The Literary History of the Adelphi and it’s Neighbourhood

The Literary History of the Adelphi and it's Neighbourhood










5 January 2020

A great insight into an area of London with a rich history becoming a royal home with the introduction of the Hanoverians. Today the Adelphi building houses a myriad of huge global companies as their HQ, companies operating in the field of all things destructive to sovereignty while in full support of monopolising all trade, industry, the introduction of the smart city agenda, in society and in the schools, and in the issuance of currencies as we enter the New World Order.

With the arrival of the House Hanover an existing fraternity would be hijacked and used to cement the claim of the German clan. The Jesuit and Roman Knightly Orders would hide themselves within an English fraternity and claim all they did to be of the Protestant creed. Naturally as the Protestants joined the fraternity, the claim would become fact.

The word freemason can be dated back to the early twelfth century.
Until the early eighteenth century, a freemason was defined as a skilled and non-indentured stonemason, as seen in the London Company of Masons and Guilds. However, common usage of the term within England was extended in the seventeenth century to include non-working or honorary members of a masonic guild or lodge. By the mid-eighteenth century, its meaning had altered and the word referred principally to non-working Free and Accepted Masons, later known as speculative freemasons, whose use of masonic tools was allegorical.

Prior to this time, speculative freemasonry meant the theoretical, geometrical or mathematical aspects of operative masonry, and did not have any necessarily spiritual or allegorical connotations.
With the introduction of the Hanoverian’s the term Freemasonry would be hijacked by the aristocratic class to support the House of Hanover as they settled in Adelphi House and their creed of scientism and the Noahide platform.


The Literary History of the Adelphi and its Neighbourhood


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