How to undue secret society, political and military oaths operating fear authority

How to undue secret society, political and military oaths operating fear authority










2 September 2019

So, you have taken an oath to some secret society, a figurehead or to the military of your nation and then you realise… the thing to which you have sworn allegiance is debauched, full of shit and not acting according to the propaganda that got you in. Basically, according to everything you know, you believe you are screwed, no way out and you must demean yourself for the remainder of your life because you are in error.

The basic premise of this trap is to be understood in terms of an oath made under presumption, or if you like, an assumption. Allow me to expand the issue.

I could present a huge compendium of words to explain your predicament, but that would only be to placate the mind which believes itself so clever and technical it believes that truth must also be so.

That is the mind-Set that forms the superiority complex.

When I entered the world of the internet back in 2007, I used a phrase which went thus :

“The truth is simple, Getting there is the difficult part of life.”

The language of the heart is very simple, it comes from within, and I am aware of a man who told you this around 2000 years ago. He also taught you that only through your Christ-ian name will you be saved and remain with the father, you are born into life but you have the free will to be whatever you wish.

Do not incorporate your name with a symbol of the State or you will surely die, you will become lost at See. You will have abandoned the name you were given by your mother and father in Christ, you will become a Ward of the State. It is consensual servitude.

Why would you choose this?

The mind is a transmitter and receiver of all that exists in the ether, or in today’s money, the matrix. All thoughts pumped out by humanity are floating in the mist.

If you live in your mind you have need for a supreme magician to help you survive, the Tarot depicts this reality well. If you feed your magician it will become very apt at converting all the thoughts in the ether to your advantage and for what it deems as necessary for your survival, it will demand contracts that bind to your enrichment from all others it deals with in the physical matrix. This is measured by IQ and is a measure not in life but in Existence.

It is important you understand that water holds memory. You are made up of over 80 percent water. The thoughts you pick up and give focus too are then stored in your water. This is were problems begin in that what you take in from the mind stays within your water as a memory. The more you focus to those thoughts, the more they will solidify in you’re being. Purification is the way to undo those memories by ceasing to focus on whatever it is that is affecting you’re being to the negative. This is presented in all theologies but not simplified to todays language. You are what you see, hear and take into your being, this is the origin of addiction.

The word wizards are expert in this mechanic, they are the masters of the matrix and have set up a system of entrapment for those who live entirely in the mind. Their platform is fear. Fear is their only authority.[1] The higher you go in this system the more you too will look to impose fear over others as a mechanic to get what you want.


Descriptive language is always grammatically correct, it uses capital letter to start a sentence and uses commas and full stops were necessary.

Symbolic language, or hieroglyphs are not grammatically correct and in the English language uses unhyphenated BLOCK CAPITALS. This we call Dog Latin.

There is no jurisdiction when two languages are used together, they do not communicate and therefore any written words using this platform cannot have standing. It becomes a Presumption of Law.

They did Telegraph the facts : 

Full text on definition of GLOSSES from the Chicago Manuel of Styles 16th Edition P.566 :

11.147 GLOSSES IN ASL. The written-language transcription of a sign is called a gloss. Glosses are words from the spoken language written in small capital letters: WOMAN , SCHOOL , CAT . (Alternatively, regular capital letters may be used.) When two or more written words are used to gloss a single sign, the glosses are separated by hyphens. The translation is enclosed in double quotation marks. The sign for “a car drove by” is written as VEHICLE -DRIVE -BY .

One obvious limitation of the use of glosses from the spoken/written language to represent signs is that there is no one-to-one correspondence between the words or signs in any two languages.

11.148 COMPOUND SIGNS. Some combinations of signs have taken on a meaning separate from the meaning of the individual signs. Various typographical conventions are used to indicate these compounds, including a “closeup” mark or a plus sign. Depending on the transcription system, the sign for “parents” might be glossed as follows :


11.149 FINGERSPELLING. For proper nouns and other words borrowed from the spoken language, the signer may fingerspell the word, using the handshapes from a manual alphabet. (There are numerous fingerspelling alphabets used by different signed languages, among them the American Manual Alphabet.) Fingerspelled words may be transcribed in any of the following ways: fs- JOHN or J-O -H-N or j-o-h-n


Every oath you take, each contract you sign, you do so under the presumption you are the fictitious incorporated PERSON. What this means is that when you understand who you are and who you are not, all oaths and contacts are void.

But do not take my word for it, look to our heritage and ancestry :

The Ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself”  is one of the Delphic maxims and was inscribed in the pronaos (forecourt) of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi according to the Greek writer Pausanias (10.24.1). In Latin the phrase, “know thyself,” is given as nosce te ipsum or temet nosce.

To know thyself is to understand Christ in his entirety, through his name (your Christian name) you are saved, you can indeed walk on water.

The Vatican, Inner City of London and Washington D.C. are each instruments of the Holy See. Unless you understand language, which is to know who you are, you serve the mimic of the creation, the fallen realm of Adam and Eve.

The Vatican tells you the truth you just cannot see it, but if you study this little Psalm of wisdom you can regain your status under Christ and become life, you are in the image of god, not GOD.

The entrance to the Vatican offers you the correct language, but when you enter the dome in the cross, you are crucified, dead and a slave to Set, SATAN.

Vatican Entrance with the correct hyphenated latin

How to undue secret society, political and military oaths operating fear authority









Inside the cross and the language of Babel, the Hieroglyphs of Set

How to undue secret society, political and military oaths operating fear authority









[1] Understanding Fear AuthorityHow to undue secret society, political and military oaths operating fear authority

Medical intrusion is also based in the jurisdiction of fear authority while playing the superiority complex by those issuing the diagnosis over your inferior mind.

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