Jeremy Corbyn, the United Nations and the European genocide via mass immigration

UK New-Labour Leader-Jeremy-Corbyn Supports UN Genocide Policies via Refugee influx












Jeremy Corbyn has called on the government to allow thousands of migrants living in camps in Calais to come to the UK after he visited the Calais refugee camp on Saturday where a thousand people are living in squalid conditions in a bid to make it to the UK to receive housing and benefits.

The Labour leader said “everyone who wants to come to Britain and has a connection” should be free to submit an application for processing by UK officials, adding that “we’re talking 3,000 people… it’s not very many,” stated during a trip to France to see the impact of British aid.

Jeremy Corbyn, in tune with all corporate controlled politicians, is moving Britain to the tune played by the United Nations, to so dilute the western nations through mass immigration that ‘intent to destroy’  genocide‘[1] be achieved of western cultures. Islam is being used as the future new world inquisition against those not accepting of the one world corporate religion, a religious interpretation the Muslims hang onto through the corporate influence of Saudi Wahhabism.

The UNHCR says that when there is a mass movement of refugees after war or conflict, big groups are often declared “prima facie” refugees and countries can decide to take them in automatically.

Clearly, in the minds of the global population, the United Nations has become a major accepted authority in the internal affairs of nations. We must look closely at the foundation of this corporate run, global governing force, used to secure living man to a yoke controlled by the banking cartel :

To abolish all Christian traditional religions in order to replace them by a one-world religion based on the ‘cult of man’.
To abolish all national identity and national pride in order to establish a world identity and world pride.
To abolish the family as known today in order to replace it by individuals all working for the glory of one-world government
To destroy all individual artistic and scientific creating works to implement a world government’s one mind sight

And that kind of declaration of war from the United Nations is for :

• the implementation of a universal and obligatory membership to the United Nations, as transcending of the United Nations by multi-military and multi-police force;
• a world wide Justice Department through the United Nations with an International Criminal Court;
• a world wide new Trade Agreement for all nations;
• the end of cold war — of local war like it is today, and the obligation for co-existence for “peace”;
• and also, a New World Religion and a New World Culture for all men.

We then get an insight into the real agenda of NATO, through its command of war zones NATO is able to create prima facie status indentured servants (refugees) that can then be thrust across borders to dilute the existing culture, with each nations armed forces out on NATO duties. Border control suffers through lack of funds and manpower, at least for the media spin. An Assyrian strategy implemented from 1922.

Quite simply the Muslims believe their role in helping the corporate banking cabal takeover the world is a mission sent to them by God, therefore overturning the idea of Islamic opposition to the House of War to the point we have today, they are becoming it through the sophistry of Wahhabism.

Muslims today across Britain and indeed Europe, are happy that islam has the key positions in our society to claim ownership, and in their own minds are ready to move to Sharia Law, the backdrop to the new religious zeal of inquisition, like this or not, this is today how the Muslims are told to see the situation.

In following the corporate dance Muslims are in breach of two major commandments of the Koran, with what I would say is a prime failure of submission leading to the second failure to submit, leaving the current expression of islam outside the protection of their prophet, thus :

a failure to seek knowledge;

leading to a position of failure to recognise the difference between the laws of a nation and the statutes issued forth by the private corporate banking empire.

The facilitator to this position has been the Saudi influence, which at its core is about profit, as it is about usury and the slavery that follows.

In tying British domestic oil requirements to Saudi Arabia the speculative networks have positioned Islam in control of the main outlets for Britain’s fuel requirements at pump level, which has the knock on effect of ability to control the movement of goods and people, it would appear this position has been achieved. In that context the Muslims that believe they have their hands on the power, are correct, but in real terms they are a front.

Muslims operating in this manner are only fronts (scapegoats) for the same secret networks that held the power before, the oil industry has positioned the Muslim networks which can be seen in the global oil cartel, OPEC, between the top level network and the populations or the consumer. More than that, through the control of Iran by the banking aspect of the cabal, they have ensured Iran thrusts yet more oil onto the market to bolster the moves by the Saudis.

The bankers control all nations.

If you can see it in these terms then you see that the actual rod of power has not changed hands at all, only the middle men have changed, a change enough to enact the religious divide in the future as the corporate state moves to activate civil unrest and a shut down for the UK under the corporate Contingency Act 2004.

In Europe we find the same games playing out as our entire infrastructures built over centuries, is being handed to immigrants as the Europeans are displaced from their homes, their property and from a Legal position, allowing the system to remove our roles as beneficiaries and executors to our Trusts, leaving us at the mercy of the corporate judicial system in the Jurisdiction of Trustee.

International high finance and their henchmen, the politicians, act according to the legislation dished out by the United Nations, to replace the European sovereign nations with a radical racially mixed population without identity, (corporate multiculturalism) in order to establish a perfect exploitation system for the banking cabal without any cohered opposition by the native population.

European politicians support this development and talk us into believing it is our moral duty to turn our homelands into ideal immigration countries, because of human-rights and our historical responsibility. All manner of propaganda machines have churned out such twisted historical accounts, via TV, Hollywood and the global media, not to mention the shifts in Western education in the removal of national identity save for the guilt trip program required as your national guilt to serve the colonial immigrants.

In Germany it is about the Holocaust, in France and England about colonialism, and in the USA about slavery, the history of the bankers actions used to undermine the sovereign nations the same bankers hid behind while they carried out the dastardly acts of history they lay at the feet of nations.

The United Nations takes its orders from the elite banking cabal’s secret society network of Chatham House, exposing the real cause of global woes to be that of the secret societies operating in all nations, and not the nation itself.

In 2011 one million people went to Germany, mainly from the Third-World, after the troubles in Syria this figure has expanded to huge proportions.

More than 2 million ‘illegal’ immigrants live in Athens a position that has changed the entire culture to that of the bankers headless chicken society. Poor education, crime, and lifestyles we in the West had overcome long ago, enter our daily lives, and we ourselves are told by politician’s to respect alien and archaic religious behaviour and rules over those of our own.

It is called one side racism and the police and judiciary ensure it remains a one ended court.

Today it is no more pork in school cafeterias, halal meat and foreign dress codes, tomorrow sharia will be implemented without anyone save the Muslims being aware of the fact.

We are not only told to tolerate the immigrants habits, we are to observe their rules especially in the corporate schools dished out to our children, this they do to program the younger generations to dance only to the corporate dictatorship.

You are not as the corporate state claims, a racist, if you see the picture in these terms, you are seeing the game as it is, you are not insane if you feel there are immigrants everywhere.

You are not hate-filled, if you notice that many immigrants do not conform to the rules, you are seeing the real agenda.

Jeremy Corbyn, like all current politicians, is a very dangerous while seemingly nice, man.

[1] there are various definitions of the term, almost all international bodies of law officially adjudicate the crime of genocide pursuant to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG).

This and other definitions are generally regarded by the majority of genocide scholars to have an “intent to destroy” as a requirement for any act to be labelled genocide; there is also growing agreement on the inclusion of the physical destruction criterion.

Writing in 1998 Kurt Jonassohn and Karin Bjornson stated that the CPPCG was a legal instrument resulting from a diplomatic compromise. As such the wording of the treaty is not intended to be a definition suitable as a research tool, and although it is used for this purpose, as it has an international legal credibility that others lack, other definitions have also been postulated. Jonassohn and Bjornson go on to say that for various reasons, none of these alternative definitions have gained widespread support. Ha, the legal get out clause! 

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