Blame Russia for everything. 7 years after assassination of Polish leadership

Blame Russia for everything. 7 years after assassination of Polish leadership











Death Of Anti-NWO Polish President Raises Questions

You Know Your In Trouble When They Can Disappear A Government


I am no fan of the Russian regime as I am still not convinced Putin is not operating for the secret societies. That said as we pass the seven year anniversary of the assassination of almost the entire Polish leadership, yet again exposes the mainstream media and politicians to be nothing better than an example of those of an unclean spirit. As we reach April 10th and the seven year anniversary the media is celebrating this black op under the direction of the combine of secret societies blaming Russia once again for everything.

Why is this point important? If we allow the scam to continue we will be in a world war before the year is out. No children of the political and elitist class will serve in any dangerous aspect of the war it will be our children forced under conscription to kill and die for the secret societies and the elites that control them.

President Lech Kaczynski died in a plane crash on April 10, 2010, along with his wife and 94 others, many of them top members of Poland’s political and military elite. They were flying to an airport near Smolensk, Russia, to pay tribute to some 22,000 Polish officers killed in the Katyn massacres by the Soviet secret police during World War II.

Hitler and the secret societies he fronted, in his rise to war, killed more Freemasons and Catholics than history would dare suggest, covered with the ever espoused script of Jewish holocaust, the same strategy is being employed today as they relentlessly entrap any and all groupings of people, be they religious or other, that oppose the agenda of the secret societies.

I looked upon this evil as I look upon the night of the long knifes in Germany, and for the insight needed today as to which branch of the combine was most likely responsible, Shimon Peres gives that insight as to who the benefactors of the destruction of an entire elected leadership sharing the same disdain for the new world order :

Shimon Perez Israeli President: We Are Buying Up Manhattan, Hungary, Romania And Poland, 2008


By Victor Thorn
Airplane crashes have historically been a favourite method of political assassinations, with Ron Brown and John F. Kennedy, Jr. being two recent examples. Can we now add Polish President Lech Kaczynski and nearly his entire government to the list? Although motive doesn’t need to be proved in a murder trial, plenty of motives certainly exist if we examine one primary set of culprits: those who head the European Union.

Writer James Buchanan provides an opening argument in an April 11 article.
“Whenever politicians die ‘accidentally,’ it’s worthwhile to see if the deceased politicians had been doing anything that may have angered the New World Order, which in Europe takes the form of the European Union (EU), whose main goals include forcing all European nations under its control to have a single currency and to allow an unlimited flood of immigrants from the Third World,” wrote Buchanan.
Kaczynski fit this bill on numerous fronts. As a strong nationalist with conservative, pro-Catholic values who ran an anti-corruption, anti-homosexual campaign; he also sought to purge Poland of its former Communist elements. Kaczynski also believed in placing his home country’s markets and economy ahead of the EU’s collectivist, global agenda.

One move specifically infuriated the financial cabal. The National Bank of Poland and Kaczynski’s Cabinet members agreed to weaken their currency, the zloty, in order to make goods exported to other EU trading partners less expensive, thereby directly benefiting their people. The following day, Kaczynski, the president of Poland’s central bank, the Polish army’s chief of staff, the deputy foreign minister, the parliament speaker, all military service chiefs and the intelligence director—in fact, 96 people total—died in Smolensk, Russia.

The “coincidence” is alarming, especially since Poland was the only EU member whose economy grew in an otherwise stagnant 2009 market. The reason for this growth can be traced to Kaczynski bucking the system in numerous ways. First, he and his central bank president, Slawomir Skrzypek, both harboured a great deal of distrust for the euro, and showed great resistance in adopting it. Similarly, unlike Greece and Spain, the Poles refused to take part in the EU’s loan-shark operations, which essentially dictated that a nation’s sovereignty would be surrendered to a gang of usurers.
As journalists Judy Dempsey and Diane Cardwell wrote on April 10, these policy decisions “frequently put Poland on a collision course with its European Union partners.”

The bankers also didn’t view Kaczynski as a “team player,” because he balked at the Lisbon Reform Treaty, which would establish a long-term EU president, while also refusing to participate in the bailout of several insurance companies and lending institutions.

Another factor of great significance is the time and place of this plane crash. Kaczynski and nearly the entirety of his government were due to attend a 70th anniversary commemoration of the Katyn Forest Massacre.

During WWII, Stalin’s death squads engaged in an atrocious slaughter. According to UK politician and European Parliament member Daniel Hannan, “70 years ago, almost to the day, 21,768 Polish army officers, intellectuals and senior civil servants were murdered by the Soviet NKVD in the forest near Katyn.”

For decades, the Nazis were blamed for this genocidal act, in a cover-up perpetrated by the U.S. government. Tragically, Kaczynski’s plane crashed only a few miles from where this original bloodbath occurred.

By honouring these war dead, both Kaczynski and Russia’s Vladimir Putin highlighted the true monsters behind this carnage.

Writer Buchanan uses expert analysis in his article. “The trip to Smolensk was to honour the memory of Polish POWs murdered by the Communists during World War II,” wrote Buchanan. “The Jews don’t like any ‘competition’ to their Holocaust.”

He added, “Kaczynski was not only throwing a spotlight on a mass murder by Communists, he was throwing a spotlight on a mass murder by Communist Jews. Jews played a key role in Communism, and Jews were often the commissars who were shooting defenceless dissidents and POWs. President Kaczynski had promised to go after Communist murderers who had killed Poles during the long Communist occupation. Many of those war criminals were Jews, some of whom are still living in Israel or the United States.”

Further, Kaczynski’s two primary coalitions were strongly nationalistic, Catholic oriented and often described by critics as being “anti-Semitic.” In this vein, it’s clear why the blame game began so quickly, with an assortment of red herrings to divert attention away from those who saw Kaczynski as an enemy of the Zionist-EU cartel.

The Disappeared

Name                                                Age                   Position

AgackaJoanna Agacka-Indecka 45      President of the Polish Bar Council
BakowskaEwa Bąkowska 47      Representative of the Katyn Families
BlasikLt. Gen. Andrzej Błasik 47      Commander of the Air Force
BochenekKrystyna Bochenek 56      Deputy Marshal of the Senate (PO)
BorowskaAnna Maria Borowska 81      Representative of the Katyn Families
BorowskiBartosz Borowski 31      Representative of the Katyn Families
BukMaj. Gen. Tadeusz Buk 49      Commander of the Land Forces
ChodakowskiBrig. Gen. Miron Chodakowski 52      Orthodox Ordinary of the Polish Armed Forces
CywinskiLt. Col. Czesław Cywiński 84      President of the World Association of Home Army Soldiers
DebskiLt. Col. Zbigniew Dębski 87      Co-founder of the Union of Warsaw Insurgents
DeptulaLeszek Deptuła 57      Member of the Sejm (PSL)
DolniakGrzegorz Dolniak 50      Member of the Sejm (PO)
DoraczynskaKatarzyna Doraczyńska 31      Press office staffer at the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland
DuchnowskiEdward Duchnowski 80      Secretary General of the Union of Sybiraks
FedorowiczAleksander Fedorowicz 39      Interpreter at the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland
FetlinskaJanina Fetlińska 57      Senator (PiS)
FlorczakLt. Col. Jarosław Florczak 41      Close protection officer
FrancuzWO1 Artur Francuz 39      Close protection officer
GagorGen. Franciszek Gągor 58      Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces
GesickaGrażyna Gęsicka 58      Member of the Sejm, former Minister of Regional Development (PiS)
GilarskiBrig. Gen. Kazimierz Gilarski 54      Commander of the Warsaw Garrison
GosiewskiPrzemysław Gosiewski 45      Member of the Sejm, former Deputy Prime Minister (PiS)
GostomskiBronisław Gostomski 61      Personal Roman Catholic chaplain to President Kaczorowski
GrzywnaMaj. Robert Grzywna 36      Co-pilot
HandzlikMariusz Handzlik 44      Undersecretary of State at the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland
IndrzejczykRoman Indrzejczyk 78      Personal Roman Catholic chaplain to President Kaczyński
JaneczekLt. Paweł Janeczek 37      Close protection officer
JankowskiDariusz Jankowski 54      Staffer at the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland
JanuszkoNatalia Januszko 22      Flight attendant
JarugaIzabela Jaruga-Nowacka 59      Member of the Sejm, former Deputy Prime Minister (SLD)
JoniecJózef Joniec 50      Roman Catholic priest, Piarist father
KaczorowskiRyszard Kaczorowski 90      Former president of the Republic of Poland in exile
KaczynskaMaria Kaczyńska 67      Wife of President Kaczyński
KaczynskiLech Kaczyński 60      President of the Republic of Poland
KarpiniukSebastian Karpiniuk 37      Member of the Sejm (PO)
KarwetaVAdm. Andrzej Karweta 51      Commander of the Navy
KazanaMariusz Kazana 49      Director of Diplomatic Protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
KochanowskiJanusz Kochanowski 69      Ombudsman for Civil Rights
KomornickiBrig. Gen. Stanisław Komornicki 85      Chancellor of the Order of Virtuti Militari
KomorowskiStanisław Komorowski 56      Deputy Minister of National Defence
KrajewskiWO2 Paweł Krajewski 35      Close protection officer
KremerAndrzej Kremer 48      Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
KrolZdzisław Król 74      Roman Catholic priest, member of the Council for the Protection of Struggle and Martyrdom Sites
KrupskiJanusz Krupski 58      Head of the Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression
KurtykaJanusz Kurtyka 49      President of the Institute of National Remembrance
KwaśnikAndrzej Kwaśnik 53      Roman Catholic police chaplain and chaplain to the Katyn Families
KwiatkowskiLt. Gen. Bronisław Kwiatkowski 59      Commander of the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces
LubinskiCol. Wojciech Lubiński 40      Personal physician to President Kaczyński
LutoborskiTadeusz Lutoborski 83      Representative of the Katyn Families
MaciejczykBarbara Maciejczyk 28      Flight attendant
MaminskaBarbara Mamińska 52      Director of the Personnel and Decorations Office at the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland
MamontowiczZenona Mamontowicz-Łojek 72      President of the Polish Katyn Foundation
MelakStefan Melak 63      Head of the Katyn Committee
MertaTomasz Merta 44      Deputy Minister of Culture and National Heritage, General Convervator of Monuments
MichalakWO2 Andrzej Michalak 36      Flight engineer
MichalowskiCapt. Dariusz Michałowski 35      Close protection officer
MikkeStanisław Mikke 62      Deputy Head of the Council for the Protection of Struggle and          Martyrdom Sites
MoniuszkoJustyna Moniuszko 24      Flight attendant
NatalliAleksandra Natalli-Świat 51      Member of the Sejm (PiS)
NatusiewiczJanina Natusiewicz-Mirer 70      Social activist
Nosek2nd Lt. Piotr Nosek 35      Close protection officer
NurowskiPiotr Nurowski 64      President of the Polish Olympic Committee
OrawiecBronisława Orawiec-Löffler 81      Representative of the Katyn Families
OsinskiLt. Col. Jan Osiński 35      Roman Catholic priest, Vice-Chancellor of the Curia of the Military Ordinariate
PilchCol. Adam Pilch 44      Lutheran military chaplain
PiskorskaKatarzyna Piskorska 73      Representative of the Katyn Families
PlazynskiMaciej Płażyński 52      Member of the Sejm, former Marshal of the Sejm (independent)
PloskiMaj. Gen. Tadeusz Płoski 54      Roman Catholic Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of the Polish Armed Forces
PogrodkaJWO Agnieszka Pogródka–Węcławek 35      Close protection officer
PotasinskiMaj. Gen. Włodzimierz Potasiński 53      Commander of the Special Forces
ProtasiukCapt. Arkadiusz Protasiuk 35      Pilot
PrzewoznikAndrzej Przewoźnik 46      Secretary of the Council for the Protection of Struggle and Martyrdom Sites
PutraKrzysztof Putra 52      Deputy Marshal of the Sejm (PiS)
RumianekRyszard Rumianek 62      Roman Catholic priest, Rector of the Card. Wyszyński University
RybickiArkadiusz Rybicki 57      Member of the Sejm (PO)
SariuszAndrzej Sariusz-Skąpski 72      President of the Federation of Katyn Families
SewerynWojciech Seweryn 70      Sculptor, author of the Katyn Monument in Chicago
SkrzypekSławomir Skrzypek 46      President of the National Bank of Poland
SolskiLeszek Solski 75      Representative of the Katyn Families
StasiakWładysław Stasiak 44      Head of the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, former Minister of the Interior and Administration
SurowkaWO2 Jacek Surówka 36      Close protection officer
SzczygłoAleksander Szczygło 46      Head of the National Security Bureau
SzmajdzinskiJerzy Szmajdziński 58      Deputy Marshal of the Sejm, former Defence Minister (SLD)
SzymanekJolanta Szymanek-Deresz 55      Member of the Sejm, former Head of the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland (SLD)
TomaszewskaIzabela Tomaszewska 54      Head of the Protocolar Unit at the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland
UlerykWO2 Marek Uleryk 35      Close protection officer
WalentynowiczAnna Walentynowicz 80      Co-founder of the Solidarity trade union
WalewskaTeresa Walewska-Przyjałkowska 71      Deputy President of the Golgotha of the East Foundation
WassermannZbigniew Wassermann 60      Member of the Sejm, former Minister for Intelligence Coördination (PiS)
WodaWiesław Woda 63      Member of the Sejm (PSL)
WojtasEdward Wojtas 55      Member of the Sejm (PSL)
WypychPaweł Wypych 42      Secretary of State at the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, former President of the Social Insurance Institution
ZajacStanisław Zając 60      Senator (PiS)
ZakrzenskiJanusz Zakrzeński 74      Theatrical and film actor, member of the Program Board of the Union of Piłsudskiites
ZietekLt. Artur Ziętek 31      Navigator
ZychGabriela Zych 81      Representative of the Katyn Families


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