Sir Kier Starmer just another Crown wizard offering piffle

Sir Kier Starmer just another Crown wizard offering piffle










7 February 2020

Former Hyndburn Labour MP, Graham Jones, in the last week, has done more work than during his entire stint as Hyndburn MP. He is swooning over another fraud called Sir Kier Starmer who the wants the UK bankrupt government federalised. A staunch anti Brexiteer Kier like Jones, who I witnessed after his defeat, crying his little eyeballs out claiming there is no democracy in Britain would do well to remember they are both a prime example of just that, by going against the democratic vote to leave Europe, on every vote cooked up by Labour’s refusal to honour Democracy.

Not that I support Democracy because Britain in her true form operates as a Constitutional Monarchy :

Obviously, given Graham’s love for Kier I just had to take a look.

Kier and Jones are attempting a continuation and subversion of a done deal called Brexit, on behalf of the Crown, by Federalising Britain into regions under the mayor platform, wait a minute, that is exactly the same bollox we just left, is it not? (See above video.)

From a report in the Independent we learn :

Keir Starmer will call for greater powers for Scotland, Wales and the English regions within a “federal UK”, as he returns to the Labour leadership campaign trail.

Federal means banks and if you do not understand what that means look at the United States Federal Reserve system which operates under the protocols of the Rothschild Bank of England.

Keir is claiming Britain’s archaic and confusing conventions must be replaced with a written constitution that would set in stone a new devolution settlement.

Well, Sir Knight, we already have a written Constitution along with the highest jurisdiction that is unwritten because it takes its authority from the Bible… You would at the very least expect a Crown Agent to fully understand this basic premise of nation and State.

That settlement would deliver a “radical redistribution of power, wealth and opportunity” to every corner of the UK, said Sir Keir, arguing that the Tony Blair and Gordon Brown governments left the job half done.

The only opportunities and redistribution of wealth a Crown Agent would be seeking is to furnish another Crown Agent with our tax :

Around 10 years ago I had meetings with a former Brown and Blair spin doctor who had fallen foul of the game due to his disgust at finding himself around persons running a Paedophile ring. He was adamant that Blair was only a front man, that Brown was a terrifying character with an energy around him that invoked a sense of evil. He said Brown was a dark force and represented Communism in its worst form which pans out when you consider the selling of Britain’s gold before the price went through the roof. (See above video.)

Blair and Brown completely shifted the Labour Party out of its accepted role in ensuring the rights of the working man into a zionist arm for the implementation of policies more in tune with capitalist monopoly, albeit with all power being given to the State. The result of this shift gave us another fully fledged arm of the monopolising Crown Temple,  one under the Communist mandate raising up the mighty State and the casino capitalism platform operating directly for the Crown Temple. Everything is easy when you control both sides :

Keir, as a Knight of the Empire, is moving the exact European platform of regional enclosure politics run under a Mayor to serve the Stakeholder Community, but what stands out as a clear deceptive agenda is to claim Britain has no Constitution and that we need a to write one. Britain is a structured nation under Biblical doctrine, it has many layers which keeps her hierarchical system in place, the problem comes in the fact, the secret societies are now the beneficiaries to the highest jurisdictions on this land, as such a foreign body of Law now hides behind the protections offered by the realm which is to serve the morality of Christendom. From that position they can attack the nation in lower jurisdictions with immunity unless you know how to bring them to account and have the balls to do so.

What Keir and Jones are promoting is the same European platform of nations broken into regions being rebranded by the Crown and moved via the Labour party, members of which despise nation and law, they want Democracy because it is a system under bankruptcy that ultimately leads to dictatorship by the State. Plato presented the thoughts of Socrates on this very matter. What the bankers want is a full blown medical dictatorship under the communist ideal, governed by technocratic and Green taxation policies and is the reason they voted against the public will on the Brexit vote, it is easier to drag isolated nations to the yoke of the superstate, Scotland take note. But let us not forget that monopoly is also the mandate of the Conservatives, who conserve nothing of the realm and have moved to shift the civil system and judiciary into the hands of the Crown Inner Temple under austerity, governed by Admiralty and Maritime Law, which the above video makes clear, austerity is a hidden form of taxation, the Council Tax being the prime example. All political parties today are moving to monopolise trade and currency into the electronic nightmare in order all taxes are paid to the banks as interest payments.

The U.K. government is a bankrupt commercial entity, we fold it and go back to the realm, like all sensible commercial failures, this is the remedy all parties are avoiding like the plague because the existing system is the platform that furnishes the banks with our tax to satisfy interest payments and to further furnish the banks in contracts with their corporations and our Civil system operating as outsource providers. Win win the central banks.

Keir went on :
“The status quo is not working,” he will say in a speech in London, ahead of visits to Scotland, the Northwest and Wales over the coming days.

“People are crying out for more control, power and say over their own lives and local communities. This can’t be delivered by tinkering around the edges or with short-term fixes.”

keir wants the UK to follow other developed nations by drawing up a new written constitution, which would be devised by the “great and good” in a constitutional convention.

Its all word wizardry the Greeks called sophistry, a clever use of words to form a false dichotomy and narrative to blind the public that there is real substance in the rhetorical art, when in fact its just the same old global government garbage being implemented by all bankrupt governments operating under the auspices of the United Nations, a body about to be demolished and replaced with a new entity situated in Israel and administered by the fake Sanhedrin of Chabad Lubavitch.

Keir went on : 

“We need to end the monopoly of power in Westminster and spread it across every town, city, region and nation of the United Kingdom.” Source

We are dealing with liars of the utmost calibre as it is clear the monopoly belongs with the Crown because the minute you offer up your vote, the one in which you placed your trust takes an oath to the fiction Queen Elizabeth II who as a woman, is a member of the Inner Temple and ultimately the Holy See.

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