In Profile : The Royal Society, a Very Well Paid Government Department Pushing Climate Change

In Profile : The Royal Society, a Very Well Paid Government Department Pushing Climate Change

First published June 12, 2012 [Edited]

The Royal Society of London for Improv- ing Natural Knowledge

Geoengineering has now been defined as : “the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment to counteract anthropogenic climate change.” – The Royal Society 2009

It can be said that it all began with the Gresham College group that was a loose collection of scientists in England of the 1640s and 1650s, and the precursor to the Royal Society of London. The Rosicrucian occult organisation was also channelled into the Royal Society. It would be a fair claim that all the gnostic gobbledygook of the day would be formulated within the Royal Society.[A]

In essence the agenda of the Royal Society has been to undermine Christianity completely, and replace its morality with fake science, the climate change scam being the end game fantasy to lord it over Man. The Division of Labour was a Royal Society move to subvert the Crown which held all lands and properties in Trust for the nation. From this platform and Mercantilism, the Royal Society would control taxation of labour and tariffs unto itself which Adam Smith would go on to call Capitalism. This would become the idea to be opposed by Karl Marx and fulfil the idiom of the Hegelian Dialectic.

In the Americas the idea of Mercantilism caused havoc amongst the Brits who refused to pay the heavy taxes Mercantilism demanded. This division would ignite the future War of Independence.

The West got Capitalism and the East got Communism, both a side of the coin called monopoly minted by the banking families brought to the fore during the Crusades.

The original Pilgrim Fathers set up a communist society suggesting the works of Marx and Engels was a perfected thesis in place wherever you find a Puritan. Marx did not outright attack the banking system or Usury, the main thrust of the script was to undermine the system under gold and install communes to remove property and land.

The British Realm itself was being subverted and power handed to the barony formed under Henry VIII. It was the continuation of the robbery of lands and property from the people, which was held in Trust by the Church under the British Monarch and the Crown he was supposed to uphold. 

For over three hundred years after its foundation in 1660[1] as a private association of gentlemen interested in natural philosophy, the Royal Society defended jealously its independence and the right of its fellows to decide their own positions on the controversies of the day.

What kind of gentlemen is a question that when answered, offers up a lot more fact than one would have bargained for.

Many of the prominent physicians and scientists of the day maintained an interest and belief in witchcraft, even though they were active in the Royal Society and made important contributions to the pseudo-medicine and today’s pseudo-science. and mental health under the shrinks.[2] The Royal Society viciously protects the mad science they call GMO foods, both the growing of and in the censoring all negative facts about the really bad effects of GMO food.

In a pair of articles published in 1976, K. Theodore Hoppen argued that the Society’s membership in its early years was characterised by an overwhelming eclecticism, in which magical beliefs played a central role: indeed, he went so far as to assert that this represented the true ‘nature’ of the early Royal Society.

The Royal Society pushes science, its own brand of science, in order it became and remained the supreme grantor of scientific scripts. Today, over 350 years later, we suffer the consequences of this organisation’s alchemy, as a subversion of morality. The new doctrine from the religion that is Royal Society Science, presents some kind of fantasy that it is a good thing for a mother to murder your offspring, either in abortion or from the vaccination agenda coming from the same mind. The same new religion moves to force on your offspring, also known as your property in Law, damage by any form of medical intervention to ensure they are a customer for the pharmaceutical corporations until the legal fiction is wrapped up on physical death.[3] That is two deaths we have under the new religion, one for the entirety of your life, and the final one when you physically die. Thats some study indeed.

By 1600, dozens of alchemical texts, in Latin and English, could be found in England. Scores more circulated in manuscript, passing from person to person, their contents shifting as they were copied, tested and corrected. Alchemy was a purposeful art, akin to medicine and metallurgy, but alchemical texts by definition resisted the ideals of disclosure mooted by John Dee in the 1550s, codified by Francis Bacon in the early decades of the seventeenth century, and implemented by Samuel Hartlib in the 1650s.

Yet by 1660, as William Cooper records, 198 volumes containing 320 alchemical titles had been printed in English. In 1688 William Cooper, a London bookseller, published A catalogue of chymicall books.

The year 1660, with the return of Charles II to England, marks the second paradox embodied in Cooper’s list of English alchemical books. Many historians have written about the alchemical programmes promoted by the Hartlib circle in the 1640s and 1650s and debated their alignment with radical religion. Collective endeavours to reform medicine, to explore the mineral resources of the nation, and to unlock the secrets of creation were facilitated by alchemical adepts and Hartlibean improvers, some of whom found alchemy, astrology, and various sorts of Platonic mysticism resonant with religious and political reforms. These accounts end with the restoration of Charles II (the puppet king) and posit various explanations for the containment of the radical ideas of the previous two decades. Enthusiasm was curbed and the activities of the Hartlib circle were funnelled into the Royal Society.[4]

It’s hubris shines clear, natural law and God, got it all so wrong, even it would appear, the climate, hence the need to as they say, ‘Im-prove’ natural knowledge.

It’s pseudo-science allows for truth to be inverted, an example of such is the programming of a child that the real is fake and the fake is real, that he is not a boy and she is not a girl, that sodomy is pure, that to deny new life is good and if you make a mistake, refer to murder for remedy.

The science is called the Talmud and its purveyors control Israel and the banking cartel.

The Pilgrim Fathers that would make new covenant in the New World, far from being of Christendom were in fact Puritans straight out of the Royal Society, responsible for Ivy League scientific colleges and universities and also declared themselves Gods chosen and the Native American’s to be the Canaanites that must be wiped out. This self imposed commandment was carried out to the letter.

They were the force behind the Puritans that would cause havoc in England and remove the monarch tied to the realm of Christendom, to form a debt ridden parliament the banks could then control. Cromwell called it the Commonwealth and declared it be spread across the globe and be called a parliamentary democracy.

The backers of Cromwell came out of Holland and previous to that were expelled from Spain. The Sabbatean cult of Shabbatai Tzvi are the purveyors of Sin and by definition of their creed are anti-life, this is the Royalty that made this society it has nothing to do with Christian royals.

The Royal Society today is as it has always been, a corporate foundation to expand the corporate interests of the corporate realm.

When you understand that the UK government is a corporation, and bankrupt, then it stands to all reason those controlling the corporate government would merge it with their corporate foundation, the Central Banks and their fiat currencies.

In essence all contracts that are detrimental to the British realm are contracts between a bankrupt government and NATO, the United Nations, the WTO, and the big one, the European Soviet superstate. Though this may baffle the political class the remedy to this quandary is simple, fold the bankrupt government and we go back to the realm, all contracts are null and void, especially those that tied the public to a bail out of the banks.

Ultimately then, the Royal Society is not a British operation, it has never been so, it is the banking enforcer of the twisted and debauched science that is subverting nations, its headquarters is the Inner City of London Corporation.

The Royal Society, from their 2010/11 accounts, show clearly, the society is dependent upon government handouts to the tune of  £48.782, a staggering 67% of its budget.[5]

So what is the Royal Society promoting today with all our dosh ?
Climate taxation and climate dictatorship



[A] Rudolf Steiner  1861-1925
This essay is based, directly or indirectly, on the “spiritual science”, or “Anthroposophy”, promulgated by Rudolf Steiner in the first quarter of the Twentieth Century. I say “based on” because this exposition can only be grossly oversimplified, and must contain whatever misunderstandings that derive from my own (more or less) weak grasp of the subject-matter. Full Study. As PDF

[1] The Royal Society was founded in 1660 by a group of natural philosophers who had met originally in the mid-1640s to discuss the ideas of Francis Bacon. They decided to found a ‘Colledge for the Promoting of Physico-Mathematicall Experimentall Learning’ and in 1661 received the royal patronage of Charles II. ( A puppet Monarch) A Royal Charter followed in 1662. In 1663 the Royal Society began considering the publication of a history of the society in order to broadcast their intentions to a wider audience. Thomas Sprat, a protégé of Royal Society Fellow John Wilkins, was chosen to write the work. It was first published in 1667, with a magnificent frontispiece designed by John Evelyn and etched by Wenceslas Hollar, showing a bust of Charles II flanked by Francis Bacon on the right, and on the left by William, 2nd Viscount Brouncker, the first President of the Society. Francis Bacon is regarded as the pioneer of scientific method, and his emphasis on experiment and investigation was the foundation of the Royal Society’s principles.

Charles II (1630-85) granted the Society a royal charter in 1662; ever since then the reigning monarch has been the patron. (Today Britain does not have a monarch it suffers an acclaimed Queen.) The Society had varied interests, from the nature of gravity to investigating whether a spider could be captured within a circle of ground unicorn’s horns. Uppermost in their concerns, however, was that knowledge be gained from observation and experiment, rather than from preconceived theories. The Royal Society has been described as laying the foundations of the modern world. Source

[2] The Physician and Witchcraft in Restoration England, Garfield Tourney p. 144. Here as Pdf
[3] Discoveries in Pharmacological Sciences, Albert Hofmann Royal Society
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