Jurisdiction Maritime (Commercial) Law

Jurisdiction Maritime (Commercial) Law

Maritime Law Commercial Shipping
When a ship, a physical vessel, is built, it exists as a weight and measure in space and time, it is a paradigm all of its own and has its own laws. There are then drawn up a raft of documents in order the physical asset, the ship and or product, can be recognised by the state and commerce. This works for any and all products that are a physical weight and measure.

The Deed, (paperwork) is the description of the product on paper in order a value can be created, it is not the actual product, and is in the possession of the Man/Woman who owns the physical asset.

The same works with Man, we are a physical living flesh and blood thing, we are a weight and a measure in space time. We are made and live on the land.
Secondary, and the instrument by which the state recognises you, the flesh and blood you, as your tie to the land, comes in the form of a Live Birth Record. This opens all the rights enshrined in the state built by and operated by Man, to be available to you upon proof of claim that you are indeed a living Man.

In England the people built a Representative Government, which is an entity built and operated by men and women as a service to the same. We decided that we are all innocent until proven guilty, that if we are ‘Accused’ of something, then proof of that accusation has to be presented by the ‘Accuser,’ as example.

Commercial Law is controlled by the UCC and the shipping of goods on paper by the UPU.

A Trust
A Trust-is built and codified in a paper record of an agreement between two parties, it is therefore an Instrument in commerce. Best described as a handing of dominion to another, over the estate or other operation, creating a Trust between the parties.
Trust Law-is a triad, being three things that make one element : Creditor, Administrator and Debtor.
Now for the deception.

The Perfect Crime : The Quasi Trust Law System

Split Title Birth Certificate
The Birth Certificate is a Certificate of incorporation (Inclusion) into a fiction and ties you, the flash and blood Man/Woman (man with a womb) to the Corporate government, with the addition of a Surname (Cognomen debtor of Rome). In this manner they bind your flesh and blood Christian name (Noman) which is the Creditor to Rome, to an entity they claim ownership of be definition of the fact, they created the split title and therefore they own it (Beneficiary).

The United Kingdom Corporation Sole, is an agent of the Crown Bar.

As a corporation the government ties the fiction to its asset base and in the jurisdiction that is the fiction, your Legal Title is classed as an asset of the corporate government and whatever that entity is registered with. (Bank for International Settlements)

Corporate Government is an invention in the fiction, it is a paper entity only. It is a product of the Banks and therefore owned by the banks. Ultimately then, Maritime Law is banking law to serve the banks. For efficiency, a corporate government which acts according to Maritime Law, inverts the land law paradigm and brings Charges against any shipmates (crew) who then become the Defendant, a dead entity, and therefore innocence is on you to prove.

The dirty trick is to attach the debtor LEDGER (SURNAME) to the creditor name (Christian name) without the creditor ever comprehending what has happened. this is the “deception” in order to deceive the creditor and the beneficiary into settling his own accounts from his own blood, sweet and tears and allowing the first debtor to escape his duty to settle the accounts of the creditor! so the Natural Person would be the original creditor and the Artificial Person is the debtor, so if I was the first trustee-debtor, being the VATICAN that holds the legal titles of man and I have agreed to settle the debts of the world for the creditor, (Natural person) than to deceive the creditor into paying his own debts would leave me, as the first agreed debtor, with no debt but still enjoying the compensation fee’s for acting as the first debtor! … and I, as the first debtor, being the VATICAN, would become the richest corporation in the World! on the back of the deceived! Hang on? Hasn’t that already happened? Study

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