Man made climate change and the carbon economy, a supreme deception











Man made climate change…I’m sure you have heard the news and within the next five or so years your wallet will hear of the term ‘carbon taxation’.

The entire climate movement is based in the claim, C02 and man’s creation of it, is changing the climate with potentially ecological catastrophe. This is the fear thrust upon the world from every orifice of politics, education, academia and the global media. But is this claim a statement of fact? Or a fact the term C02 is present within the statement?

Geoengineering research was launched to achieve the ability for a military application to control the weather of your enemy. The Vietnam War was the conflict used to test the technologies based around weather modification within the theatre of war. ‘Project Popeye‘ was one such program that according to researchers threw down 13 feet of water in 24 hours, decimating the supply chains of the Viet Cong.

If you control a corporation and you found the capacity to effect the weather patterns in specific areas on the globe, meaning you could affect the means of existing farmers to farm within those areas by either creating drought, flooding and soil depletion, would you use that capacity?

If you could further that move against farming by so destroying the soil structure, particularly the soil PH value using aircraft to release chemical trails filled with metal particles, affecting the eco system so that crops would fail to grow and the trees would wither and die at your command, then would it not be the case that the farmers would have to let go of their land that you, the corporation, could purchase for peanuts, would this be a strategy a corporation would employ?

If your corporation had within it a company that genetically modified seeds, seeds that would grow in the ecological devastation you have just caused, would you as a corporation connect these two company strategies for your own profitable ends? Monsanto

You also had a subsidiary company that was busy creating genetically modified forests, would you also include this company in the strategy? ArborGen

So if a corporation had the ability to invent a problem enough to cause a reaction, then offer its own brand of solution that will stand to make you billions while handing over land to your portfolio, would you employ this strategy known well to those versed in the games of power and monopoly as the Hegelian Dialectic, would the corporate mind employ such a deception for profit?

Agenda 21 springs to mind as the global corporation takes over land and property, wait a minute isn’t that the script of Karl Marx?

Man made climate change is real but we have to understand the reality of the situation, it is not mankind affecting the climate, it is the cabal of the insane purposefully removing nature and the creator out of the loop, they plan to usurp the natural order of the earth to become the masters of the world in the new world order. They want to be god…

Geoengineering and the ‘military made’ climate change

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