In Profile : Second Balfour Declaration, corporate Judiciary moves to takeover ‘Nations’ under yoke of the Council of Europe

Balfour Declaration 1926














The chief innovation was the monarch titled as ‘head of the commonwealth’……..’trimmed the title of the British sovereign’

The Balfour Declaration was approved at the Imperial Conference of 1926. Named after the conference chair, Lord Balfour, it stated formally what was already in practice — that the Dominions of the British Empire were autonomous and equal in stature with each other and with England. A new association was created that was called the British Commonwealth of Nations. ..The members of the Commonwealth were “in no way subordinate one to another in any aspect of their domestic or external affairs, though united in a common allegiance to the Crown.”

From the 1926 declaration the agenda would move on through Winston Churchill who was one of the first to advocate European integration to prevent the atrocities of two world wars from ever happening again, calling for the creation of a Council of Europe as a first step. In 1948, in The Hague, 800 delegates from all European countries met, with Churchill as honorary president, at a grand Congress of Europe.

This led to the creation of the Council of Europe on 5 May 1949, the first meeting of which was attended by Churchill himself.



full document Balfour declaration 1926 Pdf

Interesting that the British Empire Exhibition was held a couple of years before Wembley stadium)

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