sir Isaac Newton : chronology of ancient kingdoms











In the hunt for fake history we can use Sir Isaac Newton‘s efforts for the Queen. An interesting chronology and in many cases contradicts the accepted chronology as set by Joseph Scaliger and the Royal Society. One chronology for the elite and one for the masses, or outright invention of both by the same priesthood. Yet the main fact I would pass to you the reader is his presentation of how historical races and religions have exaggerated timelines and chronologies to make their own the oldest and greatest in time, because in the pursuit of historical fact over spin, chronological timelines must be as accurate as possible to root out the duplicate and to find the epoch.

Not everyone was a fan of Newton, he stole Keppler’s works to make them fit with the pseudo-science coming out of the Royal Society and he replaced the idea of Ether with Gravity. Newton would create the platform for Darwin and onto Einstein. In that sense we can see a continuum of the fake science.

If we take the words of another renown man, John Maynard Keynes, he had this to say about Isaac Newton :









The Chronology Of Ancient Kingdoms Amended.


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