Oath of the Privy Council, a mafia oath to protect illegitimacy, war, cartels and extortion

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So let us say that the British realm was taken over by a sinister Sun cult, a cult that controls all religious institutions, all secret societies in the early 19th Century. Welcome to the Sabbateans…

That the same cult did gain full control over the Bank of England in 1815 leading to full control over the then Royal House leading to the breeding of an illegitimate and flat lie royal dynasty that would take over all European and global monarchies through the empire formed out of the East India conglomerates, (remnants of the Templar might, the Dutch East India was its Navy the Inner City the financial HQ) yet centred upon the British realm to feign some sort of legitimacy and of course, to lay nations as scapegoats as the responsible perpetrators for the wars and colonialism that was in reality, actions carried out by the banking cabal.

That such a huge operation was required in order the cult could implement the Three World War strategy as presented in the works of Freemasonry’s pontiff, Albert Pike, in order the sovereignty of nations would be handed to a private empire, fronted by the illegitimate royal dynasty and usurper of the British common law realm of rights and liberties of its people.

privy-council That such illegitimacy could be extorted on the basis of the fact itself, by those behind the Holy See in Rome, leading ultimately to a full and complete return to the Roman Empire of those Protestant nations that built the great idea that was the West.

If such a reality existed today then such a diabolical enterprise would require a mechanism by which the forbidden secret could be kept in the shadows until its diabolical aims be satisfied.

Welcome to the oath of the privy council :

you do swear by almighty god to be a true and faithful servant unto the queens majesty as one of her majesties privy council

you will not know or understand of any manor of thing to be attempted done or spoken against her majesties person, (HRH Queen Elizabeth II, an acclaimed title only, not a crowned title) honour, crown or dignity royal but you will lett (condemn) and withstand the same to the utmost of your power and either cause it to be revealed to her majesty herself or to such of her privy council as shall advertise her majesty of the same

you will in all things to be moved treated and debated in council faithfully and truly declare your mind and opinion according to your heart and conscience and will keep secret all matters committed and revealed unto you or that shall be treated secretly of in council and if any of the said treaties and councils shall touch any of the councillors you will not reveal it unto him but will keep the same until such time as by consent of her majesty or of the council publications shall be made thereof (paedophile cover up)

you will to your uttermost bare faith and allegiance unto the queens majesty and will assist and defend all jurisdictions pre eminencies and authorities granted to her majesty and annexed to the crown by acts of parliament or otherwise against all foreign princes, persons, prelates, states, or potentiates and generally in all things you will do as a faithful and true servant ought to do to her majesty
so help you god.

[1] lett means to complain of protest or condemn
The Law Society has its own language called Legalese. From this language certain words have a completely different meaning to that understood by the common man, this way in the courts, those tied to the privy council oath can rule not according to justice, but in accordance with their oath.

The Oath Of A British Police Constable

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