Sir Isaac Newton : chronology of ancient kingdoms

Sir Isaac Newton : chronology of ancient kingdoms










16 July 2017

In the hunt for fake history we can use Sir Isaac Newton‘s efforts for the Queen. An interesting chronology and in many cases contradicts the accepted chronology as set by Joseph Scaliger and the Royal Society. One chronology for the elite and one for the masses, or outright invention of both by the same priesthood. Yet the main fact I would pass to you the reader is his presentation of how historical races and religions have exaggerated timelines and chronologies to make their own the oldest and greatest in time, because in the pursuit of historical fact over spin, chronological timelines must be as accurate as possible to root out the duplicate and to find the epoch.

Not everyone was a fan of Newton, he stole Keppler’s works to make them fit with the pseudo-science coming out of the Royal Society and he replaced the idea of Ether with Gravity. Newton would create the platform for Darwin and onto Einstein. In that sense we can see a continuum of the fake science. Newton was a Kabbalist and student of the Talmud, he worked always to undermine Christianity which he based on the old tale of Jacob and Esau. He was an avid student of the Noahide master, Maimonides.

From this we can deduce his core ethos…to destroy the Europeans.

If we take the words of another renown man, John Maynard Keynes, he had this to say about Isaac Newton :

Sir Isaac Newton : chronology of ancient kingdoms








With that in mind I would like to introduce you to a pupil of Newton who would continue the wizardry of his master, revealing some very interesting historical and present day word magic as it relates to Israel, the Israelites, Trump as King Cyrus and a whole lot of deception, I bring you William Whiston :Tartaria, The Other Side Of The Equation

Another mover of Newton’s wizardry was a man called Godfrey Higgins, his agenda was to move the wizardry into English Freemasonry 1773-1833 to shift Masonry away from Christ and into the theology of the post Crusade Templars. He would conjoin Freemasonry with Rosicrucianism[1] which would excite E.A. Waite and William Wynn Westcott. Induced by the works of Higgins, Freemasonry would slide under the esoteric and occult theology of the rising Theosophy, many existing occult orders would move under the theology of Higgins including Druid orders which had root within Freemasonry with the Ancient Order of Druids claiming Higgins to be the successor of both John Toland and William Blake as Chief Druid in his day. Higgins argued that the origin of nation and religion to be of a great black empire, which would fit with the Templar pact with Salahadin to undermine western Christendom. Malcolm X would cite Higgins which presents his own Masonic connection, fermenting the black and white division across America. Higgins work can be said to be the forerunner to Madame Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled and played a huge part in the works of Annie Besant.

Godfrey Higgins opened his theological wizardry in two volumes :
Anacalypsis, an attempt to draw aside the veil of the Saitic Isis; or, An inquiry into the origin of languages, nations, and religions.
Anacalypsis An Attempt To Draw Aside The Veil Of The Saitic Esis Vol II

Sir Isaac Newton engaged in both apocalyptic speculation and the development of physical laws which led to a more materialist view of the earth and wider universe. The Royal Society thus birthed their own brand of mystical pseudo-science which they would implant within the body of physics, chemistry, biology and math, as a consequence of a shift of mind from the spiritual to the temporal. Reason once again raised itself from the Greek cauldron as the Byzantine canon became the theology of the Crown Temple.

The Chronology Of Ancient Kingdoms Amended.


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[1] Rudolf von Sebottendorff stated that the Rosicrucian Order was in its entirety, a Sufi order. Real name Adam Alfred Rudolf Glauer (9 November 1875 – 8 May 1945?), better known under his pseudo-aristocratic alias Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorff (or von Sebottendorf) was a German occultist, writer, intelligence agent and political activist. He was the founder of the Thule Society, a post-World War I German occultist organisation where he played a key role, and that influenced many members of the Nazi Party. He was a Freemason,[1] a Sufi of the Bektashi order – after his conversion to Islam[2] – and a practitioner of meditation, astrology, numerology, and alchemy.[3] He also used the alias Erwin Torre.

[1] Goodrick-Clarke 1985 : 138 and see Howard 1989 : 124 (“In 1901 von Sebottendorf was initiated into a Masonic lodge which, like many in the Middle East, had connections with the French Grand Orient“). Furthermore : “the masonic lodge, which Glauer had joined at Bursa in 1901, may have been a local cadre of the pre-revolutionary Secret Society of Union and Progress, founded on the model of Freemasonry by Salonican Turks to generate liberal consciousness during the repressive reign of the Sultan.” (Goodrick-Clarke, op. cit., 139).

[2] Mark Sedgwick” Against the Modern World, Oxford University Press (2004), p. 66
[3] Ellic Howe, Urania’s Children

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