What will Britain be under Charles III?

What will Britain be under Charles III?







13 December 2018

The man on the end of the finger is the future King of Great Britain Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor. The man pointing the finger at the future King of these Isles is a Jew and has the surname of Rothschild.

In truth, one can forget the following verbiage if one wishes to understand the essence of this report, everything you need to know is in the image above.

The House Rothschild control the personal finances of the fiction, Queen Elizabeth II, and in the private, as Elizabeth Mary Windsor, in truth they are controlling what are their own portfolio’s with Queen Elizabeth as their front. The same House is financing the importation of third world natives across Europe to subvert and destroy all remnants of Christendom. 

So, the question now raised would be, what will the Church of England become under this monarch?

I think it important that I present my stand when it comes to the realm of Great Britain, which despite the media and academic garbage, is not a democracy at all, it is a nation based within a Constitutional Monarchy as a high end office from which its entire jurisdiction is to ensure all beneath that office acts according to the jurisdiction apportioned to each particular office.

This realm I support and wish to protect.

Therefore I am not of the mind that we remove the system we have, it must be brought back within the common law from which it was born. To carry out that mission we must take a peak at what it is today that we must change as incorrect, when it comes to the serving of the nation and not for the sole enrichment of the parasitic ideology the banks call commerce.

The media play into the saga by playing out a fantasy in which no Briton can dare to influence the government, especially if that Briton is a Prince and or king. There is nothing wrong with a Prince writing letters to the unclean politicians if those letters are open and on public record. To claim the contrary is an idea born from the fantasy called Corporate Democracy. 

The simple truth of the matter is, we do not live within a democracy, as it stands we live within a Constitutional Monarchy tied to the Vatican canon law which ‘is’ Christendom. The role of the Monarch is to ensure all beneath that office act according to the realm, ergo, the monarch had better be dictating the terms as authorised by the realm or something has gone wrong?

As it stands today nothing on these Isles acts according to the realm, including the House Windsor. From that we must conclude that whatever controls this chameleon House has no intention of up keeping the realm.

Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor before he becomes King

As businessman Charles  :
Can take the estates of dead people who have failed to make a Will and owe no debt in Cornwall through its Feudal laws. He has taken over £3.003 million of other peoples money and refuses all requests by people from Cornwall on the matter.

He earns £90 million per year as a personal profit from the estate of Cornwall that generates an annual turnover of £800 million.

He does not require planning permission for anything within his fiefdom, he pays no corporation tax or capital gains tax on any of his enterprises or property. Saving up to £50.000 in fines that would be levied on the public.

He cannot be summoned to any HM Court (so you would have to hold your own court) due to the Feudal Cornwall Laws which give it its own legal system.
Landlords have to allow squatters rights after 10 years of use, it is 60 years for the Prince.
Landlords must offer the purchase of the Freehold after 4 years, not so the Prince who can prevent this indefinitely.

The Royal family are said to cost taxpayer £40-200 million per year, the real total however,  is a secret


There is approximately 6.6 billion acres of land legally owned by the Crown Estate.

36000 landowners in Britain own half the land in the country. That pans out at 0.6 percent of the population.

Crown Estate is worth around £8.1 billion in agricultural land and urban properties, the revenues from which are supposed to go back to the state with the monarch getting an annual fee. The Crown legally controls over half of Britain’s coastline.

Prince Charles is the third biggest landowner in the country.

The Crown and 26 aristocratic (zionist) estates own over 1.4 million acres of land, twice as much as that owned by the National Trust and three times that of land owned by the pension funds in the U.K.
Crown land is treated as a State asset, it cannot be sold or interfered with in any way outside the laws of the realm. And yet when they scoop up land via such as the National Trust, interfere is exactly what they do under the legal garbage they call conservation. A look into the games of the Duke of Westminster in the Trough of Bowland gives a good insight into what Conservation for the peacocks actually means, the Glorious 12th and shooting.

The Windsor Estate, has £4b in Urban properties (Urban Splash is a front for Prince Charles gaining contracts of a £billion of your money a time). It owns Regent Street in its entirety, and half of St James in the West End, Ascot Race Course, Fishing Rights, Woodland, Oyster and Mussel fishing Rights in Scotland, Mining Rights, part of the Bluewater Retail Park in Kent, and retail parks also in :

Nottingham, Oxford, Exeter, Newcastle, Harlow. Leeds, Milton Keynes, Hemel Hempstead, Exeter Harlow, Leeds, Merseyside, Portsmouth, Edinburgh, Slough, Swansea, Warwick, Jersey, Maidstone and Cheltenham.

The shopping mall agenda comes out of Australia through the Adelphi in London through Frank Lowy.

National Trust
Forestry Commission
Church of England
Oxford University
Pension Funds

The Duchy of Lancaster and Cornwall are both fiefdoms controlled by the Queen and Prince Charles. Charles via many fronts administers the Duchy of Lancaster on behalf of his mother.

The Queen, as Elizabeth Mary Windsor, owns Balmoral and Sandringham Estates.
The Royal family from around £7 billion as a portfolio receive an annual tax free earning of around £230 million profit every year. This comes without taking into account the £10 billion art collection under their control.

In essence if we look again at the image  at the top of this report, everything this fake royal family do, they do for the House Rothschild and those they represent. Is this the England you want for the future ?

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