Rome controls the new order : UNIDROIT the legal deception

Rome controls the new order : UNIDROIT the legal deception








The West and Christendom post Crusade was built in the Canon Law. Control the Canon and you control Christendom. Is the battle over and Francis the symbolism of such, or is the battle raging still?

What owns your soul?

Seeking the control factor for the New World Order is a vast undertaking when one looks to history, the secret societies, the religions and empire. I have given this task some twenty-four years of my life, and as the old saying goes, ‘seek and ye shall find,’ I can verify that statement to be fact.

It’s the Zionist’s, it’s the Catholics, it’s the British Empire…. In short yes to this charge, but it is so through a deception and coercion into following the deception as reality, the consequence of which has all peoples today guilty of following the way of Mammon, they accept a corporate value in Legal title.[1]

Below is a list of governments signed into the Roman Imperial entrapment which has one forego the rights of Dominion under god, which are given to Man, to allow a false, a fictitious entity to become who and what you are, as you traverse this life in wonderment of it all.

The ever expanding world government ties itself together through UNIDROIT, it is this that is cause of wars of invasion today, they are forcing this Legal system upon the world :

The role of international organisations and cooperation

Rome controls the new order : UNIDROIT the legal deception

For the raising of awareness, the promotion of legal instruments, the development of practical tools, the training of professionals and the enhancement of international cooperation, international organisations play a crucial part. The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) officially recognises an international group of experts made up of six organisations who are working in close collaboration to combine their expertise in the area: the International Council of Museums (ICOM), the International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL), the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the World Customs Organisation (WCO).

There you have it, every United Nations offshoot moves to the dance of an institutionalised Legal framework, a framework coming out of the Treaty of Rome.

Russia is not on this list, yet has agreed to the Paris climate deal? The state of Israel is on the list, as such we can better see that the entire Zionist movement is but an arm of Rome. The Rothschilds, far from being the almighty gods of the earth, are proxy financiers for the elect of the secret society combine that today controls Rome.

I am beginning to see the high end global script here, The Prophecies of Fatima could well be the esoteric move to pull Russia into the new world global system that is UNIDROIT, the move also forms the enemy required to launch the Third World War.

China is also on the list as they attend the 2017 Bilderberg meeting and is reason Rome is pushing immigration and war upon the civilisation that is the West. Destroy the West and the empire can shift to China as it has shifted many times before. From Holland to England, to the United States, each nation serving Rome well in its move to control the world. It is their claim of right. The West is still paying for the industry move from the West to the East, along with all the projected losses and set up fees. China is a banking construct.

The geographic regions into which UNIDROIT member States are divided are the following : 
Africa / Afrique :
– Egypt / Egypte
– Nigeria / Nigéria
– South Africa / Afrique du sud
– Tunisia / Tunisie

The Americas / Amériques :
– Argentina / Argentine
– Bolivia / Bolivie
– Brazil / Brésil
– Canada
– Chile / Chili
– Colombia / Colombie
– Cuba
– Mexico / Mexique
– Nicaragua
– Paraguay
– The United States of America / Etats-Unis d’Amérique
– Uruguay
– Venezuela

The Asia-Pacific Region / Asie-Pacifique
– Australia / Australie
– China / Chine
– India / Inde
– Indonesia / Indonésie
– Iran (the Islamic Republic of) / Iran (République islamique d’)
– Iraq
– Japan / Japon
– Pakistan
– Republic of Korea / République de Corée
– Saudi Arabia / Arabie Saoudite

– Austria / Autriche
– Belgium / Belgique
– Bulgaria / Bulgarie
– Croatia / Croatie
– Cyprus / Chypre
– The Czech Republic / République tchèque
– Denmark / Danemark
– Estonia / Estonie
– Finland / Finlande
– France
– Germany / Allemagne
– Greece / Grèce
– The Holy See / Saint Siège
– Hungary / Hongrie
– Ireland / Irlande
– Israel / Israël
– Italy / Italie
– Latvia / Lettonie
– Lithuania / Lituanie
– Luxembourg
– Malta / Malte
– Netherlands / Pays-Bas
– Norway / Norvège
– Poland / Pologne
– Portugal
– Romania / Roumanie
– Russian Federation / Fédération de Russie
– San Marino / Saint Marin
– Serbia / Serbie
– Slovakia / Slovaquie
– Slovenia / Slovénie
– Spain / Espagne
– Sweden / Suède
– Switzerland / Suisse
– Turkey / Turquie
– The United Kingdom / Royaume-Uni


Artificial Person, Natural Person and Split Title: Where do you Stand? . . . Are such two elements really the split of the one?

A thousand pages of writing can explain the difference between the artificial person and the natural person (Human’s) but are there any pages that explain the difference in how the two entities stand, in a practical sense? After reading all this information on the difference between the natural and artificial persons? What one are you? because you can only be one or the other… The Adam and Eve code explains this clearly, Tree of life or tree of knowledge, Did Eden come with a choice of two LEDGERS? and was Adam given the choice, debtor or creditor? but he was warned that one will join the ranks of the dead once you choose to eat the fruit of the tree (House) of knowledge. (Hold the LEGAL-TITLE-LEDGER) This same “Split title” is also explained in the New Contract (NEW TESTAMENT) where Christ is split into two entities on the Cross (Cross over from the Old Testament to the New Testament) by the Roman “Holy Lance, Power of Rome” splitting man into being blood and water. (Split Title, a Trust arrangement, Blood, law of the land, common law, Water, law of the Sea, maritime law) Do you see why there are two names now? (Name “and” Surname) and two birthing certificates being the: Credit LEDGER and Debtor LEDGER, and Christ’s death on the Crossover point from the old system to the new system, was the remedy in order to save man from being the debtor in the new contract (NEW TESTAMENT) but only if such a man can “Read the Signs” and live by the code of Christ in order that Christ’s name (Your Christian name only) can save you from the dead world of Private Contract Military Maritime Roman Law, being the law of water.

So what is the trick in order to: know how to stand in the correct standing on the “flat earth” of paper contracts? How do you stand as the natural person and not the artificial person? Is one a proper noun and the other a symbol? Such as “John Paul Smith” and “JOHN PAUL SMITH” ? Many may assume this but I don’t think so! it’s a bit more secret and complex! … If there are two standings in relation to “split title”, there must be two relating LEDGERS! … Being the creditor LEDGER and the debtor LEDGER one would assume… (Choice is yours if you comprehend the system of Christ) remember, the Person must have a proper name identified as a “noun” and this is backed up by the Oxford Styles Manual. The “name” of the person is the “account” and every account has the LEDGER and if you are the “holder” of the LEDGER, you, and your dominion birth right, become the “trustee” of the debt of the account-person attached to it.

The dirty trick is to attach the debtor LEDGER to the creditor name without the creditor ever comprehending what has happened. this is the “deception” in order to deceive the creditor and the beneficiary into settling his own accounts from his own blood, sweet and tears and allowing the first debtor to escape his duty to settle the accounts of the creditor! so the Natural Person would be the original creditor and the Artificial Person is the debtor, so if I was the first trustee-debtor, being the VATICAN that holds the legal titles of man and I have agreed to settle the debts of the world for the creditor, (Natural person) than to deceive the creditor into paying his own debts would leave me, as the first agreed debtor, with no debt but still enjoying the compensation fee’s for acting as the first debtor! … and I, as the first debtor, being the VATICAN, would become the richest corporation in the World! on the back of the deceived! Hang on? Hasn’t that already happened?

So what is the Natural person and the artificial person? Re: the sample: “John Paul of the Smith Heritage” and just what do they look like on paper?

Notice this, just by going by the facts in relation to what exists on your Certificates of Birth (There are two certificates issued from the State) and even appearing on your baptismal certificate, your Christian name is: “John Paul” (The Surname or family name is no part of you proper full name)
And on the CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH (Certificate of the birth of the Christian LEDGER on the registration date) appears another name rendered as a proper noun: “John Paul Smith”… (But this name appears in the margin, identifying the Registrar General as the Custodian (Trustee) of the “John Paul Smith” proper noun-name) … see, its all there for you to see.

There they are! the natural person is “John Paul” and the artificial person is: “John Paul Smith“… notice, not “John Paul” and “Smith”, but “John Paul” and “John Paul Smith“
Notice! … The “name” is the proper noun but the “LEDGER” of the name is the GLOSSA or ALL-CAPS-DEAD-DOG-LATIN-FOREIGN-DEBTOR-TEXT-LANGUAGE.

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